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You can be entitled to significant financial compensation if you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. Slip and fall incidents can range from mild to severe, sometimes leading to fatalities or catastrophic injuries. Contact our Riverside slip and slide experts at Big Ben Lawyers as soon as possible to get the outstanding legal representation you require. You can be sure your case is in excellent hands and will come to a successful end when you engage with a skilled team of fall accident lawyers and investigators like those at Big Ben Lawyers.

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After such a slip-and-fall incident, hurt people must concentrate on getting better. Allow Big Ben Lawyers to manage the demanding tasks that may arise, such as battling insurance providers, negotiating with healthcare providers, and taking any other steps required to recover every last penny of financial compensation. It can be challenging to associate with an increase in tripping and falling personal injury lawsuits. However, the professionals at Big Ben Lawyers have the knowledge required to look into your claim, come up with a winning plan, and present your evidence. If you contact us after suffering a slip and fall accident, we'll assist you in determining the extent to which you have a legitimate claim that qualifies you for monetary compensation.

What does Riverside Slip and Fall Accident Connote?

Any incidence when you slipped and hurt yourself on what ought to have been stable and secure footing is referred to as a slip and fall. Wet floors, uneven flooring, damaged flooring, stairs, broken handrails, parking lots, public parks or fields, retail stores, industrial buildings, patios, balconies, and porches are a few examples of common slip-and-fall disaster scenarios.

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents may sustain traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, burns, or lacerations (TBI). The amount of a fall and slip civil suit, as well as the conditions of the accident and the level of liability, may vary depending on the severity of the victim's suffering.

Should You File a Lawsuit After a Mild Slip and Fall accident?

You have the right to file a lawsuit for each slip and fall incident that leaves you hurt, no matter how serious. Even simple incidents can leave victims with persistent pain or long-term injury. The best approach to make sure you fully recover, both physically and financially, is to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

The most crucial thing you must do following a slip and fall accident is to get medical attention, however, filing a civil action is also an important step. After an accident, you should head to the emergency hospital and get checked out carefully. This leaves a paper trail that demonstrates you were hurt on the day of the incident. More significantly, receiving medical attention guarantees that you will start the rehabilitation process long before you receive any cash recompense.

Whether your injuries were small or severe, claiming for a slip and fall can help you get back any money you had to spend out-of-pocket or lose because of them. By submitting a formal slip and fall lawsuit, you might also stop other people from becoming hurt or dying in the same place where your accident happened. Legal action compels the owner of the property to pay attention and make the required adjustments to ensure everyone is safe.

Even though a victim of a slip and fall might believe that their injuries do not warrant filing a claim, only a personal injury attorney with experience evaluating similar fall cases can accurately assess your situation and establish the level of fault. You shouldn't be responsible for any costs related to your losses or pain and discomfort when you're the innocent bystander of another's negligence.

What are the components of a Riverside Fall and slip Accident

A slip-and-fall lawsuit in Riverside is based on four fundamental components:

  1. The property's owner or manager owed you a duty of care to keep you safe from harm.
  2. The landlord or manager disregarded their duty of care
  3. The incident or accident left you injured

Your spinal cord injuries,head injuries, fatal injuries, traumatic brain injuries as well as any other personal injury cases were brought on by another person's carelessness.

To seek justice and obtain a monetary award for damages, get in touch with our extremely highly team of knowledgeable fall and slip lawyer phone or online right away.

Your personal injury law firms including Big Ben Lawyers will carry out a thorough investigation, gather proof, and create the precise plan required to show that your slip and fall weren't an accident but rather the product of negligence.

What is the Worth or Value of my Riverside Slip and Fall Accident?

The price of a slip-and-fall case can vary depending on a variety of variables, including the severity of the injuries, the degree of fault, how the occurrence will impact your standard of living moving forward, etc. The optimum time for a Big Ben attorney to estimate the worth of a slip and fall claim is during the evidence and investigation phases. Victims of slip and fall accidents may file a claim for compensation for any related medical costs, lost wages, and diminished future earning potential.

To properly argue your fall accident case in court, Big Ben Lawyers uses medical specialists to help show how much care you will need, how long it might take you to recover, and whether or not mental health therapy is advised.

