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In Riverside, there are many motorbikes on the roads. These factors make it inevitable that there would be several motorcycle accidents on Riverside's streets.

On the other hand, the wonderful experience of driving through Riverside on even a Kawasaki, Harley, or Triumph can turn disastrous and even fatal when other cars fail to react in time to avert a motorbike crash.

Your first concern, whether you or someone you care about was hurt in a motorbike accident in Riverside, will be with their security, but the financial ramifications of the damage will soon follow. Our Riverside injury lawyers at Big Ben Lawyers can assist you in determining whether you are entitled to compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries if you reside in Riverside or the outlying neighborhoods. Please get in touch with us right immediately to schedule a free case evaluation.

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Due to its well-known temperate zone, Riverside is a perfect place for motorcycle enthusiasts to live and travel since it allows them to ride their bikes for most of the year. As a result, thousands of motorbikes are likely to be on California's many roadways at any given time. Unquestionably thrilling and fuel-efficient, riding a motorcycle nevertheless puts riders at great risk of injury every time they go out. Motorcyclists are commonly thrown from their bikes in the event of an accident because they are not in any way connected to their cars. Furthermore, because they lack a car body to protect them, bikers commonly suffer severe injuries in collisions with other automobiles or when they hit inanimate objects.

As a result of the foregoing, it follows that the perpetrator always faces legal action to seek damages for the victim in the form of compensation. This course of action must be taken vehemently.

Fortunately, filing a claim for compensation for injuries often enables motorcycle accident victims to get paid for their losses and other damages. After a bike accident, a Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims ensure they receive the maximum amount of compensation possible and prevent insurance companies from intimidating victims by signing unfairly low compensation offers and giving up their legal rights.

You can always get in touch with us through the information on our websites to schedule a free consultation. We will make sure that your concerns are well-protected and that you receive the highest amount of compensation.


Every client of Big Ben Lawyers is zealously represented, which has led to a successful track record for us. The firm has won for its clients nearly $800 million in verdicts and settlements involving various motorcycle accident claims. Each case is unique, and the strength of the facts and evidence will decide the predicted recovery. Nevertheless, our case outcomes correctly represent the firm's success. Our Riverside motorcycle accident attorneys consult with each of our clients to completely understand their circumstances and goals. This process involves going over all available data and speaking with experts.


There is a cause behind Riverside's more than one million motorcycle registrations. Benefits of riding a motorcycle include higher endorphins, increased basal metabolism, better strength and flexibility, improved concentration and attention, and enhanced engine performance.

Several cyclists were injured in traffic incidents in 2012, it is noted, according to data compiled by several independent authorities. These situations have a variety of causes. Some of the most common are listed below. The negligence of other drivers is one of the causes of motorcycle accidents. Truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents are commonly brought on by other drivers' negligence. Riding while inebriated, speeding, neglecting to yield the right-of-way, and impaired driving are just a few examples of the types of reckless driving that could result in a serious crash.

Poor car design or construction is another factor that causes these accidents. Both other cars and motorcycles with poor car technology or manufacture, including motorbikes, have the potential to cause serious accidents. In these situations, plaintiffs can frequently pursue compensation from the manufacturer of the at-fault car. Vehicle defects that affect the brakes, tires, steering, and accelerator are among those that regularly cause fatal collisions.

Additionally, poorly constructed or maintained roads increase the rate of accidents that happen frequently. Some accidents are the result of inadequate road maintenance or design. For instance, malfunctioning stoplights, inadequate signage, poor road drainage, or inadequate road markings could all lead to serious collisions involving one or maybe more vehicles. Because government entities are often in control of road design, construction, and maintenance, a particular set of legal criteria will frequently apply whenever seeking a legal claim resulting from an injury caused by problems with California roadways. As a result, victims must consult with a knowledgeable attorney who specializes in bringing personal injury claims against the government.

Motorcycles can carry some risks, chief among them the possibility of severe injury or death in an accident. Up to 100 motorbike accidents take place in Riverside each year. Over 5,000 individuals were slain nationwide the year before, with 488 of the deaths occurring in California in the most recent year. Over half of motorcycle accidents end in injuries more often than cuts and bruises, and motorcycle riders are around 29% more likely to die than passengers in cars.

