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The emergence of ridesharing services like Lyft, which offer pre-arranged trips, has fundamentally altered how people go from point A to point B, and businesses like Lyft have utterly disrupted the transportation sector. Lyft, which was founded in 2012, has grown to be one of the most well-known modes of transportation because of the iconic pink furry mustache that is imprinted on every vehicle that its drivers drive. Although Lyft vehicles may provide the impression that roadways are more exciting, there have been more Uber or Lyft vehicle accidents as a result of the increased number of Lyft ridesharing vehicles.

The Lyft Personal injury lawyers and rideshare attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers should be your next call if you are hurt or in a car accident while operating a Lyft vehicle, traveling as a passenger with Lyft, or colliding with a vehicle operated by Lyft. We shall give a passionate, cost-free hearing to the details of the particular case. To speak with an attorney right away, call us using the information provided on Big Ben Lawyers' website contact forms. The appointment and free no obligation consultation are both completely free.

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When it comes to proving culpability for who was to blame for the collision and how the entire claims process is handled, Lyft accidents may be a complicated affair. Only when the driver is actively using the ridesharing app on their smartphone while driving will Lyft be liable for accidents. The stage of the specific ride, however, determines how much coverage is provided.

The appropriate policy limit of protection is $250,000 for death and personal injury per person, $300,000 per event for death and injuries, and $30,000 for property damage if a Lyft driver in Lyft cars is logged in but no ride has been taken.

The applicable insurance limit of coverage is $1,000,000 for death, bodily injury, and property damage if a Lyft driver is logged in, the ride has been accepted, or a passenger is riding in the car.

However, because each case's facts are different, a thorough examination from a Lyft accident lawyer and expert is required. You may believe that your accident fits under one category, but this may not always be the case. Big Ben Lawyers' Lyft accident personal injury lawyers will assist you in assessing your claim to determine which type of coverage is appropriate for your particular accident.

Making this call to Big Ben Lawyers will make the rehabilitation process less difficult and more streamlined. As your Lyft accident lawyers, Big Ben Lawyers will fight to have your medical expenses met as well as a financial settlement that leaves you feeling at ease. You could be entitled to monetary compensation for:

    • Emergency room expenses;


    • ambulance fees;


    • further medical expenses;


    • lost wages, suffering; and


    •  wrongful death, as well as other expenses.


For Lyft to escape accepting blame and accountability for the Lyft accident you were engaged in with their driver, our highly regarded Lyft accident attorneys will battle tirelessly on your behalf against the insurance companies and attorneys Lyft hired. To defend your rights against these cunning entities, you must contact us immediately.

Call our office right away to talk with an attorney if you or a loved one was injured in a Lyft accident. Our phone number and contact information are on Big Ben Lawyers' website.

What kinds of incidents involving Lyft and Lyft happen most frequently?

Ride-sharing services like Lyft or Lyft may be involved in a variety of different kinds of accidents.

For instance, it is possible for the rideshare driver to:

    • Hit another vehicle


    • Drive into a pedestrian or cyclist.


You have the right to ask for maximum compensation for any injuries, lost wages, pain, suffering, and long-term medical care if you were hurt as a result of someone else's carelessness or negligence.

What should you do following your Lyft or Lyft accident in Ontario, California?

It can be difficult to know what to do in the event of an accident, whether you are a ridesharing passenger or a Lyft or Lyft passenger. Follow these six measures to ensure that you don't end up footing the bill for an accident that wasn't your fault.

· As soon as possible after the accident, begin gathering evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, any damage to your car or the car you were traveling in, the wreckage to the other car, the skid marks, and any other information you think would be useful if you are not seriously hurt. Get the names, addresses, and contact information of any witnesses, as well as the other party's insurance information.

• Seek out emergency attention. Have you been examined by the medical professionals that arrive at the accident scene? After then, visit the hospital and ask the ER doctor to check again. In this manner, the doctor could make a note and begin therapy if you have any kind of injury, even if it is internal and you haven't yet seen any repercussions. It is crucial to get medical attention. You might feel great immediately following your accident. You may well be tempted to skip an appointment or visit the doctor. However, the truth is that you need to get full medical attention to make sure you haven't sustained any significant injuries.