Big Ben Lawyers would also submit a claim for pain and suffering damages. This phrase can refer to a wide range of symptoms, including discomfort, persistent joint pain, migraines, or physical pain. The stress of your recuperation and other psychological health issues that may arise after a slip and fall incident may be covered by emotional trauma compensation. Although there is no cap on punitive damages in California, they are uncommon in fall accident cases. Your attorney must demonstrate that the defendant's actions were outrageous, evil, or willfully careless to obtain punitive damages.

The Big Ben Lawyers has recently obtained huge amounts of money for its clients in slip and fall situations. Slip and fall accidents involving spinal cord hits have been investigated. Big Ben Lawyers Attorneys fought for our client's right to the highest amount of monetary recompense rather than letting the property management firm accept such a lowball offer. This particular incident serves as a prime illustration of the need for slip and fall victims to always speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at Big Ben Lawyers before accepting any compensation offer from the at-fault party or an insurance company.

To request a free consultation today or for more information, get in touch with Big Ben Lawyers using the online contact information. In a meeting with a specialist of our Injury Division team of lawyers, we will assist in estimating the entire worth of your claim and pinpoint the general scope of the monetary damages you could pursue through legal action.


In California, any person or organization whose carelessness or wrongdoing contributed to the accident or the victim's injuries may be sued. According to California Civil Code 1714, individuals and organizations are liable for both their deeds and a failure to exercise ordinary care or skill in maintaining a property.

As a result, the law permits legal action for personal harm against many culpable parties. In slip-and-fall lawsuits, the following are typical instances of the at-fault parties:

  • Careless property owners
  • Careless property managers
  • Careless building managers

You may launch a lawsuit if, while on someone else's property, you trip on cracked concrete and suffer an injury because the landowner or manager had an obligation of care to fix the damage as quickly as feasible. A physically safe environment must also be maintained at all times, even when the property owner is not there if you visit a corporate or multi-family housing development. If the owner of the property hires a management company to look after the units, that company could be held liable for negligence if it fails to keep the property secure at all times.

If you were injured in a fall and slip incident, your chances of obtaining monetary reimbursement for your injuries as well as other damages is dependent on the idea of carelessness.

Most property owners have a responsibility to the public. The responsibility for care is straightforward: proprietors should keep their properties, such as the buildings and main structures, as well as public places, secure. There must be no locations in these regions where an individual might slide, stumble, and tumble or experience any other damage.

Everyone is accountable, not just for the consequence of his or her purposeful acts, as well as for an injury produced to some other by his or her selfish desire for ordinary care or ability in the administration of his or her property or person," according to California law. If property owners fail to make their property safe, they have failed the required duty of care and may be deemed liable. Neglectful parties are legally responsible for damage directly caused by their carelessness.

To assure this safety, Riverside building owners must check, operate, and maintain their property regularly. Because the law applies a reasonably sensible person standard, a property owner's ignorance of unfavorable circumstances is not a defense under California law. The owner of the property should have recognized harmful circumstances if a reasonable and prudent individual knew in advance about them.

What transpires if a property becomes suddenly dangerous for the public? For instance, in the first event, a youngster may have dumped the beverage just seconds prior.

Property owners are generally charged with maintaining safe conditions by repairing anything that could cause a slip and fall. If a liquid is spilled, it must be cleaned up. However, because repairing any harmful state usually takes some time even if just a few minutes, the legislation also requires the would-be negligent property owners to alert the public throughout the time between the unsafe condition happening and the repair.

A business owner, for example, must put people at higher risk and cones surrounding the spill. The warning should not only include verbal or written cautions but also render the place unavailable to uninformed members of the general public.

Landowners and homeowners must also guarantee that all employees receive proper training and instruction so that they comprehend the responsibility for the care and will take suitable efforts to achieve it. If a dangerous condition causes harm to someone, the ignorance of the people on assignment is not a legal defense.

These slip and fall and negligence regulations apply to all property owners. Slides and slips can happen in supermarkets, malls, hotels, amusement parks, gyms, road construction and other industries, investment apartments, private houses, as well as other places.

