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How much is my injury claim worth? 

The total value of any personal injury claims cannot be determined before a settlement has been agreed upon by both parties. However, an estimate can be identified based on some factors. If you can, kindly avoid any law firm or attorney that gives a “guarantee” to recover a specific amount for your case. Personal injury cases are different in many ways. Some damages do have a specific value through calculations, while others, like mental and emotional suffering, cannot be calculated at all. Big Ben Lawyers will fight for you to receive the highest possible amount instead of giving guarantees or promises to begin with. 

Who can file a personal injury claim? 

Anyone who has sustained injuries resulting from another person’s negligence has the right to file a personal injury claim for compensation. Recovering compensation is done by proving that another person’s fault is expected to be smooth sailing if you did not play any part in causing your injuries. Since we opened, Big Ben Lawyers handled countless personal injury claims by gathering relevant evidence and ensuring the responsible person should be held accountable for the loss and damages. 

What damages can I recover?

Personal injury cases typically involve physical, financial, emotional, property damages, including loss of life. Financial damages include past and future medical expenses, hospital bills, property repairs, and income loss, among the few. Physical damages refer to the injuries sustained by the victims. Lastly, emotional damages describe the trauma, pain, and suffering. 

When should I file a personal injury claim? 

The statute of limitations varies from state to state. The statute of limitations in California is two years. Therefore, you need to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim within two years from the accident date. Failure to comply within the said period can result in an inability to file for a claim and compensation. Therefore, it is essential to consult a personal injury lawyer and act depending on what is best.

How long has the Big Ben Lawyers been in the legal industry? 

B Big Ben Lawyers was founded in 2005. Over the years, the law firm has well-represented injured victims in hopes of seeking justice. 

What areas of practice do you cover? 

Big Ben Lawyers focuses explicitly on personal injury law. While most of the law firms have attorneys that specialize in other legal areas, we commit to the idea of focusing our efforts on one specialty area and work religiously to be the best in handling personal injury cases. Our competent, committed, and compassionate lawyers are well-equipped to ensure you get the best possible legal experience and the highest settlement offer.

How can you help me? 

Big Ben Lawyers seeks to assist clients who are in dire need of legal assistance to their injury case. Most of our attorneys have a background and interest in medicine; therefore, we all have the possible help to build a strong personal injury case. Moreover, we know how to navigate the case with insurance companies and other parties involved in the lawsuit. We will be with you every step of the way, from the chaotic beginning until the end. 

Your website states it has “Super Lawyers” in your firm. What do you mean by those?

Super Lawyers refer to the rating service that looks after and grades attorneys in approximately 70 different practice areas. Attorneys are graded through a criterion that includes peer nominations, evaluation, professional achievements, and research. It lists outstanding lawyers that are considered the best in their own practice area. We are proud to have “Super Lawyers” in Big Ben Lawyers.

How do I hire you? What is the process? 

Big Ben Lawyers would like to begin with legal consultation. We will arrange a meeting with you and discuss your situation. Once we understand the circumstances and preferred outcomes, we will provide a comprehensive plan to help you best. If you agree and let us proceed with the plan, we would be very honored to be the representative on your behalf. 

How can you assure me that you will work hard for my case? 

Big Ben Lawyers focuses on a particular practice area, which is personal injury. This is to assure our clients that we only limit the cases we could only take at any given period. We are committed to providing quality legal service, and our clients deserve world-class. Once we work with you, we will look after your holistic well-being. Rest assured, you will be our utmost priority!

Describe a case within the last two years, where you made a significant impact on the client. 

Big Ben Lawyers had the honor of representing and working with a wonderful elderly lady who got hit by a car in Studio City, California. While she was walking home from work, a car was over speeding and hit the crosswalk she was walking in. Her left side of the body got hit, and the impact was so strong that it threw her out the pavement. Our client sustained severe right knee injuries, requiring total knee replacement surgery. The said instance made her unable to work and move again like she used to. Her freedom was affected as she was like a prisoner to her own apartment, feeling hopeless about her situation. Then, she asked for our help. We ensured to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver that caused the accident. In the end, we were able to reach a just and deserved compensation, where she did not have to worry about working indefinitely.

How did you build a successful practice? 