Accidents involving motorcycles are very dangerous. Naturally, they frequently result in severe injuries. Below is a discussion of some of the risks and harms associated with motorcycle accidents.


The following list of factors contribute to the aggravation of these risks:

Motorcycles are less crash-resistant. Like automobiles, covered vehicles include a frame structure, car seats, airbags, and other safety features. These safety features are absent from motorcycles. The use of protective clothing, headgear, and eye-wear when riding a motorcycle can increase safety while also matching the level of protection provided by a passenger car.

Size is important. Compared to the bulk of other types of transportation on the road, motorcycles are substantially smaller. They are therefore less noticeable to other motorists and more likely to go unnoticed in a hot zone. When an automobile turns to the left, they likewise become less obvious.

It is less stable to ride a motorcycle. The two wheels of a motorcycle offer less stability than the four wheels of other vehicles. As a result, motorcycle riders are more likely to collide when attempting to avoid dangers or in poor weather.

• The proper training is necessary. Driving a motorcycle calls for different skills and levels of focus than driving a typical passenger car. A third of bikers do not have licenses or have licenses that are obtained illegally, while many of those who do have licenses lack proper training. It requires tremendous skill and knowledge to operate a motorcycle, and California is one of the few states that permits lane splitting. The movement of a motorcycle driver between lanes is known as lane splitting. It is dangerous, especially for inexperienced motorcycle riders.


The following injuries are normal after a motorcycle collision:

Traumatic brain injuries are extremely common in motorcycle accidents, especially when the victim is not wearing a helmet. Acute brain injuries: Every aspect of a person's life can be impacted by a traumatic brain injury, including cognitive processing speed, focus, short- or long-term memory loss, and emotional regulation issues.

Concussions of the nervous system: The brain is connected to the rest of the body via a labyrinth of neurons that run along the vertebral column. If the nerve system is only partially damaged, the person may experience a significant loss of movement patterns and control. If the vertebral column is entirely severed, total paralysis could result.

Migraine, displacement, or musculoskeletal issues, as well as nerve damage, are all potential outcomes for accident victims who sustain cervical and spinal injuries.

Mutilations: An incident's effect may cause limb loss. Frequently, limbs are crushed, requiring hospital amputation, or they deteriorate from a lack of blood flow, requiring patellofemoral months or months just after the injury.

Broken bones were frequently the outcome of motorbike collisions, whether the bikes impacted the pavement or collided with another vehicle. While some broken bones can mend completely on their own, some require medical intervention or prolonged physical therapy. A person may have trouble performing daily tasks if several bones are broken, and recovery could be challenging and time-consuming.

• Road rash: Abrasions brought on by the friction of skin brushing against asphalt are referred to as automobile rash. Wearing the proper protective clothes can lower the risk of developing road rash. Road rash can leave painful scars and is frequently uncomfortable. Severe road rash requires skin grafting to heal.

A sufferer experiences more than just the pain that a motorcycle provides. People who have been hurt should perhaps deal with the financial and practical repercussions of their injuries. Frequently, a victim will look into whether someone else should be held accountable for the accident.


While serious injuries are very prevalent in bike accidents, taking the following simple precautions may reduce your risk of aggravating an existing injury:

Put on safety precautions. Any motorbike operator or passenger must wear a compliant motorcycle safety helmet. The California Department of Transportation also suggests a shatter-proof plastic face shield instead of goggles because it covers your entire face. Verify that your clothing offers the necessary comfort, temperature regulation, and debris protection. Wearing colorful or fluorescent clothing will also make you more visible to other drivers.

Utilize a safe bicycle. First, make sure your motorcycle is proportioned correctly so that you can reach the ground with ease. To help you maintain traction and avoid your wheels from locking up, think about getting a motorcycle with anti-lock brakes. Last but not least, make sure your motorbike is in good working order before going for a ride. Check the brakes, clutches, accelerators, reflectors, and horns as well as the rims, fluids, spotlights, and turn signals.

