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The San Bernardino personal injury attorneys at our firm will help you understand your alternatives and legal rights if you were hurt in a mishap such as a car accident or an accidental fall or slide. Our Firm mostly represents victims who have suffered harm as a result of another person's or a company's carelessness.

Benefits of hiring a San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are various reasons why you should ensure that you get in touch with our team so that you get full representation. We have our big team of attorneys who work to pursue claims on personal injury matters. Contact our team today and make sure that you get legal advice that is not only sound but also that will see your claim move to higher chances of success.

Our team of personal injury attorneys is completely different from the personal injury attorneys that advertise heavily throughout the day on radio and television. Numerous categories of many personal injury attorneys focus their business strategy on resolving a sizable number of instances. The majority of their work is handled by support personnel and case managers rather than attorneys.

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On the other hand, Big Ben Lawyers has a history of pursuing claims in court and going to trial. By creating a real risk for the insurance companies, Big Ben Lawyers in turn keep them honest. Remember that even the worst trial attorneys in the world seem to be more productive than a legal team that only seldom or never goes to trial. Big Ben Lawyers require insurance firms to spend money every day, which they detest doing.

In the event that we don't go to trial for your case, just having a litigation department in place increases the value of all of our other cases significantly. What is the reason? Insurance companies prefer to simply grant our able Firm a decent sum now and skip the hassle since they know as Big Ben Lawyers, we will sue them and win.

Our Firm Possesses the Fiscal Capacity Required to Fight the Biggest Insurance Providers in San Bernardino Personal injury claims

Our interactions with underwriters and defense attorneys can resemble a war of attrition, whether we are managing a compensation claim or San Bernardino personal injury litigation. In most instances, insurance companies want to put enough pressure on your attorney or firm that they eventually give in. You choose our able team when you want a representation based on fiscal clout to force a massive insurance company to spend so much money that it loses money.

Your San Bernardino personal injury claim's at-fault party or their insurance provider may make you a quick financial settlement offer. When you have to deal with a lengthy physical rehabilitation process and time away from work, a quick settlement may seem appealing.

By accepting a settlement, you permanently waive your right to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party. You may be required to sign agreements that end your case in return for a certain sum of money by their insurance company or a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.

Accepting a settlement without consulting a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer might result in you receiving a payment that is insufficient to meet your accident-related costs or that is lower than you deserve.

Big Ben Lawyers won't abandon you to foot the bill for your medical expenses incurred in a San Bernardino personal injury accident

As Big Ben Lawyers, We will bargain with your healthcare practitioners to make sure that you receive the greatest financial recovery possible at the conclusion of just about any lawsuit or civil litigation. Our main concern is making sure you won't have to pay any medical fees from extraneous sources when the case is settled.

Referrals from a high level of satisfaction current and previous clientele have been the foundation of our legal firm while dealing with San Bernardino personal injury claims

As Bog Ben lawyers, we don't rely much on publication to attract new customers. This is why as Big Ben Lawyers, we place such a high value on client pleasure.

Our firm receives referrals from several law firms for their largest or most challenging San bernardino personal injury cases

The highest praise is attributed to most of our peers who frequently collaborate with our prestigious legal firm on their most important matters as a result of our standing with insurance companies and of course the instructed San Bernardino attorneys. You are in good hands with this organization as far as such claims are concerned.

The Damage you Sustain in San Bernardino personal injury claim May Entitle You to Settlement

Every day, numerous people suffer severe injuries in collisions simply in Miami's San Bernardino neighborhood. Additionally, when they suffer accidental accidents and over 28 million Americans visit emergency rooms each year. These mishaps can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These unintentional injuries may result from automobile accidents, slides and accidental tripping accidents, workplace accidents, motorbike accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, and other incidents. There are several ways that individuals sustain personal injuries every day.

They do, however, all have something in common. Victims have the right to pursue financial compensation for their losses when injuries are caused by someone else's negligence. These expenses often include the involved therapeutic expenses, property damage, lost pay from absence from work, recompense for a reduction in enjoyment of life, or even financial compensation for their physical and mental anguish.

