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Have you been hurt in an auto accident?

Have you ever fallen in Riverside and been hurt?

Maybe you were bitten by a dog in Metropolitan Park? And were you struck by a car while walking in Riverside?

You have rights regardless of where your accident occurred. After a terrible injury, our knowledgeable attorneys in Riverside could help safeguard those rights and make sure you get the compensation you are due.

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The most populated city in California is Riverside, which also has the biggest land area of any city in the 48 contiguous states. Accidents are certain to occur given their scale. Victims of preventable accidents who sustain unnecessary injuries may be entitled to compensation from the parties at fault.

Whether you or a beloved one has been hurt as a result of the deeds or omission of another individual or group, you may be entitled to various legal remedies to seek compensation for your losses. You must think forward and consider how the long-term physical, financial, and psychological effects of your injury may impact you and your household as you concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

If necessary, our Riverside personal injury lawyers can help you navigate the personal injury lawsuit and lawsuit filing processes and fight for the highest possible settlement on your behalf. This will depend on the details of your case. Call our Riverside personal injury lawyers right now.

What is the Rationale for Choosing our Legal Representation?

The physical harm injury attorneys on our team put up a lot of effort to defend the legal rights of our clients. Big Ben Lawyers take great satisfaction in standing up for your interests across a whole injury claim or suit in Riverside as well as the surrounding areas because as Big Ben Lawyers, we are aware of the hurdles and problems you encounter as a sufferer of a personal injury.

In a variety of situations, Big Ben Lawyers have successfully battled for our client’s compensation.

You can rest a little better knowing you have a group of skilled Riverside personal injury attorneys on your side, even though past performance is no guarantee of future success.

Our firm’s distinguished attorneys are aware of how challenging and uncertain life might seem following a major injury event. Our firm’s objective is to offer our clients frank, diligent legal counsel and struggle for the highest amount of compensation they are entitled to. In a Complimentary initial consultation, one of our top-rated attorneys will contact you one-on-one to go over your incident and the damage you sustained. Then, with our assistance, you may assess your legal options and select the one that will be appropriate for yourself and your destiny.

Big Ben Lawyers have years of expertise representing clients in personal injury cases, and as Big Ben Lawyers, we know how to move through Riverside’s somewhat challenging legal system. Riverside is a convenient location for our office. Old Augustine Road and Philips Highway are both only a few blocks away from us. Our attorneys are Riverside natives who are familiar with the neighborhoods, insurance providers, legal systems, and judges who will be involved in your case. Don’t depend like that on any law firm. You require a law office that is always available and prepared to advocate for you.

You can learn more about your options and rights from the knowledgeable attorneys at our prestigious firm. Get in touch with us right now for a private, free case examination.

What Considerations Are Put in Place to Assess the Value of My Claim?

The settlement amount for which you might be eligible will largely rely on how serious your injuries were and how they have affected and will continue to affect your life. The painstaking process of calculating the damages sustained must be done while keeping in mind your impairments and the nuances of personal injury legislation.

An integral part of making a personal injury claim is providing an initial estimate of damages. It offers details so that you and everyone else who is interested can comprehend the difficulties you have sustained. This is a crucial tool in mediation sessions, and any mistakes or omissions could prevent you from receiving payment for the genuine losses you have incurred. A personal accident lawyer has the knowledge and tools to ensure that you strive for the highest amount of compensation in your case and can help you navigate this process.

The Scope of Extension of Damages in Bodily Harm

• Your distress and misery from the incident and injuries, including psychological trauma;

• Your loss of human connection or consortium;

• Effects on your life’s quality of life as well as enjoyment of life;

• Compensation for the wrongful death of a cherished one;

• Revenue lost and implications on your potential to make a living now and in the future;

• Your pain and suffering from the accident and injuries including emotional distress;

• Disadvantage of companionship or consortium;

• Effects on your life’s quality of life or satisfaction with life;

• In exceptional cases, punitive

Our team of attorneys is best placed to handle your claim to its conclusion and to bring out your best outcome.

How old has the claimant been at the time of the accident? Will the accident leave them with long-term disabilities? How much did they make before getting hurt as well as how likely is it that they’ll resume making the same amount? How bad were the wounds? How much suffering was experienced as a result of the damage, the medical procedures needed to treat it, and any lifelong aftereffects of the injury? Not to mention the most crucial factor of them all: how much coverage does the responsible party have?

Issues of injury to the person settlements and awards are paid by insurance. Even while you could sue an uninsured individual and maybe win, many individuals are not able to foot the bill for another person’s medical bills out of pocket. In this circumstance, collecting your prize is exceedingly challenging.

