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You need a vehicle accident lawyer because insurance companies push accident victims to resolve claims as soon as possible. Additionally, they typically issue much smaller payouts than what the victims merit or what is necessary to pay for related medical costs. This doesn't even take into consideration their suffering as a result of their wounds or the time they had to miss from work.

In the United States, the average number of auto accidents increases yearly. There were 6.7 million crashes in 2018. Every day, there are more than 90 fatalities nationwide. And every year, 3 million people suffer injuries in auto accidents. Two million of them sustain permanent harm. Injury and fatality costs from crashes are high and include medical expenses, personal losses, and lost productivity.

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You can be in emotional shock following a vehicle accident, and you almost certainly have injuries that need healing. To guarantee that you are adequately covered and do not have to go up against the legal departments of insurance companies on your own, there are a few extremely crucial actions that you must do.

Even if no one has been hurt, a vehicle accident attorney can still be of assistance. You have rights as a citizen that you might not be entirely aware of. The details of an accident may not always be accurate in a police report, and the cause of accidents is frequently debatable.

You must hire an accident attorney in any car collision when you or another person in the vehicle sustained harm. If you have experienced shattered bones or have recently been admitted to the hospital, this is very important.

Furthermore, speak with a lawyer if you experience any problems with your insurance provider, even for straightforward claims. Watch out for unclear insurance forms, insurance company accusations that you haven't paid a premium, ambiguous policy provisions, and any bad faith on their part. You may find that the insurance is refusing to pay out or denying your coverage, and you may even find that they have not even looked into the accident. Insurance companies will occasionally try to pay you substantially less than what the company owes you.


There are a few reasons why you should retain legal counsel for your automobile accident as soon as possible. Leave it for no longer than a day or two.


The preservation of roadside evidence and witness testimony is one of the most crucial justifications for calling a lawyer right away. There are many places to find evidence, but the longer you wait, the more probable it is to vanish.

Whatever evidence at the accident scene will be preserved under the supervision of your auto accident lawyer. This comprises skid markings, collision debris, and even video proof from security camera recordings. Before the cars involved can be fixed, pictures of the damage are also taken.

When an accident reconstruction specialist is required to demonstrate how the accident happened, all the available evidence can be utilized.

Following accidents, witnesses are more eager to come forward and describe what they observed. As opposed to witnesses who lose interest in time, their memories are also more vivid. An attorney will document the witnesses' verbal or written descriptions of what they witnessed.


Road accidents result in several deadlines that must be satisfied. These might be "ante litem" deadlines involving government agencies or negligent road maintenance, as well as the insurers.

When it is legally required to submit a claim for injuries sustained in an automobile accident varies depending on the state. In California, there is a two-year statute of limitations on collision claims. If your claim is not submitted within that window, the case will be abandoned and you will not be entitled to any recompense.


After a collision, you will receive great medical care if you are fortunate enough to even have medical insurance or a reliable doctor. However, if you don't have insurance and require medical attention, a qualified lawyer may advise you on what to do after you've been released from the hospital from an urgent care facility or neighborhood ER.


Orange County is a congested area that draws a lot of tourists due to its stunning beaches and ideal weather. The likelihood of a collision with another driver increases with traffic congestion, and over the past ten years, the number of collisions has increased in the area.

It's critical to select the top automobile accident lawyer in the area so that you get the greatest legal counsel possible.

You might choose to ask local family or friends for recommendations if you have any. Additionally, it can aid in reducing your list. You will, however, benefit more from a law firm's experience with negotiations and litigation in vehicle accident cases.

Car accident attorneys should maintain a constant line of communication with their clientele. Look for a person who will return your calls and answer your emails. The lawyer you select must handle every part of your case; they must not continually refer your questions to paralegals.

A vigorous negotiation is required on the part of your auto accident lawyer. If someone just accepts a settlement solely for settling, you won't be able to make up for your losses. Additionally, you should make sure you get along with the person because you will be in touch frequently as these situations can take a while to resolve.


The greatest settlement your attorney may secure for you in your auto accident lawsuit is worth it. The costs they'll attempt to recover for your losses and damages comprise:

Repairs to your car; Hospital bills and doctor visits, as well as potential future medical expenditures; Any required therapy; Compensation for time missed at work; Reduced earning capability if your wounds are severe; Punitive damages; and Reimbursement for your suffering and pain.


After a collision, even if no one was hurt, you should still obtain legal counsel from a qualified auto accident attorney. A lawyer will make sure that there are no issues with your auto repairs and insurer limits.

Even slight crashes might lead to unique events. A lawyer for auto accidents will notice this right away and inform you of them.


1. Stop the vehicle, turn the engine off and if necessary, move out of traffic.

2. The car should only be relocated if it is not in a safe location, is impeding traffic or is endangering other people.

3. Use your danger signals, a spotlight, or flares to warn incoming vehicles.

4. Contact the police even if neither you nor the other driver has been hurt. They will determine whether they need to respond to the scene or whether you should trade insurance corporate data.

6. Make sure you obtain all the information from the other driver(s) if the police are not responding to the collision scene. Their name, contact details, insurance provider information, driver's license number, and a picture of their license should all be included.

7. Describe the accident's full circumstances to the police.

8. When the police inquire if you were hurt, you shouldn't respond with a flat no. This is because certain wounds take time to manifest.

