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What happens if your dog bites someone in Ontario?

Alarming data around dog bites. There were around thirty-six (36) deadly dog attacks in 2018 alone. Additionally, 4.5 million humans are thought to get bitten annually. One in five of these bites will develop an infection. Although dogs can be induced to attack, the owner is often liable. He or she must take care to prevent the animal from biting anyone in a public setting, including their own home if the complainant is there legitimately.

Those who have been attacked by a dog can speak to the physical and emotional consequences that follow the incident. These injuries frequently necessitate expensive reconstructive surgery and specialist medical care. In 2018, 27,000 people needed some sort of surgery. In addition to physical discomfort, dog attack survivors and their families also experience financial hardship. A dog bite hospitalization often costs $19,500. That is almost 50% more expensive than the typical medical bills for other ailments.

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In California, dog owners are responsible for any damage to their animals' attacks on people in public places. if the victim of the bite lawfully entered the private property, they are also responsible. Additionally, if they are bitten at work, meter readers, postmen, and package deliverers can file claims.

According to California law, damage caused when a dog simply grabs someone's flesh with its teeth without rupturing the skin is still deemed a bite. additionally, if a person gets bitten while working as a law enforcement officer, they cannot sue the government unless the police or military dog is off-duty.

Any person could seek compensation if a dog injures them without actually biting them, for example, by jumping up or in any other way making them fall and suffer injuries. All they would need to show is that the dog owner's negligence was to blame for the occurrence.

Civil Code 3342 in California is the law that addresses dog bites. Even if the dog has never been hostile, it still provides compensation for losses incurred. Other states have what they refer to as one-bite restrictions, which are distinct from this. This happens when a dog owner only has strict culpability if she has bitten somebody else before.

Damages may be lessened if the court can show that the victim bothered or harassed the dog. Unfortunately for those who have been bitten by a dog, the owner's defense may attempt to show that the victim instigated the dog or was trespassing on the property. That is why individuals look for recompense. Whether you were bitten or your dog bit somebody else, you should have legal counsel.

if individuals consider a dog to be dangerous. Or, if the dog has a propensity for biting, then the court might set particular rules that the owners must follow. Whoever violates the legislation faces severe penalties. For all of the aforementioned, get assistance as soon as possible because dog bite injuries have a two-year limitation period.


Pet-friendly Ontario is a wonderful place for dog lovers and is home to many canine pets. You probably consider dogs to be pleasant, fuzzy best buddies before one attacks you or a loved one. However, it's simple to understand how interactions between dogs, owners, and spectators can increase the chance of catastrophic damage when you witness a dog bite someone you know and care about.

At the Big Ben Law Firm, we adore our dogs as well, but we also realize that not all pets are suitable for exposure to passersby, especially kids. In Ontario, dog owners must exercise caution and care to prevent their pets from endangering others. The professionals at Big Ben Law Firm are prepared to assist victims in holding reckless dog owners accountable when they fail to perform their responsibilities.


Despite the claims of their owners, some dog breeds have a terrible reputation for a reason. Companions with different temperaments or physiologies can put other people in great danger of harm or even death should the dog strike a bystander. When attacking, some dogs target the face, neck, as well as other delicate body regions, occasionally causing grave, life-threatening, or even deadly damage.

Attack victims in this manner frequently need immediate medical attention, surgical correction, and scar revision. Due to disabilities brought on by dog bites, they accrue expensive medical expenses and some become unemployed.

Dogs are frequently seen as members of the family by their owners. With revisions to the Family Code relating to divorce, California recently strengthened that notion. A dog or even other canine is still allowed to own property, although, during a divorce, the judge must take into account where the dog will be best cared for. Although a dog is slightly humanized by this, its animal essence is still present. Dogs are still capable of biting, and the moment they do, their human masters are held liable.


At the Big Ben Law Firm, we have put up a lot of effort to obtain compensation for Ontario's innocent dog-bite victims. We agree that dogs make devoted friends. They are cherished family members to some. Although we respect the rights of dog owners, we also think that everyone has a right to safety. We have consistently verified that dog masters must accept the fact that their pets are animals and be prepared to pay for the harm they cause when the required standards of care are not followed.