The worth of a claim is influenced by all of these elements as well as numerous more.

Our qualified team of attorneys handling issues of bodily hurt can help you in various ways including the ones subsequently delved into.

First, in establishing a valuation for your lawsuit based on the effects and costs of your injuries. In addition to those you will probably encounter; determines all sources of culpability and all coverage resources that can provide you with compensation.

The benefit package should cover your entire lifetime if the impact of your injury will last a lifetime.

Contact our team of duly qualified attorneys to help you in pursuing your claim.

What is the Essence of Retaining our Team of Attorneys? 

Following a tragedy, you can be too distracted by your wounds to think about defending your legal rights. However, your chances of successfully recovering your damages in your case increase the faster you can safeguard your rights with the aid of an attorney dealing in personal damage to the body.

Our Team

Every worker’s compensation case is different, so you must pursue yours with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding it, individual injuries, and the laws that apply to it. Any omission or mistake made following an accident might cause your claim to be delayed, receive an unfair settlement offer, or be unexpectedly denied.

When filing a claim, a personal injury attorney from our firm will act as your representative and represent your interests when dealing with insurance companies, negligent parties, and other parties with competing interests.

contact a personal injury attorney working for our firm for something like free legal assistance. Please reach out to our team.


When you work with our group of lawyers, you may anticipate that your legal team will:

Carry out our Preliminary Circumstantial Investigation of your Matter

A competent injury case requires evidence. However, you are not required to conduct your research. You can let your attorney handle that. Our attorneys’ first task in every case they handle is to determine how the client sustained any wounds and who might be held legally liable to compensate them for their losses. This can be a simple task at times. Sometimes Big Ben Lawyers need forensic specialists to assist us in sorting through the evidence. In either situation, Big Ben Lawyers strive to fully comprehend the details of a situation to ensure that as Big Ben Lawyers, we are familiar with them from front to back.

To strengthen your case, they will utilize and gather the following details:

A report on the collision. The location, date, and time of your accident are all listed in this paper. It might also identify the person the policeman believed was responsible for the incident.

The medical history you have provided. The insurance provider will demand evidence that you were injured. Your medical care records not only prove that, but they also describe the many kinds of injuries you sustained.

Witness accounts. Determine how your accident occurred by listening to witness testimony. Big Ben Lawyers might speak with those who witnessed your accident in person. To further elucidate the specifics of your circumstance, Big Ben Lawyers might additionally speak with outside area experts such as experts in accident reconstruction.

Establishing the Amount for Due Compensation

You may have a general idea of how much your lawsuit is valued. However, you shouldn’t leave anything out when negotiating a settlement. Our injury experts will assess the financial implications of your losses depending on:

Your testimony, the extent of your injuries, the time you missed working, your out-of-pocket expenses, your expected recovery time, and the medical care you needed

Big Ben Lawyers might also look at other factors, such as how cases like yours ended up.

Discussion and Settlement of the Compensation Amount

Personal hurt protection insurance will frequently cover your injury-related costs. You can have trouble acquiring what you need even if you file a claim through your insurer, though. This is so that they may make money selling policies rather than by covering claimants’ damages.

Our staff at Big Ben Lawyers have years of expertise defending injury claimants, and we’re now prepared to use that experience for you. Along with filing a claim and negotiating an insurance payout, Big Ben Lawyers will also defend your legal rights and safeguard you against bad-faith insurance practices. To get Big Ben Lawyers’ services, get in touch with us at any time of the day.

To carry out Case and Representation if Litigation Arises

Several damage lawsuits are settled outside of court through talks. But if appropriate, Big Ben Lawyers are prepared to initiate and pursue legal action. Cross-examining witnesses, taking depositions, including utilizing the law in your case are all aspects of litigation. You may rely on us to handle every aspect of any potential litigation.

What are the Categories of Cases Dealt with by Our Firm?

At Big Ben Lawyers, we defend clients who sustain injuries as a result of several accidents. Any harm to a victim that was brought on by accidental or deliberate conduct that was the blame of another is covered under personal injury law.

Personal injury cases can result from a variety of injuries

The two types of cases involving personal injuries that happen most frequently, in the opinion of many people, are car accidents and slip-and-fall occurrences. However, numerous more scenarios give rise to an accident victim’s legal entitlement to sue the parties at fault for damages. Many times, victims are shocked to hear that they may be entitled to compensation even when someone intentionally does them injury.

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Do Big Ben Lawyers Handle in Riverside County?

