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Who Is at Fault in School and Public Bus Collisions in Ontario?

Every fall, more than 750 000 students in Ontario begin their daily bus commutes to school. This does not include the significant number of students who take public transportation.

It would become inconceivable for everybody to get through the year without experiencing some minor bumps and bruises, or, in some circumstances, more serious injuries, with so many buses on the road.

based on data compiled by the Ontario Department of Transportation and presented in their useful alternative School Bus Safety Guidebook. For a normal Ontario school year, there were more than 1200 traffic collisions involving school buses, according to the Ministry's five-year study on school bus accidents done between the early and mid-1990s. Each year, more than 90 pupils, and occasionally more than 300, suffer injuries while riding in school buses.

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Both city buses and commuter rail buses are susceptible to the same kinds of accidents. The driver could suddenly stop, forcing passengers to tumble forward and sustain injuries. A careless bus driver can permit horseplay to continue, causing a child to smash his head and get injuries. Any bus's occupants are likely to sustain injuries as a result of the collision's violent impact.

You are generally not at fault if either you or your kid is injured in an accident while traveling on a bus or train for work or school. Several parties are accountable and based on the specifics of the harm, they can be required by law to pay restitution:

It is the responsibility of governmental organizations, such as the Ministry of Transportation and Transport Canada, to implement suitable safety regulations. The Transportation Department is in charge of implementing new safety measures and making sure that school buses are outfitted with them.

The administration and oversight of school transportation plans is the responsibility of education departments and their transportation representatives. This entails determining safety concerns and modifying transportation regulations accordingly.

The Highway Traffic Act and the Public Vehicles Act, as well as all of their safety standards, must be followed by all bus operators. Drivers of school buses have an additional duty to fulfill: ensuring everyday bus operations are safe, which includes conducting regular inspections of the vehicle.

Traffic regulations must be followed by other drivers, especially while dealing with school buses. If not, they might be held responsible.

Parents also must educate themselves and their kids on bus safety. This Ontario Student Transport Authority in the Ottawa region provides free bus safety resources. At the beginning of every school year, they also offer instructional classes to both parents and children.

Being a careful bus driver is one of the best strategies to prevent school bus injuries. When a school bus is stopped, halt at least 25 meters away and wait there until it has done loading. Any attempt to pass a bus or other vehicles is dangerous; we must all take responsibility for our children's safety.

If either you or your kid has been injured in a bus accident, whether it included a school bus or a public vehicle, and you would like further information, get in touch with the injury attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers using the information on our website so that you can be advised on the next steps.


Ontario, California, has experienced substantial growth since 1980. At that time, somewhat more than 895,000 individuals began calling it home. According to census data from 2020, more than 2,400,185 people are living in Ontario County.

Ontario is the largest county in California. Greater in size than states like West Virginia. A county of this size should be able to easily handle well over a million individuals. The vast Mojave Desert is home to a sizable population, however, most people live in areas close to Los Angeles and Orange County. That kind of expansion in a very small region will result in a significant increase in the number of buses traveling through the county and city of Ontario. The number of traffic accidents in this region, which is comparable to the Inland Empire, will also significantly rise.

Big Ben Lawyers is here for you at all times.

If you or a loved one was harmed or killed in a bus accident in Ontario, please use the online contact information to call our prestigious firm as promptly as possible for a complimentary consultation. For over three decades now, we have helped Ontario bus accident victims get justice and recompense to which they are entitled. Let's fight for you too!

Continue reading to find out more about bus accidents in Ontario County, your equality before the law, and how the bus accident lawyers at our office can help.

Statistics for Ontario Bus Accidents

According to the California Department of Traffic Safety, over 15,000 people were injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in Ontario County in 2017. In the Ontario municipality, over 1,600 people were involved in bus accidents and either died or were injured. In the adjoining city of Fontana, which is on the verge of overtaking Ontario as the largest city in the county, about 800 individuals were injured or lost their lives in traffic accidents.

With over 200 people wounded or killed in bus accidents caused by underage drinking, the county was among the top 10, but it was at the bottom for accidents involving pedestrians or bicycles.

Bus accident lawyers

All the bus accident law firms will mostly inquire as to the conduct of the bus driver prior and during the accident. These inquiries help lay a foundation as to the best approach to your bus accident claim.