We have dealt with clients who suffered serious wounds as a result of a dog attack. We have witnessed the drastic life changes brought on by just a single event. We've worked with hurt people and their families to sue for damages on their behalf, just like with any other harmful incident.

We are aware that compensation won't make a victim's life completely normal. However, it offers financial assistance that enables individuals to recover from their wounds and resume their usual lives as soon as possible.


Our goal at Big Ben Law Firm has always been to obtain compensation for our wounded clients. When possible, we have reached agreements with irresponsible parties, their insurance providers, and the defense lawyers representing them to settle our client's cases. Our Firm has continued our negotiations using mediation, which helps to determine, and other facilitated ability to engage if we determined that defendants genuinely wanted to settle the issues brought forth by our clients.

The Ontario dog bite lawyers at Our Firm have consistently strived to achieve outcomes that would offer a just resolution for our hurt clients. Our trial lawyers have litigated matters to a conclusion when culpable parties refused to bargain fairly. We have filed litigation, engaged in the discovery, and shown the judge and jury our proof.

To get the best outcomes for our clients, our attorneys strive ardently. Even though it's hard to guarantee particular results, we still encourage you to look at the outcomes of our previous case studies. For each customer we represent, we think they show a demonstrated dedication to success.


Dog bites happen abruptly and without notice when a person approaches a hazardous or aggressive dog, as is the case with most injuries. Most dog bites, according to the Veterinary Medical Association of America, may be avoided. Although this is probably true, most dog bite prevention techniques put the onus on non-pet owners. The Association and other groups make several suggestions to help people prevent dog attacks.

They advise prospective victims to observe the body language of dogs. Additionally, they advise educating kids on how to stay safe around dogs.

This sadly implies the unreasonable expectation that people who are not dog owners understand how a dog might react instinctively depending on their state of mind and emotion.

• Feeling anxious or afraid

• Feeling threatened or aroused; defending their domain, puppies, meals, or objects.

· The target of harsh individual behavior


About 77 million dogs are said to live in American homes. Even though most dogs are amiable, all of them have teeth and claws. The American Veterinary Medical Association cautions us that they can all bite. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Reinsurance Institute of America, and the AVMA all contributed to these most recent dog bite statistics. 344,202 individuals received emergency dog bite treatment in 2018, according to statistics from the CDC's nationwide Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System. In this statistic, there were 87,070 children under the age of 14 and 55,490 adults between the ages of 25 and 34.

• In 2019, there were 17,802 more dog bite claims made nationally than there were in 2018.

• The most dog bite cases—2,396—were reported in California in 2019, more than any other state.

Serious injuries are more likely to happen to children than to adults.


A dog's teeth can do serious harm when it bites. Dog teeth can easily pierce deep muscle tissue and rip open human skin. The harm frequently gets worse when a dog won't release go of its prey. Dogs can occasionally infect their victims with diseases through bites. Staphylococcus, rabies, capnocytophaga, and tetanus are occasionally among these. According to a National Institutes of Health published in the Archives of Plastic Surgery, dogs can occasionally infect humans with an infection that results in osteomyelitis.


The younger residents of Ontario are most at risk from dog attacks. A child's little size puts them on par with a dog. A dog may easily reach a child's face, throat, and other vital regions when it strikes. A child's skin, muscles, and bones can all be broken by a dog's teeth with ease. Often, a small child's undeveloped immune system can't fight off bacteria that a dog transmits.


Older victims experience the same problems as younger ones. Their epidermis, bones, and tendons are more vulnerable to injury when they start to show indications of aging. Due to their weakened immune systems, older folks have a harder time fending against bacterial illnesses.