• Refrain from discussing your situation with anyone, especially an insurance company representative. Put the phone down if someone calls you and claims to be from an insurance company. You have only money to lose by chit-chatting, regardless of whether this individual is from your insurance provider, the Lyft or Lyft driver's, or perhaps even the other driver's insurance company. The insurance company is currently investigating the weaknesses in your story. They're trying to find excuses to pay you less. The best settlement is what you need to ensure that all of your accident-related costs are paid for.

• Avoid using social media. You're aware of the proverb, that loose lips sink ships, when you discuss your car accident, the same applies. Don't mention your accident in a social media post. Keep quiet and allow your attorney to speak on your behalf.

• Refuse all offers and checks from the insurance provider. They assume you have a strong case if the insurance company is writing you a check or trying to negotiate a settlement. And although if getting a sizable cheque straight away would sound appealing, consider their motivations. They are assuming that the amount you truly deserve to receive is significantly larger than that amount if they are writing you a check.

• Speak with Big Ben Lawyers' experienced Lyft and Lyft accident attorneys. Although there are many skilled personal injury attorneys available, the majority have not been able to successfully assist clients who have been in rideshare accidents. You can decide which attorney is best for your case by speaking with Lyft and Lyft accident attorneys who have achieved success. Ask the attorney whether they have experience representing clients who have either been involved in an accident with a rideshare or who were passengers in one.

Maybe you're hesitant to retain legal counsel. This makes sense. The insurance provider that is accountable for the accident is currently making every effort to reduce or remove the sum of money they must pay for the accident. They have an entire team of attorneys on staff who are attempting to prevent you from seeing a single penny of their company's funds. Pretty spooky, huh?

What would happen if you had your knowledgeable attorney? Suddenly, having someone on your side who is familiar with California law makes it seem less daunting.

Who covers the costs of damage when a Lyft or Lyft accident occurs in Ontario?

Most importantly, it's crucial to comprehend that California uses a conventional fault system. This implies that whoever caused the accident must bear the price. It is possible to find that one party is fully to blame for the accident or that both parties share some of the blame.

You should be aware that under the conventional fault system, the injured party must also demonstrate each of the following to collect compensation:

    • The other party owed him or her a duty of care


    • The other party had a duty of care to him or her;


    • The other party broke the duty of care; and


    • The breach directly contributed to the accident.


    • The incident resulted in losses like suffering or medical expenses.


Therefore, to receive compensation after a collision involving a Lyft or a Lyft, you must establish that the other party was at fault, that you were not, and that the collision caused you harm. The amount of fault each party has will be determined by the judge after reviewing your case. Knowing who is responsible for what costs is made easier by this.

Drivers in Ontario, CA are covered by Lyft and Lyft insurance.

Drivers for Lyft and Lyft must have separate insurance from those who drive for other types of transportation.

Drivers employed by ridesharing businesses in the Ontario region are required to carry liability insurance with a minimum of $50,000 bodily injury per person, $100,000 bodily injury per accident, and $30,000 in property damage.

The California state additionally mandates that Uber and Lyft drivers carry an additional $200,000 in liability insurance in case of a serious accident, even if they don't yet have a passenger. However, the driver's employer adds additional insurance once the passenger is picked up by the driver. In actuality, $1 million in insurance coverage and $1 million in underinsured motorist coverage are offered to Uber and Lyft drivers, respectively, for every event.

Would you be interested in speaking with some knowledgeable California Lyft and Lyft attorneys? It's pretty typical to require assistance after an accident. You don't need to attempt to navigate the intricacies of personal injury law by yourself. Additionally, you can get assistance from several educated and skilled Ontario Personal Injury lawyers.

It will be substantially more probable that your compensation will fully cover any costs you have from seeking legal counsel right away from an experienced attorney-someone who has effectively handled your sort of case:

    • Property damage;


    • Present and future medical costs;


    • Lost wages, pain, and suffering; and


    • Property damage.


You need assistance right now from someone who has previously assisted victims of Lyft or Lyft accidents in obtaining the financial compensation to which they are legally due. You need somebody who can look at the large picture and anticipate any potential unforeseen charges. Someone must shoulder the burden of handling and managing your case on your behalf.

You might be wondering why I would spend more time telling everyone that there are many qualified attorneys ready to assist you after reading all of this. Surely I could just say, "Hire us! We are the ideal attorneys for your case!"