Common Causes of Ontario Bus Accidents

As was previously indicated, the recent population growth in Ontario County led to tens of thousands, if not millions, more vehicles on the county's roads. These households now have numerous vehicles in the majority of cases. Additionally, in 2019, the most recent year for which data was available, more than 76% of respondents who lived in Ontario commuted to work by bus.

The construction of multiple huge warehouses and distribution networks in Ontario County is another noteworthy development. That explains why there has been a noticeable increase in truck traffic along Expressways 10, 15, and 40 in addition to urban areas like the city of Ontario.

Another reason for many of the severe and terrible bus accidents in Ontario County could be illegal street racing. Over the past few years, this risky form of careless driving has gained popularity in Ontario and other areas of Southern California. The fact that it has gotten so bad has prompted numerous agencies to make aggressive efforts to stop it.

Last but not least, between 2010 and 2012, Ontario gained the unpleasant distinction of leading the nation in collisions involving drunk drivers. There were 94 traffic fatalities for every 1,000 residents during the time.

Common Injuries Caused by Ontario Bus Accidents

Serious injuries can arise from even seemingly small auto accidents in Ontario. Some injuries are not only serious, but they can also profoundly change a person's life. These may consist of:

  • Traumatic encephalopathy, also referred to as severe brain injury;
  • Internal wounds, such as bruised, wounded, or lacerated organs;
  • Crush wounds;
  • Scarring, eye damage, dental injuries, and facial wounds;
  •  Cerebrospinal fluid injuries, including temporary or permanent full or partial paralysis;
  • Crush wounds; and
  • Unjustified death.

It naturally follows that those who are catastrophically injured in bus accidents or suffer serious injuries have a legal claim to damages, non pecuniary damages or any other form of compensation for their losses in legalese. But on occasion, even minor wounds can leave the victim with the substantial medical expense and significant psychological pain. Even worse, these scars might alter how their life develops. instances of this:

• Cuts and bruises; severed tendons; concussion and nerve injuries; hyperextended joints and/or disordered joints; cuts and puncture wounds

• A pulled or torn muscle

Fortunately, most people who suffer from the aforementioned injuries recover, but some are less lucky and wind up becoming sicker than before. Just two of the factors are old age and pre-existing medical conditions. For instance, while a broken hip is devastating, most car accident victims return to their pre-injury status in a few months. The same broken hip in pedestrian accidents can cause adults to experience fatal complications.

How an Ontario Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help?

Following up on Insurance Carriers and other Related Claims

Please try to avoid contact with the insurance company. Give the reins to our famous firm's Ontario bus accident attorneys who after establishing an attorney client relationship will help you navigate through the personal injury claim.

After a bus accident in Ontario, you could be too hurt or unable to think clearly to speak with an insurance company. You are not required by law to speak with them and then provide them with a recorded statement, despite what they may try to convince you. Even yet, talking to them personally can end up costing you a lot of money. The insurance companies are doing so because they aren't there to help you. Their claims adjusters are adept at making ridiculously low offers and expediting the resolution of your claim. If they can manipulate you into saying something that weakens your case, they'll even attempt to thoroughly dispute it.

Meanwhile, concentrate on improving your health while our law firm handles all communication with the insurance companies. We understand their tactics and how to successfully counter them. We will also have a fair assessment of the worth of your case based on the losses and resulting injuries.

Which Damages are available to the Victims of Ontario Bus Accidents?

If another person's carelessness or negligence resulted in your serious injuries in a bus accident in Ontario, you can be eligible for financial compensation for your losses. In personal injury cases, this compensation is known as damages. These damages could include:

• Medical expenses - You are entitled to compensation for all medical costs related to your injuries, including in-home care services, ambulance fees, physical therapy, and expert consultations.

• Psychiatric counseling

• Income loss If your wounds make it impossible for you to work, you are entitled to compensation for all lost wages. In addition, if your injuries preclude you from working again, you would have been entitled to compensation for future pay loss.

• Property damage frequently refers to the maintenance or replacement of your bus.

• Torment and anguish. This kind of harm, which is categorized as non-economic in compensation claims, is aimed to compensate the victim for their emotional and physical pain. This amount is impossible to compute with a calculator, yet it frequently accounts for the bulk of a person's bilateral settlement or decision. A skilled Ontario bus collision legal firm will be able to determine how much the car accident victim mostly in car accidents should be entitled to base on prior, analogous instances they have handled.

