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A big rig crash can result in catastrophic casualties for car drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists due to the average big rig's weight of up to 80,000 lbs. If a truck accident in Ontario injured you or a member of your family, you have had the right to seek monetary damages from the responsible party. Accident victims shouldn't be required to pay for someone else's carelessness.

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Big Ben Lawyers' Ontario personal injury attorneys are renowned for their effectiveness in resolving truck accident cases in California and other states. In a wide range of practice areas since 1973, we have assisted hundreds of customers in obtaining financial support through civil litigation. We will work to ensure that the irresponsible party is held accountable and that you and your family receive the maximum amount of compensation if they hurt you in a truck accident.

How a truck accident lawyer can help your case?

Our truck accident lawyers have a long history of holding large trucking firms responsible for severe injuries. We have the tools necessary to succeed regardless of the business entity.

We have helped many clients make it through the physical, emotional, and financial difficulties of a truck crash:

• Over $10 million was collected in a record verdict for the survivor of a commercial vehicle accident involving Tyson Foods.

• Over $20 million was won for a client fatally hurt in a commercial vehicle accident.

• In a truck accident involving multiple victims, almost $7.0 million was recovered.

At Big Ben Lawyers, we not only are respected for our outstanding legal abilities, but also for providing our clients with empathetic assistance while pursuing justice and holding trucking firms accountable for deliberately putting lives in danger by skimping on safety.

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How Truck Accident Claims Work

According to the law, persons who have a personal injury as a result of someone else's carelessness can seek full restitution for their losses. But finding justice and taking responsibility is not always easy. To reduce their legal exposure following an accident, trucking companies and their insurance frequently take drastic measures. The victim now faces the possibility of having to cover medical costs out of pocket as well as lost wages and other expenses.

To prevent this and hold the responsible party accountable, it might be necessary to hire a local Ontario truck accident attorney and file a legal claim.

To successfully prove your civil claim for negligence, you will need to show:

• The other party owed you a duty of care, including maintaining a safe driving record or hiring competent truck drivers.

• The other party negligently violated the duty of care by failing to uphold the required standard of care. An illustration would be if a truck driver operating a vehicle while impaired or while staring down at their phone.

• As a result of that negligence, you sustained harms and losses, no matter how slight or significant they were.

Who Is at Fault for a Truck Accident?

An avoidable truck collision may be blamed on one or more of the following parties:

• Truck driver: A truck driver's reckless or irresponsible driving might result in an accident if they are driving while intoxicated, distracted, speeding, or in other ways. Truck drivers are rarely the only parties cited in a lawsuit involving a truck accident, even though their activities may have directly or indirectly contributed to the collision.

• Trucking company: Generally speaking, a trucking company is held accountable for any employees' negligence, including truck drivers, loaders, and other personnel. This implies that the trucking firm will be cited as a defendant if the accident was caused by the truck driver or another employee.

• Third parties: Among others, this could refer to the trailer's owner(s), autonomous cargo packers, mechanics, managers, or brokers. Examples of common mistakes are when a cargo loader improperly balances a truck's load, when an internal mechanic neglects to keep a truck in good working order, and when a manager directs a truck to be overloaded with products.

• Truck components manufacturer: If a truck accident was brought on by a tire blowout, braking failure, or another technical issue, the parts automaker may be held accountable.

• Other motorists: A motor vehicle driver, a motorbike rider, or other individuals may have acted carelessly or negligently.

The Ontario truck accident lawyers at Big Ben Lawyers will go deeply into the specifics of your case to determine who is at fault. We will then work to establish liability. No matter the situation or the difficulty of the case, we will spare no effort to obtain the best outcome for you and your family.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help You with Your Case?

After a truck accident, one of the most frequently asked questions is "why do I need a lawyer?". Your claim will be handled as efficiently as possible with the assistance of an accomplished truck accident attorney. In conjunction with optimizing your recompense, we will seek to bring about significant change to stop such tragedies from occurring in the future.

The benefits of working with an Ontario truck accident lawyer include but are not limited to:

• Honest, sympathetic legal assistance that goes beyond traditional legal representation is necessary after a crash to help you navigate the claims process. This is particularly true given how stressful and complex the legal procedure can seem. For nearly 50 years, our attorneys have handled legal cases from beginning to end. We will stop at nothing to get you the results you deserve from your free consultation until your case is concluded so you can concentrate on what's most important: your health.

• Someone to handle the day-to-day legal work: If you want to file a lawsuit, we can handle all the paperwork and ensure that it is submitted on time and correctly. We can also handle every aspect of your claim, including the investigation, discovery, settlement negotiations, and court representation.