You ought to be aware that you have numerous selections. See what other personal injury attorneys have to offer by taking a look around. Ask them questions and pay close attention to what they say. Check out the outcomes of cases similar to yours that they have resolved. Verify their success when the case is tried in court and they are required to give a presentation to a judge and jury.

However, after all of your research (including reading, interviews, and Googling), I'm sure you'll come back to this page. That is because we are without a doubt the ideal Lyft and Lyft accident attorneys for you.

Whether you choose to work with our firm or another one as your Ontario, CA personal injury lawyer, we wish you the best of luck with your case.

Lyft accidents in Ontario: seeking compensation

Ontario Lyft accident victims usually have strong legal claims for financial compensation for their losses and injuries. Victims can file a lawsuit to seek compensation from those responsible for the accident under California law with the aid of an experienced Lyft accident injury lawyer, such as a member of Lyft.

Legal Liability For Lyft Accidents In Ontario

Lyft accidents in Ontario can have a variety of causes, many of which entail some type of human error, just like any other kind of auto accident. According to California law, anyone who must answer for excessively risky decisions or acts that result in a Lyft accident in Ontario may be held legally liable for the harm caused to the victims.

The knowledgeable vehicle accident attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers actively seek out parties who might be liable to their clients for injuries sustained in an Ontario Lyft accident.

Although each Lyft accident case that Big Ben Lawyers handle is unique, parties with the legal responsibility to our clients may include: The Lyft driver, for a negligent act behind the wheel; The driver of another vehicle that collides with a Lyft Lyft, if that driver's conduct led to the crash; Passengers in either vehicle, if their actions contributed to the cause of a crash; Manufacturers of any of the vehicles that crashed, if vehicle defects played a role in the accident; and

• Governmental bodies in charge of creating and maintaining safe roadways, if they neglected to make repairs or issue public notices about abnormally hazardous road conditions that made them dangerous for Lyft or other vehicles.

This isn't an exhaustive list. As previously said, each case presents a distinct combination of facts for the attorneys at Lyft to examine to identify the person or parties who may be liable for our client's damages. To find out who may be responsible for paying you for the injuries sustained in the Ontario Lyft accident, get in touch with us right away.

Damages for Ontario Lyft Accidents

Lyft automobile accident victims may be able to obtain financial compensation for their losses by filing a lawsuit in the Ontario area courts. Damages that may be awarded to victims vary depending on the circumstances but may include:

Economic damages, which include direct costs associated with the Lyft crash and the injuries it causes, include:

    • Medical costs, including expenditures for past, present, and future Care such as doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription medications, surgeries, and rehabilitative therapy.


    • Lost salaries in the past and present


    • Loss of earning potential


    •  Damage to personal property


    • The expense of in-home nursing Care


    • Costs of replacement services (such as for child Care services)


    • Additional out-of-pocket costs


Non-economic damages cover all additional sorts of loss that Ontario Lyft accident victims endure as a result of the collision and their injuries, including:

    • Diminished enjoyment of life and activities


    • Physical discomfort


    • Emotional suffering


    • Loss of consortium or companionship


    • Loss of use of a limb


In some circumstances, Ontario Lyft accident victims may also be able to ask for punitive damages, which are intended to punish the defendant for particularly egregious behavior that led to the accident and to discourage similar behavior in the future.

Lyft's work for clients who were hurt in Ontario Lyft accidents frequently entails performing a thorough calculation of the different damages they have a right to request as compensation. When we file a lawsuit, Big Ben Lawyers wants to get our clients the most amount of damages possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ontario Lyft Accident Cases

Survivors of Ontario Lyft accidents frequently raise concerns about the victims' financial and legal rights. Lyft gives them a complimentary consultation with a member of our staff who can assist in providing the answers to such queries. This free consultation creates attorney client relationship and we shall not disclose any information that you share with us to any other person without your authorization. Below, we provide answers to some of the most typical queries we get from Lyft accident victims.

Do I have the same legal rights if I'm hurt in a Lyft accident in Ontario as I would if I were hurt in a taxi accident?

It is dependent on the circumstances.

Yes, in the sense that every victim of an automobile accident in California is often entitled to compensation from the at-fault parties (and their insurance companies). So, regardless of whether the Lyft that hit you and caused your injuries was a Lyft or a taxi, there's a good possibility you can get compensation for your losses with the aid of a qualified attorney.

