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You would believe that our city is safe for pedestrians and that drivers pay great attention to them when driving around Riverside given the presence of a pedestrian mall, walking paths, and the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development at the University of California, Riverside. However, if you search for Riverside pedestrians on Google, you'll see news story after news story about vehicles and trucks striking and even killing Riverside pedestrians.

Get the medical attention you need if either you or a beloved one was hurt in a pedestrian accident in Riverside. Consult the Riverside grievous bodily harm attorneys at the Big Ben Law Firm to learn more about your rights following an accident.

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Our clients remain our top concern at Big Ben Law Firm. Our responsibility is to assist them in obtaining compensation for their losses and injuries. While money can't make their suffering go away, it can support them while they rebuild their lives and their health.

Over the years, our team has obtained substantial settlements for hurt pedestrians, including $1.7 million for a back injury settlement.

We cannot, of course, promise that just about any Riverside walker accident victim will receive this kind of compensation or any money at all. Nevertheless, our team can guarantee that they will vigorously and expertly advocate on behalf of their clients, giving them the best opportunity to obtain just recompense.


The California Office of Traffic Safety claims that the incidence of pedestrian accidents is increasing at such a rapid rate that it has reached "alarming levels." The frequency of pedestrian murder on Californian streets rose by more than 25% over four years. Additionally, despite a dramatic rise in pedestrian accidents statewide, California still has a pedestrian death rate that is nearly 25% higher than the nationwide average.

The safety of pedestrians depends on both drivers and pedestrians. You and other pedestrians can both be kept safe by your behavior either. You can only exert so much control, though. Due to this, it's crucial to pay attention to your surroundings at all times and steer clear of potentially hazardous pedestrian scenarios. Accidents involving pedestrians in Riverside occur for a variety of reasons, including:

Exceeding the speed limit

Speeding is risky. Over one-quarter of all highway fatalities, following the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are related to speed. Speeding shortens reaction times for drivers, increases stopping distances for cars, and increases the fatal force of collisions. Regrettably, over 41 million people are issued speeding tickets each year. While this may momentarily slow down automobiles, one of the major risks to pedestrians remains to be over-speeding.


In crosswalks that are both marked and unmarked, pedestrians in Riverside have the right of way. In other words, motorists must always stop for you. However, even at a defined crossroads with obvious traffic control signals, a pedestrian should never expect that a car will truly stop. Running a red light or attempting to turn through a crossing without pausing to check for pedestrians can result in an accident.


In the United States, distracted driving is becoming a bigger issue. Cell phone use while driving is forbidden in California by law. Any type of cell phone use while driving is forbidden for drivers under the age of 18. Unfortunately, motorists still use their mobile phones while driving. This may result in a driver losing control of their car, running a red light, or veering in the direction of a pedestrian.


The CDC reports that alcohol is a factor in 47% of all automobile incidents that end in pedestrian fatalities. Every year, more than 200 persons are involved in drinking and driving accidents in Riverside, and as many as 30 of the drivers were under the age of 21.


Sadly, many collisions occur because the vehicle was just not paying attention to the pedestrian. This is frequently the situation when a young child is involved in an accident or when a vehicle is being driven backward. You may take precautions to keep safe as a pedestrian. Avoid being in circumstances where a driver might miss you. Stop standing or strolling in a driver's blind zones while they are backing up, and instead wait on them to move out of the way. Ensure that you are wearing bright or fluorescent clothing if you must travel at night. Avoid walking in inclement weather, and take extra care around blind turns.


Accidents involving pedestrians can result in severe, potentially fatal injuries. It's critical to seek assistance as soon as possible. After a catastrophic injury, never try to drive oneself to the doctor. Take an ambulance, or arrange for a ride. It's usually a good idea to visit the doctor after such an injury for a comprehensive exam, even if you don't feel any discomfort.

Following a pedestrian accident, common injuries include:


One of our bodies' most delicate organs is the brain. It manages our most essential processes and enables our ability to walk, think, and move. The brain may suffer damage following severe trauma, such as the impact of a car accident. Unfortunately, traumatic brain damage (TBI) symptoms may not become apparent straight away. Seek immediate medical assistance if you develop any of the symptoms associated or those listed here.

Typical signs of a TBI comprise:





Mood swings;


Difficulty Sleeping;

Vomiting or Nausea


Messages are sent and received by the brain and spinal cord. Crashes involving the nervous system have the potential to result in paralysis and other lifelong injuries. Following an accident, spinal cord damage symptoms may start to show up right away or gradually over several days. Visit the physician immediately if you think you may have suffered a spinal cord injury.