The United States Postal Service is likewise quite concerned about dog bites. When carrying mail in neighborhoods with dogs, mail carriers are frequently in danger. The USPS releases a National Dog Attack Ranking report each year since the issue is so widespread. California tops the list of states with the most dog attacks with 777 mail carrier attacks this year. The Top 20 Cities list included Sacramento, Long Beach, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

All age groups of victims struggle with scarring. 28,384 reconstructive dog repair procedures were recorded by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


It's normal to feel overburdened, upset, and unsure of what to do next in the case that you or your kid has been injured in a dog injury attack. Dog attack bruises are particularly tough to deal with after a traumatic tragedy because they are completely avoidable. Responses to commonly asked concerns about damage relating to dog attacks from our team of knowledgeable Ontario dog bite lawyers are available today, and they may help you institute a lawsuit to hold the dog's owner responsible. You can always appraise yourself by reading more details about dog attack damage claims before you speak with one of our knowledgeable team of dog and related accident claims.

Is there any time limitation for filing Dog Attack Claims?

Whenever you or your family child is bitten by a dog, you must pursue an avenue for compensation as quickly as you can against the insurance of the owner of the involved property investment insurance company thereof. This goes in accord with the statute of limitations in which harmed parties have four years from the date of the dog attack to file a dog attack retribution process. Even though four years might seem a little like enough time, the procedures and processes associated with filing follow-up compensation measures and pursuing legal action can be costly and takes quite an inordinately long period which could be unnecessary. Waiting too long to file a claim puts you in danger of not being able to reach witnesses and get truthful testimony.

With time, it can become more difficult to find further relevant evidence, which could make it more difficult for you to support your claim. The deadline for making a claim may be extended by the court in exceptional, mitigating situations. An attorney may purge the time limitations on your behalf, for instance, if somehow the owner of the dog in question goes out of state and you are unable to serve the claim on time. If your particular circumstances might allow for an extension, a skilled dog attack lawyer can give you advice on that possibility.

Is it necessary Report to the Police in Case of a Dog Bite?

Before beginning the dog bite claims procedure, the affected parties are not needed to report a dog harm event to either the police or the Department of Animal Services. However, doing so can bolster your claim. Animal Services may launch an investigation to ascertain the possibility of the dog being hazardous after receiving a report. Based on the findings of the assessment, they will inform the owner of their options for moving forward. If a dog attack causes significant injuries that necessitate emergency medical transport for you or your child, law enforcement may show up to take information for a police record. If you visit the emergency department on your own or with a friend or family member, you should phone the police as soon as you can to report the incident. You can initiate an inquiry by animal control and obtain documentation of what occurred, which could be helpful evidence, by filing a police complaint.

Are Courts Obligated to Order a Dog Owner to Kill their Dog?

The Department of Animal Services in the County will look into an event after just a dog bites and seriously hurts another person to see if the canine is a threat to the population. The Department of Animal Services is empowered to seize the dog, quarantine it if required, or simply keep it under watch during the investigation process till it comes to its end. The classification of a dog as hazardous does not, however, mandate that it be put to death. In some instances, the Department of Animal Services may decide that euthanasia is the sole choice to guarantee community safety after taking into account all the factors that led up to the dog's attack and the seriousness of the injuries it caused. The legislation demands swift and compassionate euthanizing of animals similar to those of the dog if the injuries sustained as a result of a dog attack happening finally end in death.

Am I entitled to Compensation even in the instances in which the Owner believes that the Bite was a result of my provocation?

Depending on the situation, a person may be able to file a claim for damages after allegedly inciting a dog. Whether the victim of the attack provoked the dog on purpose or accidentally depends on the details of what caused it. In these situations, victims of dog bites should speak with a qualified lawyer who can assess their case. Our legal team can assist harmed parties in determining the appropriate cause to undertake as a matter of law after assessing the particular facts.

Can I institute a suit even for a minor dog attack injury?

