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Certain serious wounds can alter a person's life forever. One such injury is brain trauma (TBI). TBIs can result from a variety of injuries; the most well-known being concussions, which occur around 4 million times annually in sports alone.

In addition to the harm done to the brain, TBIs are dangerous because they are frequently challenging to detect and can happen without head trauma. A TBI will deteriorate over time if untreated, further damaging the person.

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The most crucial action you can take if you believe you or a loved one seems to have sustained brain damage is to seek medical attention. After that, you should consult with a knowledgeable Riverside TBI attorney at Big Ben Lawyers who can assist you in obtaining compensation from the person or entity responsible for your injury. TBIs call for substantial and costly medical care, and you should make the responsible party responsible for paying these costs.

You can do that with the aid of our Riverside catastrophic brain injury attorneys.

Everyone has always had the right to pursue financial compensation if a doctor's carelessness resulted in a brain injury for a loved one of yours. This money can be used to cover hospital expenses, productivity losses, pain and misery, and other costs. An accomplished lawyer can be useful.

Blows to the head, head trauma, neurological damage, and brain trauma (TBIs), all names for brain injuries, can have a devastating impact on a person's entire life. Intense mental, physical, and financial challenges could befall anyone who sustains one of these injuries. If you have been the casualty of this kind of accident due to another's carelessness, you will need the support of professional Riverside Brain Injuries Attorneys to collect what you are entitled to and just get your life back to normal.

Our personal injury attorneys have so many years of combined expertise litigating medical malpractice issues for clients throughout California's Inland Empire at Big Ben Lawyers in Riverside. We are aware of the significance of optimizing compensation in these situations because the victim frequently suffers from irreversible brain damage and may need lifelong medical care.

Congenital Malformations, Anesthetic Mistakes, and other related issues

In cases of birth injuries and other negligence, head trauma is usually an issue. A birth mistake may result in head trauma during childbirth, and that trauma may cause brain damage. A delivery error could result in the infant's supply of oxygen being blocked off, which may also result in irreversible brain damage, despite the absence of head trauma.

Anesthesia mistakes in particular during surgery may result in brain damage. Too much anesthetic administered by an anesthesiologist has the potential to cause permanent brain damage.


Negotiations are routinely used to settle these issues. But we want to make sure you receive the funding you require. To do this, we always ready cases for trial. We will go to court if our opponent isn't willing to offer a reasonable settlement. To make a compelling case for full compensation, our personal injury attorneys will enlist the help of medical professionals and others.


Big Ben Lawyers has won hundreds of billions of dollars for brain injury victims just like you over the past nearly two decades. We can assist you in whether a stumble and fall or an automobile accident led to your TBI. We possess the expertise needed to demonstrate that someone else was responsible for your accidents and that they ought to be held liable for covering your financial losses as well as your medical costs.

Compared to other firms, ours has extensive trial experience. In addition to trying to resolve your case before trial so you can move on from this ordeal, we also want to make sure you get the most money possible. In some cases, this necessitates going to trial in a Riverside catastrophic brain injury lawsuit. An intricate TBI trial is not something that every attorney can handle. We have repeatedly demonstrated our abilities to hundreds of clients that we are whom we say we are.

Choosing the right attorney to represent you in your Riverside brain injury case claim could affect your potential to receive a fair settlement for your injury. To assist you with this procedure, you should hire a lawyer with knowledge of representing TBI patients. A counsel with the resources necessary to handle a difficult and sometimes lengthy and hectic traumatic brain injury case is also necessary.

The negative effects of your injury may be challenging to comprehend because TBIs are severe brain injuries. We can provide a snapshot of one's life both before and following your injury using medical professionals. A jury might understand why you need compensation from the irresponsible party by seeing how your life has transformed.

While you concentrate on your health and quality of life, we look forward to demonstrating how we may enhance your financial recovery. To find out what to do next, get in contact with us right away.


Numerous factors can lead to TBI sufferers. Even less significant incidents can result in significant brain injuries. Serious TBIs frequently follow serious auto accidents or slightly elevated sports.


The most frequent brain damage is this one. Avoid being misled by the fact that a concussion is considered a moderate brain injury by medical professionals into concluding that concussions are not a significant concern. You should get treatment right away for concussions because they are significant injuries.

Any shock, jerk, or collision with the head is a common cause of concussions. Concussions, which are prevalent in rear-end car accidents, can also result from whiplash. You might not think it's possible to have experienced a concussion if you have whiplash because your head could have not made contact with any objects. Regrettably, that is untrue.