Extreme back pain, numbness, tingling, difficulty moving or walking, loss of bladder or bowel control, and breathing difficulties are all signs of spinal cord injuries.


Compared to other probable ailments, road rash may appear like a minor one, but these wounds can develop into more serious problems. When the skin scrapes against a curved surface like a road or sidewalk, road rash develops. Deep abrasions that result from friction may result in excruciating discomfort or even paralysis. You should also keep an eye out for illness symptoms. Inflammation, erythema, temperature, or pus oozing from the incision are examples of this. Extremely serious infections necessitate medical care, but minor cuts and scratches can be managed at home.


An impact from a 2,000-pound car can seriously harm your internal organs. These wounds are potentially fatal and may have long-term consequences. Whenever it pertains to internal injuries, prompt medical assistance is crucial.

Dizziness, severe abdominal pain, nausea, weakness, low blood pressure, and loss of consciousness are warning signs to watch out for.


Scary accidents involving pedestrians. They frequently catch the victim off guard and can result in severe, long-lasting injuries. It is natural for the brain to struggle when trying to absorb an accident's occurrences. Both mental and physical injuries are both quite devastating. Contact a mental health professional if you have any new symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, changes in mood, or sleeping patterns.

Contact our skilled Riverside pedestrian accident lawyers and see what they can do to assist you if you have sustained one or more of the diseases or injuries listed above. Call us right away using the website's contact information if you have any questions.


After a collision, look after yourself. The most crucial thing is to ensure your safety and well-being. Accidents aren't something we plan for, but we can be ready for them.

Following an accident, you should take certain actions, including:

Look for wounds: Severe injuries can or might not be obvious right away. Pushing yourself will only cause suffering. Moving or walking may result in more severe harm. To avoid further harm, attempt to get out of the road if you can move without experiencing any discomfort.

Call emergency services: The police will respond to an accident to gather information. The driver's details will be obtained, and any witness statements will be taken. If you are hurt, be sure to let the operator know so that they can send the proper personnel to get you to the hospital.

Gather evidence: Only if you can stand up and walk around should you be concerned about the proof. There won't be any disagreement over who is at fault, but proof can show negligence and how your injuries happened. Pictures are the most effective kind of proof documentation.

Obtain a comprehensive medical examination: Adrenaline is likely to start working after an injury. While doing so is your body's natural defense mechanism, it could also mask signs of harm. It is dangerous to be a pedestrian in a car collision in Riverside. To ensure there are no serious injuries, the greatest thing you can do to protect yourself is to have yourself checked out.

Speak with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer: If you're in a collision, you can be entitled to financial compensation. Skilled Riverside pedestrian accident lawyers can assess your situation and assist you in filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party. According to the legislation, victims have two years from the accident date to initiate a personal injury lawsuit. Give your serious Riverside pedestrian accident the same or more time as you can so that they can make a compelling argument.

Comprehending the Value of a Pedestrian Injury Case

A pedestrian accident lawsuit aims to arm you with the resources you need to make an effort to stand again. Every case is unique, and the result will rely on several factors. There are a few categories of damages you can normally try to recover in a personal injury lawsuit, even if it's impossible to forecast the worth of your case.

This comprises:

  • Medical expenses, such as those for prescription drugs, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Future medical expenses could be included.
  • Lost wages for any time you missed working due to your injuries. This can even include lost future wages in severe circumstances.
  • Residential adaptations, if your injuries make it difficult for you to move around inside your own home. This could include handrails, stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, and other specialized equipment.
  • Suffering and anguish, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. These expenses vary according to the severity of the pain and how much it affects your quality of life.
  • Loss of companionship, which can occur after brain trauma, spinal injury, or mental health damage when your injuries affect the caliber of your interactions.
  • The inability to engage in activities you formerly enjoyed due to your injuries results in a loss of enjoyment.

Regardless of where you travel or what you do when you depart your home, you hope to get back there safely. Even if you simply go on a stroll in your community or to the store, you probably anticipate coming home without incident.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out. People do get into fatal pedestrian accidents occasionally. It's a catastrophic event that typically happens as a result of human error. It's much more irritating when you consider that your harm and suffering may have been avoided.

You require the assistance of an experienced Riverside pedestrian accident attorney if you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of incurring injuries after being hit by a car. If someone else has harmed you, they are responsible for covering your medical costs. You must submit a pedestrian accident claim to ensure that occurs, but doing so is a complicated legal process, so it is to your best advantage to employ a lawyer who can assist you navigate it and maximize your compensation.