• Support your arguments with facts and evidence: We will look into your issue thoroughly. This enables us to develop a compelling, credible claim. We'll also make sure it's prepared for testing. This frequently encourages the at-fault party to make a reasonable settlement offer before trial. If they try to underpay you, we will seek to have a jury award you the entire amount due.

• Increase your odds of winning your claim: According to research by the Insurance Research Council, hiring a lawyer to represent your interests would often result in a payout that is 3.5 times larger than going it alone without one.

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Big Ben Lawyers have obtained settlements and verdicts totaling more than $5 billion for our clients in a variety of professional areas, involving truck accident law. Although no law firm can promise success, our track record in truck accident cases demonstrates that we possess what it takes to take on any trucking company and prevail. Our truck accident attorneys in Ontario have the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize recompense and get justice for both you and your family, regardless of the corporate defendant.

If there is one thing that's evident about our firm, it's that every member of our legal team cares about bettering the lives of our clients and safeguarding our community. Our team stands ready to fight for you when the worst happens.

Online consultations with Ontario truck accident attorneys are free and confidential. Get in touch with our attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers.

Trucks are used to transport everything in this area, including bottled water and manufactured homes. Sadly, as more commercial trucks have been driving on the roadways, there have also been more tractor-trailer accidents and fatalities. The number of truck-related fatalities in the US has increased steadily over the last ten years. Families and communities are also affected by these tragedies, in addition to the victims themselves.

If you were hurt in a large truck accident in Ontario, you might be able to file a claim for financial compensation. Use the provided online contact information to get in touch with our Ontario car accident lawyers at the Big Ben Lawyers for a free case consultation to learn more about your rights.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

At Big Ben Lawyers, we stand up for the rights of our clients. Even though every accident is different, a truck accident can have a detrimental impact on a lot of people's physical, mental, and financial health. After an accident, we must help our clients return to their regular life. Over the past few years, we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in compensation.

The following are samples of our previous case outcomes, albeit we cannot promise a precise outcome in any individual experiment:

• More than $ 4,050,000 settlements for a car crash-related brain injury.

• A truck accident received a jury verdict of excess of $700,000.00.

• For an auto accident, a jury decided to award $2,000,000.

• For brain injury and spinal dislocation, a jury decided to award $11,000,000.

Our everyday goal is to deliver incredible results to regular individuals. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident, contact one or more of our Big Ben Lawyers truck accident lawyers.

Big Ben Lawyers' Ontario Truck Injuries Attorneys

Numerous research experts estimate that 4,213 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes and 110,000 large trucks were injured in large truck collisions in 2016. Truck collisions and the deaths they cause are an unfortunate reality for everyone who travels the roads, even though the organization that establishes laws and regulations to prevent harmful practices there in the truck business claims otherwise.

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable and skilled team of truck injury attorneys at our firm as soon as possible if you were hurt in a truck accident as a consequence of the truck driver's negligence. To discuss your potential claims, call our knowledgeable legal team there at the numbers provided on our webpage or go to our contact page.

Our Firm's Truck Record of Truck Accident Injuries

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience handling, litigating, and mediating bodily injury claims, including those concerning truck accidents. In a recent case, a client who was struck by a semi-truck and had a slight brain injury as well as a torn sacroiliac joint was awarded $1.75 million. After suffering severe brain injuries in a mini-truck incident and receiving hefty compensation amounts of up to three million dollars ($3.2) million, another victim. While past outcomes do not guarantee future outcomes in new cases, they do show how committed our team of grievous bodily harm attorneys is to get the best possible results for clients.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Mini trucks and troop carriers can weigh up to 20 times more than cars or even utility vehicles in sports. Speed and these additional weight cause accidents that are extremely deadly. Compared to other types of accidents, truck accidents usually cause more severe injuries and are much more likely to result in fatalities.

The following is a list of a few of the most typical truck accident injuries. To begin with, incidents that might severely change normal bodily functions include those that result in fractured, broken, or crushed bones. Cervical and spinal cord compression, including whiplash and other similar internal problems, fall under the second group. Furthermore, most spinal cord traumas that might result in paralysis happen at birth. In some cases, head fractures, including severe brain damage, also occur. A pierced organ or broken ribs may result in serious internal bleeding, which could be devastating to the functioning of the body and result in fatalities. As is the case with other mishaps, these incidents may result in amputations. Last but not least, severe burns, road rash, or lacerations may leave you permanently scarred and disfigured.

Get in touch with our great team of attorneys in such related accidents and we shall give you the best outcome following your claim. Our contact details are accessible from our website and you can get to us any time.

How is Assessment of Liability for Such Injuries Done?

Due to the potential involvement of numerous parties, including operators, trucking firms, and insurance providers, truck accidents are frequently complicated situations. Florida is a state with no-fault insurance. A victim is required through their medical negligence protection insurance to notify their insurance company of the accident before bringing any kind of legal action. If the aforementioned insurance limits are exceeded, a lawsuit would be filed to recover damages. The following analysis of several frequent criteria reveals the possible ambiguity of responsibility in auto accident situations.