No, in the sense that your choices for pursuing compensation after an Ontario Lyft accident may vary from those accessible to you after a taxi accident.

As mentioned above, a Lyft accident may result in coverage under the extra accident liability insurance required by state law that Lyft offers to its drivers. Determining the driver's status on the Lyft app at the time of the collision is crucial in Lyft-related claims since it determines whether that insurance applies.

Contrarily, the insurance requirements for taxicabs are set forth by Ontario municipal code rather than state law.

Ontario accident victims may be eligible for reimbursement through taxi insurance, which must, at the very least, include:

  • $100,000 for personal injury or death for one person in a single accident;
  • $300,000 for personal injury or death for several people in a single accident; and
  • $100,000 for property damage in a single accident.

For assistance sorting through your choices following a Lyft or taxi accident in Ontario, contact the team at Lyft right away.

According to the California Department of Traffic Safety, many people are injured or killed in Lyft accidents in Ontario each year. Lyft accidents can happen to a variety of causes, most of which are related to the surroundings, technical faults, or human mistakes. The great majority of Lyft incidents are avoidable and are frequently the consequence of driver error.


This same Ontario Police Department and/or the California Enforcement Agencies may arrive at the location of your traffic accident and fill out an official accident book. This is particularly the case if you have been in a serious vehicle accident. If police enforcement arrived on the site, you are not required to report the accident.

If law enforcement does not arrive on the scene of the collision, you have 2 days to report whether you or any other person was injured or someone died. You can report the accident and make a statement at the nearest Monitoring office of the police.

California law also compels you to report an accident to the Department of Highway Safety if someone was injured or killed. You must also tell the Division of Motor Vehicles if you believe the Lyft collision caused property damage of $1,000 or more.


Following a serious Lyft accident, you most likely took an emergency to the nearest hospital's emergency room for hospital attention. However, if you were fortunate enough already to escape away from your accident, you may believe you don't need to see a doctor because you only have a handful of bumps and bruises. Whenever you did not receive medical treatment promptly just after the incident and have not seen your usual doctor, you should see a doctor as quickly as possible to be examined for typical automobile accident injuries.

First and foremost, your health and very well ought to always be your top priority. Some frequent automobile accident injuries, such as whiplash and brain damage, can show complications for hours or even weeks after the event. The adrenaline rush caused by the accident might often obscure discomfort. Internal bleeding can be devastating if left untreated, even if you simply feel soreness in your abdomen and chest areas. A physician can identify these injuries via a comprehensive examination before they cause further harm.

Secondly, you must document your injuries to file a compensation claim and maybe file an Ontario automobile accident lawsuit. To win your claim, you must demonstrate that the Lyft collision caused your injuries. When a doctor checks you and records your losses, they become such a standard feature of your health record, which is used as evidence by attorneys and insurance firms following a Lyft accident. Substantiated losses make it challenging for the opposing party to contest your claim.


If you strike an agreement with the insurance provider or get a jury verdict at trial, you may be able to recover reimbursement for a wide range of damages caused by your injuries.

Compensation for medical expenses is one of the most prevalent types of damages awarded to Lyft accident victims:

  • Emergency services, emergency room care, doctor's appointments, surgery, hospital stays, imaging, lab tests, medications, and transportation to and from the doctor's office are all examples of medical treatment costs.
  • Future medical expenditures are estimated when serious injuries result in permanent impairment requiring continuing treatment and Care.
  • Rehabilitative services, including physiotherapy, trauma counseling, or other specialized Care that assists automobile accident victims in coping with a permanent or temporary disability.
  • Wages lost owing to work-related absences because of a serious injury, hospitalization, and/or recovery.
  • Estimated future lost pay if a victim's injuries prohibit them from going back to work.
  • Replacement expenditures for household services when plaintiffs or their households need to employ external help to undertake domestic and household activities that the victim undertook before their injury.
  • Physical discomfort and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life.
  • Loss of consortium occurs when a motor vehicle accident disrupts a victim's family relationships.
  • Punitive damages in certain circumstances involving egregious Carelessness or purposeful harm.