Pedestrian accidents are exactly what they sound like. When a car collides with a pedestrian, it happens. This might take place in a crosswalk, at any random intersection, or even on a walkway. Almost 6,000 people are killed in pedestrian accidents each year. Even though not all pedestrian accidents result in fatalities, they can nonetheless cause severe distress and pain and necessitate lifelong medical care.

Nothing shields a pedestrian's body from the impact of the car when a car strikes them. The body of the pedestrian thus bears the full power of the collision. Broken bones and neurological diseases are frequently the result of this, which may have a permanent negative influence on the life of the victim.

When you were hit by a car and had injuries, your life may be changed. In addition, you probably have astronomical medical expenses. Therefore, you should consult with a knowledgeable Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible following your collision.


Pedestrian accidents are exactly what they sound like. When a car collides with a pedestrian, it happens. This might take place in a crosswalk, at any random intersection, or even on a walkway. Almost 6,000 people are killed in pedestrian accidents each year. Even though not all pedestrian accidents result in fatalities, they can nonetheless cause severe distress and pain and necessitate lifelong medical care.

Nothing shields a pedestrian's body from the impact of the car when a car strikes them. The body of the pedestrian thus bears the full power of the collision. Broken bones and neurological diseases are frequently the result of this, which may have a permanent negative influence on the life of the victim.

When you were hit by a car and had injuries, your life may be changed. In addition, you probably have astronomical medical expenses. Therefore, you should consult with a knowledgeable Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible following your collision.


In a recent year, there were close to 900 pedestrian fatalities in California. California is now almost 25% over the national average. This is due to several factors.

There are many tourists at Riverside. Beaches, sights, and wonderful weather are all nearby, drawing tourists from around the world. Many of them have problems navigating the region safely since they are unfamiliar with it, which causes them to focus more on their phones' maps than on their surroundings and increases the probability that they may hit a pedestrian. Locals also had mishaps when walking. Even when someone is aware of their destination, they may still become distracted while driving, which is the main cause of pedestrian accidents.

It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in California. Although using a cell phone while driving is the most common kind of driving while distracted, it is not the only one.

Other typical factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents include:

  • Speeding;
  • failing to yield way;
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • improper lane usage;
  • unmarked crosswalks;
  • inclement weather; and
  • back-up incidents.

Whatever the reason for your pedestrian accident, it's possible that you suffered as a result of someone else's error. When you deal with a knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney in Riverside, your attorney can assist you in holding the negligent person accountable for your wounds and your medical expenses.


The most common question we get is this one, and there isn't a simple solution.

The following criteria, among others, will affect how much compensation you ultimately receive:

  • Considering the severity of your injuries,
  • the length of time you are out of work,
  • your medical prognosis and diagnosis
  • the type of insurance you have, and
  • your level of suffering.

Hardly an attorney can estimate the value of your case precisely. If you come across one who does, you shouldn't hire that attorney. In any case, you can accurately assess the whole value of your claim if you have the correct lawyer on your side. It's crucial to do this exercise so you can determine how much compensation to ask for to pay for all injury-related costs, especially for future requirements.

Many people undervalue the whole value of their claims because they do not consider their future demands.

Working with a knowledgeable Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer, your attorney will attempt to get you reimbursement for the following losses:

  • Anguish and distress
  • Psychological trauma;
  • unpaid earnings;
  • lost potential earnings;
  • loss of companionship or company;
  • loss of satisfaction with life;
  • current and upcoming medical expenses; and
  • rehabilitation expenditures

People frequently have trouble assessing their traffic violation claims because of future needs. Your wounds may be exceedingly serious, necessitating numerous operations, protracted hospital stays, and extensive rehabilitation. These medical procedures are very expensive.

In addition, you can lose your job permanently or for a very long time. Even if you are eventually able to go back to work, you might not ever do so in the same capacity. Either of these situations might result in you losing out on money that you could have ordinarily received if a careless driver hadn't run you over whilst you were walking.

Individuals should be reimbursed for these medical costs as well as lost wages. The careless driver is responsible for making the payment. You should see a reputable Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as you can following your accident since you and your family shouldn't be held responsible for the expenses and lost income. Maximizing your compensation will be made easier by working with a lawyer.


It's not as easy as it sounds to prove that a driver was responsible for a collision involving a pedestrian. You may have been certain that the motorist was to blame for the collision and your wounds, but the law demands more concrete evidence of guilt.

You must demonstrate the following components of carelessness to succeed in a claim involving a pedestrian accident:

1. The operator owed you a responsibility of care to operate their vehicle sensibly and without distraction.

2. By driving recklessly or while distracted, the motorist violated that duty of care.

3. The driver's violation prompted your accident.

4. You were hurt in the collision.

To proceed to the following stage, which is to seek reimbursement for their injuries and related costs, plaintiffs must establish these factors. You can create a compelling legal case proving the at-fault party's negligence by employing the expertise of a trustworthy attorney. You risk not receiving the compensation you require to enable a full recovery if you are unable to demonstrate all four aspects of carelessness.