First, the operator may be held accountable if they were driving negligently. Acts of negligence could include instances such as having to follow too closely or speeding through a stoplight, or if they broke any traffic laws, for example using a palm mobile device or driving while intoxicated or under the impaired by drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication. Second, the trucking company might be held accountable if the driver was hired or trained negligently, if unsafe practices were used, such as requiring the driver to use an arm mobile device, if the driver was made to drive for a longer period than was permitted by law, or if the truck was not properly maintained. If a faulty truck or truck part was the cause of the accident, the truck automaker and component makers may also be held accountable.

Place a phone call to our Firm and our specialized team of attorneys shall ensure that your claim in such accidents is fully tracked and that you get the optimum compensation in the circumstances.

Types of Damages Available to Truck Accident Injury Victims

Injury to the person insurance is only permitted in Florida if it includes travel and medical coverage for hospital and physician appointments. Non-pecuniary losses are not covered either.

Once a policy's dollar limit has been reached, a victim may file a lawsuit and perhaps get compensation for damages that may include the following conditions as well as other ones. First, medical costs that exceed the injury to the person policy limit, including ambulance services, hospital stays, doctor visits, operations, X-rays and other scans, and prescription drugs Second, compensation for lost wages resulting from missed work due to injury is also included. Additionally, potential income losses for individuals who may be able to find work again must be included in the compensation claims.

The costs of recovery and rehabilitation, such as physiotherapy and assistive devices like wheelchairs, canes, or prosthetic limbs, are also covered by other types of damages. Furthermore, it must not escape the notice of an afflicted victim that handling long-term care for a permanent handicap that needs round-the-clock care demands damages of such category. The claimable amount must include damages for home accessibility changes such as the placement of entry ramps or handrails. Additionally, compensation for the pain and suffering must be requested. Damages for a loss of consortium may also be claimed, as a last category of damages.

Limiting Liability by Parties in Truck Accidents

The law of comparative negligence only applies in California This indicates that each side is responsible for some of the responsibility. The victim's share of the blame will be subtracted from the total amount.

Comparative negligence encourages defendants to place the responsibility on the victim to avoid having to pay damages. Arguments that the victim ignored traffic restrictions or drove carelessly are frequent forms of defense. To minimize losses, the defense may sometimes downplay how severe the injuries were. When there are several parties involved, they frequently try to assign responsibility to one another. Instances of this would include when insurance companies and trucking firms remove themselves from the driver and drivers accuse trucking firms of creating hazardous working conditions or neglecting to maintain their vehicles.

Whatever the situation, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer with competence in truck crashes will foresee the defense tactics and successfully resist these kinds of assaults and counterclaims. To preserve their client's rights and hold liable parties accountable for damages, is their responsibility. Our Firm is well placed to give you the best representation. Get in touch with us.

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The majority of law offices provide free consultations so prospective customers can go over the specifics of their cases. You might not be required to pay legal fees and court costs up in advance if you have a discussion and the attorney accepts to pursue your claims. The majority of cases involving personal injury are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means the attorney will take their costs and fees from any final settlement or award.

Serious damages that can alter a person's life can result from truck accidents. For a free consultation if you have been hurt in a truck accident, get in touch with the knowledgeable legal team at our firm using the information provided on our website or online.


Accidents will inevitably rise since there are simply more vehicles on the road—the U.S. Census estimates that the number of truckers is at a record-breaking high. However, the reality is that if truck drivers drive cautiously and pay consideration to potential hazards on the road, they can almost always avoid accidents.

Trucks are unique among other types of transportation. They require longer to slow down than light vehicles and have wide blind zones. Your choices could either save your own life or another person's life. The main contributors to lorry accidents are:


Countless drivers struggle with distracted driving, and trucking companies are no exception. Long distances are frequently covered by truck drivers at one time. Many motorists use their mobile devices, as a result, to consume music, connect with others, or simply check the map. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen in a matter of seconds. Distracted drivers are frequently simple to notice. Never try to pass a distracted motorist if you notice one. Maintain a safe distance and call emergency services if you see somebody driving recklessly.

Changing lanes.

Failing to use signaling devices

Abrupt speed changes or braking; and

following too closely are all red flags to watch out again for.


People don't realize how dangerous speeding is. Speeding makes it harder to stop quickly and slows down reaction time. A big vehicle needs every second to be efficient. According to recent research, heavy vehicles continue to be most concerned about speeding. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that over a year, driver-related factors were present in 32% of fatal truck incidents.