Either a biological parent or even any other adult caregiver may be allowed to claim damages for a dog attack lawsuit when a dog attack results in harm to a child. Regrettably, since young bodies and faces are situated at a similar or the same elevation as a dog's mouth, small children are most at risk for suffering severe dog bite injuries. However, whenever a minor, as compared to an adult, is hurt by a stray dog attack, other regulations are in effect. According to the law, kids under six cannot purposefully spook a dog or intentionally intrude on the owner of the dog or the property thereof. When an affected victim might share some of the responsibility, a court will hold an owner entirely responsible if the casualty is under the age of six.

Can I successfully Claim Damages for a Dog Bite if the Owner Places a Warning Sign?

By posting signs on their property, owners of hazardous dogs are required by California law to appropriately notify the neighborhood about impending danger. Signs must be posted by property owners in conspicuous locations where guests can see them easily, like at every point of access onto the property. After being hurt in a dog attack where the owner had placed a clear caution about the dog, get legal advice from a qualified dog bite attorney.

What is the Worth of my Claim?

Interestingly, the specifics of the attack determine the level of compensation that may be sought for injuries brought on by any dog attack. The underlying circumstances of every case could enhance or diminish the level of compensation a victim of injury might get. Attacks that result in severe injuries typically call for higher recompense compared to any other that result in only mere damage. According to California law, serious dog bite wounds can result in fractures, repeated attacks, and bruises that need sutures or reconstructive surgery. There are various factors taken into consideration while assessing the amount that the victim is entitled to earn. Some of these factors are as subsequently discussed.

The extent of the injuries caused by dog attacks is one such factor. Secondly, the type of injuries, particularly whenever a dog attack victim has injuries that result in deformity or permanent scarring. The duration of time a dog attack survivor or victim's parent has to miss from working while recovering is also taken into consideration. Also considered are the total medical costs, which include paramedic and urgent care services, hospital stays, reconstructive operations, prescription drugs, and keeping appraised of doctor's appointments. The expenses of psychological and physical treatments, if they are required to help affected parties learn to deal consequently with the mental anguish of both the assault, as well as the degree of pain and anguish and suffering brought on by and associated with dog attack incidents, should also be considered.

What Amount of Time will my Claim Take to be Completed?

It may take different amounts of time for the parties to come to a settlement. The parties may settle the case and even goes to court in situations when the owner of the impugned dog is culpable for damages. In other instances, the dog owner may attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility by claiming that the victim instigated the dog into attacking. Insurance firms are enterprises that attempt to maximize revenues by minimizing expenses and payouts. If it is obvious that you are entitled to compensation, you can count on the dog owner's insurance company to do everything in its power to reduce the value of your claim. By stating that a child's injuries are not as bad as you allege, for instance, insurance companies may try to refute a claim. You can more precisely determine the claim's genuine value by hiring legal counsel to assess it.

What Steps should I undertake to Maximize my Compensation?

Indeed, it is not often as straightforward as calling the officers of the police and course hiring a lawyer to get compensation for injuries brought on by a dog attack. To safeguard your lawful entitlements further and to improve their prospects of receiving the maximum amount of compensation, injured parties might need to take further measures. To receive the best and highest amount of damages as compensation, several actions must be taken. Some of these actions are discussed below.

Get medical help right away. Dog attacks could cause serious, even potentially fatal diseases. Victims who have been hurt by an attack relating to a dog should get checked out immediately as the victim can. A medical exam is crucial for your well-being and security, but it can also offer significant proof of the origins and severity of your injuries. To prevent insurance companies from disputing the true worth of your claim, be sure to avail themselves of all subsequent attendance by the specialized doctors and adhere to the recommended course of treatment.

The next step is to assemble witness data. Before they depart from the place of the injury, if you can, talk to anyone who saw the injury relating to dog bites. Gather the contact information of witnesses and ask whether they might be able to give a statement. Liability following the dog bite may be determined with the aid of witness accounts.

Maintain thorough records. If you decide to hire a lawyer, the victim will need proof of the expenses associated with your injury to calculate how much compensation you might be eligible for. Your claim may cover any losses you calculated based on the resultant injuries from dog attack injuries, both monetary and non-monetary losses. To prove your financial losses, keep records of expenses, medical expenses, and wage information. Keep a notebook to record the severity of the damage sustained, how they have affected your life, any issues you encounter, and your progress as you get better. An attorney might utilize an everyday record as a useful resource when figuring out the damage that may not be quantified in monetary terms.