9. Ensure that the other party involved provides the police with a complete account of the accident. However, refrain from arguing about anything that is happening right now. It's best to leave discussions about how the accident happened and who was at fault for it to your lawyer.

10. Utilize a camera or a mobile device to take pictures of the scene to gather as much proof as you can. Include images of any injuries and all the vehicle types.

11. Request the contact information of any witnesses.

12. The police will assign you a case number once they are done. This gives your lawyer useful access to the accident that occurred for their purposes.

13. To rule out injuries, you should always go to the doctor after an accident. Spinal injuries, brain injuries, concussions, and other damage can result from even mild impacts.

14. If you experience dizziness or even a momentary loss of consciousness, get immediate medical treatment.

15. Don't feel compelled to provide your insurer with a statement right away; rather, get advice from a qualified personal injury lawyer.


The state of California reported 3,540 deaths from automobile accidents in 2019, according to statistical data. The vast majority of these concern automobiles. Compared to California data, Irvine has a relatively low number of fatal car accidents.

However, there were 174 road fatalities in Orange County in 2018, a 23% rise from 2015 to 2019.

Fortunately, the majority of accidents in the area rarely result in deaths, but wounds and losses must also be fairly paid for. People also overlook the fact that not all auto accidents involve just automobiles. The top 15 states for pedestrian fatalities include California.

The following are the main reasons for car accidents in California:

• Mobile texting is a distraction that is becoming more and more common while driving, but it can also encompass other activities like eating, reading, donning makeup, tuning the radio, and keeping one's eyes off the road.

• Drinking and driving remain a concern on the roadways, with many people choosing to operate the vehicle after exceeding the legal limit. In California, the number of fatalities involving drunk drivers who had blood alcohol levels of 0.08 or more has decreased by 6.8%. However, according to the statistics for 2018, there were 1,069 fewer fatalities than there were in 2017.

• Driving at excessive speeds puts other road users and drivers in danger. Because drivers can easily lose direction of their cars, it frequently results in accidents. Even 10 mph over the speed limit raises the risk of a driver losing control. Speed limits are intended to give vehicles enough time to decelerate and stop as necessary and are determined by the conditions in communities or on roads.

• In California, reckless driving is a major contributor to deadly collisions, particularly near junctions. These motorists frequently disregard traffic laws, blow through stop signs and red lights, and they are generally rude to other motorists. Road rage is another common issue for careless drivers. They frequently tailgate, make risky lane changes and turns, and occasionally even drive in the wrong direction. Another issue in some parts of Orange County is street racing. Weather conditions and poor maintenance can lead to poor road conditions. In California, there are much more traffic fatalities as a result of rain, fog, and strong winds. A vehicle could abruptly swerve into oncoming traffic or pedestrians as a result of potholes.

In 2018, 42% of motorists killed in car accidents were under the influence of drugs. Drowsy driving and unsecured items in a car are some factors that contribute to auto accidents.


Auto insurance companies frequently aim to decrease the amount of money awarded for losses, injuries, and fatalities following collisions by whatever mean possible. After such an accident, you should take extra care while contacting your insurance provider and crafting your legal claims.

It is preferable to work via your attorney when settling auto accident claims with your insurers in Irvine, Orange County. Additionally, keep in mind to prevent committing these errors at any moment following the accident:

• Never declare yourself "okay" following an accident because injuries could become apparent hours later. Insurance adjusters frequently alter these claims to ensure that the amount paid out is in their favor rather than yours.

· Refrain from making snap judgments about the collision and your fault.

• Do not begin to negotiate any portion of payment with the insurance company or settle for less than the full amount of your claim. The easiest method to achieve this is to make sure you retain an Ontario car accident lawyer to manage your case as soon as practical following the collision.


The attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers are experts in personal injury law. After an accident, get in touch with us for a free consultation with no commitment before attempting to settle with your insurance provider. It is harder for us to gather evidence the later you arrive at our office. Additionally, you might provide information that your insurance might use to reduce the amount you should receive.

All claims relating to accidents are handled by Big Ben Lawyers. Our experienced team of Ontario car accident lawyers, who also specialize in car accidents, has successfully managed many negotiations and court cases. We make sure that from beginning to end, our clients receive the individualized care they require. Contacting our winning team will help you save time, stress, and money. We make sure you receive the compensation you are due for losses, harm, fatalities, and medical expenses. Big Ben Lawyers only receives payment when you receive it.


Supporting the Communities of the Inland Empire and the entirety of Southern California

Professional Auto Accident Lawyers in Ontario, California

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3.1 fewer fatalities on the roads in the first half of 2018 than there were in the same period in 2017. Despite some positive data, the Injury Data Center reports that Ontario car accidents are the leading cause of crime, homicide, and economic loss.

Around Ontario County and the city, car accidents happen frequently. Unfortunately, a member of our community suffers an avoidable injury on one of our roads every day. Automobile accident victims are more than just numbers. When they are hurt in a car accident, we anticipate and have a right to recompense because these people are our colleagues, acquaintances, and household members.

