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Dog bites in San Bernardino are more common than you might assume. These atrocities go unreported far too often. As a result, some dogs have assaulted or made attempts to attack people even on many occasions.

Unfortunately, numerous dog bite victims do not obtain the legal assistance they require from experienced California dog attack attorneys. Dog bite victims are sometimes unaware of their rights and duties. In some circumstances, the dog’s owners may be intimidating.

Dog bites are extremely common occurrences. Though some breeds, such as Terriers, Dobermans, and German Shepherds, have been connected to attacks, the truth is that another dog can bite. The owner may also be held liable if the dog is mistreated or abused.

Dog bites can be horrific, and they frequently result in long-term psychological trauma and suffering in addition to physical injuries. This seems to be especially true when infants and juveniles are involved.


  • Seek medical treatment by dialing 911 or heading to the nearest emergency room.
  • Photograph the injuries;
  • Contact witnesses for statements;
  • Report the animal assault to animal control authorities;
  • Investigate the dog’s owner; and
  • Contact insurance companies to file claims.

What are the Reasons for Your Retainer of Big Ben Lawyers to Represent you in your dog bite cases?

Since dog attack lawsuits can be complicated, you must be defended by a qualified and experienced dog bite attorney at Big Ben Lawyers from the start.

Big Ben Law Firm has extensive experience handling dog attacks vicious. Our skilled and experienced team of recognized injury attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers represents injury victims throughout San Bernardino County and the entire California. We attempt to make the procedure as simple and quick for you as possible. Our team at Big Ben Lawyers is knowledgeable, sensitive, dependable, and tenacious, and we are ready to assist you in obtaining the full compensation you are entitled to. Call us today using the information provided on Big Ben Lawyers website to schedule your completely free evaluation.

At Big Ben Lawyers, we employ professional investigators to ascertain the owner of the dog, the canine’s history, and the circumstances of the attack. We will handle insurance company claims and evaluate your health records and invoices so you may concentrate on healing from your injuries.

Dog bite Research Data from the past

According to city officials in San Bernardino, 70% of dog attacks occur on the owner’s property.

This means you could be attacked while visiting a family member or a friend. Even so, victims of dog bites should report the incident. A quarantine can then be imposed on the dog by an Animal Control Officer. If the dog’s owner refuses, he or she could be arrested.

Despite with City of San Bernardino enacting leash restrictions, it is apparent that dog bites continue to occur. If you are a guest at someone’s home, the animal is unlikely to be kept on a tether in the initial place. Nonetheless, the dog’s owner is responsible for keeping you safe.

When confronted by an attacking dog, Animal Control recommends numerous steps to take.

Make Sure to stay Still. Running away makes the dog want to chase you. Rather, remain immobile. You should not yell or wave your arms.

• Keep Off making eye contact. Direct eye contact may be misinterpreted by a dog as a challenge. It may attack to establish supremacy.

• Cuddle up. If the animal assaults you despite your best attempts to calm it down, curl up in a ball and shield your neck and face. The dog’s owner must put forth every effort to have the animal removed. Safeguarding your neck and skull also protects you from catastrophic injuries.

It is not much you can avoid an attack once it has begun. Given that San Bernardino County permits a dog owner up to three infractions with modest fines, you may even come across a repeat offender.

Every year, 885,000 people are bitten by a dog and require medical attention.

Another element to consider is the number of fatal attacks. In 2020, there were 46 deadly dog attacks across the country. Browse our page for additional dog bite data.

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Which Law Governs Dog Attacks?

According to California’s Civil Code, the owner of a dog is accountable for the damages sustained by victims as a result of a dog bite. He’s never bitten anyone before, for example, does not free the dog’s owner of blame.

Whilst the court system has always had the authority to decide the legality of the owner on the obligation to put a dangerous dog down, the definition of a dangerous dog is outlined in the law. The Hazardous Dog Statute of California states that any dog with many meanings is considered to be a dangerous dog. The following are a few definitions. First, a dog that has repeatedly seriously injured or killed a similar category of animals to its and up to and including another pet away from the owner’s property. Further. a dog that has bitten, attacked, or severely injured someone on private or public property; or a dog that has followed an individual down the street, on the sidewalk, or in any other public space to attack without having gone through any instance of provocation.