Slip and fall hazards include the following:

  • The use of tiled floor products or spills, such as rainwater, wax, floor cleaning chemicals, oil, or food and beverages.
  • The use of dry items or spills, such as powder, sawdust, soil, or sand.
  • Older buildings with ripped or loose carpets, shattered mosaics, damaged hardwoods, and other hazardous floor coverings.
  • Recently installed, poorly fastened, or clustered carpet in newer structures.
  • Stairs, stairs, and railings that are loose, decaying, or poorly maintained.
  • Debris in stores, parking lots, and roads.
  • Staircases that quit or start unexpectedly.
  • Inconsistent, fractured, or damaged pavements, concrete pathways, and roadways
  • Insufficient protective gear on building sites.

How is the Establishment of a Riverside Slip and Fall Accident made?

Your Riverside attorney from the Big Ben Lawyers will examine all pertinent documentation and begin a thorough investigation. Our team of detectives, which includes a retired one, will examine the case's facts. You are invited to provide any pictures, documents, time cards, films, or eyewitness reports that could support your story of what happened if they are available. If the police were summoned to the location of a slip and fall incident, information about the accident's specifics can be gleaned from their report. If EMTs responded to the site, they can offer witness accounts of the wounds you sustained. They might also be able to confirm the accident scene's condition.

Remembering that California uses proportionate negligence to figure out how much compensation an injured person obtains in a claim for personal injury is crucial regarding slip and fall victims. For instance, if a slip-and-fall accident results in a $1 million settlement and you are determined to be 30% at fault, you would only receive $700,000 as compensation for your perceived negligence. That's just another reason why, following such an unpleasant occurrence, choosing a slip and fall attorney from Big Ben Lawyers Riverside may be the finest choice you ever make.

Big Ben Lawyers Attorneys will do everything possible to gather proof that the slip-and-fall event was completely out of your control and that you should receive a full recompense.

How often do Riverside Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

There are several industrial parks, active building sites, large parking facilities, and other dangerous locations throughout California. Los Angeles, which has a community of around four million, contains nearly 5500 square miles of public, commercial, and residential land. Accidents involving slipping and falling can happen anywhere. The Los Angeles Superior Court manages about 30,000 personal injury claims annually.

You can pursue monetary compensation for your lawsuit for personal injury with the assistance of our skilled attorneys. For a complimentary consultation right away, reach out to us via phone or online.

What is the Statutory Limitation for Riverside Slip and Fall Accidents?

You have two years from the accident's date to file a lawsuit under section 335.1 California Code of Civil Procedure. Injury victims who slip and fall should contact Big Ben Lawyers Attorneys as soon as feasible. We'll make sure you don't experience any delays or potential claim cancellation. Your prospects of receiving the highest monetary judgment for your injuries, medical costs, and pain and suffering are better the earlier you contact Big Ben Lawyers to pursue your slip and fall lawsuit.

What Extent Do Insurance Providers Cater for such Injuries?

The medical expenses that come from a slip and fall accident may be partially covered by the victim's health insurance plan. Additionally, some of your financial losses can be covered by the property's insurance. Any sort of insurance won't be able to eliminate your medical debt, though. Insurance firms frequently act dishonestly when paying claims. These bad faith attempts can be avoided by hiring a Riverside attorney from Big Ben Lawyers.

Big Ben Lawyers Prides Itself on Being Top-Notch Riverside Slip and Fall Attorneys

We offer Riverside slide and fall sufferers the best-rated and most effective legal representation at Big Ben Lawyers. No matter what kind of damage you experienced, you can be eligible for compensation. Allow the Big Ben team to examine your accident, calculate the overall claim value, and wage a fierce defense of your claims.

Our team's chief advisor has extensive expertise and is well qualified. He founded Big Ben out of his enthusiasm for aiding afflicted people. We are a distinctive law practice that gives Southern Californians who have been hurt in slip-and-fall accidents and other personal injuries access to outstanding legal counsel without having to worry about up-front fees or out-of-pocket expenses. He has handled more than 100 jury cases with a 98% success rate. He has decades of demonstrated expertise in competently representing victims of vehicle accidents, wrongful deaths, slips & falls, dog bites, premises responsibility, and legal claims.

We have a great team of investigators who work tirelessly to ensure that your claim is greatly defended.