Our firm deals with personal injury cases resulting from the following accidents:

Automobile Related Accidents

Any auto collision can result in unforeseen injuries that present a lifetime challenge for the victims. You may be entitled to compensation from the insurance or at-fault party if you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle collision that another person caused.

Accidental Tripping and Falls

An injury to the person’s claim or litigation may result from a slip and fall in a store, a stumble on the pavement, or any other incident that injures you while you’re on someone else’s property.

Motorbike Related Injuries

The majority of motorcycle collisions end in severe injuries or fatalities. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorbike accident, you may be eligible to file a claim for financial compensation for your losses.

Walker or cycling accidents

You run a higher risk of being hurt by careless drivers if you walk or ride beside the roads. You are entitled to compensation for your losses if you suffer injuries in an incident with a motor vehicle.

Riding-sharing accidents

Many people now frequently use ride-sharing services to meet their transportation demands. Unfortunately, accidents can occur in ride-sharing vehicles, and when they do, it can be challenging to determine who is at fault and who must pay for your damages.

Trucking accidents

Every day, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other sizable commercial vehicles share the same highways as passenger cars. Truck accidents, potentially caused by these large vehicles, can have profound, life-altering impacts on survivors and their families.

Negligence in Medical Practice and Related Injuries

When going to medical professionals for assistance with your healthcare, if something goes wrong, you can find yourself in a worse situation than before because a professional or another staff member provided negligent care to you. The livelihoods of many people are impacted by medical negligence. Anyone may be eligible for monetary damages under the law if you or a beloved one experiences harm while receiving medical treatment from a facility or provider.

The sexism of clerics

Religious institutions and persons in positions of authority have long engaged in abusive behavior. When these institutions fail to safeguard their membership and other the general public, they may be held accountable for the consumers, emotional, and physical harm to the victims.

Hazardous substances or equipment

Pharmaceutical firms frequently have many prescription drugs and medical gadgets on the marketplace, which might adversely affect their consumers. You may be entitled to monetary support for your damages if you suffer an injury while using medical equipment recommended by a physician or while using a prescription drug.

Accidents during childbirth

Many moms and their newborns experience childbirth as a complex and risky ordeal. If your care providers were negligent while providing you with treatment, you might be eligible to pursue compensation for your losses if you or your kid suffers injuries during childbirth.

Neglect or abuse in nursing homes

The community’s senior citizens’ families rely on nursing homes to provide for their needs on a general level. Unfortunately, it happens frequently that these homes’ staff members mistreat or mistreat their patients. You may be entitled to reimbursement for the damages and harms you and your cherished one have experienced if you believe your beloved one has been injured by nursing facility neglect or abuse incurred.

Compensation for employees

Workplace accidents are quite prevalent, particularly in specific areas like construction, but compensating them under workers’ compensation can be confusing for people who have been hurt. A personal injury attorney can help you with a workers’ remuneration insurance claim and notify you of any other legal choices you might have.

The exploitation of people

Human trafficking victims must reconstruct their life after enduring terrible injuries and abuse while being held, hostage. Although traffickers frequently face criminal penalties, other parties may also be liable in civil lawsuits. If you can prove that someone helped or participated in these horrifying atrocities through either negligence or inaction, the responsible party may be held heavily liable.

Riverside has several different ways that someone else can be hurt by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior. One of the most significant percentages of mortality from unintentional injuries occurs in California.

However, just because someone was negligent and reckless without intending to damage others does not absolve them of paying for the costs and changes to the victim’s quality of life that resulted from the injury.


The accident lawyers at our firm know how perplexing and stressful this period is for you if you were hurt in a Riverside accident that was someone else’s fault. Here are some of the most often-asked questions regarding Riverside claims for personal injury from our customers. Contact us today for more detailed information about your situation.

Which Law Governs a Bodily Hurt Matters?

Personal injury law, often known as tort law, is a collection of statutory laws that give you a chance to pursue compensation from the person or organization whose negligence or recklessness led to an accident that injured you.

If you are hurt in a collision, you can make a third-party claim against the responsible party’s insurance coverage. Insurance providers, however, are in the profession of safeguarding their profits, and one tactic they might employ to do this is to delay paying out claims.

You may file a lawsuit for personal injury to get your money back if the negligent party’s insurance company refuses to settle your claim or makes an inadequate settlement offer for the costs and effects of your injuries. Since litigation is costly, filing the claim frequently prompts the insurer company to start treating settlement talks more seriously.

However, if a settlement deal is not reached by the time the matter gets to trial, your lawyer for personal injury can file a lawsuit on your behalf and help you seek recompense in a court of law.

How is our Team Ready to Help you Attain your Compensation?