The legal system furthermore specifies instances under which it is improper for the Department of Animal Services to declare a dog dangerous, such as an instance in which a person was injured by a dog attack while breaking on the dog owner’s property; where the dog was being abused or tortured when the attack occurred; where the dog owner or another close relative was being abused or assaulted when the attack occurred; or when the dog was trying to defend a person from an imminent attack or harm.

Whenever the Department of Animal Services at San Bernardino discovers information that leads them to believe a dog is fatally destructive, they just provide the dog owner the chance to ask for a procedural process of the court to conclude. The appropriateness of classifying the dog as hazardous and imposing sanctions on the dog’s owner will be decided by the court. The owner of a dog must be notified in writing and given seven days to respond if the Animal Services Department asks for consideration of the dog’s classification as hazardous. The designation of the dog as hazardous may be found to be invalid during a competent court manner.

As a result, you do not need to demonstrate that the proprietor was careless.

Understand your entitlements and what you can do to assist your dog bite case:

Psychological support canines or animals: Many people declare their pets to be moral support animals without properly training them. This description cannot be used to conceal the identity of the owner. It all boils down to proper instruction; if an owner fails to offer it for their pet, they are liable.

Reports from the police and medical treatment: Immediately file a police report, according to San Bernardino dog assault attorneys. You should also go to the hospital for the treatment of a bite. Make sure a doctor makes a thorough list of all damage you experienced.

Further than single bite: It is a frequent misconception that somehow a dog bite attack solely relates to a stab wound or exposed tear. Along with the bite, you may have suffered cuts and scrapes, wounds, fractures, soft-tissue injuries, as well as bone fractures. While the dog bites case advances, a solicitor may be allowed to use your health records to assess which ongoing care is likely concerning you. Scar tissue treatment, cosmetic procedures, occupational therapists, and mental health care are among the examples.

Additional losses to consider: If you become unemployed or are unable to do it at your previous level as a result of your injuries, you may have a reduced earning capability. As a result, you will be ineligible for further promotions and promotions. There is also the chance of non-monetary losses, which are referred to as “pain and suffering.” California dog bite attorneys can clarify the nuances of this word and what it means in your specific circumstance.

However, there are certain exceptions.

Exceptions to the norm include: Trespassing and working dogs

However, there are certain exemptions to California’s absolute liability Dog Bite Act.

Dogs working on official duties: A government agency, such as the police or military, cannot be held accountable for dog bites that occur while the agency is performing official tasks with a dog. This exception applies only if the dog bite survivor was a suspected participant or participated in the conduct that led to the dog’s use in police or military operations.

Intruders: Whenever the victim is trespassing, there is an exception to the norm that dog owners are entirely to blame for a dog bite attack. In general, landowners are not required to keep their property secure from trespassers. A home invader is someone who penetrates another person’s property without their permission. California law makes an exception to dog owners’ strict responsibility for dog attacks that happen when the wounded man is intruding or otherwise illegally on the property.

Taking excessive risks: California also allows exclusions for people who assumed the danger of someone being bitten, for example, they were aware of the risk yet proceeded nonetheless. Pediatricians who are bitten whilst treating a dog are usually exempt from this regulation. (See, for example, Nelson v. Hall, 211 Cal. Rptr. 668 (Cal.App.1985).)

How can the Victim React when Contacted by an Insurance Service Provider?

Insurance providers will do everything possible to reduce the amount of cash they must pay to recompense a dog attack victim. Insurance companies frequently try to exploit recorded statements to reduce damage or blame the victim partially. Companies may indeed send you documentation to sign, hoping you will ratify it and approve a lowball plea agreement.

It is to your best advantage to consult with a legal practitioner before providing a declaration to the insurance provider or signing any documents.

Contact a dog bite solicitor as soon as possible after the incident so that you can comprehend your rights and get the care you require.

