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Personal Injury Attorney in Ontario

You have the legal right to hold the negligent person financially liable whenever an accident occasions bodily damage to one in Ontario. You can lose work and incur significant medical costs depending on the severity of your injuries. This results in the more financial strain at a moment when you need to be healing peacefully.

If there is enough proof of carelessness, California law allows victims of personal injuries to initiate a claim or litigation against the person or organization accountable for their accident. The assistance, direction, and resources you require can be provided by a personal harm attorney from our office in Ontario. We start with a free case review.

Means through which Our Law firm in Ontario Can Help You or your loved one Following a Car Crash:

  1. You can call our team of duly experienced attorneys, who will help you locate a doctor in your neighborhood who can address your particular concerns.
  2. This Ontario personal injury law practice, which has won numerous awards and is highly regarded, will not force its clients to pay for their medical expenses. As a consequence of the settlement, Big Ben Lawyers will make every effort to guarantee that all debts are paid.
  3. You will be given the managing partner's and your handling attorney's cell phone numbers. Big Ben lawyers strive to offer the greatest client service and individualized attention. Nobody will be in control of your case, so you won't have to worry about it. Big Ben Lawyers are neither a settlement mill nor a volume shop. By emphasizing quality over the number, Big Ben Lawyers aim to set our practice aside from the medical negligence attorneys you see advertised on television all day long.
  4. Every personal injury lawyer at our law firm has experience managing intricate cases involving personal injuries against just about every imaginable insurer. Big Ben Lawyers are the local injury attorneys you need. Our practice is small enough to offer individualized service, yet Big Ben Lawyers have the knowledge and resources to handle significant and sometimes even catastrophic injury claims. Even the largest insurance company cannot match our financial resources. Big Ben Lawyers wish to get justice for you whether you were hurt in an automobile accident, slipped, tripped, fell, or experienced physical harm as a result of someone's or a business's negligence.

5. In civil lawsuits and personal injury claims, Big Ben Lawyers ONLY represent claimants. Ours is not a legal firm that practices in many different areas of the law, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, real estate, estate planning, and property damage. Simply put, our skilled legal team is a personal injury attorney firm that enables us to keep expanding our legal competence in a particular field of the law.

The Impact of personal injury cases on Your Life can be disastrous. In every instance, the personal injury victim in motor vehicle accidents is entitled to recover compensation aimed at speeding up the recovery process.

All kinds of significant life disruptions might result from suffering an unforeseen, serious accident. You can suddenly have to deal with the following issues:

• Surgical treatments and the associated costs;

• Vacations from work or school;

• Illnesses that make it difficult for you to do your job or finish your education.

• Countless insurance company documentation that you can hardly comprehend

One might have to deal with all of this in addition to the difficulty of pain control and the sensation of worrying whether, if it is ever that life will return to ordinary routine. The return to work formula can be quite challenging and impending. In such instances, the victim must ensure that the whole process works in favor of their process of recovery.

When your injuries were brought on by someone else's negligence or bad choices, the difficulties might become much more overwhelming. In certain circumstances, in addition to stressing over your recovery, you may be considering hiring a lawyer. With everything else on your plate, the thought of interacting with the legal system may make you feel overburdened. To reduce the burden of having to overthink how life will be while getting back on track. This should be the case whenever such unfortunate occurrences take place.

Our Ontario Personal Injury attorney sympathize with your situation and are eager to be of assistance. You can quickly contact an experienced and competent Ontario personal injury attorney to examine your case at any time spent online or by phoning our always-ready team, who have offices on both California's coasts.

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How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Choosing an injury attorney based only on a television commercial is never a smart move. Instead, you should conduct further research because it's unlikely that the lawyer in the advertisement will be the one conducting it. Additionally, a lot of the law firms that advertise are widely termed as resolution belts which means they settle a lot of cases quickly.

Get in touch with our able team of attorneys and Big Ben Lawyers shall ensure that the representation you are yearning for is kept to your standards.

Big Ben Lawyers shall ensure that your insurance provider does not gag you by making you a quick financial settlement offer. When you have to deal with a lengthy physical rehabilitation process and time away from work, a quick settlement may seem appealing. They can be crafty and would try to ensure that by all means, they subject you to be susceptible to accept fewer amounts than the standard recompense.

By accepting a settlement, you permanently waive your right to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party. You may be required to sign agreements that end your case in return for a certain sum of money by their insurance company or a personal injury lawyer. Big Ben lawyers shall ensure that you are not subjected to such unwarranted issues and to that effect shall keep your interests at the forefront of everything.