Retributive injury. These are not frequently awarded. However, punitive damages may also be included in the final agreement or ruling if the defendant's acts were particularly vile or purposeful. This is more to punish the criminal and prevent such conduct in the future than it is to help the accident victim.

Health Effects of Ontario Bus Accidents on Victims' Lives

One could end up in a bodily and financial mess after being involved in an accident involving a bus, public transit vehicle or other vehicle. It might be costly to repair a bus that has been written off as well as to pay for medical expenditures. You don't have to go through the legal process alone, though. Our experienced team of bus accident lawyers can help you with the details of your case is a potential claim.

Our organization is knowledgeable about both state and municipal rules governing logistics and transportation whether changed or if left unchanged. We are also aware of the myriad problems brought on by pedestrian accidents. As a result, our bus accident lawyers strive to ensure that you receive fair compensation so that you may get back to your normal schedule after an accident involving a bus.

At our firm, we put all of our efforts into making sure you receive every dollar of compensation possible to complete the requirements for recovery, even if your recovery is taking a long time.

Pursuing Compensation Claims Following a Bus Accident in Ontario.

The group of knowledgeable and specialized attorneys is aware of the numerous consequences that may result from a bus accident. When operating a bus or riding as a passenger, someone may be entitled to compensation for losses including future medical costs, lost wages, a reduced capacity to earn a living, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and damages relating to unauthorized accidental deaths if a relative perished in a bus-related accident.

Other types of damages outside those listed above might also be possible. Finding all the causes of the damage for which you are entitled to compensation is something our attorneys can help you with.

Although money is awarded as compensation, it cannot be compared to the prior state of health. We will monitor your processes throughout the way to recovery and make sure we follow up on your claim with the necessary care.

When such unfortunate occurrences take place, don't be afraid to contact us. You always have the option of getting in touch with us whenever we're open during business hours if you or a loved one is hurt. You can also leave a brief message for us at any time of the day, and we'll get back to you.

Who is at Fault in an Ontario Bus Accident?

In the majority of cases, many parties will share blame for a bus accident. Your attorney will review the particulars of the occurrence to determine whether the motorist or any other person was to blame for your accident. They will next determine who is legally responsible for the carelessness that led to the mishap in question.

Additionally, our legal staff will gather proof to back up your claim. This involves speaking with witnesses to ascertain the reason for the crash and the entity accountable for your damages. Here are a few samples of potential offenders. First, the bus's owner's firm. The corporation may be held partially accountable for a bus accident if it failed to perform proper maintenance on the bus or subjected the driver to onerous demands.

Second, the responsible party can be the impacted vehicle's driver. For instance, a drunk motorist may be on the road. Why travelers use buses: Occasionally, travelers on a bus may be held accountable for an accident if they caused the driver to become distracted. This may be the case if other passengers are disruptive, intoxicated, behaving inappropriately, or making phone calls while the vehicle is in motion. The driver of the bus in opposition may also be at fault: Your bus may have been hit by the same motorist who caused the crash. The maker of the bus is: If a technical issue causes the collision, the bus company may be held liable for using faulty components or skipping critical maintenance.

Having a city or municipality own the bus concern could complicate a bus accident. We can handle these challenges, which is another reason you might want a colleague from our team on your side.

For a consultation with no commitment, contact our firm.

Is there any Time Limitation within which a Claim After a Bus Accident in Ontario?

It is important to keep in mind that anyone hurt in a bus accident has a specific period in which to file a claim. Victims have up to four years from the accident to file a compensation claim.

Contact our knowledgeable legal team as soon as possible following the accident to start the examination and legal processes to fulfill the deadline.

To arrange a piece of free professional advice with a bus accident lawyer serving the Ontario region, contact our firm.

Negligence Causing Ontario Bus Accidents

Even though bus drivers must complete specialized training, accidents involving buses may still occur for a variety of reasons. Here are several negligent behaviors that result in bus accidents: inadequate training, driver fatigue, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, distracted driving, reckless driving, and poor road maintenance. However, bus drivers are not necessarily the parties responsible for the many forms of negligence.

For example, the bus company may be at blame if proper vehicle maintenance is not performed. They may also be held accountable for employing inferior materials. However, if carelessness played a part in the accident, you might be entitled to compensation.