The most prevalent of them was speeding in any form. Never try to slow down a speeding truck that is following you. Instead, make room for them and let them go. Pull over on the other side of the road and dial rescue services if you believe the operator may have lost all control of their vehicle.


We rely on other motorists to uphold the law as drivers. We use it to determine when to move forward, when to halt, and when to turn. There is not much time for a reaction when one driver disregards the right of way. That each moment you embark on the road, be aware of this risk. By exercising extra caution in junctions and high-risk zones, truckers can reduce accidents. Even with a green signal, they must always check both directions before entering an intersection. Always stay on guard and avoid known risky crossings.


The fact that many drivers are unaware of their blind areas is one of the biggest issues with them. Blind spots for huge trucks are a major issue. The blind areas on a standard semi-truck are 20 feet in the direction of the trailer and 30 feet behind it. Steer away from the lane adjacent to the truck on the driver's side from the truck's mirror till the trailer reaches the back. Avoiding the two lanes next to the truck on the passenger's side from the rear of the lorry through the rear of the truck.

Truck drivers get into accidents when they don't make sure their blind areas are clean before turning or changing lanes. If a truck is trying to move into your lane when you are in its blind zone, blow your horn to let the driver know you are already there.


On congested Ontario roadways, impatient truck drivers may approach other automobiles excessively closely. Using passenger cars can cause a rear-end collision. The problem with huge trucks, though, is decisions about the company and override collisions. Accidents involving underride and override occur when a passenger car is pinned beneath the van or truck of a big truck. Although some underride incidents may be avoided by rear guards, this is not always the case. Additionally, trucks are not required by law to have guards on the front or sides of the vehicle.


Accidents that appear to be minor might cause significant injuries. Accidents involving excessive speed, drugs, or alcohol are frequently fatal. Even if you feel great after an accident, it's crucial to consult a doctor soon afterward. It's possible that symptoms won't appear for days or even weeks after the first damage. Typical wounds include:


One of the main causes of trauma to the brain in the US is motor vehicle accidents. These wounds develop as a result of severe head trauma, such as a punch to the head or a piercing head wound. Traumatic brain injury refers to a broad range of wounds with a variety of symptoms. Many times, symptoms begin to appear days after the initial injury. Visit your physician as soon as you notice any TBI signs.

Hangovers, vertigo, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, a loss of consciousness, and/or slurred speech are among the common side effects.


Nervous system injuries are most commonly caused by automobile accidents. Large truck accident victims are particularly vulnerable. The spinal cord can be seriously injured or bruised by an accident's force. Permanent paralysis frequently follows when this occurs. Similar to traumatic brain injuries, the symptoms may take time to manifest. The likelihood of long-term harm rises as the spinal cord's surrounding edema keeps growing. Consult a medical professional right away if you notice any symptoms.

Severe chronic pain, numbness or tingling, impaired coordination, loss of bladder or intestinal movement, and/or difficulties breathing are some of the symptoms.


Inflammation and functionality loss are possible effects of broken bones. The person with such a shattered bone will frequently heal fully. However, more severe situations can result in irreversible harm. Don't attempt to lift anything or apply any pressure on the region if you think you have such a broken bone. This can aggravate the injury.





Occupational therapists

Braces and/or traction are some of the possible alternative treatments.


Whereas the majority of people focus on severe trauma, mental health issues are a significant worry following any event. Accidents are distressing. They leave their victims feeling helpless and afraid. It is relatively unusual for someone to experience emotional difficulties for months after an injury.

Typical problems include:

Melancholy: An extremely significant mental health disorder is depression. Unfortunately, a lot of people who experience depression don't get the help they require. Severe depression, hopelessness, anxiety, boredom, trouble sleeping, and suicidal or fatal thoughts are only a few of the symptoms.

Nervousness: One in 13 people, following the World Health Organization, experience anxiety. A constant worry or fear is what is referred to as anxiety. Symptoms include agitation, panic, persistent worry that something negative may occur, and difficulties focusing.

Post Trauma: Despite being frequently considered a problem for combatants, PTSD may afflict anyone who has gone through a terrible experience. People who suffer from PTSD may struggle to move on or have nightmares or flashbacks. Over time, these symptoms may get worse and frequently call for medical attention.

When an accident occurs, don't be reluctant to ask for assistance. To assist you manage your symptoms, a mental health expert might suggest therapy, medication, or another kind of therapy.


According to California law, accident victims have the right to file a claim for personal injuries to get financial compensation. You can get assistance from a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who can explain your rights and help you navigate the legal system. Although it is impossible to estimate the precise sum of a prospective settlement, we may look at several aspects frequently taken into account in a claim for personal injury.

These consist of:

• Patient expenses: Following a truck accident, medical expenses are going to be among the largest expenses. Serious injuries can potentially cost $100,000 in medical care. These bills shouldn't be your responsibility to pay. The costs that are frequently covered by insurance plans include doctor visits, operations, medications, physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation, and mental health counseling, though insurance may differ substantially depending on the health insurer.