In Riverside, there are many different ways that someone could get hurt, but one of the most common is in a car accident on one of the city’s congested roadways. A personal injury attorney typically understands the laws governing various categories of accidents or practice areas.

Typical medical negligence practice areas include the following.:

Accidents involving motor vehicles include pedestrians, motorbikes, bicycles, commercial trucks, buses, ride-sharing cars, pickup trucks, or sport utility vehicles. The personal injury attorneys in our Firm also take situations involving boats or airplanes.

Medical malpractice is the inability of a medical provider to meet the level of care owed to patients, including a psychiatrist, nurses, dentists, chiropractic, or even a medical facility. Medical negligence claims frequently entail a mistake that caused injury to the patient, including a delayed or postponed prognosis, a surgical mistake, a pharmaceutical error, certain congenital disabilities, or the omission of gathering the patient’s full medical history.

Defects in products describe everyone in the production process’s obligation to guarantee that a commodity does not represent an unreasonably significant injury risk when used by the instructions on its packaging. Injury or death resulting from faulty food, toys for kids, auto components, medical gadgets, or drugs is common in product liability claims.

Occupational safety hazards are the owner’s or possessor’s duty to preserve their home, industrial, or public property free from dangers that could damage visitors. Slip and fall accidents are the most frequent premises liability injuries in Riverside. Other examples of premises liability lawsuits include those involving dog attacks, malfunctioning or improperly maintained escalators or lifts, fire or floods of the property, mold liability, and injuries or deaths brought on by swimming pool incidents.

Matters of Workmen Recompense. The majority of firms in California are required to buy workers’ compensation insurance on behalf of their workers. Workers’ compensation is a type of no-fault insurance policy. After a working injury, this policy will pay for medical costs and lost wages. Most wounded employees cannot sue their employers or coworkers for personal injury in consideration of this coverage. You may, however, bring a personal injury claim if a hazardous event resulted from negligence or recklessness on the side of an unaffiliated third party.

Medical Malpractices of Nursing Fraternity. Residents of nursing homes in the United States have rights that are federally protected, such as the right to be involved in individual and medical decisions, the right to be informed of an impending transfer or room start changing, and the right to live a dignified life free from abuse, unequal treatment, and chemical restraint.

Which Range of Compensation Can I Obtain Upon Successful Claim?

California’s personal injury claims procedure permits the collection of both monetary and non-monetary damages. Recovering damages entails receiving compensation for the economic, non-monetary, and non-economic costs associated with your accident.

Damages that are frequently obtained in a personal injury case include the following:

Medical costs, lost pay, diminished earning potential, property damage, emotional discomfort, and reduced quality of life are some examples.

Are such injuries Subject to Timelines under Statutory Limitation?

In California, plaintiffs typically have four years from the accident’s date to submit their claim. However, under certain conditions, that period may be shortened, as in claiming a government organization, or it may be an extended-for example if the applicant was indeed a minor whenever the crash happened or did not become aware of the harm for some time. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can let you know if your case falls under the exception of the limitation of liability.

Your injuries from an accident may require a long time to heal. Your ability to concentrate on your compensation claim will be hampered by the time you heal from your injuries.

According to the rules of any state, you are subject to, you often have a certain period, known as the statute of limitations, to bring the case that would enable you to get financial compensation for your injuries. Additionally, there are specific guidelines for what constitutes punitive damages and restrictions on your rights to damages in a personal injury case under any state’s legislation. The personal injury attorney you trust with your case can help you establish a schedule and ensure the deadline for filing your claim is not missed.

Make sure you call us today just in case you or your beloved one is a victim of such injuries. Big Ben Lawyers shall give you a free-of-charge consultation.

What means will I employ under Evidence?

To demonstrate that another party was responsible for your losses, you must:

• You owed the negligent party an obligation of care. A reasonable person’s response to identical circumstances to avoid injury to property or individuals is referred to as their duty of care.

•You incurred costs and consequences due to the losses you sustained in the accident because the at-fault person violated the responsibility for care through their actions or inaction.

Shall I be required to Testify in Court in Such Cases?

A proposed settlement negotiated by you and with a party’s insurance company is a systematic way of dispute resolution in personal injury lawsuits because the overwhelming majority of them are settled before they ever set foot inside a courtroom. Your matter will most likely be settled outside of court as well. Not all disputes are resolved.

Nobody can foresee which cases will go to trial, but if someone else does, you need a lawyer who is equally at home battling for your rights in court as they are in settlement talks. Throughout the years, California personal injury cases have benefited from our commitment and resources. Our firm is in a position to assist you in resolving any dispute, whether it be through litigation or negotiation.