We provide legal service with the utmost dedication, compassion, and commitment. We do not give up easily on our clients, and we ensure to treat them like family. After our founder graduated from UCLA and Pepperdine Law and had significant experience at a powerful plaintiff’s law firm, he dreamt of building his firm, focusing on protecting the people who were severely injured and taken advantage of by large companies and government agencies. In 2007, our founder started to make this dream a reality by renting an office. The first few years were exciting and challenging as Mr. Charchian worked over 14 hours each day, six days a week. Mr. Charchian and the team devoted effort, time, and energy to help injured clients over the years, resulting in Big Ben Lawyers present success. Our firm has grown so much over the years, and we continuously help our clients recover over eight figures of settlement and verdicts. Our law firm’s success does not solely rely on the million we have recovered for our clients or our founder’s recognition as a “Super Lawyer Rising Star,” yet the fact that people continuously come to us for help through referral. Believe it or not, these all happened through word of mouth. 

What should clients look for in a personal injury lawyer? 

When a person sustained an injury caused by another person’s carelessness, hiring the right lawyer to ask for help is essential. There are three relevant qualities that every client needs to look for in a lawyer: 

Hire a lawyer who will prepare your case, file a lawsuit, and take them to court. 

Some personal injury lawyers negotiate with the negligent party’s insurance company and take the offered settlement, no matter what the amount is. You deserve to hire a lawyer who will take down an unjust settlement offer and file a lawsuit to give you the compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained. Moreover, Big Ben Lawyers needs to hold the responsible party for the wrongdoing that caused harm to others. This way, you can help prevent this accident from happening. 

Hire a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of personal injury law. 

It is essential to never fall for a lawyer who thinks of themselves as the “Jack Of All Trades.” This is to ensure that your case will be given utmost importance and priority. 

Hire a lawyer that will handle your case personally. 

Some personal injury lawyers will ask their assistants to talk to you and not even find the time to talk to you in person. You deserve a lawyer that will meet with you, explain all the legal processes until you understand them, and provide a support system throughout. 

How relevant is local knowledge of the cases’ success? 

It is essential to hire a local attorney. An old saying, “A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge,” says a lot about the legal industry’s truth. The great lawyer always knows how a local judge handles a particular case, the community, and the people who will serve the jury. Most importantly, they know whether the jurors will grant you the compensation you deserve. Therefore, whenever we get referral calls from other states, we always inform them to find a great local lawyer from their state. 

What kind of information can you provide during the free phone consultation? 

We give clients legal advice during free phone consultations, whether they have a good case or not, and what we can bring to the table. However, we strongly prefer face-to-face consultations to ensure that relevant details about the case will be discussed. Moreover, during face-to-face consultations, we can make the clients feel like they are part of the family, and we can plan a strategy as to how the cases will advance. 

What kind of information do you need during a free phone consultation? This way, it can save both parties time and effort. 

Big Ben Lawyers needs accident facts. No matter what type of accident you were in, you need to explain what happened and who the people involved. Moreover, you must give us the name and policy number of the other party’s insurance company. Lastly, suppose there is any form of digital evidence, a video, or a photograph, we usually ask the clients to email them to have a better perspective about the accident.

What makes Big Ben Lawyers different from other lawyers in the field? 

Three aspects make Big Ben Lawyers different from other lawyers in Los Angeles. First, we only focus on personal injury cases. Second, we are passionate about what we do. Every time we successfully help clients with their cases, it gives us a kind of fulfillment to keep going. Lastly, we have an excellent track record, and we fight for our clients until we find justice. We always place our clients’ interests as our top priority, and we ensure to give them the settlement they truly deserve. 

What is the most rewarding part of being a personal injury lawyer? 

Big Ben Lawyers draw strength from the successful personal injury cases we handle. It is exceptionally fulfilling having to rest after a long workday knowing that you helped a family receive the just settlement they deserve after a family member has been badly injured due to another person’s recklessness. No other professionals can make this happen, only us. 

Do attorneys have other interests aside from law? 

Big Ben Lawyers are huge soccer and foodie fan. We take time to maximize all the recreational activities and opportunities that Los Angeles has to offer. During consultations, we would love to share a great restaurant and Barcelona trip tips. 

Are the attorneys involved in any organizations in your community? 

Big Ben Lawyers attorneys are involved in several non-profit organizations. We always make sure to donate and volunteer. Our founder has served Athgo International’s board of directors, which educates and helps young entrepreneurs to open a business and create a positive impact. Moreover, he has worked and donated to Cops for Kids, Aids Project Los Angeles, Chabad, among the few.


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