As we pursue the personal injury claim, the victim must be made aware of the prospect of both monetary and non-monetary settlements in the form of damages. Samples of several of the granted damages are provided to illustrate several points. Then, these purposes are stated. Damages are generally awarded for pain and suffering. The categorization of damages for mental distress is distinct. Damages for medical expenses incurred during the therapeutic exercise are also possible. Additionally, there are damages for things that are harmed in your Lyft. We also ask for money to make up for missing wages. Amount of damage for lost earning capacity, deformity, temporary or permanent infirmity, loss of pleasure of life, and physiological as well as psychological therapy are additional claims.

This is not a complete list of the wounds that one could experience in a Lyft collision. The compensation you are eligible for will be determined and calculated by your attorney. When you come to see our staff, the best reward that you can't discover on your own is available for you.


You may have added supplementary damage coverage. MedPay will pay your hospital bills up to the amount of your coverage. The same holds applicable for UM insurance, which may pay revenue lost and other expenditures incurred as a result of your injury.

If you currently do not even have such coverage, our Ontario automobile accident attorney can assess your case and hunt for other parties who may share financial responsibility, allowing you to recover a portion or all of your losses resulting from the Uber accident or Lyft accident plus your injuries.


It is customary for vehicle insurance companies to make a settlement shortly after an occurrence if they believe their policyholder is at fault. Insurance firms maintain their existence by paying out as few claims as possible. Accepting the first settlement agreement they get saves insurance companies from potentially having to pay a considerably greater settlement or judgment award later on.

Early redemption offers are often predatory, designed to entice consumers to accept the payment and leave, but they rarely pay all of your expenses. Don't ever accept a proposal without first checking with us. You might be entitled to additional money. Furthermore, after you accept a settlement offer, you must sign an agreement promising not to pursue any further action to collect reimbursement from the driver.

An attorney can assess your case and determine a reasonable and equitable settlement amount. If an offer is significantly less than the value damage to your complaint, your lawyer can conduct conversations with the insurance provider and aggressively pursue further reimbursement on your behalf.


The great majority of medical negligence lawsuits, particularly those involving automobile accidents, are settled before coming to trial. It's quite unlikely that you'll have to speak because both parties want to avoid the same costs of litigation. Nonetheless, your professional will educate you on the most unlikely scenario because settlement is not always a possibility. In these cases, your attorney will represent you in court, and you will most likely be called to testify.

Statute of Limitations in Ontario Automobile Accident Claims

Accident victims in California have a 2-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit against the motorist who occurred in the process them harm. Failure to proceed first before the two-year time limit expires frequently results in accident victims losing their right to compensation.

A court is unlikely to entertain an automobile accident claim lawsuit after two years, although the statute allows for exceptions in unusual circumstances. Courts, for example, may consider accident involving Lyft accidents in which the accident victim is incapacitated or unable to initiate legal proceedings. A California judge may halt the clock in these instances. Your vehicle accident attorney will tell you whether your claim is eligible for an extension.


Sometimes Lyft accident victims delay consulting a lawyer after a serious collision because they believe they cannot afford one. This terrible choice frequently results in uber and Lyft accident victims receiving significantly less recompense for their wounds and losses than they deserve, if they receive anything at all. Thankfully, all accident victims may afford a lawyer since our Ontario automobile accident attorneys provide free consultation and accept situations on a cost-reimbursement basis.

One need not pay an advance commitment for legal counsel if you use contingency fees. Instead, you enter into a contract with the firm that allows them to deduct their attorneys' fees from any compensation or jury verdict you obtain as a consequence of your lawyer's efforts.


Many factors can affect how long it takes to settle your vehicle accident claim.

Situations that can lengthen the time it would take to adjudicate your claim include:

  • Because your wounds are so severe, you must allow time to thoroughly comprehend your odds of full recovery so that your solicitor can accurately evaluate your claim.
  • The insurance company contests liability, stymieing discussions, and forcing litigation.
  • You struggle to coordinate witness schedules for depositions or testimonies.
  • The insurance company is acting in bad faith by prolonging your claim.

Each dispute has unique circumstances that influence how long it takes to compromise or defend that claim. Your automobile accident lawyer can examine your case and offer you an estimation of how long it will take to settle your claim.


A personal injury attorney is an invaluable ally you should have on your side in obtaining compensation for your vehicle accident damages and related losses. Your lawyer can also assist you in holding the negligent driver responsible for your accident. In many circumstances, accident victims and prospective customers are unaware of the extent to which a lawyer may assist them. Attorneys provide several services to their clients to establish, support and win their cases.

