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Having to deal with the aftereffects of abuse may be heartbreaking for both the survivor and their family members. There is no correct or incorrect method for reacting to harassment. Your security and well-being are the only things that count. San Bernardino citizens can seek help, and various regional and national organizations can also assist you to get the treatment you need.

Sexual assault survivors in California are protected by law in both criminal and civil courts. Contact a caring San Bernardino personal injury lawyer at Big Ben Lawyers to learn more about your rights in a San Bernardino sexual abuse case.


At Big Ben Lawyers, we recognize that this is a challenging moment. It is a part of our obligation to make you feel at ease. Big Ben Lawyers’ heart and soul is a group of people who care about each other and about the San Bernardino neighborhood they serve. Every step of the way, we are here to offer compassion, support, and direction. We believe in strong representation.

Every perspective ought to be given the opportunity, and we are available to help you do so. When a client retains Big Ben Lawyers, we connect them with or without an attorney who works hard to suit their specific needs and advocates for a favorable resolution. Please let us know if you aren’t at ease. Every argument should concentrate on you and your goals. Check out the Big Ben Lawyers’ website to be updated on attorney profiles to understand further about our firm.

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Sexual violence is defined by the Organization for Family Justice as any sexual touch or activity that occurs without your consent. It’s that simple. Abuse occurs when someone pushes you to participate in sexual behavior. It does not necessarily have to be a total rape or abuse. It only needs to be deliberate as well as against your will. It’s not so simple as yes versus no when it regards to consent. Victims who are disabled, cognitively impaired, or younger than the age of 18 are protected under California law.

Following the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one out of every five women has experienced sexual assault. One in every 71 guys will be sexually abused at some time during their lives. Over 40% of women are raped for the first time even before age of 18. Sex assault is never acceptable. It is an infringement on someone’s trust and private privacy.

Several activities are defined as sexual abuse under California law. They are as follows:

  • Unwelcome contact with a person’s sexual organs
  • Harassment
  • Rape

Every case is distinct. If you suspect you have been abused, you should consult with an attorney important to have your case examined. A skilled San Bernardino sexual violence attorney could analyze the evidence and advise you on the appropriate next steps.


The unfortunate reality is that sexual assault may occur everywhere, including in San Bernardino. Recent news reports have exposed the pervasiveness of sexual abuse. According to statistics, sexual abuse is more likely to occur in the eyes of somebody you recognize or love. When abuse occurs in a public space, such as a company or an organization, upwards of one party may be held liable.

These places could include:

• Churches

• Childcare centers

• Skilled Nursing facilities

• Learning Institutions or university campuses

• Sports organizations

• Community organizations

The number of casualties of abuse doesn’t report the crime. Take abuse allegations seriously if they are made. Prompt action may effectively deter further misuse. Do something if you observe something. Visit the California victim’s resources website for a directory of local resources.


Following an incident, you have the option of filing a criminal and/or civil action against your abuser. Typically, the result of one does not affect the outcome of the other. In those other terms, even if your abuser is found not guilty in a criminal court, you may still file a civil action.

A judge or jury assesses the evidence in a criminal case to establish the whether accused is liable for a crime. If they are found guilty, the court will impose a consequence that is proportionate to the offense. In a civil action, the burden of proof to hold the defendant accountable for your damages is different. If the judge rules in one’s favor, the defendant may be ordered to pay your compensation.


Sex assault has long-lasting consequences. Victims of abuse frequently live with anguish and memories long after the violence has stopped. Everyone reacts differently to abuse, and youngsters who have been mistreated tend to react differently than adults. It is critical to recognize that there isn’t any correct method to cope. You must look for yourself. Reach out if you are struggling. Your doctor or a nearby clinic may be able to connect you with services to help you get the care you require.