Remember that in California, there exists a 2-year statute of limitations first from the date of the incident for pursuing a dog bite claim. However, delaying hiring an expert dog bite lawyer is never advised because numerous circumstances might lower the value and harm your claim.

The Means through which Our san bernardino dog bite law firm can assist you with the Claim

It should never be in your best interests to bargain with an insurance provider on your own or accept a settlement agreement without first speaking with an expert dog bite attorney.

Our Firm’s dog bites as well as attack attorneys at San Bernardino will handle your insurance claims and work with the insurance carrier to secure you the best possible settlement. If indeed the insurance provider fails to settle fairly and instead just makes lowball proposals, our attorneys will file a lawsuit in court.

Our Firm has personal bodily harm attorneys at Big Ben Law Firm who are extremely skilled in managing dog bite injury and attack claims and have achieved big payments for our customers. Call our toll-free lines or fill out another feedback form below to speak with one of our dog bite attorneys about your situation and legal options.

We happily serve clients in San Bernardino and neighboring Los Angeles County communities such as Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Glendale are all neighborhoods in Los Angeles and others. In addition, we represent customers in Orange County, Riverside County, and Long Beach County.

The knowledgeable group of personal damage attorneys at our firm has a wealth of experience defending clients who have sustained injuries as a result of the reckless or negligent actions of others, especially individuals that have been bitten by dogs. Due to the firm’s dedication to client guidance and the development of a claim, several millions of dollars in damages have been recovered through compromises and jury verdicts. Because each case has unique circumstances that could either boost or lessen the value of any dog bite injury claim, we are unable to promise a particular result. However, we are equipped with the information and materials necessary to develop a compelling case against the dog’s owner, and we will strive to secure for you or your child the greatest quantum of damages appropriate to their injuries.

Additional Information

Various Types of Dog Bite Accidents that Necessitate Attorney Representation at St. Bernardino

California, along with Texas, tops the list in the number of fatal dog attacks, according to various charitable organizations that research severe and harmful dog bites. California is notably high in its number of dog bite claims in the past year, not considering claims settled by other insurance providers. These alarming statistics wouldn’t seem surprising if you or your child were a victim of a dog bite incident in San Bernardino. Dog bites can result in a myriad of injuries. It’s crucial to note, not all dog bites require immediate medical attention or legal assistance. There are, however, certain situations in which prompt medical care is necessary. In such circumstances, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team of dog bite lawyers at our Firm. We will further discuss the types of bites that warrant urgent medical intervention.

Deep wounds and cuts may result in infectious diseases like rabies and tetanus as well as leaving scars that cannot be done away with in a single instance. A toddler may experience numerously broken or fractured body bones due to their weak phases of development. Further, muscle, ligament, tendon tears, and other tender tendon damage may be inevitable. Scars and deformations requiring reconstructive and aesthetic surgery may also result. Furthermore, dog attack-related psychological trauma, particularly in a dog bite victim of a tender age. A loved one may pass away in the event of a severe attack. If you have been through this tragedy, speak with a lawyer who represents dog bite victims to explore your options for suing the dog owner for wrongful death.

To handle the lawsuits that result from this kind of bite and the associated injuries, get in contact with one of our qualified attorneys.

Definition and Traits of Fatally Dangerous Dogs

Owners of hazardous dogs are subject to particular laws in San Bernardino County. Even nice and greatly mannered household dogs can be dangerous to the neighborhood. The county may record a dog as a hazardous creature and remove it from its observation by the owner if it attacks someone. A hazardous dog is defined in several ways by San Bernardino County. has unprovoked attacked, bit, or put in danger a human on private or public property. has unprovoked killed or badly harmed another pet outside the owner’s premises. has aggressively pursued someone in a public place to attack them.

In the circumstances where a victim was encroaching the dog’s territory as the attack loomed and actuated, the county will not label the dog as hazardous. Additionally, they do not label canines as dangerous when someone taunts, mistreats, mistreats, mistreats, or intricate the dog, the owner, or a member of the family. Dogs that defend a human from violence or assault are likewise protected under the law. Animal Services looks into cases of dog bites and attacks. They give the owner written notice if they believe a dog to be harmful. The dog’s owner has two options: file an appeal or give the dog over to Animal Services for euthanasia.