Sadly, situations like these routinely occur. For pedestrian accident victims, there are even additional issues when drivers are under-insured or uninsured. If you were a pedestrian who was hurt, you may file a claim for compensation with your own insurance company. However, these benefits are not always available, and making a claim could raise your rates even if you weren't at fault.

If the car does not stop, your pedestrian mishap may in some circumstances be considered a hit and run. This could make things even more difficult for you because you might not even know who is to blame for your injury problems.

In either case, hiring a reputable Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer is your best chance of holding the negligent driver accountable for your injuries. Your attorney can research your case to determine exactly who is at fault and what legal options you have for pursuing restitution.


Yes. You only have two years in California from the date of your injuries to bring a claim against a careless motorist. Even while two years may seem like a long time, when you consider how long the road to recovery is, you'll find that it goes fairly quickly. You might experience medical procedures, therapy, and in-home care throughout that period. You might also take time off from work. Before you realize it, it has been two years and you have lost the chance to receive recompense for your misery.

Stop allowing this to happen to you. Make sure to speak with a Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as you can following your collision. You need to stop worrying about the legal issues and how you're going to pay your payments if you want to resume your normal life. By placing that responsibility on your attorney, you may devote all of your time and effort to recovering physically while we fight hard to uphold your rights and optimize your reimbursement.


When insurance companies for reckless drivers call and offer payouts, numerous pedestrian accident victims become ecstatic, but we strongly advise you to proceed with care. These initial settlement proposals are probably lowball proposals made to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible.

Insurance companies typically anticipate that you haven't yet hired a lawyer while making these initial offers so they can get you to compromise for less than your claim is worth. People frequently become victims of the defensive strategies used by insurance companies when victims of pedestrian accidents like you do not have legal counsel looking out again for their best interests.

What's worse is that by the time accident victims discover months or even decades after accepting these initial compensation offers that the money was insufficient to cover all of their demands, it's already too late and they must pay for medical expenditures out of their own pockets. You will give up your right to file any further claims with the insurance provider for this accident when you accept a settlement agreement.

Do not allow yourself to be a victim of this strategy. Working with Big Ben Lawyers gives you access to our extensive experience taking on major insurance providers and ensuring that victims like you receive a just payout. You have endured enough pain with your family. Due to various reasons your current predicament and incapacity to work, your family may even experience extra anxiety and worry about money. You should hire a lawyer to make the at-fault driver responsible for your injuries because all of this is neither your responsibility nor your family's fault.


Even though the majority of pedestrian accident cases are resolved outside of court, you should still have a trial-tested attorney on your side. Insurance companies can decline to handle your case reasonably and settle it for a reasonable sum. As a result, you must go to trial is needed to guarantee that you are fairly compensated. Although a trial typically lasts longer than a settlement, we do not want you to additionally experience financial hardship. Because of this, rather than the insurance company, our objectives coincide with yours. We put out a lot of effort to uphold your rights and assist you in obtaining the highest possible settlement for your injuries.

Even though the majority of pedestrian accident cases are resolved outside of court, you should still have a trial-tested attorney on your side. Insurance companies can decline to handle your case reasonably and settle it for a reasonable sum. As a result, you must go to trial is needed to guarantee that you are fairly compensated. Although a trial typically lasts longer than a settlement, we do not want you to additionally experience financial hardship. Because of this, rather than the insurance company, our objectives coincide with yours. We put out a lot of effort to uphold your rights and assist you in obtaining the highest possible settlement for your injuries.

Speak with a reputable Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer right away if you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of a pedestrian accident to begin the healing process. We at the Big Ben Lawyers have experience managing pedestrian accident claims and would be happy to meet with you and ascertain whether you are qualified to make a claim.

After a Riverside pedestrian accident ensure that you get a Free Case Evaluation

In the blink of an eye, a serious Riverside walking mishap can alter the course of your life. At Big Ben Lawyers, we are aware that these mishaps can have an impact on your entire family as well as just you. Our responsibility is to stand by you and aid in your pursuit of just recompense. You have rights if you or a loved one was involved in a pedestrian accident in Riverside. Use the online contact information on our website to get in touch with our Riverside pedestrian accident attorneys, or use our online request form to get a free case review. COMMON INJURIES RESULTING FROM PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTS

If you were injured in a crash involving a pedestrian, a traffic violation attorney can assist you in seeking reimbursement for medical expenditures incurred as a result of your injuries.

