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Can I sue my employer for workplace injury in Ontario?

The federal government mandates workers' compensation insurance as a mandatory insurance policy to provide financial compensation and medical care for employees hurt while doing their job tasks. Each state has passed legislation specifically addressing how workers' compensation claims, procedures, payouts, and legal actions are handled. You may be qualified for workman's compensation benefits if you fell ill or got hurt while working as an employee. For legal counsel, speak with our workers' compensation attorneys in Ontario. Knowing your rights can help ensure that, if you are hurt or get ill at work, you are given the proper compensation and medical attention.

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Workplace or construction site injuries can be quite complicated. They can be anything from small wounds that heal in a matter of days or weeks to terrible and catastrophic wounds from which a person may never fully recover. No matter where you lie on the spectrum of a work-related injury, the Ontario worker's compensation attorneys at Big Ben Law Firm can assist you in assessing and determining what may be done while safeguarding your rights and assisting you in obtaining what you are entitled to and deserve.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Ontario

With years of experience, our Ontario, California work accident attorneys can help assess whether an injury qualifies for workers' compensation benefits in the state.

Workplace Injuries That Are Eligible For Benefits Under Workers' Compensation:

• Diseases or Illness Due to Multiple Occupational Exposures • Stress-Related Illness • Single Accident • Long-Term Injury • Frustration of a Which was before Condition or Injury

What is the Process of Seeking Compensation after a Workplace Injury?

The appeals process for workers' compensation claims can be very difficult. You must follow several processes to successfully submit a workers' compensation claim. You must inform your employer as quickly as possible after suffering an illness or injury. You must promptly after the incident reports your injury or illness in person or writing.

You must immediately submit a workers' compensation claim. Our knowledgeable Ontario workers' compensation attorneys serve as crucial advocates in this situation. You must work with your employer and insurance provider so they can look into and verify your claim. This stage can be the most crucial since if your claim is approved, you will start getting financial assistance and health benefits.

You should have a fresh doctor evaluate you once you've reached your maximal level of medical improvement. To accurately calculate your present and future workers' compensation payments, it is crucial to your claim that you have a proper and accurate evaluation during this stage. Instead of relying on the decision of your employer's insurance provider, it is smart for you to have Ontario workers' compensation attorneys on your side.

Appeal if your claim is initially rejected. Please let our experienced and qualified attorneys to represent you before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. In these types of hearings, we have the expertise to fight for your rights.

How Can an Ontario Workers' Compensation Lawyer Help?

Our knowledgeable attorneys will assist you in following the required steps to make sure that everything complies with the relevant California workers' compensation legislation. Additionally, we'll work with you to get the greatest result imaginable.

It might be overwhelming to learn about the relevant regulations and how they apply to your circumstances when you are unwell or injured to get medical care. That is why you require a person who has completed the process several times. Your rights to medical attention and financial compensation are defended by Big Ben Law Firm. Your rehabilitation depends heavily on having access to and insurance coverage for high-quality care to treat your workplace illness or injury. On your path to recovery, getting medical attention as soon as possible is essential.

Employees in Ontario and all throughout San Bernardino County who are submitting worker's compensation claims or contesting worker's compensation denials can get aid from Big Ben Law Firm. Call Big Ben Law Firm at the numbers listed on our website or send an email to speak with one of our knowledgeable Ontario workers' compensation attorneys. We are also workers' compensation lawyers in Ontario, California.

Inhabitants of the Ontario area leave their homes every day to go to work at retail places, office buildings in the downtown area, huge logistics hubs at the airline and rail terminals, and numerous other sites throughout the Inland Empire. None of these people plan on getting seriously hurt at work that day or contracting a significant illness as a result of unsafe working circumstances. It is common in all workplaces to find workers being subject to injuries.

Regrettably, the day's work ends disastrously for just some Ontario employees. Workers may get major injuries that impair their livelihoods and daily lives due to car accidents, slips and falls, defective equipment, exposure to poisonous substances and chemicals, and various other hazardous situations. They are suddenly confronted with a mound of unanticipated expenses, including medical bills. They require assistance with domestic duties and errands to make it through the day because they are unable to work due to sickness or accidents.