Alternatively, the owner may decide to abide by the limitations that are later described. Obtain an animal license and a present-day rabies vaccine. Keeping the dog confined in a safe space is another alternative. Further, displaying cautionary posts that state a hazardous dog is living there. Within 2 days of being released, install an intel processor or mark the dog permanently mark it as hazardous. Furthermore, paying the appropriate annual registration cost for the dog comes in handy. Finally, to alert Animal Control and the whole public at large that the dog is hazardous, make sure it is always wearing a dangerous dog tag.

The County Animal Services’ responses to dog bites at San Bernardino serve to prevent future dog bite injuries in others, but they do nothing to make up for any losses you may have suffered as a consequence of your own or your kid’s dog attack damage. You must file a lawsuit against the dog owner to collect compensation, and the same is best pursued with the aid of an expert lawyer.

Contact our qualified team of dog bite attorneys to get a free legal consultation with a dog bite attorney in St. Bernardino.

How to Respond to a Dog Bite on a Preliminary Basis

Your safety and health should come first if you experience dog attack damage. Additionally, the actions you take as soon as a dog bite takes place can assist maintain the worth of your claims and increase your likelihood of being awarded compensation.

Consult a Specialized Treatment Expert

Dog bites that are too severe tear through the body membrane, leaving an unprotected sore vulnerable to various pathogens. Regardless of how serious the dog bite is, if a dog bites you and tears your body covering, you should get medical attention right once. This will significantly lower the risk of infection. In furtherance of the foregoing, it offers medical proof of the dog attack, supporting your legal claim against the reckless owner of the dog in concern.

Gather Photographic and Documentary Evidence

To avoid a follow-up attack, remove your dear body or that of your kid from the area right soon after a dog attack. It might be useful when you are in a position where you can take images of the concerned dog with various devices including but not limited to your phone. This, however, is not every other time feasible. In the least of possibilities. At the very least, spend some time taking images of the place in which the concerned dog bite occurred and of any obvious wounds. These images will assist in proving your point and attest to the attack.

Collect the Requisite Information

After being bitten by a dog, if you are physically able to do so, take adequate time for writing down the dog’s owner’s name, address, phone number, and email. Obtain the names and phone numbers of any witnesses who observed the incident happen. The dog owner and anyone else they may speak to will likely be interviewed by the police when they look into the event, although occasionally witnesses won’t wait for them to show up. The report of the police department is also one officer’s narration of what occurred based on the people they spoke with. Having extra witnesses testify in your favor might sometimes offer a different account or details the designated police officer may have overlooked.

Report the Dog Bite to the Police and/or the Department of Animal Services

If you don’t have a formal record of a dog attack occurrence, it will be difficult to file a compensation claim. To have the police make a formal report, you must phone them as soon as you can. Usually, Animal Services is contacted by the police to investigate the dog. Inquiries including inquiries effective to the fact that whether the impugned dog was earmarked as fatal and the frequency with which the owner thereof has received concerns about the pet would be investigated.

Pursuing Recompense following a Dog Injury Attack

Regardless of the dog’s prior history of aggression, the dog owner is responsible for damages whenever a dog attacks a person in California. This includes visitors, postal employees, visitors, and anybody with a written or implicit invitation who is lawfully entitled to be on the dog owner’s property. Regardless of where the dog bite occurred, if you submit a lawsuit over the owner of the dog in question as a result of the attack by their dog, it most frequently lies under the homeowner’s insurance coverage. The claim might be covered by commercial insurance coverage if the bite happened at the owner’s place of business. You’ll probably need to file a lawsuit against the dog owner directly if they don’t own a home or company. Your lawyer will assess your situation and recommend the best cause of action given your particular set of circumstances.

You may be entitled to financial compensation for these injuries if you and the dog’s owner or insurance company negotiate a proposal for settlement, or in the circumstances where the court makes a ruling in the claimant’s favor. Such damages and types are discussed in the paragraphs that follow.

