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Personal injury attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers have established a reputation reaching countrywide as being the leading personal injury lawyers with an in-depth understanding of personal injury law. Our win rates for our clients are in millions of dollars awarded to our clients either in settlements or verdicts.

Our success rate and years of experience have been recognized by our clients and fellow peers. We are therefore here for those who have tragically been involved in personal injuries regardless of the compacity of the personal claim.

Should you or your loved one have sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident, an injury sustained at the workplace or having a hard time dealing with the insurance companies who have been busy calling following the car accident, you have an important decision to make regarding who to choose as your personal injury lawyers. We at Big Ben Lawyers are a personal injury law firm and we can give you the best possible legal representation you can rest assured that your personal injury case is being dealt with by experts.

Is there a need for a personal injury attorney  in Glendale CA?

Yes. If you are a victim of personal injury as a result of a car accident, big rig accident, work injury accident or injury from defective produces, your chances of winning your case on your own against big companies and insurance companies are low, and chances of getting the full compensation that you deserve are dismal at best. That is why you need a seasoned personal injury attorney who can handle your personal injury lawsuit and deal with them at an expert level. There are legal requirements that need to be met along the way in order to win your case. If you lack the necessary knowledge and skill to meet these legal requirements, your case might end up getting dismissed on legal technicalities, and away goes your compensation.
The personal injury law and the procedure involved are complex and confusing. The insurance companies know this and they take advantage of the fact that most people do not know the law. They approach victims with potential personal injury claims and propose to settle the matter quickly.
Their offer might sound appealing at first, after all, they are great sweet talkers. They might try to convince your that rather than waiting for a case that takes years in court, why not accept their generous offer right now and settle all your medical bills, especially given that you have not been able to work due to the accident. Their offer might sound good in the short term. Yes, their so-called generous offer may be able to settle your medical expenses presently, but there are also medical expenses that you will have to incur in the future. Also, the fact that your injuries might have made you lose your earning capacity means that you won’t earn as you used to before the accident. What will you do then?
At Big Ben Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers already know what kind of compensation you deserve and will make sure to claim all of it from the at-fault party. Damages/compensation for your pain and suffering, lost income, future income, and all other damages will be included in your personal injury claim.

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What can a personal injury attorney do for you?

1. Trace all those persons responsible for your injuries

Whenever an accident happens, the most obvious person to be blamed for the accident is the driver. The driver is the first person to be sued for compensation for the injuries sustained due to the accident. For the victims of car accidents who have decided to file a personal injury lawsuit on their own, they might simply sue the driver alone. However, how much compensation can you really recover from a driver? Even if the court awards you millions in damages, can the driver have financial resources lying around? Quite possibly not. That is why you need to trace as many persons as possible who are to blame for your accident. The driver could have been the most proximate cause of the accident, but what about the employer? What if there was a manufacturing defect in some part of the car that cause the accident? Can’t you sue the car manufacturer too? What if the accident occurred due to bad roads? Can’t you sue the city too?
It is the job of experienced truck accident attorneys to ensure that each and every person responsible for your injuries is sued and compensation claimed to form them too.

2. Do an estimate of the value of your claim

It is important to know how much compensation you are entitled to claim from the at-fault parties. Before you make a decision on whether to accept an offer for settlement from the defendant’s insurance companies, you need to know how much compensation you would stand to receive in court versus how much the insurance company is offering to you. If you do not know how much compensation, you may find yourself accepting a piecemeal offer for settlement from the insurance companies. In the process, you will sign away the right to ever sue them again in court for your injuries from the car accident even if you discover later how much compensation you were entitled to. Therefore, a personal injury attorney can help you not make very costly mistakes that you might end up regretting for the rest of your life.

3. Engage in tough negotiations with the insurance companies on settlement

The insurance companies are quite a sly bunch. They will approach you with offers for settlement using sweet words. However, you should always know that they do not care about you. All they want is to pay you as little compensation as possible, or nothing at all. They can send their own adjusters to bully you into accepting their meager compensation offer or drop your entire claim. If you do not know your rights or have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, you will end up being a victim twice. A victim of the car accident and a victim of being deprived of your rightful compensation. You need the best personal injury lawyer who can engage in tough negotiations on your behalf and ensure that whatever compensation you receive is what you deserve.

4. Provide you with legal representation in court

If you decide that the settlement offer offered by the insurance company is nowhere close to giving you the compensation that you deserve, it is your right to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit in court. A seasoned personal injury attorney with years of experience handling personal injury trials will is exactly who you need.
At Big Ben Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling personal injury lawsuits and trying them in court. We are always ready to represent you in court if that is where you will get the compensation that you deserve.

What kind of personal injury claims can Big Ben Lawyers handle?

Big Ben Law Firm has an entire personal injury litigation team dedicated to handling PI claims and lawsuits.

We have decades of experience and expertise in handling personal injury claims. Over time, we have developed all the necessary techniques to ensure that win your personal injury claim and get your compensation.

The following are the type of injury claims that we regularly handle:

1.   Truck relayed Accidents

Our Big Ben Lawyers truck accident lawyers pride ourselves on having a great reputation as leading in truck-related accident litigations.

Our clients include all road users including motorists, pedestrians, passengers, and truck drivers who end up sustaining serious injuries as a result of auto accidents.

We can represent you as you seek your compensation from any at-fault party including truck companies, insurance companies, or any third party who shares liability in causing the accident in which you got injured.

Truck accident claims can be confusing and complicated. Therefore, truck accident claims need the careful and attentive hands of our experienced truck accident lawyers.