Regardless of whether they seem frequent, vehicle accidents are still upsetting when they happen to you. An automobile accident can drastically affect someone's life. Contact the skilled Ontario car accident lawyers at Big Ben Lawyers right away if you or a beloved one has suffered significant injuries in an auto accident. At Big Ben Lawyers, we make the most of our combined experience to evaluate statutes, investigate case law, and create strategies that will maximize the prospects of financial recovery for our clients. Serving clients in Ontario and Southern California with pride are our Ontario personal injury attorneys.

Why should I choose Big Ben Law Attorneys?

Big Ben Lawyers, one of California's most reputable civil litigation legal firms, is committed solely to defending plaintiffs, whether they are the most severely injured person, a family who has lost a cherished person, or a business or consumer who has been the victim of dishonest and deceptive business practices. The firm has earned a reputation around the country for the caliber of its trial abilities and the tenacious advocacy it offers on the behalf of its customers. This reputation has been cultivated by the firm's ongoing dedication to each of its clients and was established on a foundation of multiple trial wins, and settlements, including precedent-setting appealing rulings. While the firm's success has resulted in significant settlements for its customers, our Ontario car accident lawyer also take pride in the fact that these lawsuits have helped to create a society that is safer and more equitable.

Various Types of Car Accidents

Not every auto accident is the same, and many will have challenging liability concerns. Big Ben Lawyers has handled a wide range of single-car, multiple-vehicle, and commercial vehicle accidents effectively, including but not limited to:

  • • Rear-end car accidents
  • • Direct collisions
  • • T-bone collisions
  • • Rollovers
  • • Ridesharing mishaps
  • • Truck collisions
  • • Motorcycle collisions

A vehicle accident's aftermath may seem extremely overwhelming. The Ontario personal injury lawyers at our Firm are accomplished researchers, detectives, and negotiators that keep their entire attention on assisting our clients in obtaining justice and the greatest amount of compensation. A personal injury attorney in Ontario can help you pursue financial compensation if you or a member of your family was hurt in such a Southern California automobile accident that was someone else's fault.

No matter how carefully we operate, there is constantly a chance that we could be in a collision caused by someone else's carelessness. Whether the determination of fault is made using subjective or objective criteria, is an important factor in a personal injury case.

Careless Driving

Every motorist has an obligation or obligation of reasonable skill and cares to drive carefully and adhere to the law. A driver may be held accountable in an accident injury case if they are negligent and fall short of this responsibility. Here are a few instances of driver recklessness:

• Speeding and other aggressive or dangerous behavior, such as abrupt lane changes, are key causes of traffic accidents. Those who drive aggressively are to blame for accidents and damage to property that occur as a result of approaching on the right, screaming, acting rashly, and continuously screaming or shining their headlights.

• It's hazardous and against the law to ignore traffic signs and signals. Run-through at red lights and failures to surrender the right-of-way can result in grave and potentially fatal injuries.

• One of the deadliest causes of crashes in the US is driving while intoxicated or whilst under the effect of other drugs. In 2016, 15% of all drivers who died behind the wheel and who underwent testing returned positive results for either legal or illicit drugs. Driving is dangerous because of the sedative side effects of prescription drugs. California is the sixth state that has legalized the selling of marijuana as of January 1, 2018. Marijuana use while operating a car is prohibited by law.

• Rage on the road is a violent and risky activity. The following are some typical signs of road rage:

o Yelling profanities, threats, or another offensive language

o Deliberately initiating a collision

o Using or threatening to use a gun or another lethal weapon

o Projectiles launched from a moving car

• Failing to adapt to unfavorable weather circumstances, such as persistent rain or low visibility caused by fog.

• Despite California rules that prohibit all drivers from using portable cell phones while driving, whether the motorist resides in California or not, distracted driving continues to be a major contributor to auto accidents. In addition to making phone conversations and sending texts, other distracted driving activities include eating, reading, and grooming.

• Driving at night: Visibility is reduced at night, making hazards harder to see. At night, we have significant problems with distance perception and judgment. One of the leading causes of car accidents is nighttime driving.

• When drivers are unfamiliar with the area, wrong-way driving and incorrect turns are widespread. Accidents that change lives can be brought on by brief errors in judgment while operating a vehicle.

• Because sleepy drivers are unable to detect circumstances on the road accurately, react quickly, and respond appropriately, driver drowsiness is one of the leading causes of auto accidents. Drowsiness was found in 8.8 percent to 9.5 percent of all collisions evaluated, and in 10.6 percent to 10.8 percent of crashes that caused major property damage and airbag activation, according to a 2018 study funded by the Automobile of America (AAA).

• The most common reason for rear-end incidents is tailgating, sometimes known as following too closely. Serious personal damage and trauma to the shoulder, spine, head and back can frequently result from this kind of incident.

• Teenagers and inexperienced drivers might not have the background necessary to operate a vehicle defensively.

You need the knowledgeable Ontario car accident lawyers at Big Ben Lawyers if a driver's irresponsibility turned you into a statistic in a traffic accident on an Ontario County road.