Common Types of Bus Accidents in Ontario?

School buses, intercity buses, and travel buses are just a few of the vehicles that could cause collisions or become involved in them.

You might have experienced harm in addition to the already mentioned consequences of a bus-related incident. No matter what kind of bus was involved in your accident, you can be entitled to compensation for any losses and injuries.

Bus collisions can be horrifying and permanently harm victims. Concussions, bruising, burns, sprains, cuts, internal organ harm, and neck injuries are a few of these conditions. Internal bleeding, wrongful death, brain damage, spinal cord damage, internal head trauma, and internal hemorrhage

Although some of the most common injuries are included in the list of reasons, it barely scratches the surface of the expected losses resulting from a bus accident. Some of the most unappreciated effects of bus accidents are other mental health effects, some of which could last a lifetime.

If you suffered injuries in a traffic accident because it wasn't your fault, you might be entitled to compensation from the responsible party.

Get in Touch with Bog Ben Law Firm for a Free Consultation today

It can take a lot of time and money to file an injury claim after a bus accident. As a result, our firm will provide you with a free consultation and case evaluation and counsel you on how to proceed with your specific bus accident.

Use one of the many ways to reach us on our website. For your benefit, we'll do everything we can to offer.

The various Claims that may arise after the unlawful death of Beloved Ones in an Ontario Bus Accident

Whenever you lost a loved one in a bus accident in Ontario and you were the next of kin, you have the right to file a claim for an unintentional unlawful death. Making the accountable parties pay could go some way away from alleviating any financial difficulty the household may be going through. The unexpected death of a loved one will always be remembered.

Although each wrongful termination lawsuit covered by worker's compensation is different, some costs are common:

• Ambulance prices

• Funeral costs; • Funeral fees; • Medical costs incurred as a direct result of the deceased's injuries and death; • Income that the deceased anticipated to earn in the future and instead lost because they were unwell;

Additional risks

• Loss of advice and direction, or other emotional losses related to the death of both the family member.

• Loss of financial assistance from the deceased diminution of community companionship, which comprises love, family, compassion, support and encouragement, and romantic relationships.

In contrast to a vehicle accident claim, family members typically cannot be reimbursed for their loss and suffering in a wrongful death lawsuit. However, a loved one may be eligible for compensation for losses not covered by motor accident claims, such as loss of consortium. If you would like more information or have questions concerning wrongful death claims, please get in contact with the personal injury lawyers at our office that focus on premature death cases right away for a free consultation. We have online contact information.

Why Choose Big Ben Lawyers to Represent Your Claim?

If you or a loved one was wounded in a vehicle accident in Ontario, you want the city's best personal injury lawyers to handle your case. However, how can you know which accident attorney at a legal business is the finest for you? The following crucial questions should be asked of any Ontario bus accident attorney:

  • • Since when do you handle bus accident cases in Ontario?
  • • Do they send clients to other law firms or will you handle my case directly?
  • • How long should my case take, based on your prior cases?
  • • Could a court hear my case?
  • • Is there a requirement that I pay you in advance? How do you get paid?

What more do you need from me to make my case as strong as possible?

Take heed of what they say. Watch how you and the person you are interacting with are communicating as well. Are they hurriedly hanging up the phone or are they thoughtfully answering your queries? Remember that you hired the accident attorney, not the other way around. We rely on first impression and the impact it has.


Our company has a contingency fee structure. In plenty of other circumstances, we only receive a payment if we successfully resolve or win your case. No upfront costs or unforeseen expenses need to be a concern. When you sign on as one of our clients, the client involvement agreement will make explicit how much of your final payout or decision we will earn. It has already been settled on that percentage, and it won't change. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a resolution or jury judgment on your behalf, you owe us nothing. In other words, you either succeed or you don't pay.

How can Big Ben Lawyers Help Pursue your Claim?

There are many lawyers in Ontario, but not all of them are associated with a prestigious, highly successful law firm. For more than 30 years, the personal injury attorneys at our prestigious company have successfully helped victims of traffic accidents around Ontario County seek justice and the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries.

Our firm employs skilled trial lawyers and provides a broad variety of personal injury legal services. The company has also won recognition for its top-notch customer service. We don't provide referral services or outsource sophisticated legal problems to specific other law firms. Armed with our resources, knowledge, and experience, we are ready to take on insurance companies and their attorneys. If you were wounded in a bus accident in Ontario and would like a free estimate, please contact Big Ben Lawyers immediately. Always remember: You either win or you really shouldn't pay.