Accepting a settlement without consulting a personal injury attorney might result in you receiving a payment that is insufficient to meet your accident-related costs or that is lower than you deserve.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of attorneys for your claim to be successful and to ensure that you obtain the best bargain for settlement.

How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim in Ontario?

The length of time that a personal injury claim shall take in Ontario varies from case to case. However, our ontario personal injury lawyers shall help you in your quest of ensuring that the matter is expedited.

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer in Ontario?

You need an Ontario personal injury lawyer because of the rigorous nature in which personal injury lawsuits take. The personal injury lawyers shall help you decide as to whether you should pursue your personal injury claim or not.

Get to Acquaint Yourself Greatly with Our Team

Our firm has more than ten years of experience representing Floridians and out-of-state guests who have suffered severe injuries because of no liability of their own. A large number of accidents for which people in the Ontario region require legal assistance happen when they are visiting theme parks and other attractions. Sadly, Central California also experiences its fair share of workplace injuries, nursing home abuse, and automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

Only injury law is practiced by the firm. Unlike some lawyers, Big Ben Lawyers do not divide our time between defending defendants who are being sued because they could be responsible for someone else's injuries and plaintiffs who have been hurt.

Our sole focus as Big Ben Lawyers is on helping people who have suffered an unexpected injury or loss because as Big Ben Lawyers we believe that injured people deserve the best legal representation available without having to worry if their lawyer has a conflict of interest.

Check the Profile of our Firm’s Team Partners and Associates

One of us is a Federal Defense Attorney Certified by the California Bar Board. With this title, he is recognized as an authority in the field of trial practice.

Our Track Record and Clientele Fulfilled Desired Representation 

Over the years, our attorneys have won millions of compensation for hurt clients.

Naturally, there is never a guarantee of success in a personal injury case. In actuality, past performance does not guarantee future success. Every case is unique, but we can promise that even if Big Ben Lawyers represent you, we will do all in our power to try to get you the most money possible.

Every vehicle insurance company keeps a thorough record of the personal injury attorneys and legal firms they frequently work with. The insurance company is fully aware of which personal injury attorneys have a reputation for vigorously pursuing their claims and, where necessary, going to a jury trial. On the other hand, they are well aware of the companies that settle disputes rapidly and leave cash on the table.

Getting the Best Interest for your Claim

At Big Ben Lawyers, quality is prioritized before quantity. So that our clients don't feel like a number at this firm, we work hard to offer great client service and personalized attention.

Call Big Ben Lawyers right now for a complimentary legal consultation with an Ontario personal injury attorney, and we'll be happy to help.

Which Variety of Matters is Our Firm Well Versed to Handle?

In Ontario and around California, our legal team represents clients hurt in a variety of accidents. No matter how the injury occurred, we encourage anyone wounded in circumstances that they feel weren't their fault to visit with us. The most typical situations that lead clients from the Ontario area to contact us are:

Accidental Trip and Slide Accidents at Premises

The phrase slide and tumble do not describe all of the ways a visitor to a theme park or other tourist destination in the Ontario-Kissimmee-Sanford region can get wounded. California law requires theme parks and other attractions to guarantee a secure environment for guests and paying patrons. The owner of the resort or entertainment may be held legally accountable for damages if a person is injured while riding a ride, eating at a cafeteria, or even just by simply being in the area.

Automobile Collision Casualties

Due to how frequently they occur, people occasionally treat car accidents as though they don't matter. Big Ben Lawyers advocate for victims of car accidents in every imaginable situation, from single-vehicle rollovers to multi-vehicle pileups. Big Ben Lawyers fight for the rights of accident victims to receive every dollar in damages they are due since we are aware that automobile accidents can result in grave injuries.

Cab-Related Collisions and Resultant Injuries

With the additional complexity of a rideshare driver, taxi driver, and ridesharing firm being included in the combination of individuals with potential legal liability, rideshare incidents are similar to regular auto accidents.

The law governing ridesharing, which includes services like Lyft and Uber, is still developing because it is a relatively new issue in Ontario and throughout California. To ensure that our clients who were hurt in this kind of event have the best opportunity of receiving compensation for their injuries, we keep up with the most recent developments in the law.