Should I Accept any Settlement Offer from Insurance Company?

Don't ever orally agree or accept a payment provided by an insurance carrier without first seeking legal advice from an attorney with relevant experience. To prevent greater settlements or jury awards later, insurance companies frequently pay injured plaintiffs a settlement right away following a dog attack disaster. Preliminary payments are almost usually insufficient to adequately compensate victims for their losses, even though the proposals are usually produced to tempt dog bite survivors by luring them in with liquid money. Additionally, you frequently have to waive your ability to pursue any further damages for the damage sustained whenever you officially sign a settlement agreement. Take into account the preliminary proposal as a negotiation tactic, and let an expert dog bite lawyer deal with insurance companies instead of you being in pursuit to ensure that you receive reasonable and sufficient compensation.

Will I be required to appear in Court in an Ontario Dog Bite Claim?

The law encourages both parties in dog bite lawsuits to settle to avoid the additional costs of going to court, although there are situations when this is just not an option. During a deposition, you can be required to have a declaration under oath not just whether your case goes to trial. Unless your matter proceeds to trial, you are not required to give public testimony. In any event, a lawyer can help you get ready for what follows afterward.

It is key that the process of investigation is followed up with the requisite information which you could be a proxy for. Shedding out the necessary information is key to beefing up your claim so that the same does not remain wingless. Every claim requires that piece of information that has evidentiary weight which will hold your case successful and your claim not be watered down. Being a great holder of information is a virtue that requires being kept close and abreast.

Get in touch with our Team of Attorneys for Assistance in Case of a Dog Bite

In our firm, we are aware of the difficulties you may have after suffering a serious dog bite wound, particularly if your kid was harmed. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys is available to assist you in pursuing compensation for the damage you have suffered as a consequence of your damage.

For a no-obligation engagement to go through the specifics of a dog bite, how the same impacted the victim's life and how we can help, get in touch with us right away online or at the number listed on our website. You don't have to pay a deposit because we deal with cases on a conditional fee basis. Alternatively, we take our costs out of any payment we make on your behalf. Additionally, you can simply contact us, as we have offices on both California coasts. We shall deliver the best outcome for your case.

While you concentrate on getting better, let our skilled attorneys handle the specifics relating to a dog attack lawsuit. Everyone hates getting bitten by a dog, but in the case where you or your kin were hurt, you probably have an onerous journey to healing that has to be noted. Indeed, several children of tender ages interact directly with dogs, which puts them at serious risk for facial injuries from dog attacks. Children may find the medical procedures frightening on their own, but when they get over the most frightening parts, they will have to cope of course as a result of the traumatic fallout.

Your youngster may want the assistance of a psychologist or counselor to assist them in dealing with the profound trauma of having been bitten by a gorgeous, fluffy puppy. Lour's qualified team of attorneys can look into the specifics concerning the dog attack compile pertinent paperwork, speak with witnesses, and assist you with the claims procedure. Additionally, lawyers take the dog attack claim seriously since they understand how to interact with and bargain with insurance providers. When you may employ a lawyer to follow up for you and assist you in pursuing retribution following a dog attack, don't stress yourself out over the details.

In Ontario, there is a fair probability that you will see at least a few dogs on any given day and practically everywhere. They might be seen strolling up Mount Rubidoux with their owners, having fun at the Ontario Dog Park, or just relaxing in the backyards of homes in La Sierra and Alessandro Heights.

However, there is always a chance of getting bitten by a dog in Ontario, regardless of where you come into contact with them. When young children, in particular, are unable to notice the warning signs that somehow a dog is becoming aggressive or about to attack, they put themselves in danger.

Dog bite victims in Ontario are represented by The Big Ben Law Firm. To speak with a knowledgeable dog bite attorney about your legal options for receiving compensation for dog bite injuries, get in touch with us right away.