The transportation system in California cannot function without buses. Buses are a common mode of transportation for residents of Ontario, and school buses ferry kids to and from the city's schools. Although a lot of people depend on bus services to get them where they need to go promptly and in safety, tragedies can and do occur.

Big Ben Lawyers and Expertise

These collisions frequently do significantly more harm than other auto accidents. This is because most buses are enormous and numerous people are likely to sustain injuries in a bus accident. These occurrences frequently result in intricate legal disputes. Bus accident-related personal injury claims can include significant financial losses and challenging legal culpability issues.

Victims of Ontario bus accidents can receive thorough, client-centered legal advice from Big Ben Lawyers. We are aware of the terrible consequences of these mishaps and the challenges victims were likely to encounter when filing civil claims. An Ontario traffic accident attorney is your best ally if you require legal advice following a bus accident.

It's typical for accident victims to question if they need legal representation to obtain reimbursement for their damages. It may be theoretically possible to handle your claim for personal injury without an attorney, but doing so presents numerous substantial difficulties. You would first need to comply with stringent legal regulations while managing the fallout from your accident.

When faced with high medical costs, missed income from being unable to work, as well as the financial strain that their different economic damages can entail, many bus crash victims rapidly feel overwhelmed. Additionally, injuries from bus accidents can be excruciatingly painful and traumatic, making it challenging to handle the logistical aspects of your claim.

Employing an Ontario bus crash lawyer makes the procedure much simpler to handle and improves your chances of being successful with your claim. While you concentrate on your rehabilitation, your attorney can take care of the procedural obligations in your case. This can bring you and your family much-needed peace of mind during a trying period, enabling you to evaluate your priorities and heal knowing your case is in good hands.

Ontario Bus Accidents Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Common Causes of Bus Accidents?

Passengers aboard buses have a right to count on timely, safe transportation to their destinations. The same goes for responsible drivers' right to anticipate safe vehicle operation from other motorists. Unfortunately, not all drivers uphold their responsibility to drive safely. Many of the same factors that cause bus accidents also apply to bus accidents:

• Devastating accidents can occur as a result of distracted driving. A driver is practically driving blind whenever they take their eyes off the road. A bus collision is easily preventable with a few seconds of heedless driving at a high speed. In the US, distracted driving is the number one contributor to all traffic collisions.

• Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and extremely risky. A driver who strikes a bus while intoxicated faces harsh criminal penalties as well as civil culpability for any resulting damage.

• Driving at a high speed is risky for everyone. A bus driver who speeds will have much less time and space to slow down or stop to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

• Moving offenses make it challenging for other motorists to predict a driver's behavior. Serious bus accidents are frequently the result of moving offenses such as violating stoplights or red lights, making illegal turns, and inappropriate lane changes.

Accidents involving Buses can also be caused by auto problems. All vehicles require routine maintenance, however, huge buses have higher standards than typical passenger buses. Vehicle or bus owners may be held liable for damages if an accident results from their failure to repair known mechanical issues with their vehicles. A product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer may be filed if a vehicle or component malfunctions as a result of a flaw.

Those are only a few instances of how bus collisions may occur in the Ontario, California, region. Finding the individual or individuals responsible for the incident is the first stage in recovering your losses from a bus accident.

Who is Liable for Ontario Bus Accident?

A public company transporter is any business that provides transportation to the general public as a paid service, and all standard contracts are subject to specific obligations concerning safe transportation. Simply put, a driver for a contract of carriage has a greater responsibility to operate their vehicle properly than a conventional passenger vehicle driver does. They must drive defensively, stay focused, and be alert to shifting traffic patterns.

Common carriers may become involved in personal injury disputes, which can be difficult to handle and frequently generate complicated liability issues. Vicarious liability might apply, for instance, if a bus driver's carelessness results in an accident. If the bus driver engaged in conduct that was outside the bounds of their official duty, such as driving while intoxicated, they may be held solely responsible. However, if the company didn't give the driver enough training before giving them a bus route or didn't do the right background checks before hiring the driver, they might be held vicariously liable.