The following are some of the most common long-term impacts of sexual abuse:


Trauma might alter your perspective. It can have an impact on your perception of safety as well as your capacity to allow other people in. Various institutes estimate that roughly 30% of adults will experience anxiety at some time during their lives. Regardless of whether you’ve never had anxiety before, a stressful incident, such as abuse, might trigger it. Anxiety symptoms may be alleviated with psychological counseling or medication.

Typical symptoms include:

• Constant fear • Excessive anxiety • Anticipatory anxiety • Increasing heart rate • Psychomotor retardation • Agitation • Fatigue

Anxiety may be managed. Consult your physician if you are feeling anxiety. If you are having difficulty paying for therapy as a result of sexual abuse, contact us for assistance in pursuing compensation.


Both anxiety and depression frequently coexist. Roughly half of any people who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety. Depression is frequently defined as a persistent sense of melancholy or helplessness. Unfortunately, survivors of abuse frequently experience feelings of guilt or shame following an attack. These feelings are frequently manifested as depression.

Other depressive symptoms include:

  • Weariness
  • A lack of interest in previously appreciated activities
  • Irritability
  • Reduction of energy
  • Difficulty sleeping or falling asleep too much
  • Drastic weight loss or gain
  • Trouble concentrating


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more frequent than most people believe. Thus according to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, 94 percent of raped women suffer from PTSD following 2 weeks of something like the attack. According to Psychology Today, this reaction is natural. It’s natural to feel betrayed, terrified, or sad. Sexual assault is a painful experience, and the body’s fight or flight response is natural.

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms can be comparable to those of depression and anxiety symptoms. However, PTSD is frequently distinguished by intense, recurring flashbacks and nightmares. Victims may also avoid people, locations, or circumstances that trigger their victimization.

PTSD can affect your daily activities and relationships. Do not be hesitant to seek assistance. To assist alleviate the symptoms, your doctor may recommend therapy or medication. Alternative treatments, including meditation or yoga, may also be beneficial in many circumstances.


After experiencing a traumatic occurrence, many people turn to drugs and alcohol as coping methods. This appears to be especially true among sexual abuse victims. Sexual assault victims are ten times more prone than the average population to take hard drugs. Abuse survivors, in particular, are more than a three-fold greater likelihood to use marijuana and a six-fold greater likelihood to use heroin. It is tempting to use alcohol or other substances to try to dull or forget the agony. However, if you experience these cravings or find it challenging to quit, get help.

Unfortunately, one-third of all raped women consider suicide, and 13% attempt to commit themselves. If you are having difficulty, assistance is available. We can always put you in touch with the top psychologists to assist you to go through this entire process with comfort.


If you decide to file a civil lawsuit, the very first step you could do would be to consult with a competent personal injury lawyer. Because a civil case differs from a criminal proceeding, a criminal defense attorney is unlikely to assist you with the civil situation. Choose an attorney who has experience dealing with sexual assault cases. Your lawyer at Big Ben Lawyers will act as your champion. They can provide you with advice and make sure you’re comfortable.

Understand that you are not required to perform any task unless you are comfortable doing so. You are not required to testify if you decide not to choose to. It is also acceptable to drop the lawsuit. It’s all about you. If you proceed with your lawsuit, your attorney may be able to assist you in pursuing damages. This implies you’re seeking the court to order the defendant to pay your monetary and non-monetary damages.

This could involve:

  • Hospital Expenses: Orthopedic injuries can result from sexual abuse. It can also cause emotional harm. If you seek assistance, whether from your primary care physician, an emergency department, or a psychological health psychotherapist, these fees may be included in your claim.
  • Reduced Earnings: Sadness, stress, and Trauma could all make going to work difficult. If you miss work or are fired, your attorney at Big Ben Lawyers shall be able to assist you to recover lost pay.
  • Anguish and Misery: It is difficult to quantify suffering and pain, yet this could be an important factor in your case. Sexual abuse can drastically alter your life. It can have an impact on your happiness, health, employment, and relationships. It is critical to demonstrate to the court the impact your abuse has had on your life’s quality of life.