If a dog bite causes harm to you or a loved one, you might also find the following responses to frequently asked questions helpful in making your decision.


Apply first aid first, and only then should you seek medical treatment. Infection is possible after a dog bite. You should never disregard the risk of catching rabies, a lethal virus that can be spread by a dog bite.

If the dog's owner was not present for the attack, inform them right away. Inquire about the dog's history of vaccinations. The owner is required by law to provide this information to you. Obtaining the owner's homeowner's insurance information may also be a good idea.

Last but not least, rabies is a common disease in California, and Ontario has been identified as a specific rabies-affected location. As a result, you must notify the animal control agency Ontario County Department of Animal Services about the bite. Not getting the dog or the owner in jail is not the goal of reporting; the goal is to stop the spread of rabies.


A dog attack victim may sustain a variety of wounds. Big Ben Law Firm has the knowledge and skills to pursue damages for Ontario dog attack survivors who sustain almost any harm, namely:

• Deep Bruises - A deep cut or tear in the skin or flesh can result in a life-altering infection and/or scarring.

• Thrombus - The victim of a dog attack may experience excruciating agony if blood vessels are damaged. The hematoma may need to be drained in extreme circumstances. Dog attack victims should be aware of the symptoms of potentially serious hematoma complications.

• Illnesses - In addition to being afraid that a dog might have rabies, victims of dog bites may also experience dangerous infections as a result of the wounds they get. Parents of children who have been bitten should keep a close eye on the wound sites for any indications of infection.

• Perforated wounds - Too frequently, dog bite victims sustain puncture wounds. These wounds are typically defensive wounds that appear on the victim's hands and arms. It should be emphasized, nevertheless, that sufferers can also sustain facial, neck, and head punctures.

• Broken bones - Seniors and kids who have been bitten by dogs frequently have broken bones. They might be caught off guard by a quick dog attack, which could cause them to fall and break bones. Surgery can be necessary to fix a victim's shattered bone.

Only these serve as examples. The staff at Big Ben Law Firm is here to assist with any harm a person experiences as a result of a dog bite in Ontario.


Injuries brought on by a dog bite are completely the responsibility of the dog owner under California law. According to strict responsibility, a dog owner is responsible for their losses and damages regardless of how reasonable their conduct was concerning the dog attack and whether they took (or didn't take) any preventative steps.

The homeowner's or renter's insurance of a dog owner may provide liability coverage in the event of a dog bite. Animal attack coverage is not typically included as standard in a homeowners' policy, though. Additionally, some policies don't cover assaults by specific dog breeds.

If a dog's owner is found to be without insurance, he or she may be required by law to pay your losses out of pocket.

In addition to the dog's owner, other persons, including the owners of any land where the attack took place, may be held legally liable for a dog attack. Property owners in California are required to take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of guests on their property, which may include restricting or alerting the public to a hazardous dog.

Finding everyone who might be liable to our clients legally is one of the most critical tasks we have at Big Ben Law Firm. In this manner, we can provide our clients the best chance to get the most money for their Ontario dog bite wounds.


Dog bites cost money. In the United States, there are more than 90 million dogs, under the Insurance Information Center (III). Records indicate that the expense of compensation claims for dog assaults and bites is rising. Each year, there are approximately 2,300 additional expenses for dog bite assaults in California alone.

Each dog bite lawsuit in Ontario has particular characteristics.

However, generally speaking, a lawsuit seeking compensation for a dog bite could lead to:

• Medical costs such as post-dog bite hospitalization, all future doctor visits related to the dog bites, surgical procedures (typically plastic surgery), physical therapy, painkillers or antibiotics, and mental health therapy.

• Earnings and salaries. You might have to take time out of work the day after a dog bit you to heal your wounds. Simply because a dog bit you and you were forced to miss work, you shouldn't lose money. Even if your injuries have sufficiently healed for you to go back to work, you might need to take some time off to see a doctor for further care. You can estimate and include the times you lose as a result of doctor appointments in your claim.