The cost of medical care includes emergency medical services, ER attendance, laying in the hospital in serious situations, radiography, and the cost of antibiotics to be taken into account, and the same includes expenses for reducing pain and all charges associated with surgery and recollection aftermath. Medical costs in days to come, particularly where the survivor has several recollections or aesthetic surgery to treat scars and issues related to bone dislocation. The period of lack of salaries and wages due to missed work due to the dog bite injury, medical care, and recovery. potentially lost wages should a dog attack render the person permanently disabled and unable to find another employment. physical agony and pain. emotional distress, particularly for young people who must deal with extremely traumatic experiences.

You may be eligible to receive compensation in case you submit a wrongful death suit over the reckless dog owner if a dog attack resulted in the death of a child or other loved one. In the case that your wrongful death case is successful, you could be able to recover most of the damages listed above as well as funeral and burial expenses. Additionally, the law enables qualifying close ties and relations to get compensation for relationship harm brought about by the damage and the related issues. An instance, compensation for loss of companionship may be provided to families whose loved ones or spouses lose a partner as a result. Similar to this, children who lose their parents whom they depended on occasionally get compensated for the help and supervision they would have received. Based on your unique situation, our Firm’s dog bites attorney can give you advice regarding the recompense that you may be entitled to in an unintentional death claim.

Commonly Asked Questions Relating to Dog Bite Injuries

It’s normal to feel overburdened, upset, and unsure of what to do next in the case that you or your kid has been injured in a dog injury attack. Dog attack bruises are particularly tough to deal with after a traumatic tragedy because they are completely avoidable. Responses to commonly asked concerns about damage relating to dog attacks from our team of knowledgeable St. Bernardino dog bite lawyers are available today, and they may help you institute a lawsuit to hold the dog’s owner responsible. You can always appraise yourself by reading more details about dog attack damage claims before you speak with one of our knowledgeable team of dog and related accident claims.

Is there any time limitation for filing Dog Attack Claims?

Whenever you or your family child is bitten by a dog, you must pursue an avenue for compensation as quickly as you can against the insurance of the owner of the involved property investment insurance company thereof. This goes in accord with the statute of limitations in which harmed parties have four years from the date of the dog attack to file a dog attack retribution process. Even though four years might seem a little like enough time, the procedures and processes associated with filing follow-up compensation measures and pursuing legal action can be costly and takes quite an inordinately long period which could be unnecessary. Waiting too long to file a claim puts you in danger of not being able to reach witnesses and get truthful testimony.

With time, it can become more difficult to find further relevant evidence, which could make it more difficult for you to support your claim. The deadline for making a claim may be extended by the court in exceptional, mitigating situations. An attorney may purge the time limitations on your behalf, for instance, if somehow the owner of the dog in question goes out of state and you are unable to serve the claim on time. If your particular circumstances might allow for an extension, a skilled dog attack lawyer can give you advice on that possibility.

Is it necessary to Make a Report to the Police in Case of a Dog Bite?

In California, it’s crucial that any dog bite incident causing an injury is reported to local animal control. This not only helps establish an official record of the incident but also aids in confirming the rabies vaccination status of the dog. However, doing so can bolster your claim. Animal Services may launch an investigation to ascertain the possibility of the dog being hazardous after receiving a report. Based on the findings of the assessment, they will inform the owner of their options for moving forward. If a dog attack causes significant injuries that necessitate emergency medical transport for you or your child, law enforcement may show up to take information for a police record. If you visit the emergency department on your own or with a friend or family member, you should phone the police as soon as you can to report the incident. You can initiate an inquiry by animal control and obtain documentation of what occurred, which could be helpful evidence, by filing a police complaint.

Are Courts Obligated to Order a Dog Owner to Carry out Euthanasia on their Dog?