Employees and their families may experience great physical, psychological, and financial burdens as a result of a work-related sickness or injury within Ontario. By allowing for the payment of workers' workers' compensation to cover medical costs and lost wages, California law, fortunately, shields workers from at least a portion of these difficulties. The said employees need to follow up on their claims in such circumstances. The pursuit of these claims is made well by ably competent attorneys. Big Ben Law Attorneys dealing with Ontario workers' compensation claims are here to help you. Contact our team and all your concerns shall be addressed.

Unfortunately, Ontario employees frequently discover that getting complete workers' compensation benefits is challenging and complicated. Employers attempt to undercut workers' rights, insurance firms dismiss or minimize claims, and even when payments are received, they hardly meet the cost of necessities.

To maximize their insurance coverage and other types of compensation, workers within Ontario who are going through this challenging moment in their lives need the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced workers' compensation attorney. Workers within Ontario who have been hurt or ill can resort to Big Ben for competent legal counsel. Request a no-obligation case examination from us right away.


We are a well-regarded workers' compensation and personal injury law practice with offices all over Southern California. Our team is made up of skilled trial lawyers with extensive expertise who have dedicated their lives to defending the rights of those injured in avoidable mishaps and occurrences.

Through jury judgments and settlements throughout our many years of law practice, we have obtained milliards of dollars for our clients. Our successful track record in defending workers who were unfairly denied workers' compensation payments speaks for itself. However, we can ensure that our clients would receive individualized attention from top-notch attorneys who understand how to obtain results as well as deal with insurance carriers, defense attorneys, judges, and juries. We can never guarantee a successful conclusion in any specific case.

How are Employees Protected from Workplace Injuries in Ontario?

Employees are safeguarded by workers' compensation insurance from the costs of sickness and injuries suffered at work. Under California law, all companies, irrespective of their size, are required to provide workers' responsibility insurance for their employees, with very few exceptions. Almost all Ontario workers, including adolescents and undocumented workers, have a claim to the protection of workers' compensation.

The following benefits are available to Ontario employees who become ill or injured at work under California law:

• Complementary job deformation benefits to assist with paying for worker additional training, if an employee illness or injury precludes a worker from working;

• Neuroprotective properties that encompass the cost of medical treatment for a work-related accident or disease;

• Temporary disability payments that pay a fraction of the worker's wages when a working person must take time off work to recoup from a labor injury or illness;

• Perpetual sickness benefits that whenever a job injury or disease causes a long-term disability Mortality benefits are provided to the relatives of employees who pass away due to an illness or accident sustained at work.

Depending on the severity and extent of the illness or injury, a worker may be eligible for a range of benefits. However, regardless of who brought about the accident or illness, workers have a right to obtain these benefits. In other words, the employee will still be entitled to benefits even if the illness or injury was brought on by their carelessness.

It is recommended to leave the valuation of a workers' compensation claim to an experienced workers' compensation attorney due to its complexity. Get in touch with Big Ben Attorneys right away to go through the specifics of your illness or injury at work and to find out if you qualify for recompense.


Workers' replacement insurance in California is regulated by the Division of Workers' Compensation of the California State Department of Industrial Relations. On the DWC website, employees can access a wealth of information about their entitlement to benefits. After reviewing that data, Ontario employees might even believe it is simple to get workers' compensation benefits to cover their illnesses and injuries sustained at work.


According to the Department of Workers' Compensation website, receiving benefits is quite simple: injured workers notify their employers of the injury, the employers supply a claim form, the employees seek medical help, hand over the application form, and the general practitioner submits it, and the payments are made.

That would represent how workers' compensation would operate in a perfect scenario, but sadly, that is not how things are. Humans live in the real world, and Ontario employees will likely find it extremely challenging to obtain workers' compensation payments in the real world.


Even when Ontario employees follow the claim-filing guidelines to the letter on the DWC website, their outcomes may fall short of their expectations. Why? Because workers' compensation is an insurance product, the corporation that sells those would choose not to cover all claims in full.

Ontario employees who comply with the law by notifying their injuries, submitting claim forms, and receiving medical care frequently receive refusal letters from insurance carriers instead of the rewards to which they are legally entitled.

These may be the explanations provided by workers' compensation insurers for rejecting claims:

Even if the employee complied with all technical requirements for filing a claim, it was determined that the deadlines were not met.

Even if it is true, the worker's damage is not as bad as claimed by the worker or by the worker's doctor.

Regardless of whether the worker needs the medical care for which payment is requested. the worker's illness or injury was unrelated to their employment, even if that is exactly what happened;

Even if it wasn't the case, the worker was either intoxicated, high, or purposely injured themselves.