Due to the other party's negligence, the sufferer might in some instances not have required operations, spent time at the health facility as well as failure to attend to numerous failed working days, or never been able to hold their grandchildren again. This compensation is crucial to helping the victim heal completely. Although these are merely hypothetical scenarios, they are far too typical cases that form the bulk that our Firm encounters on a daily basis at our legal business.

Get in touch with our duly qualified team of attorneys and we shall represent your claim fervently. We are zealous to make sure that your claim attains the highest level of success.

What we do as San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorneys

At our prestigious company, experienced personal injury attorneys based in San Bernardino are dedicated to offering those who have suffered personal injuries in major accidents proactive and efficient legal assistance and guidance.

We are aware of how to bargain with insurance providers to obtain fair recompense, and we won't hesitate to go to court if required. Insurance companies frequently only make serious proposals to businesses they believe will actually sue them. Our track record makes it quite apparent that our Firm has done and will always do this.

We go to whatever lengths to ensure that our customers receive fair compensation.

San Bernardino, California is a convenient location for our office. We offer flexibility in ensuring that it is simpler for wounded San Bernardino injured people to schedule a meeting with our team. in the circumstances that it is more convenient for you, whether it's your house, hospital room, or even care facility that offers periodic services for an expanded period of time, we would come to you.

Call our legal team right away to arrange a no-obligation case assessment involving one of the experienced solicitors and receive the best legal counsel.

Call us using the information on our website for complimentary free counsel with a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer serving or even send us a quick text message at any time.

Types of San Bernardino Personal Injury Claims that Big Ben Lawyers handle

Unexpected injuries may arise in numerous ways and how each case is handled competently depends of course on the manner in which the accident happened. The skilled San Bernardino personal injury lawyers at our firm routinely handle claims including the following situations, among others, with success. Some of these various types of personal harm are subsequently addressed.

Automobile Collisions and Casualties 

Two million among over sixteen million California residents with driving licenses reside in California. Add to that the numerous tourists and snowbirds that California hosts each year, and you have all the ingredients for a severe car accident. . These car accidents may result from hazardous traffic situations, impaired driving, potential accidents, defective vehicles, and other factors.

Among the most frequent causes of catastrophic injuries sustained that we encounter at our prestigious and highly recognized firm are automobile accidents. This is due to the obvious hazards that a machine that weighs several thousand pounds poses when combined with overly high speed and sensitive human beings. Of course, this subjects the person to move abruptly and brutally flung during an auto accident until something, usually the dashboard, an entry point to the car, or a seatbelt, stops it. Everywhere from headaches to compound fractures to early death might result from this.

Being able to fully concentrate on the plan to gain full recovery is essential for recovering from auto accidents. You cannot accomplish this if you are concerned about paying your bills or worrying about how you're going to take care of your family if you lose your job. That is where monetary compensation enters the picture. Others shouldn't have to pay for or worry about the mistakes of others. The vehicle accident attorneys at our firm will see to it that the right people are punished for their misdeeds and that fair recompense is given. Allowing our able team of automobile attorneys to conduct your lawsuit not only guarantees that you'll receive the compensation you're entitled to but also relieves you of the stress so you can concentrate on fully recovering from your injury.

Motorbike Injuries

Each year, motorcycle accidents are thought to cause eighty-eight thousand (88,000) injuries to riders. Motorcycle accidents account for roughly five thousand (5,000) total, of those fatalities.

Motorcycle injuries are frequently caused by careless drivers, particularly those who are distracted while driving. Undoubtedly, motorbikes' exposed design is just what renders these riders to be so much riskier, but that doesn't mean anyone hurt in an incident involving a motorcycle is way more responsible and maybe less entitled to recompense in their case of personal injury.

In actuality, motorcycle accidents are frequently caused by other drivers who fail to pay attention to the travel path or in the instances when they are made to watch out for other vehicles. In any case, they can be quite damaging and call for fair compensation.

To examine the extent of an accident claim, get in touch with the knowledgeable and ably skilled traffic accident attorneys at our firm. Award-winning and well-known motorcycle accident attorneys make up our team.

