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One of the prevalent global phenomena is sharing the road. It is a common adage that can be seen on road signs and bumper stickers all around the nation. The demand for vehicles and cyclists to share the road responsibly in Riverside will only increase as biking becomes more and more popular as a cheap, ecologically beneficial form of transportation and exercise.

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The same is true of Riverside. The city is bicycle-friendly, but there is a growing risk of collisions that seriously or fatally hurt bikers.

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident in Riverside, you might be entitled to monetary support from the motorist of the automobile that hit you or from other people whose reckless choices or deeds put you in danger. To learn more about how we represent Riverside bicycle crash victims in lawsuits seeking that compensation, get in touch with Big Ben Lawyers right away.


The legal group represents victims of bike injuries in Riverside and around Southern California. They have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards for their injured clients by making the most of their knowledge, expertise, and resources. They can ensure that clients will receive the individualized attention of an experienced bicycle accident attorney who knows how to get results in and out of court, even though they cannot guarantee that any specific client will receive compensation for bicycle accident injuries.


Riverside has a history of bicycle accidents. Statistics indicate that the number of bike fatalities in California is increasing. In the most recent two years, there were 455 bicycle accident-related deaths in California, including 25 fatalities right here in Riverside. Many of those terrible deaths as well as the scores of injuries that did not culminate in a catastrophe could have been prevented if all road users but especially drivers exercised prudence.


Riders of cars and trucks have the same liberty to use Riverside roadways as do bicycles. They are equally accountable for ensuring their security.

That includes observing traffic laws, such as:

• They have to let pedestrians pass.

• They have to follow the flow of traffic.

• They are required to abide by street signs, road markings, and traffic lights.

• They must avoid driving when distracted by keeping their focus on the roadway and the surrounding vehicles.

Failure to abide by these regulations puts bikers in Riverside at risk for such a serious, possibly deadly collision with a moving car. Unfortunately, accidents still occur even when bikers obey the law because of drivers' negligence or recklessness.


Riders in traffic accidents run the danger of suffering fatal injuries. While airbags, seat belts, and the car's chassis protect drivers and passengers in motor vehicles, cyclists are especially at risk of harm in collisions. Typically, a helmet is the only piece of protective gear they have to protect themselves from a crushing impact, and even that isn't 100% effective at preventing head injuries.

The most frequent injuries suffered by cyclists in bicycle accidents in Riverside are:

traumatic concussions (TBI), which potentially cause motor, cognitive, and sentimental impairment;

spinal cord injuries, which can result in paralysis;

complex fractured bones and limbs squashed under cars;

severe road rash; and

injuries to the muscles, connective tissue, and soft tissue.

Regardless of the kind of injury a cyclist sustains in Riverside, the staff at Big Ben Lawyers has the expertise and tools necessary to assess their wounds and calculate the amount of compensation they are entitled to under California law.


There are many different situations in which bicycle accidents happen.

Injuries from bicycle accidents in Riverside are frequently caused by the following situations:

• Bad road conditions: Debris in bike lanes, collapsing road shoulders, and potholes all contribute to cycling accidents. City road departments must correct these issues.

• Driver error: In Riverside, mistakes made while operating a car or truck can have fatal results for cyclists. A dangerous collision may result from speeding, risky passing, or failing to give way to a bike.

• Mechanical issues in an automobile or truck that shares the road with a cyclist, or breakdown of the cyclist's cycling equipment, can both result in injuries.

Irrespective of what led to the Riverside bicycle accident, the attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers are skilled in analyzing the situation to determine who is legally liable for the cyclist's injuries.


Survivors of bicycle accidents in Riverside frequently have the statutory right to pursue financial compensation from those responsible for their injuries. The kind and amount of damages a victim of a bike accident may be entitled to depend on the particulars of the accident.

However, clients of Big Ben Lawyers typically have the option to pursue both monetary and non-monetary damages for injuries sustained in a Riverside bike accident, as well as punitive damages in particular circumstances:

Economic damages are the victim's out-of-pocket costs for injuries sustained in a bicycle accident in Riverside, including:

Domestic services, lost earnings potential, lost wages, prospective medical costs, loss of earnings in the present, future rehabilitation costs, and future property damages.