The Animal Services department in the County will look into an event after just a dog bites and seriously hurts another person to see if the canine is a threat to the population. California law mandates a quarantine period of ten days for any dog that has bitten a person, to observe for signs of rabies. This quarantine can occur at the owner’s home, an animal shelter, or a veterinarian’s office. However, the classification of a dog as hazardous does not mandate that it be put to death. In some instances, the Animal Services Department may decide that euthanasia is the sole choice to guarantee community safety after taking into account all the factors that led up to the dog’s attack and the seriousness of the injuries it caused. The legislation demands swift and compassionate euthanizing of animals similar to those of the dog if the injuries sustained as a result of a dog attack happening finally end in death.

Am I entitled to Compensation even in the instances in which the Owner believes that the Bite was a result of my provocation?

Depending on the situation, a person may be able to file a claim for damages after allegedly inciting a dog. Whether the victim of the attack provoked the dog on purpose or accidentally depends on the details of what caused it. In these situations, victims of dog bites should speak with a qualified lawyer who can assess their case. Our legal team can assist harmed parties in determining the appropriate cause to undertake as a matter of law after assessing the particular facts.

Is there any possibility of me Institution a Suit if my minor Suffers a do Bite?

Either a biological parent or even any other adult caregiver may be allowed to claim damages for a dog attack lawsuit when a dog attack results in harm to a child. Regrettably, since young bodies and faces are situated at a similar or the same elevation as a dog’s mouth, small children are most at risk for suffering severe dog bite injuries. However, whenever a minor, as compared to an adult, is hurt by a stray dog attack, other regulations are in effect. Under California’s strict liability law for dog bites, the dog owner is liable for injuries caused by the dog regardless of the victim’s behavior. Even if a child provoked the dog, the owner is typically held liable for any injuries the dog inflicts. When an affected victim might share some of the responsibility, a court will hold an owner entirely responsible if the casualty is under the age of six.

Can I successfully Claim Damages for a Dog Bite if the Owner Places a Warning Sign?

By posting signs on their property, owners of hazardous dogs are required by California law to notify the neighborhood about impending danger appropriately. While a “Beware of Dog” sign can potentially limit a dog owner’s liability in certain situations, California law does not mandate dog owners to post such warning signs about their dogs. The presence of a warning sign doesn’t exempt a dog owner from liability under California’s strict liability law. It’s crucial to consult a qualified attorney after a dog bite to understand your rights and potential remedies.

What is the Estimated Quantum of Damages in Such Claims?

Interestingly, the specifics of the attack determine the level of compensation that may be sought for injuries brought on by any dog attack. The underlying circumstances of every case could enhance or diminish the level of compensation a victim of injury might get. Attacks that result in severe injuries typically call for higher recompense compared to any other that result in only mere damage. California law permits victims of dog bites to seek damages for any kind of injury or loss resulting from the bite, including but not limited to medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. There are various factors taken into consideration while assessing the amount that the victim is entitled to earn. Some of these factors are as subsequently discussed.

The extent of the injuries caused by dog attacks is one such factor. Secondly, the type of injuries, particularly whenever a dog attack victim has injuries that result in deformity or permanent scarring. The duration of time a dog attack survivor or victim’s parent has to miss from working while recovering is also taken into consideration. Also considered are the total medical costs, which include paramedic and urgent care services, hospital stays, reconstructive operations, prescription drugs, and keeping appraised of doctor’s appointments. The expenses of psychological and physical treatments, if they are required to help affected parties learn to deal consequently with the mental anguish of both the assault, as well as the degree of pain and anguish and suffering brought on by and associated with dog attack incidents, should also be considered.

What Duration of Time will my Claim Take to be Completed?

It may take different amounts of time for the parties to come to a settlement. In cases where the owner of the dog is found liable for damages, the parties can either agree to settle or, if a settlement can’t be reached, the case may go to court. California’s strict liability law applies in either scenario. Under California’s strict liability law, dog owners are always responsible for dog bites, regardless of whether the victim provoked the dog. Insurance firms are enterprises that attempt to maximize revenues by minimizing expenses and payouts. If it is obvious that you are entitled to compensation, you can count on the dog owner’s insurance company to do everything in its power to reduce the value of your claim. By stating that a child’s injuries are not as bad as you allege, for instance, insurance companies may try to refute a claim. You can more precisely determine the claim’s genuine value by hiring legal counsel to assess it.