Falls and Slips

People frequently hurt themselves when they trip, fall and slip. A fall or slip is frequently merely an unfortunate accident. However, the injured receive recompense for their losses whenever the said fall was brought on by another person's carelessness and blatant contempt for another's safety. Due to a variety of potential dangers, such trips, as well as fall incidents, can occur at warehouses or other enterprises.

For instance, a store owner may be aware knowing that their rooftop is in a state of leaking and have however decided against fixing it due to the high cost. Although it's possible that the store manager is in a position to know that milk spilled on aisle 12, they've instructed their staff to disregard the situation until the truck has been unloaded. These illustrations demonstrate how carelessness can result in hazardous situations.

It is established further through customs that falling and slipping are frequently viewed as humorous. However, the consequences can be unpleasant and incapacitating if a person's feet slide out from beneath them and their body slams against harsh and tough surfaces. Consult the fall down and slips lawyers at our firm right away if you were hurt in a trip and fall or slip and fall.

Heavy Duty Commuter truck collisions

In the US, there are over four hundred and eighty thousand (480,000) commercial vehicles involved in collisions each year. Industrial buses and commercial vehicles are extremely heavy and huge, so when they collide, the results are always uncountable damage and injuries they inflict which can be catastrophic. Small automobiles simply won't stand a chance in an accident with a large truck.

Truck drivers sometimes work in hazardous or unfavorable conditions, such as traveling too much or without enough stops for rest. Consequent to the foregoing, truck accident cases frequently find the businesses that they operate for to be at fault. Contact our team of experienced lawyers for a free consultation if you were hurt by a commercial truck or even a passenger bus.

Boat Injuries

In the county of California, boating is a widely-preferred year-round sport and there are approximately nine hundred and thirty-one thousand (931,000) watercraft registered. This couldn't possibly be more true than in the California neighborhood of San Bernardino, wherein lagoons and seashores are held. Who doesn't enjoy a pleasant boat trip? Cruising is a wonderful activity when combined with the sun and sea.

Boating is, however, also frequently linked to intoxication, diversions, and unskilled drivers, most of which can result in mishaps. Consult the personal injury experts at our prestigious firm to explore your case in any case that you were hurt by a tipsy or careless boater.

Bicycle Mishap Injuries

In California, cyclists of bicycles form part of a common sight. Cycling does have a lot of advantages, but it also has a danger of major accidents and injuries. A bicycle is simply no match for a sturdy steel car; a rider can sustain serious injuries even while wearing safety gear as well as other protective equipment.

Contact our expert team of attorneys to explore your rights if a careless driver hurt you while you were riding a bicycle without any commitment or cost.

Bystanders' Accidents

According to statistics, a passerby is hurt in approximately eight (8) minutes in the United States. When struck by an automobile, a pedestrian is not shielded from harm. As a result of the foregoing and the evident incompatibility between an automobile and a person, it is plain that they are made subject be so susceptible to serious injuries.

Acute head damage, shattered bones, and spine and cervical mishaps are the most frequent injuries suffered by pedestrians in accidents. One's means of livelihood may be completely destroyed by these kinds of damage. Contact our adequately qualified Firm of attorneys for a medical negligence case examination if you were struck by a car right away.

Industrial and Work-Related Accidents 

People should anticipate a secure and healthy work environment when they report to work. The legislation safeguards a person's interests by granting individuals the entitlements to workers' compensation benefits when they sustain an injury at work. These benefits aren't always provided promptly and fairly, though.

Contact the workers' compensation lawyers at our firm right once whenever you were sickened or injured at work.