One's head might move so fast during a collision that your brain may strike the interior of your skull, inflicting injury. A concussion can result from this even if your head is not struck.

Within a matter of days to a few weeks, the majority of concussion victims fully recover. The most crucial piece of advice your doctor will frequently tell you is to rest. Even if you feel well, getting back to normal living activities before your brain has had time to repair increases your risk of developing second impact syndrome. Whenever your brain does not completely recover following the first concussion and you suffer a second one, the second impact syndrome develops. Your brain may suffer more severe and long-lasting harm from this than from a single concussion.


Whenever there is a hemorrhage or bruise in the brain, it is called a contusion. An individual typically sustains this injury when their head makes contact with a sharp instrument. Car accidents and slip-and-fall occurrences when you fall on your back or sides and hit the ground with your head in contact are common causes of contusions.

Surgery might be necessary for severe brain blunt force trauma and contusions in specific locations. When the brain is harmed in this way, it frequently swells, and an operation may be necessary to release the strain on the skull and allow your brain to heal.


A coup-contrecoup causes two injuries. The brain strikes one part of your cranium and rebounds off with such energy that it strikes the other side of the skull in a serious accident that causes your head to shake wildly. Your brain gets hurt on both sides as a result.

The doctor may recommend rest to let the brain recover or surgery to fix the damage, depending on where in your brain you experience a coup-contrecoup. To guarantee that you receive the care you need to heal from this kind of injury, you should seek medical help right once.


This injury is caused when your quick body moves so quickly that your brain cannot keep up. Imagine being in a rear-end collision wherein your head swings back toward the back of the automobile while the rest of your body travels forward. The brain may lag off the motion of your head after being struck with such force that certain areas of the brain are severely damaged.

Sudden consciousness loss is the most typical symptom of this kind of damage. As catastrophic wounds can cause death or permanent harm, diffuse axonal injuries demand prompt medical attention.


There are several causes of traumatic brain injury. Even while head injuries are frequently brought on by a direct blow, impact does not always require.

Keep a look out for certain symptoms if you or a beloved one had either of the following occupational hazards to be sure you get the right care.

• Fall and slip

• Sliding down a height

• Auto collision

• Bus collision

• Motorcycle mishap

• Occupational mishap

• Athletic injuries

• Combat wounds

• Bullet to the head

• Violence and assault

Regardless of what led to your accident, you should visit a doctor if there's even a remote chance that your brain could have been harmed. That is why severe brain injuries are so deadly even if you may feel great. It is sufficient reason to visit your doctor if you are aware that you or a beloved one has been involved in a collision or incident wherein you could have had a brain injury.

After you've taken care of your health and well-being, it's time to consult with a knowledgeable TBI attorney in Riverside. Since you were not at fault for the accident or the injury, you shouldn't be responsible for covering the costs of your recovery's medical care. Those medical expenses must be covered by the negligent party. Your attorney can assist you in holding the negligent party accountable and responsible for your medical costs and other monetary loss.

Other factors are as follow:

Usual Factors Resulting in Brain Damage

There are numerous ways in which catastrophic repeated concussions can happen, and they may be brought on by someone else's carelessness. Following are some of the reasons for brain injury that are more frequent. Sports-related accidents fall within the first class of causes. Slip and falls fall into the second group. Other causes of these injuries include bicycle accidents. Additionally, such brain damage could eventually be brought on by pedestrian accidents. The other category of causes of brain trauma also includes truck accidents. Additionally, injuries from faulty domestic devices are among the leading causes of severe brain damage.

These head traumata can also result from boating mishaps and similar types of recreation. Automobile collisions can also cause severe brain concussions. Additional forms of causes include industrial accidents. Accidents at work are also. Furthermore, mishaps like this might happen as a result of an assault using a dangerous weapon, like a gun. Another list of such reasons includes flying debris. Such head injuries might also result from falling rocks.

The many different factors that contribute to severe brain injuries frequently include loud explosions or other disturbances that produce strong shock waves. According to studies, 300,000 people were killed in car accidents, whereas 600,000 people died in slip and fall incidents. It is crucial for head injury victims to have their cases investigated thoroughly by a professional attorney because there are numerous other incidents and instances of negligence that could cause catastrophic brain damage.

Brain injury victims should be informed that, in many circumstances, those hurt in preventable accidents can recover even if they contributed to the tragedy in some way. Therefore, do not delay speaking with a lawyer about your case just because you think you may have played a part in your accident.