The procedure of obtaining compensation for your damages will be considerably more difficult if your bus accident includes any bus company that is run by the government than it would be if it were a typical personal injury claim against even a private event. If you decide to file a lawsuit against a government agency, you'll need the assistance of a skilled Ontario bus accident attorney. You will also encounter several limitations regarding the legal criteria for your claim and the recompense you are entitled to.

Which Damages are available for victims of Ontario Bus Accidents?

A bus accident has the potential to cause severe injuries to numerous victims. In bus accident cases in Ontario, among the most often alleged damages include:

  • • material harm. Let's say that your recent bus accident caused your bus, bike, or other personal belongings to sustain damage. You might then include the cost of repair or replacement in your civil claim.
  • • Healthcare expenses. A personal injury plaintiff in California is entitled to compensation for all medical costs incurred as a result of the carelessness of the defendant. This covers immediate medical expenditures like their hospital bills, but they may also be entitled to reimbursement for longer-term medical costs if they need long-term care.
  • • Wage loss It's possible that a bus auto accident won't be able to work while they heal. They might seek compensation for the earnings they suffered during this period with the aid of their Ontario bus crash attorney. In addition, you would be entitled to reimbursement for lost future profitability if your injuries were serious enough to prevent you from working again due to a disability.

Generally speaking, these economic damages are simple to demonstrate with the right records and paperwork. However, a plaintiff may also be awarded other damages if their injury claim is successful.

An Ontario bus crash lawyer can assist a plaintiff in a lawsuit to achieve the desired objectives for their discomfort and suffering. Based on the extent of their wounds, the level of suffering they feel immediately following the incident and while recovering, and the chance that they may develop long-term medical conditions or become disabled as a result of their experience, their lawyer will decide on the right amount. Additionally, a plaintiff may be awarded damages for psychological anguish and any related medical expenses.

Attorneys for bus accidents in Ontario can compute pain and suffering in several ways. The plaintiff's counsel may ask for per diem pain and suffering compensation if the plaintiff is likely to fully recover in a short period. A particular sum of money would be given each day up until the plaintiff's maximal medical improvement. If a plaintiff's damages are serious and likely to cause permanent harm, it is also feasible to request a larger lump sum.

How is Liability for Damage Established in Ontario Bus Accidents?

In California, every personal injury lawsuit centers on negligence or failure to take reasonable precautions. Consider the scenario where you want your bus accident claim to be successful. In that situation, you must pinpoint the person or parties you hold accountable for the bus accident and demonstrate their negligence in a way that directly contributed to the mishap.

In addition to demonstrating the defendant's negligence, you must also show the entire extent of your reimbursable damages and the link between the negligence of the defendant and those costs. Fundamentally, you together with the Ontario bus accident attorney must demonstrate that the defendant's carelessness caused your damages and not another one.

The Big Ben Lawyers has a group of skilled Ontario bus accident lawyers who offer victims of personal injury thorough and client-centered legal advice. We've handled complicated disputes for years, including those involving bus accidents. If you have recently been involved in a bus accident in Ontario, California, you have a lot of questions.

What happens when a bus hits one?

Unless the bus is traveling at a very low speed, you will probably sustain catastrophic injuries if a bus strikes you while you are on foot. Your top priority should be getting medical help. You can determine your damages and file a lawsuit against the person or entity at fault with the assistance of an accomplished Ontario bus accident attorney.

What happens when a School Bus Accident is involved in an Accident?

Unfortunately, when school buses are involved in accidents, children can sustain serious injuries. In the event of a school bus accident, the parents of the youngsters involved and any additional victims would have cause to file a lawsuit against the party at fault.

Who Is at Fault where a School Bus is involved?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a school bus accident, numerous parties may be at fault for the harm that results. The driver may be held solely responsible if they were impaired by drugs or alcohol or acted grossly carelessly in any other way. Additionally, their business or the school district may be held vicariously liable. The costs incurred by victims of incidents involving school buses will be covered by third parties as well.

You most likely have a lot more inquiries about your circumstance if you or a loved one was lately involved in a bus accident in Ontario. The best person to turn to for the information you need to find the solutions to your most crucial legal problems is an accomplished Ontario bus accident attorney.

Which are the Expectations that a Victim should have of an Ontario Bus Attorney?