Other Fields of San Bernardino Personal Injury Accidents that Big Ben Lawyers deal with

  • Injuries Caused by rails and commuter buses and such related accidents. Bus or train travel is affordable and practical. Serious injuries, however, may occur in accidents involving these vehicles.
  • Occupier’s safety liability and such related incidents. Not all incidents caused by hazardous conditions on someone's property include slips and falls. Other incidents include electric shocks, water accidents, canine section bites, and much other related damage which might happen as a result of careless property owners.
  • Negligence relating to Medical Practitioners and related causes. Although you ought to make it probable to rely on doctors to treat you properly, there are times when they commit grave errors that cause patients to sustain damage and complex issues that could have been avoided. These situations ought to be treated seriously and as such.
  • Neglect and Mishandles at Nursing home and abuses related thereto. Neglect, physical abuse, psychological manipulation, fiscal strain, intercourse assault, and other forms of mistreatment are all possible and can have negative effects on skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. These heinous actions should never be left unpunished because they are so serious.
  • Accidents are caused by unworthy and low-standard machinery. Every day, thousands of products are produced and sold, most of which may be dangerously flawed. Right in our own homes, several low standards and full of defective devices which can fail in operation and result in terrible injury.
  • Causes relating to Narcotic and Dangerous drugs and Psychotropic Substances. Every drug launched within the market needs to be secure for the purpose for which it was created. Nevertheless, the sector handling such drugs is infamous for producing toxic medications or for neglecting to adequately disclose any potentially negative side effects. Unaware consumers who are involved in these occurrences risk suffering severe and long-lasting harm.
  • Injuries associated with dog bites and such related occurrences. One day attacks, dogs are man's best friend. In California, dog owners are strictly accountable for any injuries brought on by their animals, and victims frequently receive compensation.
  • Personal harm caused by tipsy drivers’ accidents. Whenever anyone decides to drive after they are aware they have consumed too much alcohol, they should be held accountable. We simply cannot allow drunk driving collisions that result in significant injuries or fatalities.

Numerous injuries might be sustained by accident victims. The form and extent of the varied injuries, the necessary medical care, and also lengthy regime ramifications of the damage all play a significant role in determining the worth of a claim. Individuals with the below personal hurt and many more others are represented by our firm:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Internal injuries
  • Severe hurts
  • Fractured bones
  • Acute head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries to the neck and back
  • Birth injuries; Burns; Lacerations; Amputations; Wrongful death among other related causes.

Common Insurance Claims Concerns Following a Personal Injury 

California has no liability cover, which may have an impact on how you pursue compensation after a crash. We address them below.

How do a San Bernardino Personal Injury Protection Claim Operate?

California law mandates that all drivers have a personal cover protection policy. Because the policy does not consider who was at fault for the incident when determining what losses to cover, its coverage is frequently also referred to as no-liability cover. The aforementioned insurance pays up a huge amount in lost wages and medical costs following an automobile accident. To speed up the processing of personal injury claims resulting from motor accidents, this sort of healthcare insurance was made required in California. That everybody is required to pay for a cover policy that covers the damage of their own and other related costs, which simplifies the process and frees the competent judicial proceedings to handle more serious events.

The same cannot be said to be the case, though, as service providers and carriers of insurance are sometimes able to avoid paying for even the clearest cases of actual damage. Here are these types of policy lawsuits useful. The insurance provider is expecting that if your legitimate insurance claim has been rejected, you would give up and pick up with life. This is not the way our prestigious and client-focused firm views it. To advocate for coverage and protection compensation and get the healthcare benefits and lost earnings you are entitled to, contact our skilled personal injury attorneys in San Bernardino.

Does the Law Recognize Self-Representation in San Bernardino Personal Injury claims?

To really be explicit, it is acceptable to bring a claim for personal injury on your own in California.

There is no room for error, but the financial strain of a lawsuit for personal injury is no little matter. You run the danger of getting the claim you are in pursuit dismissed or being forced to begin the procedure over if you file erroneously or miss a deadline.

The said position is not intended to argue that straightforward situations cannot be handled satisfactorily. Just remember that there are various hurdles that must be jumped through in order to prevent overloading the justice system. Although it would appear like a simple solution to avoid paying attorneys' bills, it comes with a high likelihood of failing.

Our Fees when dealing with San Bernardino personal injury claims are dependent on the Outcome of your Claim

It's common to be skeptical and perplexed about the method by which a solicitor bills their customers when discussing legal expenses. It can be difficult to understand the process if you have never needed legal representation.