Additional out-of-pocket costs

Non-pecuniary damages are the injury from a bicycle accident in Riverside that doesn't result in immediate financial costs instead and consists of hardships in daily living, such as:

  • Physical Impairment or Disfigurement;
  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Emotional Distress;
  • Mental Anguish;
  • Loss of Consortium;
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Punitive Damages may also be sought in some instances. When an injured cyclist was subjected to extremely egregious or reckless behavior, punitive damages may be sought in California. These penalties are meant to punish the offender and discourage such behavior in the future.

The best method to establish how much compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries sustained in the Riverside bicycle accident is to speak with an expert Riverside bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible following your injury. Cycling accident victims can give themselves the best chance of obtaining the maximum amount of reimbursement for their injuries and losses by working with the attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers because they have the expertise and resources they require.


In general, the victim has two (2) years from the date of their injury in California to file a lawsuit seeking compensation from the persons who are legally liable to you if you are hurt in a Riverside bicycle accident. However, in other circumstances, that waiting period can be as short as six months. You may completely lose your legal rights if you miss that deadline.

Contact the knowledgeable bicycle accident injury attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers as soon as possible so as to protect your constitutional protections after suffering injuries in a bicycle accident in Riverside. Your chances of getting the compensation you are due to increase the sooner you discuss your injuries with Personal injury attorneys.

The duration of time it takes before you get paid for the injuries you sustained in the Riverside bicycle accident depends on a variety of circumstances.

To start, keep in mind there is no assurance you will receive any compensation. The timing varies greatly in claims that result in a favorable outcome for the biker. We have defended clients in cases that were settled in a matter of months. Other instances that we have had have taken a year or longer to reach trial. The number of funds in dispute, the overall number of parties engaged in the case, any disagreements over the facts or the law, and even the personality of the attorneys, insurance agents, parties, and judge, are all factors that might determine how quickly a bicycle accidents injury claim proceeds.

But one thing you can control is whether or not you decide to discuss your claim with Riverside bicycle accident attorney. As we previously stated, your prospects of obtaining a favorable resolution as quickly as possible are better the earlier you contact a solicitor.


Bicycle accident victims in Riverside occasionally receive communication directly from either the insurance provider or defense attorney arguing that their injuries were not their fault. Even before the accident victim has retained legal counsel, these representatives could offer to give the victim a settlement.

Although it could be tempting to accept the money, Riverside bike accident victims should proceed with extreme caution when it comes to these impromptu gifts of what appears to be free money. A settlement has conditions, one of which is that the victim must waive her or his legal right to sue in exchange for the payment. In other words, the settlement is a one-time transaction. If you make a mistake, you can find that you were forced to accept a sum that was too little and was unable to request a larger sum.

To prevent our customers from falling victim to these kinds of strategies, Big Ben Lawyers negotiates settlements on their behalf.

You can receive a phone call from the driver's insurance provider after a motor vehicle-related bicycle accident, offering you compensation for the collision. The insurance provider can attempt to pressure you into accepting that settlement offer right away without giving you a chance to deliberate.

Additionally, the company might pressure you into deciding before you calculate the recompense you are entitled to based on all of your recent mishap expenditures or before you are aware of your broad range of medical prognosis and course of treatment as you recoup from your accident.

To learn more about your legal options, including when to take a settlement offer and how much money you should receive for your injuries, speak with a skilled Riverside bike accident lawyer. An attorney can assist you in making judgments that are based on the severity of your impairments and the insurance coverage of the other motorist, not on the insurer provider's desire to reduce its financial exposure following a catastrophic injury accident.


Following a collision, riverfront cycling accident victims' legal entitlement to compensation may depend on the steps they take. Here are some recommendations to safeguard your rights and safety.


After a bicycle accident in Riverside, even assuming that you did not believe you have sustained a serious injury, get medical help as soon as you can. A doctor can check you for any undiscovered injuries and begin administering treatment immediately away. Additionally, the documentation of your visit to the doctor could be important in a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries.


Cycling accident victims in Riverside are frequently too hurt to do much at the site other than accept EMT treatment. However, if you are fortunate enough to survive the collision without suffering any significant injuries, seize the chance to quickly record the accident site, your bike, the car that hit you, and your wounds on camera or video using your smartphone. These might be of great assistance to your Riverside Bicycle accident lawyer.


In the same vein, if it is safe to do so, gather the names and contact details of everybody who witnessed, responded to, or was involved in the accident at the scene. Later, your attorney can get in touch with these witnesses to get their version of events.