Drive attentively and awake. To prevent collisions, keep out of other drivers' blind areas and always use your turn signals. Look around you for any potential dangers. Avoid going over the safe speed, and never drink and drive.

• Stay inside your degree of expertise. Avoid attempting to ride beyond your experience level. If you are a novice, stay away from challenging routes and avoid lane splitting. Think about enrolling in a motorcycle training course.


Even though motorbikes present special potential risks, this does not mean that a bike rider is always—or even usually—to blame for an accident. The one responsible for the victim's wounds is the one who engaged in the hazardous behavior that led to the accident.

These other parties are also frequently to blame for motorcycle accidents:

• Aggressive drivers: If there was another vehicle in the crash, the operator of that vehicle may be held accountable if they were careless.

Other negligent conduct by drivers include:

  • attempting to inspect a blind area
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving while intoxicated or using a controlled substance
  • Adhering excessively
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring traffic signs, such as stop signs, on the road
  • Placing an unneeded barrier in the way of a motorbike rider, such as by opening up a window in their path.

These actions by a motorist serve as an illustration of what qualifies as negligence, albeit the description is not all-inclusive. To ascertain the degree of negligence demonstrated in your case, speak with an attorney.

Additional parties that could be held accountable for the Riverside Motorcycle accidents include:

Automobile manufacturer or mechanic:

If the motorcycle or another vehicle implicated in the collision stopped functioning in a way that caused the harm, you should examine whether negligence on the part of the manufacturer or mechanic amounted to improper construction or maintenance of the equipment. If so, the designer or mechanic is responsible for any resulting injuries. While any engine issue is essential, it is crucial to take brake failures, tire issues, improperly mounted components like handlebars, and the failure of any safety precautions into account. You can get help from a Riverside motorcycle accident attorney in finding experts who can offer verifiable evidence of the vehicle's flaws.

Metropolitan authorities

When roads are not maintained properly or there are other risks on the road, motorcycles are particularly vulnerable. An attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to compensation when a local authority fails to fulfill its duty to maintain roads.

What Remunerations Should You Anticipate as a Riverside Motorcycle accident victim?

You are entitled to compensation for your damages from either the party who was at fault for the accident or from his or her insurance company once you have established that their negligence or malicious behavior contributed to the incident and the injuries that resulted. Damages are frequently intended to cover any injuries you could have received as a result of the mishap. It's important to take into account all losses, not simply the underlying medical costs.

Above the above-mentioned harms, further forms of such include:

Healthcare expenses

Pay attention to less obvious medical expenses such as ambulance services, prescription drugs, and future treatments like physical therapy, home adaptations to manage wounds, and travel to and from the doctor.

Reduced wages

These losses of wages are essential damages to include in any compensation claim if you missed appointments and will subsequently be away from work due to your injuries. Numerous injuries also make it challenging for an individual to carry out specific professional duties, advance in their sector, or work full-time. Any detrimental impact on your potential earning power should be mentioned in your claim. To calculate these losses, a lawyer and an expert can work together.

Proprietary destruction

If your bike or other equipment was damaged or destroyed in the accident, this would include the cost of repairing or replacing it in your claim.

Mental anguish

Following such incidents, accident victims usually suffer from mental trauma, such as worry, depression, or traumatic stress disorder. These are serious wounds that need to be covered by your claim.

Decreased amusement

Many injuries make it difficult for the injured person to partake in entertaining activities, such as sports. If you need help figuring out whether you qualify for these damages, see an attorney.

Exemplary damages are meant to punish the offender rather than to compensate the victim for particularly egregious behavior. In California, reparations are now only granted where the evidence shows that the suspect may have used intimidation, fraud, or deceit.

To help you understand the costs you are awarded, our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer can compile a thorough damages assessment and consult with professionals as needed for input. A clear knowledge of your losses can help you evaluate any settlement offers from the other side. A plea deal that does not adequately compensate an injured plaintiff is usually presented by the opponent or the defendant's coverage insurance company. It may be alluring to sign a hasty settlement agreement to receive quick financial relief, but you should first speak with your Riverside motorcycle accident attorneys to make sure the settlement provides just compensation.