Vehicle Breakdown

An automotive malfunction and accident could result from design flaws or manufacturing mistakes. For instance:

  • • Faulty vehicle parts
  • • Poorly engineered or manufactured vehicles
  • • Recalled car components
  • • Blown tires

Complicated matters involving automobile defects sometimes involve a major vehicle or part manufacturers and the big law firms who act as their legal counsel. While every case is different and it is impossible to anticipate potential outcomes based on previous performance, take into consideration this recent case as an example:

Poor Road and Weather Conditions

A lawsuit against the city or state may be an option when auto accidents result in damage or injury that could have been avoided due to road conditions or by the actions of public personnel. Under specific criteria and time restrictions, a victim may sue the government following the California Tort Claims Act. A claim must be filed within six months of the date of the injury, and the administrative procedure is not always straightforward.

After a five-year ordeal, a paralyzed nine-year-old girl and her mother are awarded a precedent-breaking $55 million verdict against the federal government.

Numerous situations involving risky driving that could lead to car accidents include:

• Poor drenching

• Curvy roads

• Cracks

• A viewpoint that is obstructed by vegetation growth

• Debris from construction sites

• Loose gravel

• Defective guardrails

• Lack of reflective paint or fading paint

• Bridges and overpasses are covered in ice.

• Inadequate signage

Information on Ontario Auto Accidents

California Traffic Regulations

• Reporting of auto accidents. If there was more than $1,000 in property damage or if there were any injuries, you must report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Law governing auto insurance According to Californian law, every driver must be able to cover at least $35,000 in damages when operating a car. Residents may demonstrate their financial responsibility to the state via an insurance policy, a $35,000 cash deposit, or a $35,000 surety bond. The minimum insurance coverage requirements are established at $5,000 in damage to property liability per accident, $30,000 in bodily injury responsibility per accident, and $15,000 in grievous bodily harm liability per person.

• Joint fault. The amount of reimbursement a victim may obtain in California will be lowered proportionately to their percentage of complicity under the state's pure comparative negligence rule.

• The limits period. In California, you have two years to file a lawsuit for personal injury.

Following car accidents, the following injuries are the most frequently encountered:

• Injuries to the head, neck, spine, and brains

• Burns

• Spinal disorders

• Bone fractures

• Unjustified death

Please get in touch with our Ontario wrongful death attorneys as a way to discuss your case and ensure that you receive compensation if someone is killed in a vehicle accident.

Traumatic brain injuries and head trauma rank among the most serious injuries because they affect the skull and brain. The most typical complaint following a collision is certainly neck pain, sometimes known as whiplash. Headaches and vertigo may be brought on by this abnormal jerking motion.

Head and brain injury warning signals include:

• Nausea

• Loss of Memory

• Confusion

• Dizziness

• Foggy Vision

Injury to the spinal cord

Following a car accident, back discomfort, stiffness, or trembling in your lower body are signs that you may have suffered a spinal cord injury. The probable outcomes of this kind of injury include:

• Paralysis

• Diminished feeling in the lower limbs

• Loss of bowel and bladder control

burnt wounds

Burns are among the most agonizing injuries following a car collision blisters. Any level of burn can cause scarring, infection, irreparably damaged skin tissue, and harm to the nerves. Serious burns frequently result in death and may necessitate skin grafts.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures, which are frequent in high-impact auto accidents, may necessitate surgery and a lengthy healing period.


In cases where a victim is flung from the car or crushed, loss of the lower or upper appendages is also frequent.

Any of the aforementioned wounds can fundamentally change a victim's life. A person may be required to make significant alterations and adjustments to their livelihood and surrounding conditions when they have a catastrophic injury as a result of someone else's negligence. The attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers are relentless in their pursuit of holding guilty parties accountable. We think there is a cost associated with unjustified suffering.

Please contact our Ontario car accident attorney to discuss your case if a death occurred as a consequence of an automobile accident in Ontario.

Defend your rights as well as your health

After a serious car accident, keep your composure and concentrate. Have any acute medical difficulties attended to by emergency services, and arrange a thorough medical examination to check for any potential long-term effects. Maintain and defend your right to pursue monetary compensation. Work fast to avoid losing, destroying, or forgetting important evidence. In the event in which you are injured in a car accident:

• Stop. Never leave an accident scene in a car.

• Keep the location secure. By positioning flares or maintaining your flashers on, you can avoid another crash.

• Make a call to the police and get a police statement.

• Provide the police with a detailed account of the incident. Maintain your integrity and avoid making any factual errors.

• Inform your insurance provider as soon as you can.

• Snap photos. Utilize your smartphone to take pictures of your wounds, the scene of the collision, and any property destruction.

• Create a file including all information and paperwork about the accident. Documentation for a rental automobile as well as any other costs associated with the accident should be included.

Defense lawyers and strong insurance companies will use every tactic at their disposal to refute your claims and undermine your version of events. They can argue that the injury was not their responsibility, that you have not suffered a major loss or harm, or that you already have a medical condition. The use of social media is effective. Be careful while posting information about the incident or images of yourself performing demanding activities. Your social media accounts may be monitored by a defense attorney or private detective looking for anything that could hurt your claim.

What to Do After a Car Crash in Ontario

Motor vehicle accidents, which account for nearly six million crashes each year, are one of the main causes of human injury in the US. This figure is not an exception in Ontario. The Department of Traffic and Security of California reports that 1,429 car accidents in Ontario involved individuals who suffered serious injuries or lost their lives.