• Lost wages: If an injury prevents you from working, you still need to make ends meet. You may be able to recoup lost pay for the time you missed at work due to the accident through a personal injury lawsuit. You are eligible to claim future lost wages if your impairments restrict you from working again.

• Household adaptations: A significant injury may make it more difficult for you to move about your home. You might need to make adjustments in this situation to facilitate mobility. This might include handrails, stair lifts, ramps for wheelchairs, and other adaptations.

• Agony: Accidents can result in excruciating bodily and psychological suffering. This suffering cannot be easily quantified. The law does, however, permit you to seek damages for these kinds of losses. The degree of your discomfort and how it affects your daily life typically decide how much recompense for pain and agony you will receive.

Unintentional Unlawful Deaths: Tragically, fatal truck collisions can result in the passing of a beloved one. When this occurs, a malicious prosecution claim may be able to assist the victim's family in recouping accident-related expenses. In addition to funeral and burial expenses, this may also include unpaid medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.


Due to the size, weight, and tremendous amount of damage that trucks cause when in a collision, truck accidents frequently cause more serious and life-threatening injuries than other forms of traffic crashes. Those who survive a truck collision must endure the physical anguish of healing and recuperation. The victim's inability to work owing to their injuries or the cost of taking care of a kid truck accident victim forces households to make do with a loss of revenue.

You may be unsure about what to do next if you, your kid, or another member of your family was hurt in a motor vehicle collision in Ontario. You might experience extreme stress and become incapacitated. Get in touch with a knowledgeable Big Ben Lawyers truck accident Attorneys in Ontario. We can examine your auto accident case and give you advice on how to proceed. These responses to frequently asked concerns about truck incidents in Ontario offer some general information before your opportunity to speak with an attorney.


California has severe regulations regarding the reporting of traffic incidents. At the site of an accident, drivers are required to exchange contacts as well as insurance information with other drivers and law enforcement personnel, as well as report collisions to the California Motor Vehicles Department.

You must share information with the trucker, including driving licenses, automobile registration, addresses, and phone numbers if there was the destruction of property, injuries, or fatalities. This is required by California law.

Anyone who sustained injuries in a traffic accident has a legal obligation to receive aid from other drivers. The most typical manner that people assist is through dialing 911. However, helping someone also entails, if required, bringing them to the hospital.

You need to get in touch with the California Highway Patrol or the Ontario Law Enforcement once so they can send a team to the location of the collision. If wounds are not serious, you can just use non-emergency lines instead of dialing 911. To finish their formal collision report, law enforcement will arrive at the scene, acquire data, and examine the truck accident.

Whenever you anticipate more than $1,000 in property damage, if someone was injured, or if anyone passed away in the truck collision, you must report the incident to the closest Highway Patrol Troop area or local police force as soon as you can if the officers or Highway Patrol do not arrive at the scene. The driver of the truck, another passenger, or another person can report the collision on behalf of drivers who are unable to do so themselves. You must also report truck accidents to the California Department of Highway Safety within 10 days of the collision if there are injuries, fatalities, or perhaps more than $1,000 for the destruction of property.

Our team of able attorneys can assist you to submit the report on your behalf.


Absolutely. When there is serious car damage or injuries, drivers involved in traffic accidents, particularly truck fatal crashes, need to call their insurance company. Truck accidents are frequently expensive incidents rather than minor collisions. The majority of auto insurance policies contain provisions requiring customers to report every collision where coverage might apply, even though you might not be to blame for the truck accident. Your insurance provider may terminate or not extend your coverage if you decide not to disclose the truck collision.

Furthermore, you can have insurance that will start paying out right after the collision to replace any income gaps you may have while awaiting the outcome of your motorcycle accident claim. For instance, regardless of culpability, insurance may pay medical bills up to the defined constraints. Although it is not required in California, it may be beneficial if it is added to your automobile insurance policy in the event of a truck crash.


Definitely. Even if you were able to escape a truck collision unharmed, you should still let a doctor check you over for any injuries. Some injuries don't exhibit symptoms for several hours or even days. A major undetectable injury, for instance, brain damage, internal hemorrhage, organ damage, or fractured ribs, may also cause aches in certain body parts from time to time. Some of these wounds might be fatal if left untreated. After such a truck collision, make sure to put your well-being and health-being first by getting medical attention.

After a truck accident, seek medical attention to protect the worth of your claim. Injury records support your truck accident claim and make it more difficult for the insurance provider or defense attorneys to refute the causal connection between your injuries and the truck accident.