Even if it's untrue, that the employee had a which was before condition that wasn't covered by workers' insurance

To complicate things worse, Ontario businesses occasionally try behind the scenes to refute charges made by employees. The company might contest the employee's story of what happened, put pressure on the employee to reduce or withdraw the claim, or make an effort to conceal what caused the accident or illness. Although it is entirely against the law for companies to act in this dishonest manner, it does occur and simply makes life for employees worse.

Additionally, many workers may find the procedure of contesting the rejection of a claim to be complex and onerous. These obligations seem more complex and difficult to handle without legal counsel through each step of that process.

You should contact our Ontario worker's compensation attorneys as quickly as possible because of this.


Our goal at Big Ben Law Firm is to make sure that individuals who suffer illnesses and injuries in avoidable mishaps and catastrophes receive the compensation they require to regain their wellness and rebuild their life.

Workers within Ontario frequently come to us for assistance after suffering a significant illness or injury as a result of their occupations. Both before and after receiving a refusal from the workers' compensation insurance provider, clients occasionally contact us with their workers' compensation claims. Depending on the unique needs and goals of each client, we offer a variety of services.

But our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to support you in the accompanying directions:

• Investigate the workplace accident, event, or illness that caused the worker's injuries or illness. This may entail obtaining testimony from coworkers or compiling a list of violations of occupational health and safety regulations.

• Assist with initial workers' compensation insurance claim preparation, filing, and follow-up to offer workers the best chance at collecting full benefits straight away.

• At every milestone of the appeals system, which can range from such an informal administrative law judge to a composed entire case in California courts, prepare, file, and prosecute appeals of denied claims.

• Prepare, file, and prosecute claims alleging wrongdoing and illegal actions by employers who retaliate against workmen's compensation claimants or attempt to do so and/or by workers' recompense insurance carriers.

Create, submit, and defend lawsuits against third parties (individuals other than the worker's employer or coworkers) whose egregiously risky decisions or deeds resulted in the worker's illness or damage.

The team at Big Ben Firm of Attorneys frequently succeeds in locating evidence that backs up serious constitutional claims for injuries that workers can make in addition to their workers' compensation payments through our diligent work and in-depth investigations.

Throughout our defense of an Ontario employee, it is our job to identify and pursue every legal option that is conceivably open to a worker to secure the maximum amount of compensation for work-related illnesses and injuries. To put it another way, we believe that workers' compensation is an excellent place to start when trying to have an injured or ill worker reimbursed, but we also realize that it isn't always the only option.


Following an illness or injury related to work, the actions taken by Ontario employees can have a big impact on their rights and future capacity to receive compensation. There isn't any one-size-fits-all approach for workers to preserve their rights because every scenario is unique.

However, by following these measures, many injured or ill workers may assist themselves:

• Notifying authorities as soon as possible of any injuries or illnesses. When a worker falls from a scaffold and fractures an arm, for example, they may immediately realize they have been injured or unwell. In other instances, it takes time for employees to understand a workplace circumstance has done damage, such as when employees become ill after being exposed to a harmful chemical over an extended period. In either case, it's crucial to disclose the damage as immediately as the employee learns of it. By filing a report, employees make their employers liable and take a crucial starting step toward recompense.

• Getting medical attention when necessary and appropriate. Seek emergency care if you have a health emergency brought on by an illness or injury at work. If it's an emergency, don't wait for authorization from your company. In other cases, inform your employer about the issue and get the right medical attention as soon as you can. Always report an accident or illness to the workplace first, if at all possible, as a worker may be required to see a doctor recommended by the company in non-emergency situations.

Speak with a qualified workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible, even before making your first claim. Workers can preserve their rights and ensure that they take the right actions to optimize their recovery by speaking with a qualified attorney as soon as feasible.

Recognizing the Difficulty of Industrial Accidents

The magnitude and management of workplace accidents continue to worry federal and state authorities, lawmakers, insurance firms, professional groups, healthcare coalitions, and members of the legal profession. Our team of informed and skilled attorneys is aware of the profoundly negative effects that a work-related injury may have on an individual and their entire extended family. Our dedication and discernment have led to a successful track record.

An industrial accident is any incident that happens to a person while they are doing their job and causes them to hurt. While workers in factories, mines, and construction may come to mind when you think about industrial accidents, the truth is that anyone in every profession can be impacted. In reality, there are more than 337 million workplace mishaps annually.