Insurer companies want to know what happened following any accident that killed the person or business for which they provided insurance and, more significantly, how they can prevent having to compensate anyone for any further costs. Be careful not to say something that would imply you were responsible for your injuries when speaking with an insurance provider, even your insurer. Just stick to the facts, and leave questions of fault to the attorneys.


Whilst cycling is possible year-round in Southern California due to the climate, there are numerous risks for cyclists in Riverside, most of which are caused by interactions between other road users. Each year, dozens of cyclists are killed or seriously injured in Riverside.

You surely have many concerns about how to cover the costs of medical care and other services if you were hurt or lost a loved one as a result of this type of accident. Here are some of the most common queries our Riverside bicycle accident clients ask us.


You can file a Riverside bicycle accident lawsuit to recover damages if the accident was caused by someone else's negligence or recklessness. Within two years of the accident date, this legal claim must be made in civil court. The lawsuit aims to establish who or what caused the accident, as well as to show the costs and effects the damage has had on the claimant's life.


One must establish each of the following elements to establish liability for the incident that resulted in your injury:

The action that a reasonably prudent individual would use in identical circumstances is known as the duty of care. For instance, if a driver caused your accident, that driver owed you a duty of care to operate their vehicle lawfully and safely.

• There was a violation of the owed duty of care. The at-fault party's actions that were against their duty of care are referred to as the breach. Using the at-fault driver as an example, if distracted driving was a factor in the collision, the driver's breach of the duty of care would be engaging in such behavior, which is incompatible with operating a vehicle safely and legally. Your injuries, together with the associated costs and effects, were brought on by the accident caused by this breach.

In most cases, the person who was driving the car that struck you is responsible for your injuries as a result of the Riverside biking accident. However, other elements may influence your lawsuit and make your injuries worse. Since you can claim against every other party who participated in your accident, if an attorney determines that another party caused your mishap, it may increase the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive.

The following list includes some more potential accountable parties.

• The employer of the driver. If a motorist was involved in an accident with you while they were working for their company at that time, that company may be held partially responsible. There are situations when an employer's negligence causes an accident, such as when a vehicle is not properly maintained or when a driver is forced to operate a vehicle while ill, drunk, or inclement weather is present. In other cases, the corporation may try to force a commercial driver to drive longer than the legally permitted number of hours per shift set by the federal government, or it may encourage a driver to drive too fast or distractedly to fulfill deadlines for deliveries and other obligations.

• The maker of the car. Did the collision involve a car malfunction? If so, the collision and your injuries may also be partially the fault of the car's manufacturer. In some circumstances, a mechanic who most recently serviced the car might also be held accountable. For instance, if the mechanic destroyed something while performing repairs or if the car wasn't fixed correctly.

• The maker of your bicycle. An accident on your cycling could occasionally result from a component failure. Perhaps one of your wheels was out of alignment or your brakes failed, allowing your bicycle to veer out of control first before you can react and cause an accident. The bicycle maker may be liable for your injuries if your bike stopped working and caused an accident.

Discuss your bicycle accident with Riverside bicycle accident lawyers to determine who may have contributed to or caused it, and how it may impact your Riverside cycling injury claim.


Accident victims in California are eligible to receive both monetary and non-monetary compensation. Liquidated costs are the actual out-of-pocket costs incurred as a result of accident-related injuries.

In bicycle accident cases, monetary damages are frequently demanded, including:

• The expenses related to receiving medical care, including emergency care on-site or in an emergency room; ambulance or air transport to the hospital; diagnostic tests; hospitalizations; specialist and surgeon services; prescription drugs; and exercise rehabilitation or physiotherapy.

• Wages lost as a consequence of being unable to work due to an injury or being absent from work to attend an injured shoulder appointment.

• The inability to earn the same amount of money you did before the accident as a result of permanent disabilities brought on by your injuries.

Input And the output costs, such as the price of buying a new bike or having your helmet fixed.

Non-pecuniary damages are the effects of your injury on your quality of life.

Non-economic damages in bicycle accidents in Riverside situations might take the form of things like • Physical suffering brought on by your injuries or as a result of receiving medical attention for them.

• Psychological distress.

• A decline in quality of life.

• Loss of companionship, which is compensation for the spouse of the wounded person for the lack of physical closeness or companionship that is frequently felt following serious injuries.