Many pedestrian accidents result in severe and occasionally fatal injuries. This damage occurs because pedestrians are not protected by a car in the event of an accident. Most drivers survive pedestrian accidents; however, many pedestrians have serious or life-threatening injuries.

Following are sample examples of injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries such as internal hemorrhage
  • Pelvic injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations; broken bones; burns; bone fractures

If your medical bills have risen as a result of a crash involving a pedestrian, you should contact a knowledgeable traffic violation against a pedestrian lawyer in Riverside immediately as possible. If you have any questions concerning your injuries following a pedestrian collision, please consult a medical expert right soon.



If an unsafe roadway condition in California caused your pedestrian accident, you may be able to hold the government body responsible for maintaining the roadways liable.

Bodily liability claims involving California government agencies must be filed within 180 days of the incident. More information can be found in California Government Code Section 911.2.


Yes. You may be able to work with a lawyer to seek compensation after the death of a loved one.

If a loved one was killed in a road traffic collision involving a pedestrian in Riverside, your counsel will most likely urge you to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Pedestrian accident attorneys with wrongful death experience are appropriate partners throughout that time.


Yes, particularly in cities like Riverside. Every year, more than 100,000 pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in the United States. California also leads the country's overall pedestrian fatalities, with 600 to 700 occurring each year. The majority of them start happening in typical weather, and Riverside isn't any different.


Reducing driver and pedestrians' injuries is not always easy. If this had been, it would result in fewer accidents in the first place. However, there are several things that everyone can be doing to help improve pedestrian safety and raise driving awareness.

Motorists should:

  • obey traffic signals and warnings
  • always keep an eye out for pedestrians
  • expect pedestrians at junctions and crosswalks
  • not drink or use drugs
  • avoid using technological devices

The simplest method to avoid pedestrian accidents seems to be to focus on being mindful and vigilant while driving.

What Big Ben Lawyers shall do for you after a pedestrian accident

Our team is competently able to address your issues.

After being involved in a road traffic collision involving a pedestrian in Riverside, an expert pedestrian accident attorney can assist you in understanding your legal rights. Your pedestrian accident lawyer will advise you on the specific legal aspects that relate to your situation.

Generally speaking, drivers must surrender the right-of-way for people crossing designated and unregistered intersecting crosswalks under California law.

The proof is one of the most important aspects of a traffic violation claim. You must be able to demonstrate that an individual or thing contributed to your loss or injury. This is why most victims prefer to engage a pedestrian accident counsel after being hit by a car—lawyers spend years learning how to acquire and give testimony in a way that best fits their client's requirements.


If you were injured in a crash involving Riverside or experienced a traffic violation lawyers can assist you in costs from accidental loss.

Among the expenditures that accidents survivors frequently pursue are:

Physical Examination and hospital bills: If you were wounded in a crash involving a pedestrian, you may be wondering how to pay your hospital expenses. Our lawyer may be capable of helping you collect the costs of your accident's past, current, and future medical treatment. This encompasses everything from the expense of surgery to the cost of sophisticated diagnostic instruments to the cost of urgent transportation.

• Missed pay and/or impaired earning capacity: Following a pedestrian accident, some persons require time off from work. If this describes you, you can engage with only an attorney to attempt to retrieve lost income from the revenues you did not get. Whenever the injury has irreversibly impaired your ability to work or make money, you may be able to claim compensation for lost earning capacity.

• Proprietary loss: You can seek compensation when any of your material belongings were harmed or destroyed in the accident; many people transport valuable technology to and away from school or work.

• Grief and Misery: Even the smallest accident can cause someone pain and suffering, and if your emotional trauma has taken away your satisfaction with life, you are entitled to justice. You can inquire about pain and discomfort damages with a pedestrian accident lawyer.


The first essential thing to do if you are injured in a pedestrian accident is to protect your safety. Regardless of even if you have been treated in the hospital first or spent some time there, you should still see your basic healthcare doctor following such an incident.

This ensures that your physician is aware of your physical state. They will also be able to inspect you for any delayed signs. You or another individual may have overlooked an injury or problem that arises later.

As soon as you're feeling well, you can begin consulting with traffic violation attorneys that will assist you with retrieving expenditures and dealing with insurance providers. The lawyer you work with will assist you in gathering information to prove the losses you've suffered and demonstrate that another person was responsible for the misfortune.


California has a pedestrian accident death rate that is 25% greater than the national median. The following are the principal causes:

  • Messaging while operating a vehicle and other types of distracted driving;
  • Speeding underneath the effect of drugs or alcohol;
  • Racing and exceeding the speed limit considering road conditions;
  • Failure to yield; and
  • Running a red light all contributes to that astonishingly high statistic.