Contact our qualified team of our Riverside brain injury attorneys who will pursue your claim passionately. Get in touch with us through our telephone numbers available on our website.

What are the Probable Outcomes of Severe Brain Injuries?

In most cases, the intensity of the traumatic impact directly correlates with the effects of severe brain damage. For instance, a moderate concussion frequently causes only minor symptoms, such as headaches, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, and sleepiness.

However, more serious brain damage may have significantly more negative side effects. The ones covered here are a few of these impacts. First, there are problems with reasoning, thinking, memory, and cognitive functioning. Second, other indirect effects of such injuries include changes in a person's perception of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. Additionally, there are issues with comprehending and communicating with others that typically follow such accidents. Last but not least, problems with emotional control and personality changes frequently follow the occurrence of such injuries.

Multiple severe brain traumas might cause cumulative cognitive losses in addition to the above-mentioned problems. Multiple brain injuries have also been associated with a higher chance of developing specific diseases, including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, among others.

Please contact us today to ensure that your rights are safeguarded in the course of the claim following the occurrence of such fatalities.

Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damage Associated with Severe Brain Damage

You have a right to financial and non-financial compensation if you can demonstrate the defendant's negligence in injuries sustained or medical malpractice case.

For you and your family, serious neurological injury-related impairments can lead to considerable economic and non-economic losses.

Pecuniary Compensation

Liquidated costs are a type of compensation you can receive to make up for any financial losses you may have sustained as a result of your injury.

They are compensatory damages, which can fall into several categories as will be discussed later. First, one classification of such damages includes compensation for childcare and household services. Second, compensation for lost wages and earning potential is also requested and granted. Damages for vocational rehabilitation are often included as part of these damages. Additionally, there are out-of-pocket costs for ongoing medical care. These damages also include losses that pay for medical bills. Such monetary damages also include compensation for harm done to the property. These damages, which are defined as being of monetary nature, also include the expenditures on medical care. The loss of long-term care rehabilitation is also a direct result of these damages, which are meant to compensate the victims.

Non-Monetary Rewards

Serious injuries frequently leave a plaintiff unable to appreciate or take pleasure in past favorite pastimes. For instance, patients with serious brain injuries may feel discomfort while performing routine tasks that healthy people might take for granted.

Driving for work or school, assisting their kids in getting ready for the next day, walking while cooking dinner, and running errands are a few examples of these tasks.

A plaintiff may therefore file a brain injury claim to collect monetary damages and receive compensation for their diminished quality of life.

They accomplish this by attempting to recover non-financial compensation. Because non-economic damages aren't as tangible as economic damages, a jury must evaluate them on a subjective basis. Non-economic damages can also refer to a variety of other forms of restitution sought by the victims. The following is a list of those damages. The first type of compensation in this category is for emotional discomfort. Second, this category of non-pecuniary damages includes compensation for emotional suffering. Damages might also be related to shame suffered as a result of such injuries.

Damages for lack of pleasure of activities, reputational harm, decreased quality of life, deterioration of earlier injuries, pain, and suffering, and loss of consortium are additional awards made in this category.


A TBI could happen in almost any accident, catastrophe, or tragic occurrence. After an injury, you or perhaps a loved one should keep a watchful eye out for any particular symptoms that might indicate the presence of a TBI. Always seek emergency medical attention if you believe you may have a traumatic brain injury.

The most typical signs you should watch out for include:

• Acute confusion or dizziness

• Loss of recall, particularly of the accident

• Drowsiness

• Migraine

• Distorted eyesight

• Consciousness loss

• Lack of attention

• Sudden mood swings

• Irritability

• Mood swings

• Distress

• A sudden alteration in appetite

Even though other injuries can also result in these symptoms, experiencing any of them shortly following brain damage may indicate that a TBI is still present. Receiving emergency medical attention is essential to your capacity to recover fully. You run the danger of suffering more harm that can jeopardize your chance of recovery if you don't follow the advice of a reliable medical expert.


Having a TBI frequently calls for a medical plan, finances, and family support. It takes a true team effort to recover from a TBI or to live with one throughout the remainder of your life.

The extent of your injury may cause your life to shift irrevocably. Even if you might never get back to how things were before the disaster, you shouldn't give up. You can design a recovery plan and a road to an active life with the help of your doctor.

Families of TBI victims should exercise patience above all else. There are going to be happy times and difficult moments, but your household can always get through it all together with love and support.