Injuries Relating to Heavy Commercial and Trucking Vehicles

Trucking collisions are a real and ongoing risk for drivers in the Ontario area, as anybody who has driven the flat, motorways of Central California beside speeding trucks will attest to. Truck accidents may include legal snarls that are almost as complicated as the harm they inflict. We assist customers in navigating the wreckage left by a truck accident to identify those who may be held legally responsible.

Collisions Associated with Bikes and Fatalities that consequently

Automobiles pulling right into the path of motorcycles is one of the biggest dangers to them. Although it's possible that they didn't see the motorcycle approaching, car drivers frequently declare afterward that almost didn't.

That does not lessen the responsibility of the car driver, though. When motorcycle riders take to the road, our firm's duly certified attorneys will fight to ensure they receive the attention and humane treatment they are legally entitled to.

Incidents Involving Walking Road Users and Bystanders 

Attractions in the Ontario area generate a lot of footfall in car parks and at major intersections. You might assume that dense crowds would make drivers more cautious, but that isn't always the case. Using a cell phone while driving is a major cause of the growth in driver distraction, which endangers pedestrians.

Accidents between pedestrians and vehicles can result in severe harm even at modest speeds. We represent the interests of pedestrians to help them obtain the financial assistance they require to recuperate from severe injuries they sustained in collisions.

Accidents that Involve Boats and other Water Racing Equipment

Boaters come in their numbers to Lakeside of Kissimmee and other lakes in Central California. Unfortunately, not much is needed for a fun day on the lake to become tragic. Our firm assists those hurt in boating accidents in navigating the somewhat complex regulations that underpin safe canal transportation.

Building Construction and Site Debris Injuries 

In and around Ontario, it appears like a structure is being constructed at all times. There are many risks on construction sites, thus employers have to give workers who risk their lives by working at heights or with heavy machinery safety instruction and equipment.

Accidents can happen on construction sites when safety procedures are violated. Our legal staff is available to guide employees through the workers' compensation procedure and find potential third parties who may be liable for paying workers' compensation benefits.

Mishandles and Health and Nursing Facilities that result in Fatalities

Numerous nursing staff and facilities for assisted living may be found in Osceola District and the neighboring areas. The majority of them provide excellent care for their clients, but occasionally nursing home employees abuse and neglect them, which can result in severe financial, emotional, and bodily harm. As for the rights of frail, elderly nursing home residents, our firm's qualified and fully capable attorneys battle.

These are but a few of the issues we deal with. To learn more about the extensive experience our staff at our prestigious Firm has to offer, please visit this other website.

Which Categories of Injuries Call for our Representation?

Our firm's attorneys have a plethora of expertise assisting clients with major injury-related issues as a result of the many cases we handle. Our experience has shown that our expertise in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of catastrophic injuries provides our clients security in the knowledge that their solicitor has some comprehension of the challenges they deal with on a daily basis.

In settlement talks and at trial, our opponents are aware that we comprehend the monetary and medical repercussions of such an accident almost as well as a doctor or financial counselor. Here are a few of the more prevalent injuries that our clients seek our assistance with:

Unlawful Unintentional Fatalities

We fervently hope that the worst scenario a sad death brought on by someone else's carelessness or wrongdoing—never hits yourself or your family. If it has, our dedicated, empathetic wrongful termination of life team is prepared to assist you in obtaining the compensation your family is entitled to under California Statutes 768.21. Although money can't quite bring your dear one back, it can aid in the grieving process.

Head and Skull to Brain Concussions 

In terms of understanding how the brain functions and recovers from an acute injury, scientists and medical professionals have only just started to scratch the surface. They are aware that a head injury can result in serious, long-lasting impairments and disabilities, ranging from difficulties with walking and talking to problems with thinking and remembering.

Our firm's attorneys have the knowledge and tools necessary to convince juries and insurance companies that our clients who are dealing with brain injuries require the most financial assistance.

Injury to the spinal column

Violent crashes and falls frequently result in spinal cord damage. In the worst cases, they result in either temporary or permanent immobility, which fundamentally alters the victim's life.

Our attorneys have expertise in litigating for compensation to cover the services, house adaptations, and other costs of adjusting to these injuries. They are aware of the complex medical and financial difficulties that come with spinal cord injuries.


Burns from flame, solvents, or electric current can result in excruciating pain. They can require numerous painful procedures, take years to recover, and cause a variety of secondary health issues.

Clients in our prestigious firm who are dealing with the aftereffects of severe burns are treated with the utmost care, sympathy, and determination to work tirelessly to obtain patients the resources they have to heal.