FAQs about Riverside Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists and others may suffer terrible consequences and perhaps die as a result of motorcycle riders in Riverside. Whether the collision takes place on a busy interstate like I-215 or a residential street close to Encanto Park, the outcome is typically the same: lifelong discomfort, financial strain, and a substantial impact on the biker's capacity to engage in life and be with loved ones.

It shouldn't be necessary for survivors of bike accidents in Riverside to shoulder the financial and emotional burden of harm and losses brought on by the negligence or recklessness of others. Below, our attorneys respond to some of the often asked issues regarding the specific legal rights of motorcycle accident victims in Riverside and the Inland Empire. For answers to specific questions about a motorcycle accident that has changed your life, get in touch with our skilled Riverside motorcycle accident injury attorneys right away.


Numerous people in Riverside lose their life as a result of motorcycle accidents. Therefore, the majority of the effects of an accident are felt by the riders. However, passengers are not the only individuals who may be eligible to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for unexpected losses and injuries.

There are numerous additional parties, including the following:

• Motorcyclists who were hurt as passengers in an accident;

• The surviving members of the immediate family of a rider or passenger who tragically perished in a bike accident in Riverside;

• Anyone hurt by a motorbike accident, including people in cars or on foot.

To put it another way, just about anyone hurt in or as a result of a motorcycle accident may be able to seek compensation. To find out if you qualify for these rights, get in touch with a skilled Riverside personal injury lawyer who handles motorcycle accidents right now.

How are damages and associated liability distributed in such accidents?

California law stipulates that anyone whose careless actions or judgments result in a motorbike collision in Riverside may be held accountable for the victims. The determination of the people, businesses, institutions, or governmental bodies responsible may vary substantially because every accident is different.

However, skilled Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers who represent injured victims regularly determine whether one or more of the following parties is legally to blame for a collision:

• Motorcyclists, particularly those whose careless or reckless cruising on a road shared with other motorcycle riders results in an accident;

• Owners of the business whose employee causes a bike accident in Riverside while using a company vehicle;

• Automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, if the machinery they produce contains hazardous flaws that cause a mechanical failure and an accident;

These are just a few instances. Almost anybody can be held accountable for the financial losses incurred by victims of a bike accident in Riverside if their decisions or actions cause the accident. To learn who may be held legally responsible for the injuries you or a loved one incurred in a bike accident, get in touch with a skilled Riverside motorcycle accident injury lawyer right once.


The families of the victims are severely impacted by motorcycle accidents in Riverside. Survivors who have the legal right to file a claim for damages usually ask for reimbursement for:

Costs that have been liquidated include financial losses suffered as a result of the occurrence and the victim's wounds, like:

  • Hospital costs that include current and upcoming medical costs;
  • Unpaid Earnings that account for lost wages in the past as well as in the future;
  • Loss of earning potential;
  • Repair or replacement charges for your motorcycle due to personal property damage;
  • Therapeutic services;
  • Household maintenance services;
  • Ultimately missed out on business chances; and
  • Several distinct risky incidents, a shoulder injury, and expenses.

The harms sustained by victims that cannot be quantified in terms of money include:

  • Guilt and misery;
  • Anguish on the inside;
  • Malformations;
  • Amputating a limb;
  • Loss of enjoyment in life or interests;
  • Consortium loss; and
  • Loss of companionship.

Retributive damages, which may be available in certain situations, are meant to punish the offending party for egregious or outrageous actions that resulted in a motorbike accident in Riverside.

Naturally, there are no guarantees in legal disputes. The amount of money that the sufferer may be entitled to recover for each of the sorts of damages outlined above will differ significantly depending on the specifics of each Riverside bike accident. The financial backing of the party owing the victim damages may occasionally affect how the case turns out.

Accident victims who are cyclists and their families should always seek the advice of a skilled, savvy Riverside bike wreck personal injury lawyer who has the wherewithal to confront powerful public defense lawyers and insurance companies as well as the expertise to build and prove a case for motorbike wreck damage done.