Assuming that someone else was in charge of the mishap that caused your injuries. Only those under the age of eighteen are compelled to use a crash helmet when cycling in California. However, failing to wear a helmet is no defense for a careless driver to hit you while you're riding.

Even when they put on headgear like helmets, gloves, and other safety gear, bicycle riders frequently only have the bare minimum of protection to reduce their chance of suffering severe injuries in an accident. Bicycle riders in Riverside should help to prevent accidents to assist provide essential protection. While wearing a helmet can significantly decrease the likelihood of head injuries as well as damage to the neck and face such hazards may still exist.

Cyclists of bicycles have the same rights to the bike lanes as do drivers of larger vehicles. Unfortunately, bicycles lack many of the safety elements that cars offer, leaving cyclists more vulnerable to serious or even fatal injuries in the event of a collision. Bicyclists who are hit while on the road in Riverside may sustain everything from minor injuries to permanent impairments.

When bicyclists are hit by cars, they are also most likely to suffer from damage and losses as follows:

Head trauma. Any type of head injury, from cuts to skull fractures, can result in the development of a brain injury. As a consequence, Riverside law mandates that all cyclists and bicycle riders there under the age of 16 must always wear a helmet that is correctly fitted and has received federal approval.

Brain trauma is another example. One of the most prevalent sources of death for wounded bikers in the US is a brain injury. Riders may experience brain damage without also experiencing trauma or another type of closed head injury, for example. Memory loss, mood fluctuations, impaired bodily function, and even long-term mental and emotional disorders can all be signs of a traumatic brain injury.

Injuries to the face. Significant facial injuries sustained in bicycle crashes might include lost or loose teeth, shattered jawbones, eyesight or eye damage, broken noses, and road rash that leaves lifelong scars.

Physical injury. After a collision, almost all bicyclists experience soft-tissue injuries and musculoskeletal stress. A rider hit on the rear wheel can sustain whiplash, whereas a cyclist struck on the side might break their leg or rip a ligament in their knee. After a collision, riders who try to prepare for a fall may deform their shoulder or shatter their wrists and fingers when they hit the pavement. Internal bleeding or shattered ribs might result from severe trauma.

• Back problems. Extremely forceful collisions may cause cyclists to roll or land on their backs, damaging their spinal columns. Disc herniation disks or disruption to the spinal column from severe neck and back trauma can cause paralysis.

• Death. Excessive speed, impaired driving, alcoholic use, and hazardous road conditions are just a few of the elements that can make it more likely that a bike accident will be fatal. If a loved one was murdered in a bike crash, you ought to contact a wrongful death counsel right away.

The situation should be investigated as quickly as feasible when an individual is hurt in this kind of collision. The expenses of the victim's medical care missed wages, emotional distress and other long-term harm brought on by the collision may be borne by a variety of different parties. It's crucial that victims carefully consider all of their alternatives because bicycling accidents frequently necessitate protracted medical care and rehabilitation.

While it is a great idea, California law somehow doesn't mandate that adults wear helmets when biking. Even if you weren't wearing a safety helmet while you were hit by a car, the irresponsible driver can still be held accountable for your bicycle accident. Your decision to forgo a helmet has no bearing on whether the motorist was careless.

It is usually a good idea to use safety equipment and wear a helmet. Injuries from bicycle accidents are frequently severe. Bicycles offer virtually little protection to riders by design. Therefore, your body absorbs the whole power of the collision when you are struck by a car. Serious injuries are frequently caused by this. So it is wise to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself, such as donning a helmet. Even if you ride your bike carefully, you have no control over what other drivers choose to do. The best course of action is to be ready.


Certainly, but you would apply a little bit of a different method. Families of bicycling accident victims in California who passed away as a result of another party's negligence may be entitled to compensation through some kind of wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed in civil court, much like a Riverside bicycling accident case.

An action for wrongful death must be brought within two years after the decedent's passing. A wrongful death case may be used to compensate the decedent's spouse, domestic partner, living children, parents, and perhaps other family members who were totally or partially reliant on the deceased for support or services.

A lawsuit involving wrongful death may be used to seek the following types of damages: • Costs associated with the medical care of the deceased's last injuries.

• Costs associated with the funeral, burial, or cremation.

• The amount of money that the deceased could have if he or individual had survived the accident, and been expected to make over the duration of his or her career.

• A reduction in financial aid.

• Loss of love and companionship gave to remaining family members.