Slides and trips and falls can vary from scratches to life-changing injuries including traumatic brain damage and injury to the spine.

A serious injury is one in which the victim's employees to function, undertake daily activities such as dressing and ingesting, and enjoy the moment is severely harmed. A severe injury may necessitate medical treatment for the remainder of a person's life.

Injuries that could occur include:

  • Cuts
  • Contusions
  • Muscle tissue wounds
  • Ligament damage
  • Fragmented bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Surgical removal of a hand or loss of use of a part of the anatomy
  • Amnesia
  • Mortality


Survivors of slipping and falling incidents in Riverside as well as adjacent locations can seek compensation for their losses.

This offers people financial compensation for physiological, moral, and psychological trauma. This helps victims deal with the following:

  • Hospital expenses, including the case of emergencies transport and ER care, doctor's needs to visit, prescription medicine, hospitalization, surgery, and other expenses
  • Estimated medical expenditures if the sufferer requires future medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Payments for assistance devices like wheelchairs, crutches, and canes.
  • Lost wages from employment if the patient needed time off for the incident and recovery.
  • The lifetime earnings value if the injuries prevent the affected person from working in the future.
  • Making a home more accessible to the injured individual by building ramps and bigger entrances.
  • Musculoskeletal, emotional, and mental pain and suffering
  • Psychological distress
  • Divorce or separation from a spouse.
  • Decreased quality of life.

Injury recompense is obtained from the at-fault party's insurance provider or by filing a civil court property insurance case.


Over 9 million Americans visit emergency departments each year for treatment of injuries they incurred in slip and fall accidents, according to multiple reports. While many slips, trips, and fall events are the consequence of carelessness on the part of a corporation or property owner, many other slip and fall occurrences are brought on by clumsiness or a simple lack of balance. Almost everywhere can have a slip-and-fall mishap, including restaurants, hotels, retail stores, apartment complexes, residential units, and much more.

Whether you or a beloved one has been wounded in an accident, please contact our knowledgeable fall and slip injury lawyer in our firm for a free consultation.


Particularly if the incident also involves a fall from the same level, many individuals might not view slipping and falling injuries as particularly serious. However, many slip-and-fall victims could sustain unforeseen devastating injuries that are costly and have a significant negative impact on their lives. These issues are covered in more detail below. Concussions and other severe brain injuries are one sort of such injury. Deaths are included in the same category as back and neck injuries. The injuries that are usually related to unintended accidents and slips include additionally broken or cracked bones. Additional soft tissue damage is a direct result of such traumas. Spinal cord mishaps are frequently a part of such injuries. Serious bone or tendon contusions are the last.

Slip and fall accidents are very dangerous and expensive for older people, who also constitute a sizable risk category. Numerous elderly people may have shattered hips or other serious injuries that may require surgery, extensive rehabilitation, or perhaps render them permanently unable to live independently.


To protect customers and other visitors from harm, every property owner is obligated by law to maintain the premises in a fairly secure and safe manner against potential threats. Whenever an owner of the property fails to take reasonable precautions to prevent injuries, you may be entitled to reimbursement by filing a private claim for reimbursement under the legal notion of premises liability. By using premises liability theories, an injured party can hold a careless landlord or renter liable for the injury they caused while on the property.


If it is determined that a premises owner was negligent, the injured party may hold the latter liable. Then, some of the factors related to the property owner that contribute to such accidents are discussed.

Inadequate service and/or certification constitute the first type of negligence that the property owner is responsible for. A business or property owner is required to perform maintenance on the property to prevent accidents and should regularly inspect the site to make sure there are no potential hazards. If a person slips and falls because of a hazardous condition that the owner knew about or should have known about, they are entitled to damages. These problems could include anything from damaged railings or steps to debris in the walkways and more.

Second, shoddy construction also plays a role in slip-and-fall incidents. It should be kept in mind that dangers frequently exist even before construction on a specific area of the land starts. Poor building techniques, such as steep staircases, inadequate railings, or loose or crookedly put carpets, may result in a homeowner's insurance accident lawsuit.