To begin with, there are no guarantees of a successful outcome. For this reason, persons who have been injured in motorcycle accidents in Riverside should select a lawyer who specializes in these situations and has a solid track record. Although this is not a surety, it does provide clients the assurance of knowing that they have legal counsel on their side who knows exactly how to achieve results.

The length of time varies depending on the circumstances where positive results are obtained. Some motorcycle accident lawsuits in Riverside can be settled in a short amount of time. Others may endure for a year or even longer, particularly if they go to trial.

Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys for motorbike accident survivors and their customers typically do not have a lot of control over the time-frame for a case because it frequently depends on variables like the number of parties involved, the level of disagreement regarding fault or damages, and the styles of work and personalities of the attorneys, health insurance officials, and parties.

On the other hand, Riverside bike accident victims and their families can choose when to speak with a motorcycle crash injury lawyer about their case. The sooner people do that, the earlier a claim can start its path to a potentially advantageous settlement.


In California, victims' families normally have two (2) years from the date of their injuries to file a suit for damages. This term, however, may be shortened or lengthened depending on factors related to the accident, such as the victim's age or even whether the action is filed against a government entity. Basic rights to reimbursement may be lost if a claim is not submitted within a specific period.

Consult an expert who can determine how long you have had to file a compensation claim to ensure that your constitutional protections to compensation are upheld following a Riverside motorcycle wreck.


You never know, therefore it's important to hire a Riverside bike accident injury lawyer who has the expertise, information, and understanding necessary to succeed in any circumstance, whether inside or outside of a courtroom.

Most claims for motorcycle accident damages in California are resolved outside of court. Simply put, that is how the system works. In a bargain, the paying party is often relieved from liability in consideration of the victim receiving compensation. A case usually concludes with a settlement.

It is challenging to foresee which cases a Riverside State Superior Trial Court will likely provide a chance to succeed because not all lawsuits settle. Finding a lawyer with a proven track record of success in court and who is prepared to leave mediation sessions if necessary to secure a complete and just resolution for something like a hurt client is how victims can protect themselves. In many cases, merely having an experienced defense lawyer on your side will help you convince the other side to give up and accept a fair settlement.


California law mandates that all motorcycle riders wear helmets, and doing so is punishable by a fine. At Big Ben Lawyers, we highly advise all motorcyclists to wear a helmet, which has been shown repeatedly to reduce incident fatality rates and protect motorcyclists from severe brain injuries.

However, not wearing a helmet does not give other riders on your motorcycle permission to endanger you. You have the right to look for compensation for your losses and damages even if you weren't wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. However, it is a risk that motorcyclists without helmets take. If these wounds included head or brain trauma that could have been prevented by using a helmet, this could weaken or diminish your lawsuit for damages.

Stop letting the reality that you weren't not wearing protective gear at the time of your Riverside motorcycle accident prevent you from consulting with a qualified bike collision personal injury attorney. You largely stay privileged to the opportunity to pursue recompense through legal procedures.


The most important thing you can do to strengthen your Riverside motorcycle accident is to get prompt, appropriate medical attention for your symptoms and to strictly adhere to your doctor's instructions.

Even if the first responder advises it, let EMTs evaluate you at the scene. Ride in an emergency room to a nearby trauma center, and always follow up with your primary care provider or an intensive outpatient clinic within two days for a thorough medical examination to diagnose and/or rule out serious injuries.

Never assume that you are secure simply because you feel well following a collision. The intensity of an incident might disguise pain, as well as many potentially deadly injuries, may not display symptoms straight away.

For a variety of reasons, you must see a doctor and follow all of their instructions until you feel better. The most crucial factor is that it protects your well-being first and foremost. Second, it produces health data that your lawyer can use to support your compensation claim in the future. Thirdly, it guarantees that neither the prosecution nor the insurance company will claim that you made your injuries worse by disobeying the doctor's instructions.

Along with seeking medical care, you might want to do the following things to improve your chances of winning a class action lawsuit:

Preserving the Necessary knowledge Evidentiary Threshold

Do not trash any papers or tangible things linked to your incident, injuries, or consequent expenses. This includes information about your insurance, hospital bills and records, prescription drug receivables, and even the clothing and footwear you were going to have to wear at the time of the collision. Furthermore, before having your motorbike reconditioned or depositing it for dross, consider it twice. The bike might be the key piece of evidence that demonstrates how your accident happened and identifies the parties your lawyer should try to hold accountable legally and financially. Instead, place it underneath the covers and wait to await your lawyer's clearance before doing something with it.