Your Ontario bus crash attorney can provide you with a variety of important legal services. They can first take care of the initial legal processes for your claim on your account. This involves obtaining the proof you need to demonstrate liability for your damages and meeting court filing deadlines. Our legal team can walk you through each step of the claim procedure and give you updated information as your case develops.

Your bus accident lawsuit can entail intricate facts that call for testimony from several expert witnesses. To aid in your recovery in numerous ways, a skilled attorney may consult response to emergency experts, healthcare experts, scientists, and other expert witnesses. To maximize your recovery, for instance, expert witness statements may assist you in establishing liability for your damages or demonstrating their full extent.

In the end, having reliable legal representation on your side makes dealing with any claim of personal injury much simpler. Your bus accident lawsuit may entail several variables that you may not be equipped to manage on your own. The best way to ensure your recovery following a bus crash in Ontario, California is to work closely with an attorney.

What to Do After a Bus Accident in Ontario

Motor vehicle accidents, which account for nearly six million crashes each year, are one of the main causes of human injury in the US. This figure is not an exception in Ontario. The Department of Traffic and Security of California reports that 1,429 bus accidents in Ontario involved individuals who suffered serious injuries or lost their lives.

Several of these people survive an automobile collision with only minor injuries, others are less fortunate. Bus accidents can seriously harm not just your physical health but also your finances and the welfare of your family. Few individuals are aware that there is truly something they can do to safeguard themselves and their rights, even if many people are aware that these terrible tragedies might have serious consequences. The steps you should follow after being involved in a bus accident are outlined below.


Before taking any action following an automobile accident, you must phone the authorities. Officers will respond to the accident scene and take on more than just the role of mediators; they will also look into the collision, record it in an accident that occurred, and offer you the assistance you require. You don't want to disturb any evidence that might be essential to your case, so make sure you don't touch or move anything until the police show up, including the automobiles.


You should be following up with a doctor following the accident, regardless of how serious you believe your injuries to be. You will be examined by your doctor to make sure you have no internal injuries or delayed head trauma. They will also document any injuries, which will bolster your argument later on and stop the offender or the insurance provider from rebutting the claim that your ailments weren't caused by the bus accident.


Make sure you get proof of the collision if the environment is secure and you do not require immediate medical attention. Try to capture the entire crash scene in as many photos and videos as you can. This proof should include images of the buses, where they were parked on the street, any street debris or road signs, the weather, and any other relevant details.


Obtain the other driver's contact information, including name, phone number, license plate number, and insurance information, whenever it is feasible to do so after the collision.


Obtain the names as well as contact numbers of any witnesses to the collision who were either pedestrians or onlookers. Using first-person recollections of what transpired is among the finest techniques to substantiate a claim. These witness statements can safeguard you in the future, particularly if the opposing side decides to place any portion of the responsibility on you, in addition to helping to support your case.


The most important lesson to learn from an accident is to never, ever acknowledge fault. Any affirmative comment you make could potentially be used against you and undermine your case. If you work with a lawyer, they can take control of every conversation and stop you from expressing what you'll later regret.

You should still see a doctor soon away though if you don't think you were seriously hurt in a car accident. You might have internal injuries that haven't manifested themselves yet. The sooner you start treating these wounds, the better your chances are of recovering quickly.

Additionally, it's advantageous for you if your medical evaluation happens more quickly after your mishap. The opposition party will contest whether the accident was the cause of your injuries if you wait a long period to seek medical attention for them.

You should consult a lawyer after receiving the required care to learn more about your legal options for pursuing reimbursement. No matter what led to your accident or who you believe to be at fault, make sure you follow these guidelines. Even if you were given conflicting advice, your state may have distinct bus accident laws, and you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Free Legal Advice from an Ontario Bus Accident Attorney

The finest company to handle such complaints on your behalf is our firm. To guarantee that you can appreciate your claim and any potential entitlements, the same is done at no cost during the consultation stage or the legal options stage.

Ensure that your rights and liberties are strictly upheld. Please get in touch with us, and we'll use our legal knowledge to get you the greatest compensation possible.


Any damage brought on by a negligent driver who causes an accident is their responsibility.

Any catastrophically injured person can obtain compensation for their damages under California's negligence rules as long as they can demonstrate the following:

  • The plaintiff is the victim, and the defendant, the at-fault driver, had a duty of care toward her.
  • The defendant breached that obligation via their conduct or inaction.
  • The defendant's actions resulted in or contributed significantly to the plaintiff's injuries.