Due to the wide range of accident types, it is difficult to determine the exact causes of industrial accidents. It is important to highlight that 8-9 out of every 10 work-related accidents are ultimately caused by a lack of safety measures, such as:

inefficiency in any system. Everyone desires a faster pace of work. Unfortunately, those who take shortcuts at work put both themselves and their colleagues at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries, especially when using hazardous materials or equipment.

Another issue is the improper use of available space. An improperly maintained workstation is rife with threats and hazards. In addition to improving safety, good housekeeping creates a standard that other workers at the company can follow.

disregarding security measures. Employers are required to follow several safety rules established by organizations. In addition to severe penalties, breaking the rules could cause catastrophic harm or even death.

How is the environment made safe for more employees, vendors, and clients following an industrial accident?

Few employers take this into account before dealing with the fallout of an accident. It is not always advisable to send in a janitorial team by themselves because illnesses including the hepatitis B virus HBV, HIV, and MRSA can spread through blood and other bodily fluids left at the scene of the accident. Cleaning up blood is a highly specialized task that should only be done by skilled professionals. To protect the safety of our staff and others, we abide by all local regulations as well as the requirements for coverage and training. We are available every day of the week, 24-7 days a year, so please call us should you need additional information.

Regaining Balance Following a Labor and Accident

Workers in California have the legal right to request a hygienic and secure workplace, relevant safety training, and quick medical assistance in the event of a workplace accident. Initiatives taken by federal agencies appear to be moving in the right way. The Bureau of Labor Numbers recently released statistics showing a modest decrease in the number of fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries. Injuries or illnesses totaling about 3.0 million were reported nationwide in 2017. Even if they were 46,000 lower than the year before, these numbers are alarming.

Unexpected injuries could have negative consequences. The strain on finances alone could have a significant effect on family interactions. The semi-affected spouse may hunt for new sources of support even in the event of a brief loss of income. When dealing with challenging and significant injuries, lifestyle changes are essential, and interpersonal connections may weaken. Physical limitations can also create unhappiness.

Contact our group of experienced lawyers to guarantee you receive the finest defense possible.

Are Employees Legally Protected in Ontario?

Workers' reimbursement is fault-free in California. A claimant does not have to show fault or negligence to assert a claim. Due to negligence, the only requirements are unrealistic. Following that, a few of the required proofs are discussed. Before anything else, the victim must have experienced illness or damage. That the asserted damage took place while the claimant was at work must also be demonstrated. The last component requires proof of a link between the illness or injury and employment.

Regardless of their immigration status, Ontario employees are covered by worker's compensation insurance. This is particularly accurate if particular employment-related requirements are met. First, except for construction enterprises, the individual must have worked for a business with four or more part- or full-time employees. Second, such a person must have held a position with a company that employed one or more persons and was involved in the construction industry. The employee in question must have additionally worked for a farmer who employs at least 12 seasonal workers and/or more than five permanent employees who put in with at least 1 month each season. Just mentioning that the requirements are presented in a discontinuous order is sufficient.

Call us at the numbers listed on our website to arrange a free consultation with one of our highly skilled attorneys.

Examining the Difficult Nature of the Procedure for Obtaining a Compensation Claim

Intricate and comprehensive regulations control worker's compensation in California. These state laws were developed to help residents recover professionally and financially from injuries and illnesses brought forward by their employment, as well as to assist bereaved families in the event of mortality. In theory, collecting compensation for a work injury is a straightforward and quick process. When a worker is hurt, they have 30 days to notify their company and two years to file a compensation claim. The business has seven days to notify the insurance company, which will then assign a claim assessor to begin the process of assessing the situation and determining what compensation should be provided.

When the injury is simple and connected to a specific accident, it is quite possible to find an acceptable resolution by traversing through the worker reimbursement and insurance company's processes without legal representation. But many workers' recompense cases are challenging, especially when the harm cannot be attributed to a single, isolated incident.

Challenges of Adjustment Management by Insurance Carriers

The rewards appraiser serves the insurance carrier; they do not reflect your side. They are aiming to reduce the employer's obligation and will make every effort to quickly resolve the issue. It's a great idea to remember that whatever you say or do could change the outcome.

Without a question, they are not operating in your best interests. They must spend as little as possible on your behalf.