Many people believe they must pay money up ahead, however, the said is not how our prestigious firm operates. If you want to work with us so that we help you to pursue your claim, you will pay us on a conditional basis.

Due to this price structure, we are able to pay all associated costs, such as those associated with data recovery, litigation, and investigation. We don't charge for our charges, that is often a percentage of the money we obtain from the case until after a favorable settlement or court decision has been made.

Is there any Statutory Timeline for Filing a San Bernardino Personal Injury Claim?

Despite the fact that recovering from your harm may be challenging, a deadline exists statutorily within which you must file a case. In California, the limitations period is capped at Forty-eight months. The import of this is that you only have four years from the time of your injury to file a claim.

This may seem to be a lengthy period of time which indeed it is, although your team of lawyers may need more time to lay the groundwork for your claim relying on the magnitude and complexity of the claim laid before them.

Your injuries from an accident may require a long time to heal. Your ability to concentrate on your compensation claim will be hampered by the time you spend healing from your injuries.

According to the rules of any state you are subject to, you often have a certain period of time, known as the statute of limitations, to bring the case that would enable you to get financial compensation for your injuries. Additionally, there are specific guidelines for what constitutes punitive damages and restrictions on your rights to damages in a personal injury case under any state's legislation. The personal injury attorney you trust with your case can help you establish a schedule and ensure that the deadline for filing your claim is not missed.

Make sure you call us today just in case you or your beloved one is a victim of such injuries. We shall give you a free-of-charge consultation.

How does Big Ben Lawyers deal with San Bernardino's personal injury claims?

At our firm, we don't resolve disputes quickly but instead, spend the opportunity to get acquainted with our clients.

We put a lot of effort into developing a thorough plan for every accident matter that we handle and we are well acquainted with the strategies insurance companies use to keep off fully making up for victims' damage.

Our specialized team of personal injury lawyers is dedicated to keeping lines of communication open of course within our clientele and also informing them completely of the progress of their cases.

Lastly, we provide contingency fee agreements to the inclusion of all the clients who have suffered personal injuries. The foregoing means that our team does not get paid unless we have been successful in getting compensation. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us straight away so that we can examine your claim for free.

Why should you speak to Big Ben Lawyers when you want to make a decision on the pursuance of a San Bernardino Personal Injury Claim?

We are a nationally renowned injury litigation practice with a team of skilled personal injury lawyers that have a great deal of collective experience holding negligent parties accountable for the harms and losses they might have catalyzed.

According to the Bar of Attorneys in California County, one of our personal injury lawyers is a Fully Qualified Civil Defense Attorney. One of us is recognized as a specialist in the field of case-trial law thanks to this designation. He has managed several matters dealing with a wide range of medical conditions including acute brain damage injuries and has served as lead counsel in over 2000 civil litigation lawsuits. Stan's proficiency with California policy defense attorneys and insurance companies, in general, has given him a solid reputation.

Additionally, one of our lawyers has represented the plaintiffs across more than One Thousand (1000) California concussion lawsuits as lead counsel.

The personal injury attorneys concerned with grave bodily damage in our team of attorneys have already obtained a high amount for our clients.

Time is frequently an issue in injury cases, so whenever and in case you have been hurt in a significant event, the victim should contact our grave bodily harm attorneys without any touch of hesitation or procrastination. Our knowledgeable attorneys use their vast experience to negotiate significant settlements with insurance providers who are notoriously reticent to honor claims. An experienced personal injury attorney can be crucial.

Call our knowledgeable team of attorneys right now using the phone numbers shown on our website or send us an email using the online email address listed there, to arrange an initial assessment involving the team that our Firm will enable you to contact.

Get in touch with our qualified personal injury attorneys at our Firm today and we shall help you get the best compensation for your claim.