Each state has limitations statutes that specify how long injured people have to file a lawsuit after being hurt as a result of someone else's negligence or malicious intent. The statute of limitations for lawsuits involving Ontario truck accidents in California is two years. Accident victims have two years from the date of something like the truck accident to file a lawsuit. Whenever you lost a beloved one in a trucking accident, the same limitations period applies; you only got two years to file a lawsuit for wrongful death against the lorry driver or trucking business.

Immediately after a truck accident, take action. Should you delay too long, you run the danger of losing your right to compensation for the traffic collision and your injuries. It's unlikely that a California courtroom will take up your truck accident lawsuit after the limitations period has passed, however, there are rare exceptions. Even though the truck accident happened upwards of two years ago, you should still speak with a lawyer. If your circumstances call for a potential extension, an auto accident lawyer can assess your claim and counsel you accordingly.


Claims arising from traffic accidents, including those featuring semi-trucks, frequently reach settlements before coming to trial. Each party has a motivation to strike a financial settlement rather than go to court because litigation is costly for both parties. Litigation, however, can be brought about by significant liability disputes and unethical insurance company proposals.

To obtain a settlement that fairly compensates you for the harm you sustained in the accident, your truck accident attorney will bargain with the insurance provider for the trucking firm. Whenever resolution is not a possibility, your lawyer will set up your case for trial, represent you in court, and strive to get you the highest award possible in line with your losses.


Whenever you file a lawsuit for the injuries you sustained in a truck accident, you may designate one or more defendants. Multiple parties are frequently involved in the most complex cases.

Your attorney might suggest that you add the following parties in your motorcycle accident lawsuit:

• A trucker. Negligent truck drivers may exhibit risky driving habits that result in dangerous truck collisions. Due to their rigorous schedules and long days, truckers are frequently seen speeding and engaging in other aggressive driving behaviors. Without enough sleep, truck drivers run the risk of nodding off behind the wheel and resulting in an accident. Drivers who break the law are named often truck accident cases; other factors that contribute to transportation accidents include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and driving while preoccupied.

• A trucking company or truck owner. Many truckers operate for a freight firm, but many also operate their vehicles. Owner/operators who also drive and own trucks may be held accountable. Trucking businesses, which are in charge of many workers and trucks, are subject to laws governing hiring, hiring practices, and equipment upkeep. If a truck accident occurs, trucking businesses that don't hire qualified drivers, don't properly educate their drivers or don't keep their trucks in safe driving conditions expose themselves to liability. Additionally, employees of trucking companies assist in loading cargo onto trucks. Trucking companies might potentially be held jointly liable for trucking accidents brought on by cargo spills.

• A different driver. When they fail to safely share the road, drivers of cars, pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles, and other passenger cars can also cause truck accidents. Some motorists stay in the wide blind spaces of semi-trucks and quickly overtake trucks. These acts may cause a trucker to give up control of his vehicle, which may result in an unsafe collision. Drivers who are inattentive, exhausted, or under drug or alcohol influence are more likely to collide with a truck and bring about a multi-car disaster. It is uncommon for another motorist to be named as a perpetrator in a truck accident. Your truck accident attorney will examine your situation and provide you advice on who you should list as defendants in your claim.

The producer of trucks and truck parts. Mechanical failures that happen whilst the trucker is operating a vehicle can result in potentially fatal truck accidents. When failures occur because of flawed trucks or flawed truck parts, truck makers and truck part producers may be held accountable for the resulting damages in truck accidents. For instance, the trucker and every other driver in the vicinity are at risk of an accident and harm if the brakes fail at a signal or if a faulty tire blows and causes another driver to lose all control.


Whenever an insurance provider offers you compensation, you should always speak with a qualified truck accident attorney. An early offer following a truck crash is a frequent strategy used by insurance companies to lower the amount they are required to pay out during a claim. When they are reasonably certain that their insured is at blame for an accident, they provide an early settlement to accident victims. Accident victims must also give up their right to file a lawsuit for damages if they accept these premature offers.

The incentives are usually sufficient to entice accident victims, who are probably under financial strain as a result of medical expenses and lost wages. However, they fall well short of providing adequate recompense for auto accident injuries. It is essential to have a lawyer analyze your settlement proposal before using it as the basis for further discussions. If individuals have legal representation, insurance firms frequently treat claims more seriously. Additionally, lawyers are skilled negotiators who frequently obtain better results for their clientele.


Certainly, you are permitted to file a lawsuit against the truck driver, the trucking business, or any other person whose recklessness resulted in tragic injuries to your loved one. Following a tragic truck accident, California provides surviving family members with two options for pursuing damages claims: wrongful death proceedings and survival actions. Families frequently seek both at the same time. A wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for the harms that a deceased loved one's family members experience, including lost camaraderie and parental involvement and direction.