Several of these people survive an automobile collision with only minor injuries, others are less fortunate. Car accidents can seriously harm not just your physical health but also your finances and the welfare of your family. Few individuals are aware that there is truly something they can do to safeguard themselves and their rights, even if many people are aware that these terrible tragedies might have serious consequences. The steps you should follow after being involved in a car accident are outlined below.


Before taking any action following an automobile accident, you must phone the authorities. Officers will respond to the accident scene and take on more than just the role of mediators; they will also look into the collision, record it in an accident that occurred, and offer you the assistance you require. You don't want to disturb any evidence that might be essential to your case, so make sure you don't touch or move anything until the police show up, including the automobiles.


You should be following up with a doctor following the accident, regardless of how serious you believe your injuries to be. You will be examined by your doctor to make sure you have no internal injuries or delayed head trauma. They will also document any injuries, which will bolster your argument later on and stop the offender or the insurance provider from rebutting the claim that your ailments weren't caused by the car accident.


Make sure you get proof of the collision if the environment is secure and you do not require immediate medical attention. Try to capture the entire crash scene in as many photos and videos as you can. This proof should include images of the cars, where they were parked on the street, any street debris or road signs, the weather, and any other relevant details.


Obtain the other driver's contact information, including name, phone number, license plate number, and insurance information, whenever it is feasible to do so after the collision.


Obtain the names as well as contact numbers of any witnesses to the collision who were either pedestrians or onlookers. Using first-person recollections of what transpired is among the finest techniques to substantiate a claim. These witness statements can safeguard you in the future, particularly if the opposing side decides to place any portion of the responsibility on you, in addition to helping to support your case.


The most important lesson to learn from an accident is to never, ever acknowledge fault. Any affirmative comment you make could potentially be used against you and undermine your case. If you work with an Ontario car accident attorney, they can take control of every conversation and stop you from expressing what you'll later regret.

You should still see a doctor soon away even though you don't think you were seriously hurt in a car accident. You might have internal injuries that haven't manifested themselves yet. The sooner you start treating these wounds, the better your chances are of recovering quickly.

Additionally, it's advantageous for you if your medical evaluation happens more quickly after your mishap. The opposing side will contest whether the accident was the cause of your injuries if you delay a long time to seek medical attention for them.

You should consult a ontario car accident attorney after receiving the required care to understand something about your legal options for pursuing reimbursement. No matter what led to your incident or who you believe to be at fault, make sure you follow these guidelines. Even if you were given conflicting advice, your state may have distinct laws involving car accidents, and you may be eligible for monetary support.

Free Consultation with an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer

The finest company to handle similar complaints on your behalf is our firm. To guarantee that you can appreciate your claim and any potential entitlements, the same thing is done at no cost during the consultation stage.

Ensure that your rights and best interests are strictly upheld. Please get in touch with us, and we'll use our legal knowledge to get you the greatest compensation possible.


Any damage brought on by a negligent driver who causes an accident is their responsibility.

Any injured person can obtain compensation for their damages under California's carelessness rules as long as they can demonstrate the following:

The plaintiff is the victim, and the defendant, the at-fault driver, had a duty of care toward her.

The defendant breached that obligation via their conduct or inaction.

The defendant's actions resulted in or contributed significantly to the plaintiff's injuries.


Drivers in California owe it to other motorists to exercise reasonable caution when operating their motor vehicles. The above means that drivers are legally required to keep an eye out for other automobiles, pedestrians, and dangers while driving, while also having to maintain a safe velocity and management of their vehicle. If a driver fails to exercise reasonable caution and an accident occurs, the reckless driver is accountable for the victim's damages. After discussing the specifics of the accident with your attorneys, they can assist you in determining not just who would have been responsible for the damage, but also whose individuals you can pursue.


Below is a listing of considerations ruled by the California Supreme Court that must be considered by a court while assessing whether the defendant has breached the victim's duty of caution:

• How can the defendant have predicted that they would harm the plaintiff?

• Is the court confident that the applicant was wounded in the accident?

• Does the court believe the defendant's actions were morally reprehensible?

• How close was the link between the defendant's behavior and the plaintiff's injury?

• What is the defendant's burden of proof?

• What are the ramifications of placing this responsibility of care on the community?

• What are the insurance options, costs, and frequency for the particular risks involved?

• What is the current policy in place to prevent future harm?

Have you been in an accident? Hire a true trial personal injury lawyer. Get in touch with Big Ben Lawyers at our law offices or through calls for the best legal services.


Our main priority is You, the Client.

Although Big Ben Lawyers is well known throughout the country for its achievements in the courtroom, we are proudest of our client-centered strategy. Our case strategies are based on your needs, starting with the free initial appointment and continuing through the court processes. To guarantee that we are as open and honest as possible about the state of your case, any ongoing inquiries, or any additional legal choices we make along the route, our Ontario personal injury attorneys make it a point to stay in constant, routine contact with you.

We also recognize the financial devastation that physical harm can cause for both you and your family and friends. Because of this, we represent your best interests on a conditional fee basis, which means there are no up-front fees or expenses for you. Your total legal expenses are $0 if our injury attorneys are unable to get a successful settlement or judgment on your behalf.

Recovering After a Car Crash

The cost of therapy and medical care; payment to cover anticipated future care; compensation for lost wages; a potential financial award for lost future earnings; and the actual market value of destroyed equipment are some of the most frequent judgments and settlements.