Work is frequently one of the toughest parts for a TBI survivor to accept. A severe TBI may prevent the victim from returning to their previous line of employment or from doing so in a comparable capacity. That not only harms the family financially but also negatively affects the victim's mental health. You need to talk to your doctor and family about whether you should or can go back to work in any manner.

Without a doubt, money is a significant topic of discussion. That is why working with a skilled traumatic brain injury lawyer at Riverside is crucial to your well-being and health. While you are recovering from your TBI, your attorney can give you advice on your legal alternatives. Paying for medical expenditures out of your wallet is the last something you want to do. Since you did not create harm, you shouldn't be held responsible for paying the bills. Your attorney can assist you by putting up maximum effort to obtain recompense so that you won't need to worry as to whether you should or can return to work.


You might worry about the high price of your medical treatment if you experience a TBI. Given that a TBI can have millions of dollars in lifetime expenditures, that is very understandable.

Working with a TBI attorney in Riverside, our attorneys can develop a strategy to achieve the desired objectives from the responsible person, relieving you and the family of this enormous economic strain.

Your attorney could attempt to obtain recompense for:

• Anguish and distress

• Feelings of distress

• Reduced wages

• Reduced earning capacity

• Loss of friendship

• Loss of satisfaction with life

• Current and anticipated medical costs

• Costs of therapy

• Costs of home renovation

The majority of your future medical and financial requirements can arise later. Numerous TBI victims greatly underestimate how much money they would need to support themselves throughout their lives. An experienced TBI attorney's resources and experience can be helpful in this situation.

A knowledgeable attorney will have financial and medical experts available to help establish your needs. They can come up with a precise estimation of the whole worth of your Riverside injury to the brain claim together. Since there are merely too many factors, no one can give a precise figure, but with the correct tools, you may anticipate having a clear understanding of what you will require to recuperate financially to assist your psychological and physical rehabilitation.

You can avoid accepting a settlement that is less than what your lawsuit is worth by working with a lawyer. You must ensure that the settlement provides for your needs, but you must also devote all of your time and effort to regaining physical health. While you're doing so, your legal counsel will vigorously bargain with the insurer company in an attempt to optimize your settlement and will contemplate going to court if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful.


Since doctors cannot see the injury, evaluating a TBI can be challenging. To accurately assess whether a TBI occurs and, if so, which type, this process frequently entails many testing.

To diagnose your TBI, doctors may be required to employ a variety of diagnostic techniques. In some examinations, the patient and a healthcare specialist must converse for the doctor to assess the patient's capacity for common queries.

Together, these tests can aid a clinician in determining whether a patient has sustained a TBI as well as how serious it was, even though none of them alone are conclusive. A correct diagnosis is essential to your recovery. Your doctor won't be able to plan your rehabilitation without all that.


A catastrophic brain injury is frightening to experience. Any brain injury has the potential to be fatal, and you might not be able to predict whether or when you might recover. This ambiguity frequently feels overwhelming.

We recognize that you have worries particular to your event and subsequent damage, so we want to assist allay those by responding to some frequently asked questions concerning TBIs. An experienced TBI attorney in Riverside can provide you with more thorough responses if you speak with them. We hope that these responses bring you some solace, and we look forward to responding to any further detailed inquiries.


Definitely. When someone sustains a whiplash injury, it's common to experience a concussion without experiencing any head hit.

A common misunderstanding that might cause further harm to the victim is the idea that you have to strike your head on anything to sustain a TBI. You might not realize you hurt yourself and not go to the doctor if you don't knock your head. That may prevent your brain from fully recovering from your accident, resulting in more discomfort and more severe, long-lasting impairments.


Depending on the specifics of your getting into an accident, the response to this question will vary.

Many of the TBI individuals we serve were hurt by:

• A serious auto or truck collision

• Falling while slipping or tripping on someone else's property

• A shooting or other violent crime

• Athletic accidents

Although these are among the most typical scenarios in which we observe a victim experience a TBI, yours could have been caused by a different circumstance. Speak to an experienced Riverside TBI attorney right away to find out for certain if you have a claim for negligence against a responsible party. Your attorney can examine the specifics of your incident and decide whether you qualify for compensation. Once you know the answers, you can try to negotiate a fair settlement with the responsible party or parties to lessen your economic burden.


Your entire costs could be quite high depending on the sort of TBI you've experienced, the medical expenses you'll incur for recovery, and the monetary loss brought on by your time away from work. A TBI can cost anything from $85,000 including over $3 million during its whole lifespan.