There is no average payment for a Riverside bicycling accident lawsuit because accident settlements are determined by the particular facts of each case.

However, several factors, such as the following, could alter the case's value:

• The at-fault party's insurance coverage. Most settlements or awards for bicycle accidents in Riverside are covered by insurance plans. Even while you could sue an uninsured individual and win a judgment in your favor, it would be extremely difficult to collect your judgment because the majority of uninsured persons do not have the money to cover someone else's medical expenditures out of pocket.

• Regardless of whether liability is contested. You can still pursue a Riverside bicycle accident lawsuit against all the other liable parties even if you contributed to your accident in some way.

• The extent of your wounds. When determining non-economic damages, a greater multiplier is applied in cases of more serious injuries. As a result, the case often has a greater value because it is expected to result in higher medical costs in addition to more significant non-economic effects.

• One's age at the accident scene. For damage categories like lost wages or loss of future earning ability, an individual who is in the middle of her career would generally have a higher-valued complaint than someone who is just starting a job, isn't yet of working age, or has reached retirement age.

• One's capacity for patience. Fair settlement negotiations take time. Frequently, the at-fault party's insurance company won't make a fair settlement offer until the lawsuit is about to start or has already started. Even though it is possible to receive a smaller settlement offer early on in the case, you will probably have to wait a while if you want the maximum amount of money that can be awarded for your injuries.

An attorney will first consider the magnitude of your medical bills before determining the amount of compensation you should receive for a bicycle accident in Riverside. Medical bills are typically the main component of a cycling accident claim.

So that you can give a complete, accurate account of the medical costs associated with your injury, keep a record of your hospital costs as they come in. Medical expenses range from acute, urgent care fees to continuous therapies or treatments in the weeks after your accident.

The cost of treatment for any difficulties you had as a result of your injuries, as well as the cost of expensive medical equipment, follow-up doctor visits, and other considerations, might all affect your claim.

Assess the time you missed at work as a result of your injuries next. In certain situations, you might have returned to work soon following your injury. Your employer may have allowed you to work remotely or provided adjustments to help you return to the office immediately as feasible.

In other circumstances, your losses might have made it impossible for you to resume work at all while you were recovering. For instance, a victim of a bicycle accident who sustained trauma to the brain could find it very challenging to work in customer service because this profession requires employees to respond quickly to customer concerns. Due to the severity of their injuries, some accident victims might never be able to return to their previous careers.

Even if you took vacation time to partially offset some of the time off, figure out how much time you missed at work as a result of your injuries. You can understand more about how this can affect your claim by speaking with an attorney.

Last but not least, Riverside bicycle accident lawyers can advise you on how to incorporate pain and suffering into your bicycle accident claim. The degree of emotional suffering you endured as a result of your injuries might also raise the amount of compensation you receive, in addition to the physical pain connected to your impairments.

For instance, if riding a bike represents one of your favorite pastimes and you do it frequently for pleasure, you can suffer with the difficulty to cycle during your rehabilitation, especially if you lose the capacity to ride in the long run. Other victims experience relationship loss or struggle with the erosion of autonomy as a consequence of their wounds. You can determine the monetary value of this distress and find out more about how to incorporate it into your claim by working with an attorney.


Bicycle accident claims in Riverside are settled in the great majority of cases before they ever enter a trial. As a result, there is a much higher likelihood that your matter will be settled through settlement than through litigation. Despite this, a number of these cases will undoubtedly end up in court, so you must hire a Riverside bicycle accident lawyer to defend you who is adept at both settlement negotiations and courtroom litigation.


The Internal Revenue Service does not tax compensation obtained as a result of a settlement or award since it is not regarded as income by the IRS. Punitive damages are an exception to this rule since they punish a defendant for very careless activity but are unrelated to the costs and effects of the plaintiff's injuries. Civil penalties are taxable since they do not make up for what the defendant stole from the victim as a result of the accident.

Furthermore, you might have to pay back the amount of the tax deduction you took if you claimed your medical expenditures as a deduction before receiving your award and then received a monetary award that covered those costs.

Your refund can be filed by an accountant, who will also ensure that you adhere to all applicable state and federal tax rules.


In a Riverside bicycle accident case, pursuing the collection of damages is a rigorous process that is riddled with formalities and court requirements that someone who is not skilled in the legal system would find challenging.