Beyond only recovering money for out-of-pocket costs, accident victims frequently experience the following losses as well:

• Physical discomfort;

• Emotional suffering, including anxiety and despair;

• Loss of enjoyment in activities of daily living

Common signs and manifestations of emotional distress include Anxiety, excessive worrying, hyperactivity, irritability, difficulty relaxing, and sleep difficulties.

• Exhaustion; lack of focus; rage; confusion; feeling powerless or completely out of power

An anxious person may also have issues in their relationships. Some victims could discover that their dread prevents them from driving again. Recurring flashbacks to the disaster and PTSD symptoms are other possible side effects.

Get in Touch with Ontario Accident Attorneys

Accidents can happen at any time, so keep your insurance information and vehicle registration in a handy location. A kit for emergencies that contains the following items should be kept in the car:

• First-aid supply

• Headlamp

• A window opener and buckle cutter

• Spikes, triangles that reflect light, or orange cones

• Notepad and a pen

Six Ways to Avoid an Ontario Automobile Accident:

If at all possible, avoid driving in the fast lane. You'll have more chances to stay out of trouble and move away from the situation swiftly if anything arises.

Maintain the greatest and widest vision possible behind you by adjusting your side and rearview mirrors.

Recognize the blind areas of other drivers and stay out of them.

Drive safely by using professional skills. Use both hands to keep the vehicle in your control by adjusting your seat forward until your wrist rests on the base of the steering column when your shoulder is against the seat.

Assume that a car's condition reveals a reckless driver. Avoid driving in or around vehicles with extensive body damage, erratic road motions, or drivers who exhibit distracting behaviors such as using a cell phone or headphones.

Maintain the condition of your car. Replace worn tires and adhere to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

An Ontario Auto Accident Attorney Can Assist

Big Ben Lawyers' Ontario car accident lawyer has more than three decades of expertise assisting families and victims to obtain just compensation for losses, damages, and injuries brought on by a motor vehicle accident. We support you all through the entire procedure and work assiduously to:

  • • Find every available insurance policy;
  • • Find every defendant;
  • • Take on insurance companies;
  • • Gather and review pertinent documentation;
  • • Collaborate with your medical providers;
  • • Develop a strong case to show how and why the respondent was at fault;
  • • Assist you in making decisions about your case.

Our Ontario automobile accident law office actively supports groups and neighborhood initiatives that advance the legal rights of victims.

Call Us for Legal Assistance in Your Case After a Car Accident in Ontario

At Big Be Law Firm, we depend on our combined knowledge to assist vehicle accident victims in receiving the just compensation they are entitled to. Our lawyers battle tenaciously to collect costs associated with accidents such as income loss, pain and misery, medical bills, and property damage. We are prepared and dedicated to offering capable legal assistance to the person, family, or business that has experienced harm or severe loss in a variety of situations. For a free assessment of your legal difficulties, get in touch with us online or give one of the numbers listed on the firm's website a call. We provide our expertise on a conditional basis if we decide that our firm can be of assistance to you; you won't have to pay us a fee unless we're successful in resolving or establishing your claim.


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To properly prosecute a case, our firm accepts matters on a conditional basis, which means we will cover all trial preparation expenses. Only after we win your case will we receive payment for our services.


According to the California Department of Traffic Safety, many people are injured or killed in car accidents in Ontario each year. Car accidents can happen to a variety of causes, most of which are related to the surroundings, technical faults, or human mistakes. The great majority of car incidents are avoidable and are frequently the consequence of driver error.

Should you have recently been injured in a car accident in Ontario, you may be unsure of what measures you must take in the aftermath of the accident. It is to your best advantage to speak with a vehicle accident attorney at our prestigious Organization as quickly as possible to discuss your legal options. To give you some basic information, we have provided answers to some commonly asked questions about vehicle collisions throughout Ontario below.


This same Ontario Police Department and/or the California Enforcement Agencies may arrive at the location of your traffic accident and fill out an official accident book. This is particularly the case if you have been in a serious vehicle accident. If police enforcement arrived on the site, you are not required to report the accident.

If law enforcement does not arrive on the scene of the collision, you have 2 days to report it whether you or any other person was injured or someone died. You can report the accident and make a statement at the nearest Monitoring office of the police.

California law also compels you to report an accident to the Department of Highway Safety if someone was injured or killed. You must also tell the Division of Motor Vehicles if you believe the car collision caused property damage of $1,000 or more.


Following a serious car accident, you most likely took an emergency to the nearest hospital's emergency room for hospital attention. However, if you were fortunate enough already to escape away from your accident, you may believe you don't need to see a doctor because you only have a handful of bumps and bruises. Whenever you did not receive medical treatment promptly just after the incident and have not seen your usual doctor, you should see a doctor as quickly as possible to be examined for typical automobile accident injuries.

First and foremost, your health and very well ought to always be your top priority. Some frequent automobile accident injuries, such as whiplash and brain damage, can show complications for hours or even weeks after the event. The adrenaline rush caused by the accident might often obscure discomfort. Internal bleeding can be devastating if left untreated, even if you simply feel soreness in your abdomen and chest areas. A physician can identify these injuries via a comprehensive examination before they cause further harm.