Whatever caused your Riverside pedestrian accident, you should not have to shoulder the responsibility and expense entirely on your own. You are entitled to financial recompense for your wounds and losses. Your knowledgeable Riverside traffic violation lawyer can assist you in obtaining it.


Definitely. Seeking medical assistance as soon as possible following any Riverside walker accident increases your prospects of a full and speedy response and safeguards you from injuries you may not have realized you had. Genuinely think it or not, some severe, even experience, injuries common in Riverside pedestrian accidents, including traumatic brain injury and internal bleeding, may not often manifest immediately. In the short term, the tension and excitement of escaping a pedestrian mishap may conceal the agony of significant injuries.

So, rather than being sorry, be safe. Visit the specialist soon away for a thorough examination. By seeking treatment, you preserve your health while also ensuring that health files linking your injuries to the Riverside crash involving exist. Those records may be useful to your attorney if he or she decides to initiate legal proceedings on your behalf. Guidelines would also insulate you from accusations by defense attorneys and insurance carriers that you exacerbated your injuries by failing to take care of yourself.


Aside from contacting your physician, the following are additional procedures you should take to preserve your constitutional protections and financial market participants after being injured in a crash involving a pedestrian in Riverside:

· Photograph the whole scene of the accident, the automobile that hit you, and personal injuries. Because of your injuries, you may be unable to take these images yourself. Request assistance from a trustworthy family member or close friend.

• Gather phone information from witnesses. If the police and emergency medical workers rushed to the scene of the accident, they will most likely gather witness data for incorporation in an incident report. However, you should try to gather such information as well, just because a few eyewitnesses may not wait for the arrival of the police. Obtaining witness contact information assists your attorney in locating people who may have vital information concerning how the accident occurred and who may be liable to you legally. As previously indicated, as a casualty of something like a Riverside road traffic collision, you might not be able to get this information on your own. If at all possible, delegate the task to someone you trust.

• Maintain a recovery journal. One might usually overlook a number of the challenges you had to experience while recovering from injuries sustained in a Riverside crash involving a pedestrian. By taking notes in a notebook, you will be able to record every difficulty you encountered, plus your attorney will be able to use your recollections to pursue compensation on your behalf.


One's ability to recover damages for your injuries may be contingent on the lawyer you hire to preserve your rights. Choosing a lawyer who has a track record of obtaining recompense for walker-injured people like you provides you an advantage right away.

Our attorney may attempt to obtain recompense for:

  • Emotional discomfort
  • Wage garnishments
  • Lost generating capability
  • Absence of camaraderie
  • Loss of life satisfaction
  • Immediate and foreseeable hospital bills
  • Rehabilitative expenditures

The ultimate damages that a victim will most likely be determined by the extent of your injuries. The greater the severity of your injuries and associated influence on your lifestyle, the more and more compensation you may be able to claim. What matters is that you look after your health and well-being. Allow your professional team to push hard to recover these damages on your behalf.

Many Riverside pedestrian accident victims misunderstand the sum of money they would require to recover. While money cannot heal your misery and anguish, it can assist to alleviate your anxieties about how you will pay your expenses and replace the earnings you have lost during the process of recovering.


Our Riverside traffic violation lawyers will frequently need to analyze the circumstances of your case to establish the worth of your lawsuit. No attorney can guarantee or assure that you will be compensated for your injuries. An experienced lawyer, on the other hand, may be able to offer you an approximate estimate of the possible worth of your claim.

To determine the value of your lawsuit, our Riverside speeding ticket attorneys would frequently need to investigate the facts of your case. No lawyer can promise or guarantee that you will be paid for your injuries. The legal representative, in contrast, side, may be able to provide you with an estimate of the potential value of the claim.

However, the true worth of a claim is determined by two independent variables: the merit of the case and the financial capabilities of the party that owes you damages. Hiring a qualified, experienced attorney provides you with the best chance of creating a compelling case for damages and identifying parties with the monetary backing to pay out the entire amount of the claims.


Throughout most situations, you only really have a timeline of two (2) months following the date of the injuries in California to submit a pedestrian accident claim. If you miss this crucial time, you may lose your rights under the law to recompense for your losses and costs.

You may believe that the two (2) year timeline is an inordinately long period unless you consider everything you may have to go through during that period:

  • Multiple operations
  • Incredibly long time away from work
  • In-facility rehabilitation
  • In-home care
  • Incapability to re-enter the workforce in the same capacity
  • Handling all these difficulties can cause two years to fly by.