Most adjusters are excellent at what they do. They conduct what appears to be a pleasant phone conversation while gathering information that might be used to limit or refuse compensation, usually regularly. The law does not require you to make an audio recording. Now is the time to review the supporting documentation and consult with an experienced worker's compensation lawyer.

Is Filing Every Necessary Document Required?

The legal definition of reimbursable costs in worker's compensation lawsuits excludes pain and suffering. It is helpful to periodically document how pain and suffering affect your ability to function, to the point where it interferes with your daily activities. Knowing this information may help determine impairment.

Every form you must complete and sign seems to have the possibility to be used as evidence in court should your case proceed to trial. Keep copies of all relevant documents, including those we'll talk about later. The preliminary injury report should be noted. Gather the necessary claim forms next. Additionally, keep doctor's records and notes secure. You should keep all written correspondence with your employer in a secure location. Any written correspondence with the insurance company must also be protected.

What legal defenses are offered to employers when workplace accidents occur?

An employer can contest responsibility for a collision or injury and claim that it didn't happen while you were working for them. If you had an injury while on corporate property, in a company vehicle, or while carrying out a task at the supervisor's request, it is likely that the injury was caused by your job. Additional grounds for disproving a claim include the ones listed below. First, the claim might have been legally disallowed due to the delay in reporting the harm. Second, there had not been a medical inspection at the accident scene. The absence of the required papers may also be brought up by the employer. The victim may no longer be an active employee of the employer, which would be the employer's defense.

A firm will frequently cast doubt on a circumstance by claiming that the person has been either inebriated or deliberately trying to hurt themselves. A breach of company safety policies could be a defense used by an organization to get out of paying compensation for an injury. Many businesses now have surveillance cameras, and claims may be denied if the footage reveals employees flagrantly flouting safety regulations.

How broad is the Industrial Accidents' Range of Applicability or Impact?

However, they also show that workplace safety is still an issue in both the private and public sectors, despite recent the Department of Labor statistics on workplace accidents showing a generally decreased pattern in accidents, illnesses, and mortality over 25 years. Despite the utilization including training and proper ergonomic equipment, our crew nonetheless suffers from an unbearable amount of labor injuries. There are numerous reasons for these injuries, as was already explained. The initial of these injuries is overexertion. Contact with paper products or equipment also has the potential to result in such accidents. It should be added that exposure to harmful substances has a substantial role in such damage.

Other elements that lead to these accidents include trips, falls, and slips. Flames, blasts, and electrical hazards might also be at blame for these accidents. Similar to this, heavy lifting equipment and associated tools are crucial in these accidents. Accidents involving transportation are one of the causes of these workplace injuries. Violence at work is also tied to this. The same thing might be linked to subpar workplace equipment. Last but just not least, faulty tools or equipment plays a big role in these accidents.

Despite being less common, any combination of the following can instantly cause occupational injury. One of these variables impedes visibility. Second, inadequate protective gear may potentially be a contributing factor to these incidents. Such injuries may also be a result of inconsistent temperatures. Although it is rarely the case, noise can have a big impact. Messy or crowded workplaces may also be a factor in these accidents. Finally, tainted water may potentially result in comparable harm whether it is consumed for human consumption or commercial purposes.

Depending on the circumstances, specific injuries may range from becoming relatively simple and self-limiting to catastrophic and possibly life-long. A few possible effects of such injuries are the ones outlined above. First of all, there will unavoidably be some wounds. Sprains can also happen under various conditions. Strains are another type of harm that may be sustained by the parties. Such mishaps can also result in fissures, ligament and muscular rips, and even hearing loss.

In addition to other issues, these injuries can cause breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, spine injury, brain trauma, migraines, paralysis, and amputations. Any of these can be directly experienced by a victim or combined.

Crucial Evidence Must Be Provided

Unless immediate medical attention is required, the insurance provider for your employer selects your treating physician. Your doctor will decide when you can return to work after taking time off for recovery. This same doctor will establish the degree of incapacity required by your injury. You will receive a payout that is tax-free thanks to your claim. We accept any circumstances on a contingency basis. Unless we obtain a resolution or verdict that advantages you and the family, you won't be required to pay us anything.

Furthermore, a crucial piece of data must be kept in medical records. Medical records from the time you sustained your injuries will likely be the most important piece of proof in support of your claim. These documents can demonstrate what section of your body was damaged, the degree of harm as determined by a doctor, and the suggested course of therapy for you.