Negligence also includes failing to warn others of potential threats. There will occasionally be dangerous conditions on properties, such as when carpets are being cleaned, repairs are being made, or inventory is being restocked. In these situations, the facility owner must clearly label the hazardous condition using signs or other markings to appropriately warn customers and visitors. Regrettably, some business owners fail to properly inform customers, which could lead to mishaps.

The aforementioned are all examples of carelessness that could result in homeowners being held liable for all of your damages and injuries that occurred as of your slip-and-fall accident.

Never hesitate to get in touch with us for the best legal assistance if you or a loved one gets hurt in such incidents.


A qualified personal injury lawyer can evaluate your specific situation, counsel you on prospective legal action, and offer an estimation of how much your case might be worth. Every case involving sliding and falling will have unique facts and legal issues.

As the survivor of a tripping and falling incident, you are legally entitled to compensation for your losses; thus, please contact our reputed team of knowledgeable attorneys to discuss your legal options as soon as possible.


Slip and fall laws are the rules of responsibility that apply when someone slips, trips, and falls on someone else's property and is hurt. These circumstances are controlled by the foundations of carelessness and fall under the jurisdiction of personal accident law. Unless the incident occurs on federal government property, state law will be applied. Violations of the local building code may also be serious.

Notwithstanding the reference of a slip, any accident that occurs as a result of the sufferer coming into direct contact with a threatening situation underfoot is covered by this provision of the legislation, whether it resulted in a miscalculation, strain, torque, or other action. Only a few instances of direct reasons are spilled drinks or food, cracked floor tiles, debris on stairs, ice and snow, cracked sidewalks, odd steps, and pits. Direct causes like inadequate lighting or a shortage of handrails could also play a role.

Before bringing a slip and fall claim, the responsible parties must be found. Even while the fault is normally assigned to a singular worker or tenant who created the danger, there may have been multiple parties that preserved possession or control over the scene of the accident. Such could be the property manager, landlord, proprietor, or actual house owner. Most of the time, at least a single of these associates will continue to carry property-covering liability insurance.

Particular safety measures must be taken whenever a trip and fall event occurs on a piece of public property. The most significant issue is sovereign immunity. In the past, residents were not allowed to sue the government for carelessness. The administration is now able to sue in certain circumstances thanks to a recent revision to this statute. If an injury meets the criteria, victims are required to follow strict notice guidelines and time-frames.

Until there is an unlikely scenario where the defendant acted deliberately, the plaintiff in a slip and fall lawsuit must show carelessness. Negligence is when a defendant fails to act appropriately given the situation. For instance, it becomes sensible to prepare for the possibility that a store employee will place warning signs in areas that have already been mopped. If this isn't done and a customer slips on the wet surface and gets hurt, the store could be held liable for negligence.

Whether someone acted negligently or not will depend on what they knew. This is especially true in slip-and-fall situations when the defendant's knowledge of the potentially dangerous situation will frequently be the decisive element. To find out what the defendant knew, the plaintiff has the right to employ a procedure called discovery. Throughout the discovery process, the defendant may be required to produce maintenance records, repair logs, surveillance footage, and other comparable documents.

A slipping and sliding victim may also get sworn testimony regarding what happened. It's not necessary to keep the witness testimony a secret until the trial. To record these interviews, deposits are required. Subpoenas may be placed on the perpetrator and other parties to attend the plaintiff's attorney's office for a deposition and to submit written responses to inquiries about the accident.

The testimony provided in a deposition is crucial in cases involving negligence. By getting this information early on during the legal process, both the defendants and indeed the plaintiffs were better able to understand the circumstances that led to the collision and the degree of culpability that may be assigned to the defendant. Depending on the severity of the harm, opposing parties can then determine how much they believe the lawsuit is worth, and compensation talks will follow.

When the plaintiff's activities are reviewed, cases that initially seem to be in the complainant's favor frequently crumble. Defendants more often than not bring up comparative fault during slip-and-fall case trials. The fundamental principle of what is also referred to as comparative negligence is that the victim, who is partially or entirely responsible, was negligent in failing to recognize the threat. Before speaking to anybody about the occurrence, falling and slipping victims should engage an experienced slip lawyer to help them avoid one such defense.

Regarding your claim to be protected and to guarantee that every component of your claim is protected, get in touch with the most skilled attorneys headquartered at our firm.