A surviving lawsuit seeks restitution for damages that accrued between the time of the accident and the death, such as healthcare costs, lost wages, and the deceased person's anguish and suffering before passing away. Technically, a survivor action must be filed by a member of the decedent's estate. According to California's intestate statutes, the estate must gather and distribute whatever damages the court imposes.


You can indeed afford our motorcycle accident attorneys. Big Ben Lawyers' truck accident attorneys in Ontario offer free case reviews to prospective clients so that an attorney can assess the strength of a claim after hearing the specifics of the case. You are not required to pay a retainer upfront when you have a good case and decide to engage an attorney. Instead, you and your attorney will agree to a contingency fee arrangement. This agreement enables the firm to deduct the cost of representing you in pursuing damages for your motorcycle accident injuries from any settlement you get.


You want someone at your side who will stand up for your rights after an accident. Receiving compensation after a truck accident can be challenging. The unfortunate reality is that insurance providers put money before people. We at the Big Ben Lawyers are aware of the challenges an accident can bring. To ensure that our clients receive the right recompense, we battle valiantly.

According to California law, accident victims have two (2) years from the incident date to initiate a personal injury lawsuit. Although this may appear to be a long time, it isn't in cases involving truck accidents. Your lawyer needs ample time to gather proof and put together a compelling case. The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the faster you can start the process of healing. Get the treatment you deserve and start standing up for your rights. Contact our office using the online information provided or fill out our internet contact information for a free case review to discover more about the steps to take following a truck collision and to chat with one of our lawyers.

Client's Feedback:

Big Ben Lawyers take great pride in what they do. They rarely left each other alone and stood by us through every phase of the process. We never felt like we were doing this alone at any point in the process. They are simultaneously incredibly careful, meticulous, and caring. They were always concerned about our comfort because our case was delicate. They were quite flexible and made it simple for us to connect with them. They undoubtedly completed all of their homework, and the consequence was undoubtedly favorable.

Other Common Concerns

About 2.6 million people are living in Ontario County, California. Ontario, the fourth-largest county in California, is close to major Southern California metropolises like Los Angeles while also having a lot of open lands. Due to this and the rising popularity of online shopping, numerous large merchants, including Amazon, built sizable distribution hubs in Ontario County.

Because of these new facilities, there are now a lot more commercial trucks on the roads in Ontario County. The busiest stretches of Highway 10 in Ontario County see between 25,000 and 30,000 trucks each day on average. As one might anticipate, the amount of truck incidents in Ontario County has increased as a result of the considerable increase in truck traffic. 7,511 persons suffered injuries in vehicle accidents in 2013. That number had increased to 9,710 persons by 2017.

One of the most stressful experiences a person may go through is getting into an accident with a big commercial truck. In contrast to an automobile collision, there is a high likelihood of incurring a severe injury or perhaps passing away. In addition, a truck accident case may involve other parties in addition to the driver and be quite complicated. Given these details, if you were hurt in a truck accident in Ontario County, you should get in touch with the truck accident attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers. For a free consultation, get in touch with us using the contact information provided on our websites.

The most common inquiries we get about truck accidents and advice on what to do if you are hurt in a traffic collision in Ontario are addressed here.

Varieties of Ontario Truck Accidents

Truck drivers in California must fulfill specific standards and complete training to properly operate commercial trucks. Even the most seasoned truckers may find it challenging to maneuver huge commercial trucks like semi-trucks due to their size and weight, particularly in poor driving conditions. Major mishaps might potentially result from this. Several of these truck collisions are even reported on by the local media when terms like jackknife and rollover are used. But what do they mean? A few of the most typical truck accident types are described below.

Probably the most frequently used phrase to describe a semi-truck collision is "jackknife truck accident." The back trailer section of the truck may swing out, giving it the visual effect of a partially tucked pocket knife, if the truck driver is compelled to brake quickly or comes across icy roads. While this happens frequently, the truck as a whole frequently loses control and collides with other automobiles.

• Rolling accident - The center of gravity of commercial trucks is high. They are therefore more vulnerable to rollover truck collisions, particularly on curved roadways. When the truck's wheels lift off from the ground on one side, it can roll over and cause accidents. In addition to colliding with neighboring vehicles, a truck can also overturn and land on the incorrect side of the road, resulting in terrible head-on crashes with oncoming traffic.

Underride accidents happen when an automobile collides with a semi-back truck and slides underneath it. The entire top of the car may be crushed or torn off, depending on its size and rate of speed.

Accident involving a lane change - Tractor trailers have enormous blind zones. Truck drivers find it challenging to switch lanes as a result. Visibility issues increase the risks and can cause catastrophic accidents.

• Blowout collision - The majority of big commercial vehicles have 18 wheels. Tire blowouts occur as a result of the hefty weight they convey over long distances. Even the remains of a ruptured truck tire may be visible along the freeway. When a tire blows, the driver might become uncontrollable and cause a serious truck accident.