Do not let your period of the chance to obtain recompense pass you by. You may ensure that your lawsuit satisfies all deadlines by collaborating with such a traffic violation attorney immediately and as soon as possible following your accident. You are not required to improve before filing your claim. While you devote all of your time and efforts to your physical rehabilitation, your selected legal adviser can start the V road crash application process.

Swift action also safeguards your economic future. And besides, the sooner you start looking for recompense for your illnesses and damages, the earlier you can expect a favorable financial conclusion that will allow you to pay your obligations and restore your lost revenue. Most bulk of financial distress patients in the United States each year are the result of people becoming overwhelmed by medical expenses. Don't allow yourself to become a statistic. Get started as soon as possible with a reputable Riverside traffic violation attorney to assist you to collect every penny you are owed.

Take Action within the shortest time possible to get your recompense

Make an effort to ensure that you move quickly to collect your compensation if you were in a pedestrian accident. Our attorneys can work to resolve your lawsuit and assist you at every stage. For a free consultation, contact us. According to Florida's statute of limitations, you typically have a finite amount of time to launch a lawsuit. We shall help you pursue both civil and criminal claims.

That the very first thing you must do if you are a vehicle in a collision involving a pedestrian is to stop. While it is impossible to turn back time and stop the tragedy from occurring, leaving the scene runs the risk of endangering both you and the individual you hit. If you are a victim as well, make sure to shop around and keep track of any evidence.

Once you have come to a safe stop, evaluate the circumstances. Call for emergency medical care right away if anyone involved in the accident requires care. Calling for help usually results in the arrival of law officers. A police report describing the incident will be written by a police officer. Criminal and civil trials are significantly influenced by police reports. In both criminal and civil court, any comments you provide to the walker, witnesses, or the police may be used. Take extreme caution with your words.

Obtaining proof to support your claim initially soon as feasible is the best method to safeguard your legal rights. If necessary, snap images of your automobile and the incident site from a distance and up close from all angles. Try to gather the contact information of any unbiased eyewitnesses to the accident that you may be aware of.

Write down everything that happened as accurately as you can when you return home. If you later face criminal or civil repercussions, you can review your records to reinforce your recollection. Finally, contact your insurance provider as quickly as possible to report the accident. According to your policy, you must immediately tell your insurance provider of any accident that potentially results in coverage; otherwise, you risk losing that protection.

We will always ensure that you get the best legal representation that will warrant your getting the best recompense possible. Make sure that you take the shortest time possible to reach us since the memory of witnesses will be kept fresh at that instance. Taking inordinately too long time can be detrimental to your claim. Make sure that you act with swift movements to get to understand the whole process of recovery of damages.


Our team of attorneys appreciates that many people are concerned about the length and anxiety of a trial. They really would like to put a painful, tough moment in their life behind them as soon as possible. The process of trial can appear to be the polar opposite of that.

The good news is that the majority of riverside traffic violation injury claims are resolved outside of court, before a trial, and skilled lawyers work hard to reach a satisfactory settlement of their client's claims before they have to undergo the hardship of a court hearing.

Nevertheless, insurance providers and defense lawyers defending the at-fault party will occasionally decline to compromise for an acceptable and fair price. In such circumstances, a qualified defense attorney may suggest that you bring your matter to a Court case, wherein your lawyer can explain to a jury and the judge wherefore you deserve the highest recompense allowed by law.

It is obviously up to you whether to accept a consent order or go to trial. Lawyers strive to provide you with the finest advice available in terms that you can comprehend. However, you give yourself alternatives by choosing an attorney with a stellar reputation and proven record of prevailing cases before trials, ensuring that if you decide to take the dispute to court, you can still trust that your attorney has the expertise and smarts to obtain you the outcomes you need.

Should I take a cash settlement following a Riverside Pedestrian accident?

Our Firm strongly advises you to have any cash settlement reviewed by a lawyer before accepting it. Make the erroneous assumption that you might save money by accepting a short payment that you will not have to divide with an attorney. That's exactly what an insurance provider wants you to believe.

Insurance companies make speedy settlement offers to survivors of fatalities involving pedestrians only whenever they face possibly huge financial exposure from the victims' claims. They think that by dangling a large sum of money in front of the victims, they will bite. What they don't tell you about is that the cash they provide is almost usually significantly less than what survivors need and have a legal entitlement to receive.

Accepting a lowball cash settlement from an insurance company always comes with conditions. It will demand you waive your right to sue a party they defend in the future. That means you can't reactivate your lawsuit and get more money if you discover you accepted a compromise that was way too low. It also means you may have to pay for future medical expenditures and other losses out of pocket.