Avoiding social media usage

Insurance companies and defense lawyers are aware of the possibility of mining social media posts for photos, text, and other elements that give the impression that a crash victim is hurt but not depressed. By sharing information that makes your life seem perfect, such as a blog post about an incident, avoid unintentionally making a mistake.

Speak with our experienced Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible

The present is the only ideal time. You only have a short window of time to exercise crucial constitutional safeguards. The sooner you retain legal counsel to fight for the damages and injuries compensation to which you are legally entitled, the better your chances of a favorable outcome in your case.


Riding a motorcycle is an experience unlike any other. The main highway can help you unwind, whether you commute or ride on the weekends. Despite your preparation, you cannot be prepared for the unforeseen actions of another driver. Knowing what to do right away after a motorbike accident will be crucial if you decide to sue the at-fault driver in a civil lawsuit. You can use the list of frequently asked questions down below as a reference guide in case of an emergency. For more information, visit a lawyer.


You could wonder who was at fault if a motorbike crash comes out of the blue. It may be vital that you refuse to apologize for the error and take responsibility for it. Although it is normal to want to apologize to someone who has been wronged, doing so can occasionally be interpreted as accepting responsibility. You can still retain the services of our motorcycle accident attorney to prove fault. To determine if someone should be held accountable for your injuries, your lawyer could investigate the situation. Immediately following your motorbike accident, your emotions could be conflicting. One might feel scared, angry, or upset. It's important to take a few calm breaths before requesting medical assistance. Let your lawyer and the responding police handle the accident investigation.


Accepting the assistance of the arriving urgent medical care from experts is a sensible decision for several crucial factors. Because some injuries don't manifest any outward signs of harm, it is essential for a doctor to assess internal injuries and to do any recommended testing. Furthermore, the medical treatment you receive could ultimately help your civil case. You might want to get back to your routine as quickly as you can after a motorcycle accident because it might be so terrifying. But the shock is an extremely dangerous health condition that not only causes the pain to go away but also has the potential to be lethal. Always agree to medical transit to a doctor after a bike crash, regardless of how you are feeling.


A motorbike collision may result in several injuries. More information about a few of these mishaps is provided below. A spinal cord injury from such an incident can limit one's ability to move and feel. Traumatic brain injuries that affect the brain's normal function and equilibrium can also result from such incidents. Broken bones are another common occurrence that may require surgery and treatment. Such situations can also result in several common internal injuries that, if left untreated, can affect internal organs. Burns can potentially pose a threat to life, necessitating major membrane grafts and cosmetic operations. Traffic rashes or skin scratches, which are difficult to clean but necessary to prevent infection, are one of the outcomes of such accidents.

Some specific examples of motorbike accident injuries include a protracted recovery period or a lifelong impairment. To ensure that you receive the proper care for your injuries, it may be essential to seek medical attention right away. Once you are taken to the hospital, your medical bills begin. These costs keep going up even if you are still in agonizing pain and urgently require life-saving surgeries. Consider considering contacting our team of educated and professional motorcycle accident attorneys after seeking the assistance you require.


On the road, both motorists and motorbike riders should share the road. Drivers who take driving for granted and engage in one of the several contested malpractices may be the cause of a motorcycle accident. Consequently, a number of the actions that lead to motorcycle accidents are investigated. Driving distractions are one category of these elements and occur whenever a driver takes their hands off the wheel, their eyes off the road, or their attention off the road.

Driving under the influence, which is the second factor in these collisions, happens anytime a driver does indeed have a high blood alcohol content or is in another circumstance. These are the root causes of accidents. Additionally, another factor that contributes to fatal accidents is driving when exhausted, which often occurs when a driver has an undiscovered sleep disorder or drives after working long shifts without rest. Another element in the prevalence of these occurrences is reckless driving, which happens when a car purposefully tailgates a motorbike in a very dangerous way.