Which Causes are attributed to Ontario Truck Accidents?

Although there are several causes of trucking accidents, the following prevalent factors account for the majority of significant truck accidents:

• Truck driver weariness — Trucking companies are subjected to a lot of pressure from their trucking businesses to achieve deadlines. Federal and state regulations specify how long lorry drivers are permitted to drive. Sometimes, truckers would disregard them to reach their destination on schedule. Even worse, they occasionally travel quickly to get there.

• Exceeding the posted speed limit - Not only drivers of commercial trucks do this. When responding to a call, emergency vehicle trucks frequently do the same, particularly in residential neighborhoods. Despite their training, mishaps do happen even when first responders arrive safely.

• Poor vehicle maintenance — Problems that could be fatal in a car can be fatal in a commercial truck. For instance, brake lights that are malfunctioning or broken. When visibility is low and a tractor-brake trailer's lights are malfunctioning, a passenger car could easily be involved in a fatal underride collision with that truck.

• Truck flaws - Just like passenger cars, commercial and small trucks are subject to recall notices. A serious accident could occur if the owner disregards the recall or the repair is improperly made.

• Improperly loaded trucks - While driving, improperly laden trucks may abruptly drop cargo, leading to a serious accident. Or, the cargo load can exceed the permitted limit, making the vehicle difficult to handle and posing a risk.

Use of alcohol and/or drugs — Despite the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's requirement that trucking companies conduct periodic drug and alcohol tests on independent truck drivers, some truckers continue to operate their vehicles while under the influence. Even though the majority of truckers are responsible, some may become distracted by looming deadlines, long workdays, and loneliness.

What is the Role of Insurance Carriers in Ontario Truck Accidents?

Contrary to popular belief, the trucking companies and the companies who provide their insurance are not on your side. To pay out the smallest amount feasible in settlements following truck accidents, the trucking industry is infamous for vigorously defending itself. To avoid making any sort of payment at all, they might even try to claim that you were at fault for the truck accident.

In such a trying moment, you don't want to take on the shipping companies and their insurance providers by yourself. It can wind up costing you a lot of money. Hire Big Ben Lawyers, instead. You may focus on getting better while we battle to get you every dollar of compensation you are due for your injuries sustained in a truck accident.

What is the Expected Range of Compensatory Damages that a Victim of Ontario Truck Accident Should Expect?

People in passenger cars who are involved in trucking accidents in Ontario County typically sustain catastrophic injuries. These wounds may consist of:

Numerous of the above-mentioned injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and amputations, will change a truck accident victim's life forever. Victims may need long-term care and hospitalization. They might not be able to work at their previous positions ever again. The losses suffered by a truck accident victim in Ontario County may reach millions of dollars.

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision in Ontario, you'll likely have a lot of medical expenses to pay, but you might also require:

To determine the potential value of your case, an experienced Ontario truck accident attorney will compare the circumstances surrounding your accident and your injuries to those of comparable cases they have previously handled. Additionally, non-economic damages like pain and suffering will be included in this sum.

The Big Ben Lawyers' Ontario truck accident attorneys can be reached at any time. Get in touch with us.

You shouldn't attempt to represent numerous defendants by yourself. Call the Ontario personal injury lawyers at Big Ben Lawyers for a free consultation right away if you suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident in Ontario.

Our knowledgeable truck accident attorneys have more than 30 years of experience assisting clients in obtaining the highest settlement for their truck accident cases to which they are legally entitled. As your client, we pledge to defend you as well. Not many Ontario truck accident lawyers can declare they have the resources to take on the big trucking firms and their attorneys. We aren't afraid to go to trial if the trucking company's lawyers won't make a reasonable settlement offer. For our truck accident clients, our distinguished personal injury lawyers have obtained seven- and eight-figure awards.

If you are the next of kin for someone who died in an Ontario truck accident, you have the legal right to bring a wrongful death complaint. Even while nothing can make up for a loss, receiving financial compensation can give you the feeling that justice has been done and offer financial security, especially if any remaining family members were negatively affected financially by the death.

Don't be concerned about the cost of hiring an ontario truck accident lawyer. At Big Ben Lawyers, we take contingent work. This implies that you won't need to worry about any up-front or unexpected charges. We get paid a portion of the verdict or settlement sum you obtain after your case. This proportion will be specified in the client representation contract you sign with us and is fixed regardless of the size of your final payment.

Although it's doubtful, you owe us nothing if we are unable to get any compensation. Call us right away to get started! Get a free case analysis today

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Big Ben Lawyers is near you and they are available to help you recover compensation in any Ontario Truck Accident claim that you may want to pursue.

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