The process must also include unbiased medical examinations. Separate medical exams are often performed when there is a dispute over your health concern and the insurance company wants a second opinion. However, a worker's attorney may also request a different medical evaluation to contest another doctor's assessment of the injury.

Keeping accident reports close hand is also necessary. The incident occurred that was generated by your employer or the police in connection with your injury may be very helpful in pinpointing the time and location your injury happened.

Contact our highly qualified legal team today to get the greatest recompense. On the website of our firm, you may find our contacts, and they work every time. You can reach us by phone or text, and we will respond to you at a no-cost appointment.

How our Firm Will Assist You Obtain your Compensation

Although residents of California don't need to have legal representation to file a workman's comp claim, having access to skilled legal counsel can help accident victims avoid several common mistakes after suffering an on-the-job injury. With the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer who has the necessary experience and knowledge, you can navigate this complicated area of the law.

The accident injury lawyers at our office work well together and are assured of their ability to tenaciously protect the rights of disabled workers in Ontario and the surrounding areas. You will get the most out of your claim thanks to our firm's breadth of expertise and focus. We will relentlessly pursue your claim to be on the safe side and to ensure sure that your situation is taken care of.

If you decide to work with our renowned organization, you will get the greatest advice, which will encompass a range of topics like those that have been covered below. advantages of communicating with the insurance company through a seasoned liaison. Additionally, you may be sure that every piece of medical proof has been carefully reviewed. You can also count on assistance in scheduling medical specialized care. In addition, our plan calls for the use of knowledgeable lawyers to question medical experts in cross-examination. A person who will advocate for you at hearings will also be available to you. Last but just not least, an attorney may contest any circumstance that existed before to those that an adjuster might claim contributed to or precipitated the accident.

Our legal team recognizes that the employee's functional limitations are closely related to the employee's present and upcoming medical expenses. Every effort will be made to ensure that every customer receives the best settlements or impairment rating attainable. Every member of our lawsuit team upholds the rights and interests of our clients. To successfully combat companies that attempt to limit or decrease the compensation for our customers, we gladly invest a considerable amount of time and resources in the pursuit of each case.

Does your claim have any available alternatives?

Someone else might have made your damage worse. If you're able to file a lawsuit for personal injury for monetary damages against such a person other than your employer, the prospect of receiving financial support for inconvenience and suffering can be quite important.

A workplace injury claim may be acceptable in supplementary to workplace injury benefits if specific circumstances persist. These conditions are listed below:

  • You were hurt by one of the following scenarios:
  • a substandard item;
  • a risky substance;
  • a malicious act committed against you by your company; or
  • a company's absence of employee insurance coverage.
  • If a compensation claim is denied, appeals

It is theoretically possible to reverse a denial; however, the right to appeal for denials of workers' insurance claims is neither clear-cut nor simple. It shouldn't need to be stated again it is not a do-it-yourself job. More extensive research, extra medical screening, or a mix of these two are typically required for success. Among the reasons for rejection are:

  • missing a filing date, failing to record the injury promptly;
  • employer's rejection of responsibility; and
  • absence of proof of a relationship to the job.

A capable work comp attorney may opt to reevaluate a claim that was previously denied to conduct further research. This may be especially important if the original injury worsens over time and requires additional medical care.

Workers Compensation Attorneys FAQs

Workers within Ontario who get sick or injured at work are covered by workers' auto insurance companies. Employers in California are required to buy this insurance to cover workers who are harmed or ill while on the job. Issues of worker's compensation are diverse and multifaceted. Approach to any of these issues is always dependent on the circumstances of each case.

Theoretically, the workers' payment scheme makes it simpler for employees to get the benefits they require after sustaining an illness or injury at work. Unfortunately, the workers' compensation system is not always easy for sick and wounded employees. Instead, the processes and regulations they must adhere to as well as the judgments made by workers' compensation insurance providers to restrict or reject claims appear perplexing, complex, and discriminatory.

The issues that many workers regularly ask about filing a workers' compensation claim are discussed below, along with information concerning how an Ontario workers' compensation lawyer may assist them in obtaining the benefits they require and are entitled to. Contact a knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney at Big Ben Attorneys immediately for answers to your specific issues regarding an Ontario workers' compensation claim. Some of these issues are as subsequently answered.