The type of damage sustained, the seriousness of the consequences, and the effect on the victim's life all play a role in determining the total compensation for each given unintentional slipping and falling event.

There is no predetermined recompense for a slip and falling harm under those other circumstances. However, we can influence how experience finances are determined.

The victim's losses are added up to determine medical bills and missed wages. Medical and associated costs are totaled. If future hospital care is likely, professional guidance is sought to first determine the typical therapy and then to determine the likely outcome cost.

The length of time missed is increased by the monthly income if the injured person was compelled to miss work. Anytime future work-related downtime is predicted, multiply the estimated downtime by your current income. If it turns out that the person is disabled and unable to work, a specialist is contacted to determine their projected lifetime earnings.

Since it is challenging to put a dollar value on emotional suffering, psychological anguish, and other similar damages, all other damages are a little more arbitrary. Here, you'll want our knowledgeable Riverside fall and slide attorneys to carefully investigate every impact your accident had on your health, employment, and activities, and to make sure the insurance company doesn't provide an unfair lowball settlement.


Sadly, the majority of slipping and falling incidents result in death. Certain family members may file a claim for wrongful death compensation in such cases.

Even while no amount of money can make up for the death of a loved one, the law acknowledges that the final hurt may have resulted in costs that the family shouldn't have to cover. The family may experience financial hardship as a result of the death.

The goal of wrongful death cases is to get financial compensation for such harm. If the decedent could have brought a premises liability claim had they lived, the surviving family members may bring a wrongful death claim:

  • The spouse of the beneficiary.
  • In the absence of a partner, the deceased's children. If no offspring are produced, then
  • the parents of the dead
  • immediate family members who depend on the deceased for financial or physical support.
  • The estate of the deceasedThe following categories allow them to make compensation claims.
  • The cost of medical care for the deceased's injuries sustained in the fall.
  • Cost of funerals
  • The loss of income that the deceased would have earned had they lived a full life.
  • Losing a companion means losing affection, camaraderie, enjoyment, attention, assistance, security, company, love, guidance, instruction, support, and motivation.


Private homeowners in Riverside have a duty of care to visitors as asset owners of businesses or investment income available to the general public. They need to make sure that their properties are secure.

But in every situation, the law takes the facts surrounding the unintentional fall into account. Businesses always welcome customers during regular business hours. On the other hand, the general public rarely has access to private homes.

Think about the situation that follows. A pool is being built by a homeowner. If someone were to slip and fall in the underwater cave, the pool deck's slick tile could be dangerous. On the other hand, the landholder and his family don't go to the community because they're aware that it is being renovated and they don't have any neighborhood. At night, a thief enters the building. He is ignorant of the vacant lot and the slippery tile, which causes him to trip and fall.

The landowner owes less responsibility to a person who has illegally entered the estate, even though the law would ordinarily find the area dangerous and the landlord negligent.

However, if the family invites guests over while doing renovations and one of the welcomed children slips and gets hurt, the family may be held responsible.


Only traffic accidents may be compared to slip and fall accidents in terms of accident injuries. Even minor injuries from either a slip or fall occurrence can result in lifetime issues for accident victims, even though not all falls produce serious injuries. In these circumstances, victims and their families are usually put through emotional and financial strain.

Visitors may be entitled to compensation for their losses and damages if they sustained injuries due to slipping and sliding accident while on another person's property.

If you're unsure of what to do, speak with a Riverside slip and slide injury lawyer at our firm right away to discuss your legal options and discover the best course of action for your unique situation.

Before you have a chance to contact a fall lawyer for merely a free case evaluation, you can receive the gist of the information you need from the responses to frequently asked questions about slip and fall accidents in Riverside.


Accidents involving slipping and falling are undoubtedly something you've seen on television or heard about firsthand; the word speaks for itself. The applicability of slip and fall incidents, on the other hand, is more widespread among law firms and attorneys. Slide and tumble incidents cover a broad range of preventable, unintentional falls that take place on someone else's property.

More than just losing one's equilibrium on a slippery surface and falling are involved in slip and fall events. Trip-and-fall accidents are included in the category of falls and slip accidents. Falls and slide accidents can occur anywhere. People can trip and fall at other people's homes while making purchases at the market, and while having a nocturnal stroll in Riverside, among other places.