Drivers in California owe it to other motorists as well as pedestrians to exercise reasonable caution when operating their motor vehicles so that they do not lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. The above means that drivers are legally required to keep an eye out for other automobiles, pedestrians, and dangers while driving, while also having to maintain a safe velocity and management of their vehicle. If a driver fails to exercise reasonable caution and an accident occurs, the reckless driver is accountable for the victim's damages. After discussing the specifics of the accident with your attorneys, they can assist you in determining not just who would have been responsible for the damage, but also whose individuals you can pursue.


Below is a listing of considerations ruled by the California Supreme Court that must be considered by a court while assessing whether the defendant has breached the victim's duty of caution:

• How can the defendant have predicted that they would harm the plaintiff?

• Is the court confident that the applicant was wounded in the accident?

• Does the court believe the defendant's actions were morally reprehensible?

• How close was the link between the defendant's behavior and the plaintiff's injury?

• What is the defendant's burden of proof?

• What are the ramifications of placing this responsibility of care on the community?

• What are the insurance options, costs, and frequency for the particular risks involved?

• What is the current policy in place to prevent future harm?

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Although Big Ben Lawyers is well known throughout the country for its achievements in the courtroom, we are proudest of our client-centered strategy. Our case strategies are based on your needs, starting with the free initial appointment and continuing through the court processes. To guarantee that we are as open and honest as possible about the state of your case, any ongoing inquiries, or any additional legal choices we make along the route, our Ontario personal injury attorneys make it a point to stay in constant, routine contact with you.

We also recognize the financial devastation that physical harm can cause for both you and your family and friends. Because of this, we represent your best interests on a conditional fee basis, which means there are no up-front fees or expenses for you. Your total legal expenses are $0 if our injury attorneys are unable to get a successful settlement or judgment on your behalf.

Recovering After a Bus Accident

The cost of therapy and medical care; payment to cover anticipated future care; compensation for lost wages; a potential financial award for lost future earnings; and the actual market value of destroyed equipment are some of the most frequent judgments and settlements.

Beyond only recovering money for out-of-pocket costs, accident victims frequently experience the following losses as well:

• Physical discomfort; • Emotional suffering, including anxiety and despair; • Loss of enjoyment in activities of daily living

Common signs and manifestations of emotional distress include Anxiety, excessive worrying, hyperactivity, irritability, difficulty relaxing, and sleep difficulties.

• Exhaustion; lack of focus; rage; confusion; feeling powerless or completely out of power

An anxious person may also have issues in their relationships. Some victims could discover that their dread prevents them from driving again. Recurring flashbacks to the disaster and PTSD symptoms are other possible side effects.

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Big Ben Lawyers are near you and they are available to help you recover compensation in any Ontario Bus Accident claim that you may want to pursue.

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Big Ben Lawyers' staff are aware of the anxiety and worry that any physical harm can bring.Imagine, for instance, that you and your household are still dealing with the effects of the Ontario bus catastrophe that occurred recently. If such is the situation, our experts can offer you the legal assistance you need to pursue the lawsuit with certainty. We'll thoroughly examine the specifics of how the accident happened to assist you to determine liability for your losses and investigate every avenue of compensation that may be open to you in your claim.

As accident victims and in light of the resulting injuries, the earlier you take action following a bus accident and retain legal counsel, the higher your chances are of receiving the maximum compensation allowed by California law. Get in contact with our team to set up your consultation if you're ready to talk about your legal remedies with a knowledgeable group of Ontario bus crash attorneys.


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I went to Big Ben Lawyers on a recommendation and to be honest, I haven’t been disappointed. The staff is friendly and professional while also keeping me informed on any updates pertaining to my car accident at every step. Not only that Big Ben and the staff took care of me but they also fought hard to get what I was owed and for that my family and I are grateful. I will be recommending Big Ben to all my co-workers, friends, and family! Thank you guys so much 🙂 one the best car accident and personal injury lawyers!!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
David Rodriguez
Feb 2023

My wife, who manages a chiropractor's office referred me to Benjamin Law after my car accident. Having been in the medical profession for over thirty years, dealing with accident victims, I was very hesitant initially about dealing with a personal injury attorney whom I didn't know personally.
Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Turley
Jun 2023

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