Many people are unable to pay for this level of care, let alone deal with the stress of not receiving a monthly income. You should thus contact a TBI attorney right away. While you concentrate on overall health and quality of life, your attorney can look into the incident that led to your injuries. Your attorney will attempt to hold the individual or business responsible and liable for the medical costs and lost wages once they have established who was responsible for your injury. Without a forceful legal ally at your side, you run the risk of bearing the astronomical cost of comprehensive medical care by yourself.


The most frequent query we get from TBI survivors and their relatives is this one.

The quick response is that we are unable to provide you with a precise number as it relies on a plethora of variables, notably:

  • The length of time spent recuperating in the hospital
  • The number of operations or diagnostic interventions you require
  • The duration of your absences from work
  • The price of your prescription drugs
  • The length of time you spend receiving treatment
  • Your ability to return to work in the same capacity.
  • How much continuing medical care do you need?

Each of these things can significantly raise the amount of money you'll need to have covered medical bills out of pocket. You can respond to a number of these questions with the aid of your attorney and the expert medical testimony of your attorney to have a good idea of the amount of compensation you ought to seek in your lawsuit.


One may still be able to file a claim for TBI compensation.

You must demonstrate the following aspects of carelessness to establish that someone else was at fault for your TBI:

• The responsible person has a responsibility of care to for you;

• The negligent party's dangerous behavior violated that duty of care;

• The incident was brought on by the at-fault party's behavior; and

• The accident resulted in a Riverside brain injury for you.

For instance, if you received a Riverside brain injury in an automobile accident, you would be required to show that the opposing driver was at fault for the collision by driving carelessly. The opposing party's attorney can try to claim that you were engaged in this other collision that resulted in your injury if you did not find out that you had sustained a Concussion in that collision until weeks or even months later.

For this reason, you should contact Big Ben Lawyers pretty quickly. It is crucial to your capacity to receive fair compensation because then you are not required to pay for your medical expenditures out of pocket that you can demonstrate that a negligent individual caused your Riverside brain injury. A quick medical diagnosis can assist in demonstrating that a certain person's negligence is what caused the Concussion.


When the conditions are right, settlement is frequently a wise decision. You will have a clear knowledge of how much compensation you need to collect when you work with a TBI attorney from the Big Ben Lawyers in Riverside. Riverside brain injury victims are frequently astonished by the high cost.

That's because a lot of victims vastly misjudge how much money they'll need for medical costs. You risk accepting less money than your lawsuit is worth if you don't have a reliable legal ally on your behalf.

Our attorney can cooperate with the insurance carrier for the at-fault party. We will put in the utmost effort to maximize your compensation if you hire Big Ben Lawyers to conduct your case. We understand that you want to move on from this as soon as possible. That's why many TBI patients experience temptation when they get a call from the insurance provider for the party responsible for their accident days after it happened.

We advise caution in this situation because the insurance company can make you a rapid settlement offer that you might want to accept right now. It's probably in the insurance company's best interest, not yours if they're pressuring you to accept a hasty settlement. What's worse, if you accept the settlement offer, you'll probably give up the opportunity to sue the insurance provider for your injury in the future. It's going to be too late to file for extra compensation months or years down the road when the settlement money has gone out but you still owe money for lost wages and medical expenses.

Working with a knowledgeable Riverside TBI lawyer can help you prevent this terrible scenario. If your settlement is sufficient to meet all of your demands, your attorney will review it and let you know. If not, your attorney will engage in aggressive settlement negotiations with the insurance provider on your behalf. We don't want you to experience financial difficulty as a consequence of an incident that you had nothing to do with.


Depending on what type of TBI you have, your therapy will vary; usually, the less serious your damage, the less rigorous your treatment. For instance, you might simply need to take over-the-counter painkillers and relax for a few days or weeks if you have a concussion. On your particular course of treatment and recovery plan, your doctor will give you more detailed advice.

More extensive treatment options are needed for more severe injuries.

These alternatives could also include:

Speech therapists

Think-aloud treatment

• Physical treatment

• Occupational treatment

Every one of these alternative treatments could take a long time and cost a lot of money. You shouldn't have to be concerned about whether you will afford these enormous fees, even though they are necessary for your capacity to recover following your TBI. One can let the lawyer concentrate on creating the negligent party accountable for these expenditures while you concentrate on getting healthier with the proper counsel by your side.


The answer is highly influenced by how severe your TBI was. For instance, concussions can disappear completely after a couple of weeks if you adhere to your doctor's recommendations.