Your Riverside bicycle accident lawyer can offer you services aimed at enhancing the possibility that your case will be resolved favorably, such as:

• Advice regarding the legal choices that are open to you depending on the situation of your case.

• The identification of all potential liability sources and insurance coverage options.

• Determining the worth of your case based on the costs and effects that your accident has had on your life.

• Promptly submitting all court-required papers and representing you at all preliminary hearings and trials.

• Skilled bargaining to try and get a reasonable settlement offer.

• Gathering and organizing data to support your allegations, including witness testimony.

• Knowledgeable talks with you about the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a settlement offer.

• Lawsuit, which involves making opening and closing arguments, questioning witnesses, and presenting evidence.

• Support with obtaining your settlement or reward.

The distinguished attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers have handled instances involving bicycle accidents, including some in which the victim had fatal injuries or experienced serious, life-changing injuries. Contact us online or give us a call right away for a free case evaluation. Our free case evaluation service is always available.

Injured in a collision? Get a seasoned trial attorney. Speak with Big Ben Law Attorneys.


Survivors of bicycle accidents in Riverside are suddenly faced with a life that has been drastically altered, possibly permanently. Medical expenses mount up. They miss employment. Their entire universe has been upended.

The last thing victims may consider doing in those difficult circumstances is to contact a Riverside bicycle accident lawyer. However, the victim's long-term wellness can be significantly improved by retaining legal counsel as soon as possible.

Although the precise services an attorney offers will vary depending on the situation, our team at Big Ben Law Attorneys frequently offers the following services.:

• Investigating bicycle collisions in Riverside to learn what transpired and who may be liable to our client;

• negotiating a fair and acceptable settlement for our client's claims with defense attorneys and insurance firms; and

• Legal action in Californian courts, including trial if necessary, if negotiation fails to yield a favorable outcome for our client.


Whether you or a member of your family was hurt in a bicycle accident in Riverside, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent parties. Do not put off seeking knowledgeable, competent legal counsel. Please get in touch with us as a way as you could have a very short window of time to file a lawsuit for monetary damages. For a free, private, no-obligation case consultation, get in touch with Big Ben Law Attorneys right away or give us a call using the information provided online.

Someone will probably contact the police at the accident scene if you are in a bicycle accident. The police will look over the incident very away, talk to any witnesses, and put together a report. They might even blame the motorist who struck you in their police report. This report is only a suggestion, though.

You need a comprehensive inspection of your bicycle accident to file a successful accident claim, and you can get that when you work with an experienced bicycling incident attorney in Riverside. Your attorney can look into your accident, assist with the preservation of evidence, and interview witnesses. As shortly as probable following your accident, you should get witness statements. Witnesses not only have distinct perspectives on the moments just before your accident, but they also have short memory. The Riverside cycling accident claim will fare better if we can speak with witnesses quickly and learn what they witnessed.

Compared to most other road users, cyclists are more at risk. They lack a barrier to shield them from approaching cars, and their size and strength frequently put them at a disadvantage. Drivers are in charge of being cautious and following all traffic regulations. They can be responsible for any injuries sustained in a collision if motorists neglect to slow down for such a cyclist.

Bike riders have extra responsibilities that may have an impact on a case's outcome, in addition to the duty, drivers have to drive safely. For instance, bicycles must respect all traffic laws, including those governing gestures and lane usage. Riders must follow the flow of traffic and refrain from any acts that can divert their attention away from the road. While bikers are typically not held equally accountable for accidents, blame may be assigned depending on the cyclist's behavior before or after the collision.

In addition, unlucky bike accidents can also be caused by walkers, bike makers, and government agencies like congestion or road maintenance businesses. Liability in a motorcycle crash relies on the specifics of the collision.

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I went to Big Ben Lawyers on a recommendation and to be honest, I haven’t been disappointed. The staff is friendly and professional while also keeping me informed on any updates pertaining to my car accident at every step. Not only that Big Ben and the staff took care of me but they also fought hard to get what I was owed and for that my family and I are grateful. I will be recommending Big Ben to all my co-workers, friends, and family! Thank you guys so much 🙂 one the best car accident and personal injury lawyers!!

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My wife, who manages a chiropractor's office referred me to Benjamin Law after my car accident. Having been in the medical profession for over thirty years, dealing with accident victims, I was very hesitant initially about dealing with a personal injury attorney whom I didn't know personally.
Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

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