Don't make that error. Instead, decline any out-of-the-blue settlement offer from another party's insurance company and instead entrust a skilled Riverside traffic violation lawyer with structuring an insurance payout on one's behalf.


The correct lawyer can assist you to get the most money regarding your Riverside traffic violation injuries and losses. A Big Ben Lawyers Trial Attorneys can start investigating your disaster, have spoken with clinical personnel concerning your injury problems, evaluation of law enforcement agencies and hospital information, question and answer session disaster witness statements, construct a powerful lawsuit for damage done, vigorously start negotiating with the insurance provider, and present your claim to a jury and judge at a trial.

A Big Ben Lawyers attorney can also help you navigate the procedure of obtaining compensation for your injuries and losses, providing the user the assurance of security you need to spend your time and attention on recuperating yourself recovery and reconstructing your lifestyle.

We can handle everything on an obligation outcome basis, so you won't have to pay anything. We will only receive a proportion of any compensation or verdict that we assist you in obtaining.

Whether you or a beloved one was seriously injured in a pedestrian accident in Riverside, consult a competent Riverside traffic violation lawyer now for a scheduled appointment to discover potential legal and monetary options.

Our experts can assist you in obtaining justice and receiving damages for your losses. These attorneys take on automakers, manufacturers of goods, and negligent businesses that ought to be held accountable for their deeds. We may also pursue the other driver's insurance provider or the individual driver. Your representative will look into all possible ways for payment.

A compassionate team will undertake a serious examination of your occurrence, gathering data from police reports and eyewitness accounts to develop a compelling case against those who caused the harm. Additionally, it's not unusual for insurance providers to exert pressure on you to accept less than you are entitled to. We will battle to get every cent you are entitled to.


Pedestrian accident cases are frequently handled on a conditional fee basis, which means that your attorney will only be paid if the network is connected to your case. Many issues would need to be resolved with our firm's support. Some of the circumstances in which you are qualified for our legal assistance. The first time your injuries stung more than they should have. Second, if your initial line of therapy did not help you feel better. Thirdly, if you have suffered serious wounds that will cost you money and time to cure. Additionally, if you experience everyday chronic pain and want assurance that every effort is being made. In addition, if your insurance provider is not accurately estimating your damages. Last but not least, you were involved in a pedestrian collision and are unsure about what to do next.


If you or someone you care about was harmed in a crash involving a pedestrian in Riverside, you have the right to legal representation to enable you to pursue retribution. To learn something about your legal rights, contact our experienced team of professionals today or call us using the information provided on our website. We will put you in touch with a legal practitioner who can answer your questions, explain your alternatives, and help you build a strategy for advancing further.

You can always contact us in a variety of ways. Ask friends or family for recommendations as a starting point. Concentrate on businesses having a track record of accomplishment and positive client reviews.

The following is what former clients of our team have said about us: that we simply appeared to interact with them on an intimate level. The client was placed on and was incredibly kind and sympathetic, which was significant to them. Having been treated with such consideration was quite refreshing, and I value this kind of service.

We at our firm have a wealth of experience with instances involving pedestrian accidents. If you were hurt while walking, one of our attorneys is prepared to assist you.

They genuinely care about their customers. I had a motorcycle accident... They deemed me important. I had the opportunity to see for myself how well they worked, and considering the circumstances, the resolution they can secure for me would be a relief. They are not just excellent business folks but also a top-notch law practice that achieves outcomes!

Get in touch with our Firm and we shall surely ensure that you get the best compensation pursued on your behalf by our able team of attorneys.

A Riverside Pedestrian accident Lawyer near me

Our office is situated at ........... California. Our location notwithstanding, we represent clients throughout California and we will come to where you are should it be prudent to do so. Kindly also reach us at 951-561-2002
so that we can discuss everything relating to your case.

Big Ben Lawyers - Riverside, CA
11801 Pierce St
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Phone: (951) 561-2002

Client Testimonials

I went to Big Ben Lawyers on a recommendation and to be honest, I haven’t been disappointed. The staff is friendly and professional while also keeping me informed on any updates pertaining to my car accident at every step. Not only that Big Ben and the staff took care of me but they also fought hard to get what I was owed and for that my family and I are grateful. I will be recommending Big Ben to all my co-workers, friends, and family! Thank you guys so much 🙂 one the best car accident and personal injury lawyers!!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
David Rodriguez
Feb 2023

My wife, who manages a chiropractor's office referred me to Benjamin Law after my car accident. Having been in the medical profession for over thirty years, dealing with accident victims, I was very hesitant initially about dealing with a personal injury attorney whom I didn't know personally.
Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Turley
Jun 2023

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