Whenever one rides a motorbike, one must be dedicated to driving safely and possess the adaptability to react to other drivers' irresponsibility. If an automobile, SUV, or semi-truck makes a quick, unforeseen maneuver, you might not have anywhere to flee. A professional driver won't offer to pay for your medical bills in exchange for an apology. Although the driver may feel awful about what happened, if the proper safety measures had been taken, your injuries might not have occurred. This is highly upsetting, therefore talking to a motorbike accident lawyer may help to lessen the annoyance. To pursue a civil suit, a lawyer must show that the defendant was negligent. If the carelessness of another motorist resulted in significant harm to you, think about pursuing compensation with the help of an experienced legal professional.


Our motorcycle crash attorneys are ready to pursue recompense from the party responsible for the collision on a variety of criteria. It is worth noting however that payment may not be guaranteed. A few of these damages are discussed later. Medical expenses related to your injuries are first and foremost one of these areas of loss. Second, any ongoing medical costs, such as those for physical therapy, prescription medications, rehabilitation, and other costs, must be paid for. Third, you will get paid for any lost wages and time missed from work as a result of your injury. You might also be reimbursed for your lost earning potential if your infirmities prevent you from returning to your prior job. The final stage is to seek restitution for your pain and suffering as a result of the mental anguish that your injuries have caused.

Whether you have medical insurance, you have the right to seek compensation if another driver's negligence resulted in your accident. Holding the culpable driver responsible for their reckless actions may serve justice. The aforementioned stance is especially valid if a close family member perishes in a motorcycle accident.


You can often submit a wrongful death claim and lawsuit if you get any of the following ties to the sufferer. The husband or wife, the victim's parents, and even the murdered person's children are all individuals who are granted the legal right to launch a case.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer at our office will be able to determine whether there are any alternative options for you. For instance, in your case, you might be claiming restitution for the companionship you missed when your husband passed away. Riverside motorcycle accident attorneys are aware of how challenging medical malpractice lawsuits are for surviving family members. They aim to be compassionate and caring toward their clients when they are grieving. The unexpected expense of a funeral or the loss of income from a partner can significantly increase stress and worry. Such feelings might be soothed by filing a claim for an unlawful death. Money rarely, if ever, can fully make up for the loss of a loved one, but it can help ease some potential future anxiety. The first step in the compensation procedure is often to negotiate the best settlement with insurance.


Never speak with an insurance company without first getting in touch with the company of lawyers for motorcycle accidents. The insurance company for the motorist who was responsible for your losses or injuries might be eager to arrange a quick settlement. Its goal as a for-profit business may be to settle motorcycle injury or wrongful death litigation for the least amount of money possible. If your medical costs are increasing, you might be lured by a settlement offer from an insurance company.

It's important to be aware that accepting the insurance carrier's payout can make it impossible for you to seek more reimbursement. If your health status deteriorates, you might not have the financial means to pay for medical care. The motorcycle accident lawyers at our office can tell when an insurance company is trying to take advantage of a victim. A lawyer can help you by confronting such activity on your behalf. If attempts to resolve your dispute amicably fail to secure you the compensation they consider you are entitled to, your attorney may defend you in court.


The limitation period requires that legal action be initiated as soon as feasible. State law strictly limits the period that an injured individual would have to file their claim. A serious motorcycle accident can result in the loss of a loved one and have an impact on one's health, finances, and emotional state. One can easily feel overwhelmed by these changes and unsure of what to do next.

Motorcycle accident cases are normally given four years under Riverside law, whereas wrongful death cases are typically given two years. Years can offer you a false sense of security and persuade you that you have ample time to contact one of our duly experienced and expert motorcycle accident attorneys. The time between getting a free case evaluation and looking for compensation in a future trial can go by quickly. If you miss the date, the statute of limitations can preclude you from claiming potential compensation. A lawyer from our office who specializes in motorcycle accidents could ensure that your claim is filed within the deadlines established by state law.