Nevertheless, healing from more severe TBIs will take longer. Paying attention to your doctor's advice is the most crucial thing anyone can do to speed up your recovery. Even though it can be challenging, resting is one of the greatest therapies for many TBIs. It will take time for your brain to recover on its own, but by maintaining a low level of activity, you give it a chance.


You have just two years in California from the period of his accident to claim compensation against the responsible party. Even though it may appear to be a long time now, it will go by quickly.

Think about everything you might experience at this time:

• Extended hospitalization

• A variety of medical treatments

• Prolonged absence from employment

• Extended periods of inactivity to recover

• Rehabilitation

Complex claims are the last thing that comes to mind after a TBI. You can eventually conclude that you do not wish to make a claim and will simply accept it as a fact of life. Your failure to act sooner can be your greatest disappointment.

Working with a skilled TBI attorney in Riverside gives you access to that attorney's many years of expertise in assisting TBI sufferers like you in recovering from their injuries. Your physical recuperation will be delayed if you are under the strain of debt. The best chance you have of fully recovering from your TBI is when you transfer that burden to your attorney.


We are aware that many people are reluctant to enter a courthouse, and we sympathize with them. The majority of traumatic brain injury cases in Riverside are resolved outside of court, but occasionally insurance providers refuse to resolve cases for just compensation. At that point, we must present your case to a jury to convince them that you are entitled to compensation.

You should select a Riverside TBI lawyer with trial expertise for the same reason. You don't wish to participate in a lawyer's first TBI trial because not all attorneys have trial experience. Complex medical conditions include traumatic brain injuries. To demonstrate how the injury has significantly impacted your capacity to live your life, you will need a qualified attorney.

Why You Should Contact Riverside Brain Injury Lawyers?

Depending on the legal counsel you select, you might not be able to receive the maximum compensation for your TBI. That is why this choice is so crucial.

You must feel at ease with your attorney, but you also require a Riverside brain injury lawyer for personal injury that has experience with cases similar to yours. Your legal counsel must give your complicated Riverside traumatic brain damage claim their undivided attention. You want a Riverside traumatic brain injury lawyer at your side who you know will have your greatest interests at heart as to if your case resolves or goes to trial.

For nearly 20 years, the legal staff at Big Ben Lawyers has assisted TBI victims just like you in healing from their wounds. Even a doctor who was once one of our clients and who we assisted with his case is now a member of our staff. He now aids in our comprehension of the struggles our TBI clients face as well as their understanding of how we may assist them.

To find out how Big Ben Lawyers can assist you in returning to your normal life, get in touch with us right away or call us using the numbers listed here.

Contact an Experienced Riverside Brain Injury Attorney and get the best representation going forward. Our team has the requisite experience to handle your claim with competence.

Retain our Qualified and Able Team of Brain Damage Attorneys at Our Firm

By pursuing your legal claim in court, our highly skilled team of brain damage attorneys can help you with the financial load of medical expenses and other obligations.

Hiring an attorney from our firm who is suitably skilled and experienced also enables you to concentrate on getting well while we develop your case.

You must prove that someone else's negligent act or omission was the reason your damage occurred to successfully pursue a claim. This is frequently a difficult legal task that calls for specific knowledge.

Therefore, as quickly as possible following an accident, anyone who has suffered significant brain damage should examine their options with a knowledgeable St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury attorney.

Certainly, nothing including a quantity of amount of money can make a brain injury go away, but a court victory can offer you the resources you need to get past the financial challenges you currently confront. Additionally, our brain injury attorneys want to make sure that you are not left footing the bill for someone else's mistakes.

Call our capable team to arrange a free appointment with one of our attorneys, and hire us to provide the best legal counsel and representation for you.

Call our Attorneys for a No-Obligation Consultation Today

Anybody that has suffered a head injury and feels that it was brought on by the negligent or reckless behavior of the accountable party should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Under Florida's statute of limitations, our skilled attorneys for traumatic brain injury lawsuits will put together a strong injury or damage, or malpractice claims case for you.

Additionally, we'll bargain with insurance providers and, if required, take your case to court. Finally, we'll endeavor to obtain financial recompense for your losses and hold the person accountable.

In certain situations, victims are entitled to just compensation for losses including mental and physical anguish, medical costs, lost wages, and quality of life lost among other damages.

To arrange a free appointment with a member of our brain injury attorneys, get in touch with us right away.

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Claudia took charge of my case form the get go and was on top of everything. The office staff are unbelievably professional and organized. The medical professionals that they referred me to were top notch. When it came to the settlement I was shocked. I received so much more than I expected. I highly recommend Benjamin Law. j

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