Employees' remuneration is a sort of commercial insurance that guards against financial loss for both employers and employees when a worker is harmed or ill due to an employment cause. Almost all companies in California are required by law to have workers' compensation insurance to cover their staff members' medical expenses and other related charges if they suffer an occupational illness or accident. Employees cannot be made to pay for this insurance by their employers.

Almost all Ontario employees are covered by workers' compensation, irrespective of their age, job duties, industry, level of competence, or quantity of hours worked. Both temporary and permanent employees are covered. Additionally, it covers workers regardless of immigration status, so even if you don't have legal status, you are still entitled to workers' workers' compensation.

Acquiring workers' compensation benefits, contesting an insurance company's denial of advantages, and occasionally securing money for effort injuries from source materials other than workers' compensation are all services provided by Ontario workers' recompense attorneys on behalf of their clients.


Employees' recompense insurance often pays for any accidents, illnesses, or other health issues that occur while a worker is working.

Two frequent types of occupational injuries can lead to a workers' compensation claim:

• Multiple exposure injuries, such as muscle or joint injuries from repetitive physical tasks, or illnesses that work contracts as a result of being exposed to hazardous chemicals or components at work, lead to serious consequences from the lengthy achievement of job duties that bring injury, or from a job environment that results in harm.

• Catastrophic injuries brought on by a specific occurrence or catastrophe at employment, such as a worker in construction falling from either a ladder or a farmer getting seriously hurt when a machine tips over.

You probably have a workers' compensation claim if you were hurt, injured, or developed a health problem as a result of your employment. You may benefit from discussing your options with an accomplished Ontario workers' compensation lawyer.


You must notify your employer of your injuries within thirty (30) days, though preferably you ought to do so right away. You risk losing your eligibility for workers' compensation payments if you don't tell your employer about your injuries.

After that, you normally have one year under California law from the date of your work-related illness or injury to submit a workers' compensation claim to the workers' compensation insurance provider.

Read current information about the application procedure for workers' compensation benefits from either the California Division of Workers' compensation insurance.


Although every situation is different, a wounded Ontario employee often qualifies for the following workers' compensation benefits:

Medical treatment benefits that pay the full cost of a worker's medical expenses, including doctor's bills, for the length of time of their disability or injury; Perpetual disability payments that substitute a portion of the worker's wages when an injury results in a long term disability that precludes the worker from trying to work; Disability payments that are roughly equivalent to two-thirds of the worker's standard wage, paid during any time frame of a medical disability;

• Compensation for job retraining, which aids an employee in finding new employment in a different sector if an injury keeps them from returning to their previous position;

• Death payments are given to the worker's family if they pass away due to an illness or injury sustained at work.


You may be entitled to temporary disability compensation if you were hurt at work. These benefits serve as a replacement for the pay you would have received in the absence of an illness or injury.

If the insurance provider determines that your illness or injury was brought on at work, it would only pay these benefits.

You might need to provide evidence to demonstrate that is what transpired:

When are restricted inside the type of job you can perform, a physician declares that you are unable to work as a consequence of your injury, and your employer is unable to offer you light or modified employment as a substitute.

The legislation restricts temporary disability benefits to 104 weeks of payments made within five years of the date of your work-related illness or accident.


If you require urgent care, you can visit any doctor.

You might need to consult with your company to figure out which physician you can utilize for any additional illnesses or injuries. Read in-depth information on your Ontario workers' compensation insurance rights to medical care.

Simply put, you have the right to choose your physician if you have informed your employer in advance via a process known as pre-designation that you would like to have your physician treat you if you become ill or injured at work.

The doctor who treats you can be chosen by your employer or the workers' compensation claims administration if you didn't predesignate.

This might be perplexing, so contact our skilled Ontario workers' injury attorneys right away if you believe you should be able to see your doctor but your workplace or the workers' compensation insurance provider won't permit it.


You have the right to all medical care that is provide everything to cure or relieve your employment-related injury or sickness under California workers' compensation legislation. The California Division of Workers' Compensation has published science-based recommendations that doctors and workers' compensation insurance providers must follow while treating you. They can't justifiably reject your affection.

Even though your doctor believes you need the care, a workers' compensation insurance company may attempt to reject your claims for health benefits because it is not reasonably required. If that occurs to you, speak with a skilled Ontario workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible to find out your legal options.


Rarely will you be required to do this.