There are various ways you can help our motorcycle accident attorney with your case. Your mobile device might have images of the scene of the incident that your attorney could use to help you. There may also be contact information for witnesses on your phone. Our team of bike accident attorneys believes that speaking with witnesses as quickly as possible following the incident, while their recollections are still recent, will help your case. There are additional ways to prove your point, among which are the ones we'll examine later. Giving your lawyer copies of your health records is one of these additional techniques. Avoiding sharing data via social media is a second tactic.

You can be questioned about a serious motorcycle accident you were involved in by family members and friends. It is advised to provide as little information as possible and to kindly avoid posting about the accident on Instagram or Snapchat. Any information you reveal could harm your civil action. To safeguard your interests, don't reveal any information that an insurance company might use against you or claim you caused the accident.


Our team's motorcycle wreck attorneys are compensated on a contract basis. In reality, considering the present growth in medical costs, you cannot wait to contact Big Ben Lawyers' group of skilled and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys. If you experience a serious injury that renders you permanently incapacitated, your financial situation will change. It might also keep you from achieving your particular goals and aspirations. Even if the motorist responsible for your crash is facing criminal charges, you may still be able to bring a civil action.


You are the only one with the time to reply to this. Due to your injuries, you may not be able to ride a bike again. Some accident victims experience post-traumatic stress disorder after a traumatic collision. These issues may cause patients to avoid cycling for fear of another collision. If your motorcycle's property is damaged, you may be entitled to financial compensation. This compensation may be very lucrative relying on how you personalized your car. You're not the only one who thinks it's unfair that you were gravely hurt in a motorcycle accident by a careless driver. If you lose the ability to practice a few of your lucky hobbies or your work, justice must be done.


A horrible motorbike accident alters both your life and the lives of your family. Relationships can suffer and you may experience a lot of stress as a result of traumatic traumas like a spine injury. The costs associated with your accident-related injuries shouldn't all be on you. You must file a civil complaint and go to court to have the best possible chance of winning compensation. If a negligent motorist seriously hurt you or a member of your family, you might want to contact Big Ben Lawyers experienced group of motorcycle accident lawyers right once. Protecting your financial future is crucial if it comes to your medical needs.

The picturesque Riverside neighborhood and its surroundings shouldn't be the scene of fatal motorcycle collisions. Think about getting in touch with one of our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers right immediately.

Contact Big Ben Lawyers' motorcycle accident attorneys right now to receive the necessary support for your case.

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Motorbike accident victims who suffered injuries as a result of someone else's negligence may be eligible for substantial financial compensation for their losses. In a bike crash case, typical damages that could be recovered include cash for future medical expenses associated with accident-related injuries, loss of wages, physical and psychological suffering, and property damage. Our firm's motorcycle accident lawyers are dedicated to helping clients injured in the aforementioned crashes and other avoidable tragedies get compensated for their losses.

Browse our website and make sure to contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys so that your recompense is given a better chance of success. Big Ben Lawyers' highly skilled legal team will make sure that your entitlements are safeguarded and zealously pursued. Even while we work to advance the cause of action, this remains Big Ben Lawyers' passion.

We have the personnel, tools, and resources necessary to prevail under difficult circumstances. In addition to our team, the company has a 20,000 square meter legal department that houses an internal sound, audiovisual, and layout division, a jury and trial advisor, a complete courthouse for fictitious investigation and prosecution and observational methods, an online meeting facility, and a jury oral arguments chamber for fictitious deliberations.

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Client Testimonials

I went to Big Ben Lawyers on a recommendation and to be honest, I haven’t been disappointed. The staff is friendly and professional while also keeping me informed on any updates pertaining to my car accident at every step. Not only that Big Ben and the staff took care of me but they also fought hard to get what I was owed and for that my family and I are grateful. I will be recommending Big Ben to all my co-workers, friends, and family! Thank you guys so much 🙂 one the best car accident and personal injury lawyers!!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
David Rodriguez
Feb 2023

My wife, who manages a chiropractor's office referred me to Benjamin Law after my car accident. Having been in the medical profession for over thirty years, dealing with accident victims, I was very hesitant initially about dealing with a personal injury attorney whom I didn't know personally.
Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Turley
Jun 2023

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