Negligence sets a tripping and falling accident apart. Accidental falls caused by negligence on the part of the property owner are known as slip and fall events. Negligent actions that can lead to significant slip and fall incidents include neglecting to remove trash and waste from storefronts, parking lots, and driveways; failing to quickly clean up spills; and failing to fix loose carpets, broken tiles, as well as other worn floor surfaces.


No, if you trip and fall and get hurt, that does not immediately mean the property owner is responsible for your accident and injuries. In California, property owners are mandated to maintain their properties in a safe condition for visitors. Being somewhat arbitrary, the idea of safety frequently gives rise to disputes in both compensation claims and Riverside slide-and-fall lawsuits.

Homeowners are required by law to alert visitors to any dangers on their premises that they are likely to know about. The owner is required to repair or get rid of any known risks. Failure to comply with legal obligations by property owners exposes them to economic burden if a visitor is hurt in a slip-and-fall incident.

A court is less likely to hold the property owner liable for slip and fall accidents if the owner warned visitors of hazards by banners, cones, roping, or verbal warnings, or if you approached a forbidden area of the property. A homeowner's insurance company or a business insurance company is also likely to reject a claim. Don't presume anything about your case, though. Allow a knowledgeable slip and fall injury attorney to investigate the facts of the case and determine whether or not your lawsuit will be successful.


Every state has a statute of limitations that a victim of an accident must abide by if they want to sue a company or estate owner for carelessness. In California, you have two years to initiate a complaint against the property owner whose negligence resulted in your injuries. It is improbable that your trip and fall injury claim would be taken into consideration by a California court if the statute of limitations had already run out. The law does, however, permit several unique exclusions.

Delay in discovery is the most frequent scenario that could stop or extend the restriction of the liability time clock. People who get injuries from slips and falls might not detect them straight away. This is particularly likely to occur when a child or someone with brain damage is hurt. On rare occasions, weeks after the incident, brain damage goes unnoticed.

The harm to a child's brain caused by a slip-and-fall event may not be seen by the parent until the youngster is old enough to only verbalize symptoms or is exhibiting developmental problems. In these situations, a court may disregard the statute of limitations and begin the two-year clock at the time of the finding.

Your Riverside slip and fall accident lawyer can examine your situation and determine whether your injury claim merits special consideration. However, it is advised to go forward as soon as you can to avoid losing money due to unintentional wound loss and isolated failures.


Employees' automobile insurance policies and benefits cover workplace accidents. If a slipping and falling event caused your injuries, you must make an employee compensation claim with the insurance provider for your employer. If your claim is successful, you will get paid for a portion of the wages you missed owing to injuries sustained in the slipping and falling event. We can help you submit your claim and make sure you get the compensation you are due.

Employees' financial help will also pay for the expense of medical treatment for any injuries sustained in a sliding and falling accident, but you won't receive money for non-financial losses like pain and suffering. You cannot file a lawsuit against your employer to demand more money. Businesses are shielded from lawsuits brought by employees due to diseases and injuries sustained on the job by investing in workers' compensation insurance.

An employee slipping and falling at work, though, could be somewhat at fault. Your attorney can look into your slip-and-fall case and discover any potential third parties who might be responsible for your injuries. Additionally, you might in unusual circumstances bring a workplace injury claim against your employers. In actuality, you are suing for other activities rather than injuries.

Following a slip-and-fall accident, your lawyer might advise you to file a claim against your employer under the situations listed below:

  • Your employer's insurance company denies your workers' claim for compensation.
  • If you file a claim, the employer threatens to take revenge on you or actively seeks it.
  • Your company lacks the workers' compensation insurance that is required by law.


It differs. The terms of your lease agreement determine whether or not your landlord is responsible for slipping and falling accidents. Some contracts have specific liability and maintenance clauses that prevent renters from suing their landlord or leasing company after tripping and falling. To possibly recover damages from your landlord, you must also demonstrate their fault.

Simply because you suffered harm does not entitle your landlord to compensation for your losses. If you have been wounded in a slipping and falling accident within your home, you should have an experienced attorney evaluate your lease and advise you on the best course of action for your situation.