2.   Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common kind of accidents and they end up inflicting various kinds of injuries to the accident victims. The injuries involved due to car accidents end up getting treated in hospitals. The medical bills start building up.

You will then need a source of funds to pay off all those medical costs. However, the insurance claims process can be quite complicated as you may not be properly informed on your rights or how to go about making your insurance claim in order to recover your compensation for your injuries.

While you are stumbling your way around, the insurance company will sniff out the ignorance of your rights and make you a pitiful offer settlement. Not knowing what amount of compensation you deserve; you might end up accepting their meager offer for settlement which is by far less than you deserve.

It is for this reason that you need to consult our car accident attorneys at Big Ben Law Firm and be properly advised before you accept any settlement offers from insurance companies.

Regardless of which road user you are: be it a car driver, a truck driver, a pedestrian, a cyclist, or any other, our Big Ben personal injury lawyers will take care of your personal injury claim while you focus on your own recovery.

3. Claims for compensation by workers

If you got injured while at work, it is your right to claim and be awarded workers’ compensation.

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to settle the medical costs and the income that you lost due to the accident in which you got injured.

Your employer due to ignorance, spite, or simply lack of cooperation might choose not to assist you in making your workers’ compensation claim. The Workers' compensation insurance might end up denying your compensation for some technical reason which will leave you to pay for medical bills out of your own pocket.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers at always on standby and willing to give you the necessary assistance as you make your workers’ compensation claim.

In the process, upon listening to your case we will be able to tell if there is a need to file a personal injury claim against any third party who may be responsible for the injuries that you sustained.

4. Premises Liability Claims

It is the responsibility of the owners of various premises including business premises to always ensure that their premises are safe from any hazards that might injure those who enter the premises.

However, if the owner of the premises fails in their duty to ensure that the premises are free of hazards and in the process, a visitor of the premises ends up getting injured, the injured visitor may file a premises liability claim against the owner of the premises and claim compensation for the injuries sustained.

The kind of injuries that can be sustained in premises liability claims include slip and fall accidents, dog bites, etc. Premises liability claims can be complex should you choose to handle your claim on your own. It is much easier and in your best interest to have a premises liability attorney on your side who can assist you.

It is the responsibility of our premises liability attorneys to gather the necessary evidence to show that the premises were unsafe hence causing the accident and your subsequent injuries.

We can file a premises liability lawsuit against those who are liable be it your neighbor, business owner, local government, etc.

5. Product Liability Claims

It is the natural presumption of every customer who purchases a product that the product is safe to use as it was manufactured by the manufacturer. But is that always true? No. In some instances, the consumers of various products end up getting injuries as a result of using or consuming the defective products. The consumer of the defective product will have to undergo emergency treatment for the injuries sustained and also end up paying medical bills for the same. At the same time, while undergoing treatment, the injured person will not be able to work hence the income for the period of being sick is lost.

The injured accident victims have the right to sue the manufacturer of the defective product and claim compensation for medical bills lost income and also for pain and suffering endured while injured.

Our product liability attorneys at Big Ben Attorneys have been involved in several lawsuits and claims against manufacturers of various defective products in which our clients ended up getting injured upon using the defective products. An example of defective products includes medical products, medical devices, motor vehicle parts, and other products sold in the market.

6. Medical Malpractice Claims

It is the duty of healthcare providers to ensure that every patient who receives medical treatment receives the best treatment according to the required standards prescribed in the law or various policies.

However, this duty is not always upheld and a patient who went to the hospital expecting to recover from whatever injuries or illness ends up getting more injuries instead due to the negligence of the medical practitioners treating him/her. In some cases, the patient does not survive the fresh injuries sustained from the botched medical procedure and ends up dying.

Our Big Ben Lawyers medical malpractice attorneys can listen to your case and find out who was responsible, with the help of our own experts in the medical field.

It can take time to establish a case in a medical negligence claim. It is always best to reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can task our experts to collect the necessary evidence while it is still fresh. Building a strong medical malpractice case or any other case is vital to ensure your chances of success.

No two personal injury cases are the same. Each of them is unique and with its own complications. It is always in your best interest that we become aware of such complications so that we can determine how to handle them as soon as possible. If there is a need to investigate additional at-fault parties such as manufacturers of defective products or seek other evidence from government officers such as occupational safety compliance reports from OSHA, it is best that we do so well within time. Therefore, you need to call us as soon as possible.

What is the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Glendale CA?

We at Big Ben Lawyers appreciate the fact that you and your loved ones are undergoing a hard time and financial strain having spent a lot on medical bills while being unable to work and earn income at the same time. It is for this very reason that we provide our personal injury legal services on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that you need not pay us a penny unless we win your case for you.

All you need to do is call us for a free consultation, give us all the information and documents that we need, and relax. We can take over everything from there while you focus on your recovery.

We will keep you informed every step of the way so that it is up to you to make any decisions on how your case proceeds. Should we receive any proposals for settlement along the way from the defendant’s insurance companies, we shall keep you informed and give you the necessary advice as to whether the proposed settlement is what you deserve.

Give us a call now for a free consultation and other legal services.

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Client Testimonials

Ben is an excellent attorney and helped greatly with my personal injury case. Ben and his team were always there to answer any queries or concerns I had throughout the course of my case. I would recommend anyone in need of assistance to contact the firm.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Joseph Lawlor
May 2022

My wife and I had a very bad car accident in LA. Ben and his whole team were so friendly and helpful. They walked us through everything and kept us informed every step of the way. The experience working with them has been amazing and we will definitely use them again in the future.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jon Romero
April 2022

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