Secondly, you must document your injuries to file a compensation claim and maybe file an Ontario automobile accident lawsuit. To win your claim, you must demonstrate that the car collision caused your injuries. When a doctor checks you and records your losses, they become such a standard feature of your health record, which is used as evidence by attorneys and insurance firms following a car accident. Substantiated losses make it challenging for the opposing party to contest your claim.


If you strike an agreement with the insurance provider or get a jury verdict at trial, you may be able to recover reimbursement for a wide range of damages caused by your injuries.

Compensation to cover medical expenses is one of the most prevalent types of damages awarded to car accident victims:

• Emergency services, emergency room care, doctor's appointments, surgery, hospital stays, imaging, lab tests, medications, and transportation to and from the doctor's office are all examples of medical treatment costs.

• Future medical expenditures are estimated when serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries or any other catastrophic injuries result in permanent impairment requiring continuing treatment and care.

• Rehabilitative services, including physiotherapy, trauma counseling, or other specialized care that assists automobile accident victims in coping with a permanent or temporary disability.

• Wages lost owing to work-related absences because of an injury, hospitalization, and/or recovery.

• Estimated future lost pay if a victim's injuries prohibit them from going back to work.

• Replacement expenditures for household services when plaintiffs or their households need to employ external help to undertake domestic and household activities that the victim undertook before their injury.

• Physical discomfort and suffering

• Emotional anguish and suffering

• Reduced quality of life.

• Loss of consortium occurs when an accident disrupts a victim's family relationships.

• Punitive damages in certain circumstances involving egregious carelessness or purposeful harm.

As we pursue the applicant's application and claim, the victim must be made aware of the prospect of both monetary and non-monetary settlements in the form of damages. Samples of several of the granted damages are provided to illustrate several points. Then, these purposes are stated. Damages are generally awarded for pain and suffering. The categorization of damages for mental distress is distinct. Damages for medical expenses incurred during the therapeutic exercise are also possible. Additionally, there are damages for things that are harmed in your car. We also ask for money to make up for missing wages. Amount of damage for lost earning capacity, deformity, temporary or permanent infirmity, loss of pleasure of life, and physiological as well as psychological therapy are additional claims.

This is not a complete list of the wounds that one could experience in a car collision. The compensation you are eligible for will be determined and calculated by your attorney. When you come to see our staff, the best reward that you can't discover on your own is available for you.


You may have added supplementary damage coverage. MedPay will pay your hospital bills up to the amount of your coverage. The same holds applicable for UM insurance, which may pay revenue lost and other expenditures incurred as a result of your injury.

If you currently do not even have such coverage, our Ontario automobile accident attorney can assess your case and hunt for other parties who may share financial responsibility, allowing you to recover a portion or all of your losses resulting from the accident plus your injuries.


It is customary for vehicle insurance companies to make a settlement shortly after an occurrence if they believe their policyholder is at fault. Insurance firms maintain their existence by paying out as few claims as possible. Accepting the first settlement agreement they get saves insurance companies from potentially having to pay a considerably greater settlement or judgment award later on.

Early redemption offers are often predatory, designed to entice consumers to accept the payment and leave, but they rarely pay all of your expenses. Don't ever accept a proposal without first checking with us. You might be entitled to additional money. Furthermore, after you accept a settlement offer, you must sign an agreement promising not to pursue any further action to collect reimbursement from the driver.

An attorney can assess your case and determine a reasonable and equitable settlement amount. If an offer is significantly less than the value damage to your complaint, your Ontario car accident lawyer can conduct conversations with the insurance provider and aggressively pursue further reimbursement on your behalf.


The great majority of medical negligence lawsuits, particularly those involving automobile accidents, are settled before coming to trial. It's quite unlikely that you'll have to speak because both parties want to avoid the same costs of litigation. Nonetheless, your professional will educate you on the most unlikely scenario because settlement is not always a possibility. In these cases, your attorney will represent you in court, and you will most likely be called to testify.

Statute of Limitations in Ontario Automobile Accident Claims

Accident victims in California have a 2-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit against the motorist who occurred in the process them harm. Failure to proceed first before the two-year time limit expires frequently results in accident victims losing their right to compensation.

A court is unlikely to entertain an automobile accident claim lawsuit after two years, although the statute allows for exceptions in unusual circumstances. Courts, for example, may consider situations involving car accidents in which the accident victim is incapacitated or unable to initiate legal proceedings. A California judge may halt the clock in these instances. Your vehicle accident attorney will tell you whether your claim is eligible for an extension.


Sometimes car accident victims delay consulting a Ontario car accident lawyer after a serious collision because they believe they cannot afford one. This terrible choice frequently results in accident victims receiving significantly less recompense for their wounds and losses than they deserve, if they receive anything at all. Thankfully, all accident victims may afford a Ontario car accident lawyer since our Ontario Car accident attorneys provide free consultations and accept situations on a cost-reimbursement basis.

One need not pay an advance commitment for legal counsel if you use contingency fees. Instead, you enter into a contract with the firm that allows them to deduct their attorneys' fees from any compensation or jury verdict you obtain as a consequence of your lawyer's efforts.


Many factors can affect how long it takes to settle your vehicle accident claim.