The reasons why Attorney Representation is the best way to Handle San Bernardino personal injury claims

It is important to think carefully before selecting a personal injury attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. The development and success of your claim will be significantly fluenced by the attorney you select. Various concerns do arise with respect to the advocate one would ordinarily choose to represent them in their injury claims met upon such persons. First, a common issue that must be asked is the number of injury cases that the lawyer in question has defended. Our team of lawyers has handled several cases related to injury to the person.

Secondly, it is imperative to note the field of damage in which the said lawyer has expertise therein. We do representation in all kinds of personal damage claims to the extent that we can represent you with any kind of damage sustained.

Furthermore, it must not escape the victim’s mind to inquire about the manner of fee payment arrangements and how the said fees shall be payable. We represent our clients first and upon attaining the result of their suit, we can take an agreed percentage of fees payable to ourselves. Fee payment is entirely dependent on the success of the case. Another issue that raises concern is that most clients are worried about the length of time which a claim as instituted shall take. On this issue, we assure our clients that such kind of cases have varied timelines and the expediency of one’s case is dependent on the rate at which documentation is processed and availed.

There is also a question that touches on the limitation of time and to that effect, most victims would ask themselves about the quantity of time that they have in order to file their claim or suit. Indeed, the statute of limitations has instances under which it runs and others whose running up time can be tolled. The statutory times of limitations can only be understood by most people when they have a competent attorney to represent them. We are that perfect team that you have been looking for for quite a long time. Get in touch with our team through the contacts and email addresses available on our website.

Our able team will deal with your case with the requisite level of competence required. We shall cooperate as a team to ensure that your claim is not watered down at any stage. Be free to call us, leave a short message, and also visit our chambers any time. Your personal injury attorney should represent you and make every effort to negotiate a fair resolution in your interests. If talks with the insurance do not result in a satisfactory settlement, your injury attorney may also defend you in court.

Crucial Details that should be kept in the Pursuit of a San Bernardino Personal Injury Claim

The first step in the process of establishing to whom fault is attributable. If you experienced bodily harm or property loss as a result of someone else's acts, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

The costs of your injuries, including the associated medical expenses and other expenses, should not be your burden. If you can show that the person or entity responsible for your injuries is culpable, you are entitled to cash compensation. Your personal damage lawyer may be able to determine who is to blame and ensure that they are responsible for covering your accident-related expenditures.

After a vehicle accident or in a situation involving medical misconduct, you can have a claim for personal injury. A personal injury attorney can help you assess if you have a strong case for financial compensation by listening to your story about the accident or other incident that resulted in your injuries. Get in touch with our office to ensure that your rights are well protected. We assure you that we shall fight for you to ensure that you obtain full and justifiable compensation.

How does one find out the estimated value of their San Bernardino personal injury Claim?

If your accident claim is successful, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The following accident-related costs may be covered by the monetary compensation you receive:

All medical costs associated with the injury, including those for ambulance services, hospital stays, emergency department visits, and doctor visits. Medical costs may also include canes and crutches as well as any necessary therapy.

All lost wages as a result of your injury, as well as any future earnings you could lose if you can't work for a while.

recompense for physical disfigurement or crippling injuries that persist a long time or permanently, as well as the pain and suffering they cause.

Your medical bills and records may be used by your personal injury attorney to estimate your current medical expenses. If your treatment plan calls for continuous care to properly restore your health, your medical records may also be used to assist your personal injury attorney estimate future costs.

Feedback from our Past Satisfied Client

"Working with this law company has been a really pleasant experience for me. I was able to get medical attention from the best experts in the region after getting hurt in an accident. I was fortunate to have a staff that helped me arrange appointments so that they would fit into both my tough graduate school schedule and my full-time employment schedule. I was able to stay with this law company even after moving out of town to New York and continuing my therapy there under the supervision of the medical professionals with whom I felt most at ease. The group here has been able to ensure that I could continue working and keep up with my graduate studies despite my injuries and problems in that area, while all the while I relocated to a different state.”

A San Bernardino personal injury lawyer near me

Our office is situated at , California. Our location notwithstanding, we represent clients throughout California and we will come to where you are should it be prudent to do so. Kindly also reach us at (909) 963-0750 so that we can discuss everything relating to your case.


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