Not every individual is prepared to bring their case to the courtroom soon after being abused. The courts recognize this, and laws are in place to safeguard your rights. Adolescent victims of sexual harassment in California have 10 years after the abuse to make a claim, or three (3) years after they ought to have known about just the abuse, whichever one is later. The state recently approved changes for minors to increase the period a victim has to file a civil complaint.

Whenever a victim is indeed a young person at the time of the abuse, they have no less than 22 years after having reached the age of adulthood, or five months after discovering their psychological injury or sickness is related to their childhood maltreatment, whichever comes first. Assembly Bill 218 also established a three-year “look-back” period beginning in January 2020, taking a toll on the limitation period for childhood sexual abuse lawsuits and permitting abuse survivors to file claims even if they had previously been prohibited by the limitation period. Consult with a seasoned personal injury attorney if you are unsure whether you possess the capacity to pursue a civil action against your abuser.

Big Ben Lawyers team of experienced San Bernardino sexual abuse and assault lawyers has a Top Notch Team of Lawyers that can help you Spearhead your Claim

While looking for legal help for a sexual misconduct claim including childhood sexual abuse cases, individuals may have several concerns. You may be concerned about whether you have grounds to sue or whether your situation counts as sexual assault. You may be concerned about the outcome of a case, among other things.

We want you to know that you may call our team at Big Ben Lawyers for a free, 100 percent of the overall confidential telephone conversation to get answers to all of these issues. During this free and confidential consultation, the issue of the legal fees as well as a free case evaluation shall be dealt with. You aren’t required to be hesitant to raise questions during a free case review because you’re concerned about your case. Then, we’ll outline potential legal options for you.

There are several scenarios in which our legal team at Big Ben Lawyers can help you resolve your matter. A number of these instances are provided further below. First and foremost, if you or a loved one has recently been abused, our services at Big Ben Lawyers are critical. Second, if either you or a valued one has been in the form of sexual assault, our support at Big Ben Lawyers is essential. Furthermore, you have had the opportunity to seek legal counsel when you are uncertain if your circumstance counts as sexual assault but believe it does.

Sexual satisfaction overtures, unwanted sexual advances, and other examples of graphic sexual verbal, and physical behavior An individual’s job is made subject to such behavior, either explicitly or implicitly. Acceptance or rejection of such behavior by an individual acts as the cornerstone for work decisions impacting that individual or group. This type of behavior is intended to have the consequence of unlawfully hindering someone’s capacity to perform their job obligations or creating a threatening, dangerous, or offensive atmosphere at work.

The crucial term in behavior is uncomfy.  Unwelcome does not imply coerced. Even if it is unpleasant and disgusting, a sufferer may participate in and consent to some acts. As a result, sexual behavior is improper if the person experiencing it feels that way. This same universality of the conditions will determine whether the individual accepted a vacation proposition, an intimate relations remark, or a joke.

Sexually inappropriate approaches, solicitations for sex privileges, as well as other verbal or physical sexual harassment are examples of sexual harassment in the workplace or classroom. Sexual misconduct does not always have to revolve around an overt sexual activity or be targeted at a specific individual. Making insulting statements about women in general, for example, may constitute sexual harassment.

Even if sexual harassment rules do not generally apply to these acts, teasing and casual remarks can be distressing and have a negative emotional impact.

Sexual abuse can occur to both men and women, as well as to occur to both children and adults. In each of these instances, you could seek help and possibly take action. You could seek restitution for your losses and hold the wrongdoer accountable. We will make certain that you are properly represented.

What are Big Ben Lawyers’ Goals in the Pursuit of such Claims of Sexual Abuse and Related Events?

Hardly can several dollars are going to be capable of removing or removing the horrible attack on a woman’s body and mind that is sexual abuse. Receiving compensation, on the other hand, may help to alleviate your past pain and give you the money needed for your desired therapies.