Listed below are some ways our automobile accident attorneys can assist you:

• Evaluation. An attorney can assess the facts of your traffic accident claim to establish your eligibility for compensation and outline all of your legal choices.

• Communication. Lyft accident lawyers engage with insurance companies and public defender teams to keep their clients from stating something that may invalidate their claims.

Investigation. Vehicle accident attorneys investigate incidents to unearth essential information and figure out liability for each case, whether utilizing an in-house investigation or a third party. Collecting information such as accident reports, cell phone information, hospital information, and witness accounts is part of this process.

Appraisal. Vehicle accident attorneys utilize their skills and consult with specialists to assign a monetary value to each automobile wreck claim that is proportional to the victim's injuries and losses.

Bargaining. Our Ontario automobile accident attorneys are skilled negotiators who can often obtain a larger payment than a victim would on their own. Furthermore, when vehicle accident victims have legal representation, insurance companies usually take negotiations more seriously.

Civil lawsuits. The trial process is necessary when the self-development and self-driver dispute culpability and the insurance provider refuses to give a reasonable settlement. When parties are unable to reach an agreement, Lyft accident lawyers establish a litigation case.

Contact our skilled Ontario automobile accident lawyers as promptly as possible so that we can begin working on obtaining the results you are looking for in your injuries.

Every time Big Ben Lawyers take on your case, it is fully in our hands and we commit to giving you the best assistance we can. The only thing you need to focus on is healing your wounds. Big Ben Lawyers take seriously its obligation to document the accident scene, the vehicles involved, and your injuries using pictures and videos. If a neighboring security camera recorded the incident, we might well be able to obtain the footage.

In addition, we are experts at compiling your medical bills and records to demonstrate a link between the accident and your injuries. We guarantee to take Care of the paperwork and timely file your lawsuit or claim. chatting with the insurance company and negotiating a fair deal with the insurance adjuster. In addition to managing your brief, if the insurance adjuster refuses to provide fair pay, we also have to litigate your case. presenting witnesses on your behalf in court. Hire a doctor and an expert in damage valuation if necessary.

One must have already experienced enough suffering as a victim as a result of the negligent driver you came across. By handling the legal process on your own and maybe receiving insufficient compensation, we don't want you to run the danger of experiencing further harm. We won't give up until you get the justice and financial restitution you deserve.

Please stop by our offices or give us a call at any time during regular business hours using the contact information on our website. You are always welcome to send us a brief message.


Uber and Lyft Accidents are tumultuous, tense, and perplexing. Accident survivors have numerous questions and worries. If you engage an Ontario automobile accident attorney with Big Ben Law to handle your case, you may concentrate on getting healthy while they handle the rest.

An attorney can help in:

• Begin the inquiry: Your attorney can handle the entire investigation procedure from beginning to end. This investigation shall be aimed at increasing statutory accident benefits. They can collect pertinent evidence, obtain critical data from incident reports as well as witnesses, and pursue other critical data that can help enhance your case.

• Take control of information exchange. Saying the wrong word to an insurance professional or another party can harm your claim. This is the reason the insurance provider is eager to speak with you with the same expectation that you will commit this mistake. The insurance company's primary objective is to generate money, and they accomplish this by compensating you lesser than they should. They will frequently phone you shortly after your accident to try to elicit facts that will allow them to justify reducing the size of your payment. However, with the assistance of a lawyer, you can avoid these misleading methods. Your attorney can manage all discussions with both the insurance company and the defense counsel to ensure that you are treated with respect and fairness.

Concession discussions and trial: Your attorney understands the value of your case and wishes to pursue it on your behalf. They will not be intimidated by the opposing side into settling for less than they deserve. Furthermore, if settlement discussions do not go as planned, our solicitor can take the case to trial as well as present your argument as effectively as possible, allowing you to try to win a fair sum.

Contact our Ontario Lyft Accident Lawyers Today

Big Ben Lawyers' Ontario vehicle accident attorneys realize how stressful the aftermath of a Lyft accident can be. We must assist our consumers to get through this tough event by aiding them with the convoluted legal process and giving them the best chance of receiving the compensation they deserve. Do not delay if you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident in Ontario. Contact our office immediately for a free case examination, or phone us at the numbers listed on our website. Do not hesitate to contact Big Ben Lawyers and we shall pursue your claim with passion.

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