Is the Compensation Amount Subject to Taxation?

Payment for a personal injury claim is not considered income by the Treasury Department and is not taxed as a result. Punitive damages are an exception, though. In individual injury cases, courts may grant punitive damages as a financial penalty for the defendant’s egregiously careless actions rather than as compensation for the costs and effects of the accident. The IRS taxes the compensation because it is unrelated to the injury itself.

One more tax point: if you deduct injury-related medical costs from your tax bill and then obtained reimbursement for those costs, you must repay the deduction.

Can I do Self Representation, or is it Necessary to have an Attorney in such Cases?


Why Do I Need A Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer?

To ensure you receive the most amount of compensation possible, a lawyer brings several valuable assets to the table, including:


Even by the time professional personal injury attorney begins to work on your case, they have spent years getting the training they need for the job and much longer helping injured people get the compensation they are legally entitled to in California. Our firm has assisted thousands of clients in recouping losses. Legal issues are complex. Insurance issues are intricate. Medical problems are intricate. Expertise is essential.


When you engage with a personal injury attorney on your case, the choices are yours. Your lawyer helps you make an informed choice by utilizing their understanding of the legal system.


The knowledgeable legal team at our firm has the resources to dedicate to your matter, including a vast network of business specialists in numerous industries who can offer advice or even testify as needed. You are not responsible for paying for our professional representation until your case is resolved successfully since Big Ben Lawyers operate on a contingency-fee-basis.

Allow our injury litigators at our firm to assist you in securing compensation for the consequences of your accident on your finances and mental health at Riverside.

How do I Approach the Insurance Company?

Insurance companies frequently reject legitimate claims. Whenever they do, they are required to submit a documented justification. If the insurance provider rejects your application, Big Ben Lawyers can assess the grounds for the rejection and proceed from there. Adding to the information or suing the responsible person may fall under this category.

The Effects of Such Injuries on the Victim’s Life and Livelihood

Personal injuries are unpleasant and may take a long time to recover from and be rehabilitated. You may experience mental and emotional difficulties due to the crash and its aftermath, in addition to the physical anguish and limits on your body that result from your injuries. The cost of your medical care, including hospital treatment, professional follow-ups, healing, and therapy, can pile up rapidly and put a strain on your resources and those of your family.

If you sustain severe injuries, you may miss work for weeks or months and have your income reduced or eliminated; if you experience terrible injuries, your life could never be the same. Even in circumstances of minor physical injuries, your inability to carry out your regular work responsibilities will probably influence your ability to make money today and in the future.

The effects that an injury could have on every part of a victim’s life frequently astound them. There are various ways by which an incident can fundamentally alter your life and bring you stress and difficulty, from relationships to financial commitments, loss of freedom, and learning how to cope with a lifetime ailment or damage.

What are the Factors leading to these Injuries at Riverside?

Each accident’s pre-accident conditions are distinct. The circumstances surrounding an accident play a significant role in determining who is at fault and responsible for the harm and losses inflicted. The overwhelming of cases involving personal injuries result from one or more parties’ negligence.

A party failing to respect the responsibility of care given to another person is referred to in law as being negligent. You are responsible for caring for many of the connections and roles you hold in daily life. There are legal requirements that an injured person must complete to prove that a party committed negligence.

The following components of carelessness must be proven by claimants in personal injury claims:

• The responsible party had a responsibility to the plaintiff.

• The responsible party violated the responsibility for care by acting carelessly in the context.

The breach brought forth the accident.

• The plaintiff sustained damages and injuries as a result of the accident.

Once carelessness has been proven, the at-fault person will probably have to pay you back for the losses you received due to the accident and the injuries you sustained.

Our firm offers skilled physical harm attorneys in Riverside

Contact our team through our online platform or one of the numbers listed on our website if you lost a loved one in an accident that could have been avoided or if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence.

A member of our staff will review the details of your case and any potential legal options you may have to pursue total compensation for the overall amount of your injuries.

The financial strain and sometimes misery that comes with experiencing severe injuries when another person caused the accident should not be put on the shoulders of car accident survivors and their families. You should have the chance to pursue damages for damages associated with the accident, your injuries, and your pain and suffering if you were hurt in a Largo automobile accident as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The committed legal staff at our firm is aware of the difficulties you are facing and wants to help you get through the healing process while you concentrate on getting well and getting back to work. For a free replacement evaluation to go over the specifics of your Largo auto crash, how you sustained injuries that have affected your life, and how Big Ben Lawyers’ skilled team of attorneys can help you win your claim, contact us using your online contact form or give us a call at any of the numbers listed on Big Ben Lawyers website.

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