Generally, trespassing bars a person from seeking compensation for slip and fall injuries. You freely incur risk and liability whenever you enter someone else's territory without that person's consent.

A few things are exceptions. California law prohibits property owners from intentionally harming trespassers or setting up traps for them. The option to sue the property owner if they set up a snare that led you to trip and fall has always been available to you. Lawbreakers' children are likewise protected. If your child illegally invaded another person's property, fell from a hazard, and was hurt, you are owed compensation from the proprietor of the space. A skilled slip and fall injury attorney can advise you on the merits of your claim if trespassing was involved.


Although you don't necessarily need to employ a lawyer to resolve a slip and fall incident claim, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't. Legally represented applicants frequently receive worse treatment from insurance companies than unrepresented claimants. When slip and fall accident victims employ an attorney to handle their claims, they frequently receive better results.

Slip-and-fall injury lawyers have particular training and experience negotiating with insurance companies and their shady business methods. Fall accident attorneys are knowledgeable negotiators who know how to apply the law to your issue. It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Riverside slip and fall accident lawyer who can examine your case and come up with a strategy to get you the maximum money possible for your injuries.

Accidentally hurt? Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact the experts at our firm for help with your claim.


If your claim for a slipping and sliding accident is successful, you could receive a variety of financial awards. Slip and fall victims may be awarded hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in compensation. Your attorney will evaluate your claim, take into account prior cases, consult experts, and use other techniques to determine the value of your slip and fall injury claim.

These trends are typical of Riverside's sliding and falling claims, while we are unable to predict the precise financial results of your claim:

  • Claims for accident victims who have been harmed the most severely frequently have higher worth. Whenever an injury is severe, the value of a claim increases since more money is needed for medical care and there is a lot more suffering and discomfort.
  • Higher-value claims are a result of tumble and fall occurrences that cause long-term illnesses or injuries.
  • For those who miss the most hours at work due to accidents and injuries from slipping and falling, claim amounts tend to be higher.

Serious injury accident victims who have been unable to work typically receive additional compensation.

You may be qualified to receive reimbursement in the form of a decision or trial award for a variety of damages if you bring a claim against specific property or business owner whose negligence led to your slide and trip injuries.

Depending on the particulars of your claims and the severity of your injuries, you can receive financial compensation for your fall and slide losses:

  • Costs associated with health care, such as those associated with prescription drugs, ambulance services, hospital stays, operations, and diagnostic testing.
  • Projected medical expenses for more operations, physical therapy sessions, or long-term care provided at home or in a facility
  • Reduced earning potential when a slip-and-fall accident prevents a person from returning to work or working in the future;
  • Income lost as a result of missing work owing to accidents involving slips and falls;
  • Physical and mental anguish, a decline in life's quality, and
  • the dissolution of the group.


You can rely on the property owner and their insurance company to fight you every step of the way. They want to downplay the merits of your argument or disavow responsibility. A flagrantly negligent landowner may hasten the resolution. But your lawyer could need more time to get you the compensation you deserve. If settlement negotiations are successful, you might be forced to appear at trial, which would prolong the time it takes for your personal injury claim to be settled.

How serious your injuries were at the time of the incident also affects how long it takes to file a slip and slide accident claim. Your Fall accident attorney needs to be informed of the full scope of your impairment and your possibilities of reaching a full recovery to properly evaluate your claim. Serious wounds may require some time to recover to their comprehensive medical potential.

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I went to Big Ben Lawyers on a recommendation and to be honest, I haven’t been disappointed. The staff is friendly and professional while also keeping me informed on any updates pertaining to my car accident at every step. Not only that Big Ben and the staff took care of me but they also fought hard to get what I was owed and for that my family and I are grateful. I will be recommending Big Ben to all my co-workers, friends, and family! Thank you guys so much 🙂 one the best car accident and personal injury lawyers!!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
David Rodriguez
Feb 2023

My wife, who manages a chiropractor's office referred me to Benjamin Law after my car accident. Having been in the medical profession for over thirty years, dealing with accident victims, I was very hesitant initially about dealing with a personal injury attorney whom I didn't know personally.
Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Turley
Jun 2023

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