One would be entitled to a variety of compensation with many distinct features. These types of compensation include those listed below and address a wide range of recovery-related issues. First, the costs of medical care are paid. The expenditures of rehabilitative treatments such as therapy are also covered. Damages for paying for a reduction in life satisfaction are also suggested. The problems caused by one’s grief and agony are also taken into account. There are other risks associated with the challenges of post-traumatic trauma exposure. The costs that can then be claimed include missed wages and career losses. Last but again but not least, these damages may involve property damage.

The circumstances described above may differ from one person to the next because every instance is different. The knowledgeable group of sexual assault attorneys at our firm will determine any possible losses and harms you may have endured. We will work to ensure that you get the compensation that best matches your situation in this way.

Do not hesitate to contact our offices for the best legal representation in such instances.

An awful form of assault on a person, sexual abuse frequently causes both physical and mental suffering. The victims of this atrocity deserve due process, and those who committed it should face the full weight of the law. We can assist if you need legal counsel and have been a victim of sexual abuse. The knowledgeable and competent legal team at our firm will assist you in pursuing your claim by taking various actions. The stages that we will help you with include those that are covered below. We will look into your situation first. Then, we will compile substantial evidence to demonstrate what occurred and who was to blame. Thirdly, we will act as your spokesperson and assist you in all communications. Additionally, we will support you when you litigate your issue or try it in court. Next, we’ll let you know what legal choices you have at every stage, too. Finally, we’ll be in touch with you frequently throughout your case.

You can rely on our team of experienced sexual abuse lawyers for any legal assistance you may require at this time.

Is it Necessary that Litigation will be an Option?

Most subjects can be unsure about whether they need to show up to court for their lawsuit. We will lay out your alternatives for you and assist in guiding you toward a satisfying conclusion to your case.

In certain circumstances, we may be able to settle your case without going to trial. In these situations, we bargain that settlement with the representatives of the liable parties. In other circumstances, we might advise going to trial to submit your case to a jury. If we suggest taking this course, we will go through it with you and make sure you are ready for the procedure.

What is the Fee that we Charge for Representation?

Most individuals hesitate to seek legal assistance because they are concerned with the expense of retaining an attorney. However, because our team is contingency-based, there are no up-front fees required to begin working on your case.

Under a contingent fee arrangement, we are only paid if your case is successfully resolved. Your eventual settlement or court judgment will be used to pay for our fees. To ease the financial burden of filing a lawsuit, we provide this pricing structure. Our team wants you to be able to pursue justice without being constrained by slightly higher compared legal costs.

Get in touch with our Firm for the best legal representation. Worthy to note is that we do an engagement on a free-of-charge basis. Upon our representation of the claim by yourself, the most important thing to note is that we represent you and our fee is dependent on the merits of the case. We shall always protect your interests fully.

What other types of Injuries can occur concerning Sexual Abuse?

Our company is aware that your circumstance can be challenging. We are prepared to assist those who are victims of sexual abuse for a variety of other reasons. Human trafficking, violent behavior against partners, physical contact, harassment at work, sexual abuse of children, and clergy sexual misconduct.

Beyond the ones listed above, our sexual abuse attorneys can assist you.

We also recognize that harm from other sources may accompany sexual violence. Our group of experienced attorneys will fight for justice in all the ways the offending party might be held legally liable for the harm they may have caused you.

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It might be terrifying to report a sexual abuse offense that has been committed against you or a loved one. Before taking up the telephone as a lawyer, you might have hesitated over whom to turn to. We are familiar with the procedure for defending victims of sexual assault, and we will make every effort to provide you with all the legal counsel and assistance you require throughout the filing and resolution of your case.

To get a free legal consultation, contact us right away. Every victim is treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve at our firm. We are prepared to stand up for you.

Contact our firm at any time, and we’ll help you make sure your claim is settled fairly and with the expedition.

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