Workers' compensation insurance often replaces your ability to sue your employer if you suffer a work-related illness or accident. This is a compromise that is advantageous to you as well as your company. All work-related illnesses or injuries, including those brought on by your conduct, are covered by your insurance. Your business is shielded from lawsuits brought by workers who accuse you of causing them harm. There are exceptions if your employer intentionally hurt you, which can happen but is uncommon.

If the workers' compensation insurance provider won't pay for your accident or illness or tries to underpay you, you might need to file a lawsuit. If that happens, call us, or even better, call us for assistance with filing your claim.

Even if you are unable to sue your employer, you might be able to do so against a third party, someone who is not your employer or a coworker, if their unreasonable risky judgments or conduct caused you harm. An Ontario farm worker, for instance, might be able to sue the maker of heavy farm machinery if the machinery malfunctioned and resulted in the worker's injuries.

To find out if you might have a damages claim in conjunction with your workers' compensation claim, contact an expert Ontario workers' compensation attorney right now.


Yes, most certainly.

In California, almost all employers—even tiny enterprises with a small staff—are required to cover their employees with workers' compensation insurance. Even if you are your employer's only employee, the law requires that they acquire workers' compensation. Employers who disobey this requirement risk severe fines and accountability to their workers.

By designating their employees as independent contractors, businesses may attempt to avoid the expense of purchasing workers' compensation insurance. It is illegal for companies to wrongly classify persons as independent contractors to avoid paying for workers' compensation insurance, even if true independent contractors are not entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

It's not always clear when someone is an employee or an independent contractor. In the simplest terms, regardless of the name your employer gives you, you are qualified as an employee entitled to workers' compensation benefits if your company controls how, where, and when you perform your work.

If you think your employer falsely labeled you as something of an independent consultant to deny you workers' compensation benefits, get in touch with a skilled Ontario workers' compensation attorney immediately once.


Workers' compensation insurance providers and claims managers occasionally reject claims.

They frequently dismiss claims for the following reasons, among others:

  • • Your hospital attention is not reasonably necessary to treat your condition;
  •  • Your injury or sickness is not work-related;
  • • You have not reported your ailment or accident within 30 days.

These are only a few of the explanations an insurance provider might offer for rejecting your claim. Whatever the justification, it's crucial for you to understand that you have rights that safeguard you and allow you to challenge the company's judgment. An expert Ontario workers' compensation attorney can help you fight back and attempt to obtain the money you require and deserve. It is against the law for a workers' comp insurance provider to reject a legitimate claim.

Unfortunately, time cannot be on your side. Speak with a lawyer as soon as possible if your claim is denied to safeguard your rights.


Not at all. Any California employer who takes any action against an employee in retaliation for the employee making a workers' compensation claim violates the law. Additionally, it is unlawful for a company to use any form of coercion or intimidation to discourage an employee from submitting a claim.

Organizations that break the legislation could face harsh penalties as well as liability to their workers. If your worker took any action against you as a result of you exercising your entitlement to workers' compensation benefits, you should contact an expert Ontario workers' compensation insurance lawyer immediately away. Any unfavorable employment action taken by an employer in retribution against you is unlawful and may subject you to large damages. Such actions include dismissing, demoting, reducing hours and compensation, assigning you to alternative tasks, and more.


Our skilled Ontario workers' compensation attorney can assist you with the following:

  • preparing and submitting a workers' compensation claim;
  • preparing and submitting an argument of any partial or complete claim denial;
  • responding to inquiries about your constitutional rights to benefits;
  • protecting your rights against employer retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim; and
  • continuing to pursue a claim against a third party to obtain monetary damages in advisement to your workers' comp benefits.

You can meet with one of our knowledgeable workers' compensation lawyers within Ontario for a free first consultation. We work on a contingency basis, meaning you don't pay anything until we get you money. To learn more, get in touch with a knowledgeable Ontario workers' compensation lawyer at Big Ben Law Firm right away.


At Big Ben Law Firm, we work hard to ensure that Ontario employees who experience diseases or injuries related to their occupations are aware of their rights to compensation.

Any employee who becomes ill or injured at work is urged to get in touch with us right once. Workers have a finite amount of time to seek compensation, so the sooner you contact us, the immediately we can start putting together a compelling case to back up your claim. To get a free, private case evaluation right away, contact us by email or phone using the information on our website.


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