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Growing up, my mother said to me: “some good always comes out of every bad.” But when Ethan’s mom wheeled his 18 year-old body into our office that day, I thought my mother was finally wrong. Ethan’s only crime was that he crossed the street against a “Don’t Walk” sign. The driver of the taxi, too busy texting to look at the road, crashed into Ethan. His tall body flew on top of the hood and his head smashed through the windshield.

As I looked at Ethan in my office, he stared at me intently, but I could see that he did not understand a single word between me and his mother. Now his mother, Marie, was a saint. Since the accident, she worked 12 hours a day to be able to pay for Ethan’s medical care. She then rushed home each night, fed Ethan, gave the teenager a bath, and fell, exhausted, into bed. She did this day in and day out with no breaks. She was so tired, she had fallen asleep in our conference room while waiting to see our team. Marie needed help. Ethan needed help. And I was honored that they chose my firm to protect them.

The defense did everything they could to avoid paying Ethan. Hoping to find someone who would help them deny our claim, they sent investigators to the homes surrounding the area of the crash. They eventually found a “witness” and alleged that she saw Ethan jump in front of the car. I took that witness’s deposition and it turned out to be a homeless man she had seen running into the street hours before Ethan even got there. Good try insurance company.

The case went on like this for two years. But after crushing each frivolous defense the insurance company could think of, they folded to us and were forced to pay millions of dollars for what they did to Ethan.

In the end, I realized that my mother was not wrong, there was some good that came out of Ethan’s case: Ethan’s mom shined. Her son, who took her for granted, experienced true motherly love. Because of the therapy and care provided by our office, Ethan improved and now has a shot at a bright future. Through it all, Ethan developed an incredible and lasting bond with his mother. As for Marie, she no longer has to work 12-hour shifts for seven days a week. Most importantly, she can finally rest knowing that Ethan has enough financial support that he will be taken care of for the rest of his life.



- Benjamin Charchian


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