Situations that can lengthen the time it would take to adjudicate your claim include:

  • • Because your wounds are so severe, you must allow time to thoroughly comprehend your odds of full recovery so that your solicitor can accurately evaluate your claim.
  • • The insurance company contests liability, stymieing discussions, and forcing litigation.
  • • You struggle to coordinate witness schedules for depositions or testimonies.
  • • The insurance company is acting in bad faith by prolonging your claim.

Each dispute has unique circumstances that influence how long it takes to compromise or defend that claim. Your automobile accident lawyer can examine your car accident claim and offer you an estimation of how long it will take to settle your claim.


A personal injury attorney is an invaluable ally you should have on your side in obtaining compensation for your vehicle accident damages and related losses. Your lawyer can also assist you in holding the negligent driver responsible for your accident. In many circumstances, accident victims and prospective customers are unaware of the extent to which a lawyer may assist them. Attorneys provide several services to their clients to establish, support, and win their car accident claims.

Listed below are some ways our automobile accident attorneys can assist you:

• Evaluation. An attorney can assess the facts of your traffic accident claim to establish your eligibility for compensation and outline all of your legal choices.

• Communication. Car accident lawyers engage with insurance companies and public defender teams to keep their clients from stating something that may invalidate their claims.

Investigation. Vehicle accident attorneys investigate incidents to unearth essential information and figure out liability for each car accident claim, whether utilizing an in-house investigation or a third party. Collecting information such as accident reports, cell phone information, hospital information, and witness accounts is part of this process.

Appraisal. Vehicle accident attorneys utilize their skills and consult with specialists to assign a monetary value to each automobile wreck claim that is proportional to the victim's injuries and losses.

Bargaining. Our Ontario automobile accident attorneys are skilled negotiators who can often obtain a larger payment than a victim would on their own. Furthermore, when vehicle accident victims have legal representation, insurance companies usually take negotiations more seriously.

Civil lawsuits. The trial process is necessary when the self-development and self-driver dispute culpability and the insurance provider refuses to give a reasonable settlement. When parties are unable to reach an agreement, car accident lawyers establish a litigation car accident claim.

Contact our skilled Ontario automobile accident lawyers as promptly as possible so that we can begin working on obtaining the results you are looking for in your injuries.

Every time we take on your personal injury claims, it is fully in our hands and we commit to giving you the best assistance we can. The only thing you need to focus on is healing your wounds. We take seriously our obligation to document the accident scene, the vehicles involved, and your severe injuries using pictures and videos. If a neighboring security camera recorded the incident, we might well be able to obtain the footage.

In addition, we are experts at compiling your medical bills and records to demonstrate a link between the accident and your common car accident injuries. We guarantee to take care of the paperwork and timely file your lawsuit or claim. chatting with the insurance company and negotiating a fair deal with the insurance adjuster. In addition to managing your brief, if the insurance adjuster refuses to provide fair pay, we also have to litigate your personal injury claims. presenting witnesses on your behalf in court. Hire a doctor and an expert in damage valuation if necessary.

One must have already experienced enough suffering as a victim as a result of the negligent driver you came across. By handling the legal process on your own and maybe receiving insufficient compensation, we don't want you to run the danger of experiencing further harm. We won't give up until you get the justice and financial restitution you deserve.

Please stop by our offices or give us a call at any time during regular business hours using the contact information on our website. You are always welcome to send us a brief message.


Accidents in cars are tumultuous, tense, and perplexing. Accident survivors have numerous questions and worries. If you engage an Ontario automobile accident attorney with Big Ben Lawyers to handle your case, you may concentrate on getting healthy while they handle the rest.

An attorney can help in:

  • Begin the inquiry: Your attorney can handle the entire investigation procedure from beginning to end. They can collect pertinent evidence, obtain critical data from incident reports as well as witnesses, and pursue other critical data that can help enhance your case.
  • Take control of information exchange. Saying the wrong word to an insurance professional or another party can harm your claim. This is the reason the insurance provider is eager to speak with you with the same expectation that you will commit this mistake. The insurance company's primary objective is to generate money, and they accomplish this by compensating you lesser than they should. They will frequently phone you shortly after your accident to try to elicit facts that will allow them to justify reducing the size of your payment. However, with the assistance of a lawyer, you can avoid these misleading methods. Your attorney can manage all discussions with both the insurance company and the defense counsel to ensure that you are treated with respect and fairness.
  • Concession discussions and trial: Your attorney understands the value of your case and wishes to pursue it on your behalf. They will not be intimidated by the opposing side into settling for less than they deserve. Furthermore, if settlement discussions do not go as planned, our solicitor can take the case to trial as well as present your argument as effectively as possible, allowing you to try to win a fair sum.

Any Ontario Car Accident lawyer near me?

Big Ben Lawyers is near you and they are available to help you recover compensation in any car accident lawyer claim that you may want to pursue.

Contact our Ontario Car Accident Lawyers Today

Big Ben Lawyers' Ontario Car accident attorneys realize how stressful the aftermath of a car accident can be. We must assist our consumers to get through this tough event by aiding them with the convoluted legal process and giving them the best chance of receiving the compensation they deserve. Do not delay if you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident in Ontario. Contact our office immediately for a free case examination, or phone us at the numbers listed on our website. Do not hesitate to contact our able Firm of Attorneys and we shall pursue your claim with passion.


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