• Agony and anguish. Dog bites hurt a much. As contrasted to the mental suffering you could experience as a result of a dog bite, the physical pain produced by attacks and the damage they result in may be insignificant. People frequently come to fear all dogs, and some even come to fear leaving their homes. If the victim is a child, these problems could be more severe.

Depending on the extent of the victim's injuries, the quality of the evidence substantiating the claim, and the amount of money available typically through insurance, to pay damages, the amount of damage an Ontario dog bite survivor may obtain can vary.

Our team at Big Ben Law Firm works assiduously to pinpoint all the ways a dog attack injured our client to get the highest amount of compensation possible in every case.


In most situations, the dog's owner must place the pet in a 10-day quarantine. This quarantine can frequently be carried out at the owner's house. The regional animal control department may seize ownership of the dog and order quarantine at a veterinary clinic, shelter, or kennel where another dog remains segregated from other animals and people, though, if research demonstrates the dog may have rabies.

Some victims are hesitant to file a dog bite report out of concern that the dog will be put down. Although the law requires the reporting of dog bites, it is uncommon for a dog bite report to result in the euthanization of the dog, unless the dog has rabies or was determined to be a threat to the public's safety following an inquiry and, upon the owner's request, a hearing.

In other words, don't let your concern that the dog might bite you prevent you from informing the Ontario County Department of Animal Services about a dog bite. The main goal of the reporting requirement is to protect the general populace, you, as well as the dog against rabies.


It is feasible but uncommon. For instance:

Dog owners who abuse or are cruel to their pets may be charged under Penal Code 597. • Under Penal Code 399, any dog owner may be charged with the crime of failing to control a hazardous animal.

• Penal Code 597 also addresses dogfighting because this can result in a dangerous dog.

It is much more probable that dog owners who don't control their pets will be subject to civil sanctions, most commonly fines. Following Ontario's animal control laws, dog owners must obtain a license, keep their pets on leashes while in public, and keep them from straying off their property.

For the owner of a dog who bites someone, additional laws and ordinances may lead to criminal prosecution or civil fines. Though it is not your job to pursue criminal sanctions against a dog owner, you should keep in mind that criminal charges have no bearing on your right to bring a claim and seek damages.


Not at all.

Receiving money in Ontario in exchange for failing to report a dog bite can be illegal. It would, at least, jeopardize your legal compensation claim, leaving you helpless if your injuries turn out to be more serious than you previously believed.

Attempting to renegotiate or otherwise handle the financial components of the compensation owing to you on your own is generally never a good idea. You may have valuable legal rights, but to protect them and make the most of them, you'll need the expertise of a qualified dog bite lawyer who is conversant with California law and understands how to negotiate with insurance companies to achieve the best settlement possible.

Always get legal advice from a knowledgeable dog bite attorney, such as the staff at Big Ben Law Firm, before accepting any offer of compensation for your damages, whether it comes from the dog owner personally or the owner's insurance provider.


We get why some victims of dog bites worry about the expense of engaging an attorney, but they shouldn't.

Big Ben Law Firm offers free initial consultations with no commitment to proceed.

Additionally, whenever we and a client decide to collaborate, we consistently defend our clients on contingent charges. This implies that we do not cost our clients on an hourly basis or require an upfront retainer. Instead, we deduct our costs from any proceeds we obtain for our client. We are only compensated if our client is compensated, in other words.


Dog bites can cause serious trauma, particularly to children. If a dog bit you in Ontario, you should be compensated, and an experienced attorney can help.

Call Big Ben Law Firm at the Ontario location immediately away to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and alternatives following a dog bite that causes you or a loved one harm.



We want to know your experience if a dog bit you or a loved one. Our Ontario neighbors who were harmed by vicious dog attacks have been the focus of our arduous efforts at Big Ben Law Firm to seek damages. Let's see if we can assist you, shall we? To schedule a free consultation, call us at the numbers listed online or use the contact form. Get in touch with us.

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Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

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