Spongy tissue and musculoskeletal damage

Even non-life-threatening injuries can have a negative impact on a person's life. Accidents and falls can result in complicated fractures, rips, and strains that require extensive healing time and create persistent discomfort.

We strive to ensure that juries and insurance providers treat these injuries seriously. Nobody should have to endure suffering, however, if they do, people should at least be able to get the money they need to adequately manage it.

Which Services do we Give to Clientele in all instances?

How can an attorney accomplish for me? is indeed a question that some locals and visitors to the Ontario area wonder when they are hurt in circumstances that weren't their fault. The response is that our legal team performs a wide range of tasks designed to assist our wounded clientele in their daily life.

Whenever someone wanted to summarize what we do in a nutshell, we:


Our attorneys' first task in every case they handle is to determine how the client sustained any wounds and who might be held legally liable to compensate them for their losses. This can be a simple task at times. Sometimes we need forensic specialists to assist us in sorting through the evidence. In either situation, we strive to fully comprehend the details of a situation to ensure that we are familiar with them from front to back.


We normally start discussions with those parties that have the means or health insurance to compensate our client once we have a firm grasp of the evidence and those accountable for our client's serious injuries. The bulk of the successful cases we handle end in a settlement because of the advantage our clients have in these talks thanks to our years of expertise and our reputation as accomplished trial lawyers.

Legal Representation

But occasionally, the opposing party won't make our client a just and acceptable settlement offer. When that occurs, we're ready to present our client's case in court and convince the judge and jury that they are entitled to the greatest amount of money.

Using a contingency fee structure is practical

Lawyer expenses can be complicated, and dealing with them is frequently very stressful for people who have been injured. You will profit from the failsafe mechanism billing structure if we decide to move forward with your claim.

To lessen their financial burden, Ontario's personal injury sufferers are typically billed in this way. This implies that we cover all case expenses—from the inquiry to the courtroom—up front. We then collect a proportion of this amount as our fee following a settlement or court judgment.

One Does Not Need to Look for Monetary Restoration on Your Own 

Our legal team advises against filing yourself since it's crucial to be mindful of who you choose to represent you in court. A case can be thrown out for errors and omissions alone, therefore there is a ton of red tape involved to reduce the possibility of spurious claims clogging the system.

We strongly advise you to get legal counsel as soon as possible, regardless of whether you are certain you have a case. We will guide you on the best course of action for your grievous bodily harm lawsuit because you deserve competent legal representation. If you choose to work with our firm, we'll conduct a rigorous and in-depth analysis of your situation before starting to lay the groundwork for a claim or lawsuit.

The limitations period for initiating a claim for personal injury in Ontario is still only four (4) years, so keep in mind that this could take some time. Depending on your situation, it's preferable to submit as soon as you can to hasten the procedure.


Our Ontario personal injury lawyers shall give you a free consultation as soon as you lay bare all the facts of the case. The free consultation shall entail answering all your questions as well as advising you as to the best way forward.


After the free consultation with our ontario personal injury lawyers, you will know the best way forward on your matter. You shall also be able to make a decision as to whether to settle the matter or allow it to proceed to litigation.

An Ontario personal injury lawyer near me

Our office is situated at , California. Our location notwithstanding, we represent clients throughout California and we will come to where you are should it be prudent to do so. Kindly also reach us at 909-235-5886
so that we can discuss everything relating to your case.

Contact our specialized group of lawyers right now to make sure you receive the finest defense

Contact our firm through our online platform or through the contacts listed on our website if an unanticipated serious injury or sad loss in the Ontario area has harmed your life, career, or relationships. Engage us right away, and we'll provide you with the greatest legal defense. Our team members have offices throughout the Sunshine State and consultations with them are always confidential and free. While you heal, let us handle the details.

To make sure that your interests are always safeguarded, even though it takes time to recuperate completely, get in touch with our highly qualified team of lawyers.

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Client Testimonials

After my car accident I was confused and I didn’t know what to do. I started to search for an attorney and I found Ben Charchian at Big Ben Lawyers. From the first appointment I knew he would be able to help me and take care of me. He went beyond my expectations, I am a thankful for Big Ben!!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yeghishe Zakunts
April 2023

I called Big Ben Lawyers after seeing their tv commercial. I needed a lawyer to help me with my car accident and am glad I called. I was very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking for a car accident lawyer.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Benigno Chavez
April 2023

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