Are there any steps I can follow to Obtain the best Amount as Recompense?

Indeed, it is not often as straightforward as calling the officers of the police and course hiring a lawyer to get compensation for injuries brought on by a dog attack. To safeguard your lawful entitlements further and to improve their prospects of receiving the maximum amount of compensation, injured parties might need to take further measures. To receive the best and highest amount of damages as compensation, several actions must be taken. Some of these actions are discussed below.

Get medical help right away. Dog attacks could cause serious, even potentially fatal diseases. Victims who have been hurt by an attack relating to a dog should get checked out immediately as the victim can. A medical exam is crucial for your well-being and security, but it can also offer significant proof of the origins and severity of your injuries. To prevent insurance companies from disputing the true worth of your claim, be sure to avail themselves of all subsequent attendance by the specialized doctors and adhere to the recommended course of treatment.

The next step is to assemble witness data. Before they depart from the place of the injury, if you can, talk to anyone who saw the injury relating to dog bites. Gather the contact information of witnesses and ask whether they might be able to give a statement. Liability following the dog bite may be determined with the aid of witness accounts.

Maintain thorough records. If you decide to hire a lawyer, the victim will need proof of the expenses associated with your injury to calculate how much compensation you might be eligible for. Your claim may cover any losses you calculated based on the resultant injuries from dog attack injuries, both monetary and non-monetary losses. To prove your financial losses, keep records of expenses, medical expenses, and wage information. Keep a notebook to record the severity of the damage sustained, how they have affected your life, any issues you encounter, and your progress as you get better. An attorney might utilize an everyday record as a useful resource when figuring out the damage that may not be quantified in monetary terms.

Am I entitled and bound to receive compensation from the dog owner’s insurer?

This statement holds true universally. However, it’s worth noting that in California, a dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance typically covers damages caused by dog bites. To prevent greater settlements or jury awards later, insurance companies frequently pay injured plaintiffs a settlement right away following a dog attack disaster. Preliminary payments are almost usually insufficient to adequately compensate victims for their losses, even though the proposals are usually produced to tempt dog bite survivors by luring them in with liquid money. Additionally, you frequently have to waive your ability to pursue any further damages for the damage sustained whenever you officially sign a settlement agreement. Take into account the preliminary proposal as a negotiation tactic, and let an expert dog bite lawyer deal with insurance companies instead of you being in pursuit to ensure that you receive reasonable and sufficient compensation.

Am I bound to be a Witness in Pursuit of the Claim?

The law encourages both parties in dog bite lawsuits to settle to avoid the additional costs of going to court, although there are situations when this is just not an option. During a deposition, you can be required to have a declaration under oath not just whether your case goes to trial. Unless your matter proceeds to trial, you are not required to give public testimony. In any event, a lawyer can help you get ready for what follows afterward.

It is key that the process of investigation is followed up with the requisite information which you could be a proxy for. Shedding out the necessary information is key to beefing up your claim so that the same does not remain wingless. Every claim requires that piece of information that has evidentiary weight which will hold your case successful and your claim not be watered down. Being a great holder of information is a virtue that requires being kept close and abreast.

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Contact Our Able Team of Attorneys for Assistance in Case of a Dog Bite

In our firm, we are aware of the difficulties you may have after suffering a serious dog bite wound, particularly if your kid was harmed. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys is available to assist you in pursuing compensation for the damage you have suffered as a consequence of your damage.

For a no-obligation engagement to go through the specifics of a dog bite, how the same impacted the victim’s life and how we can help, get in touch with us right away online or at the number listed on our website. You don’t have to pay a deposit because we deal with cases on a conditional fee basis. Alternatively, we take our costs out of any payment we make on your behalf. Additionally, you can simply contact us, as we have offices on both California coasts. We shall deliver the best outcome for your case.

While you concentrate on getting better, let our skilled attorneys handle the specifics relating to a dog attack lawsuit. Everyone hates getting bitten by a dog, but in the case where you or your kin were hurt, you probably have an onerous journey to healing that has to be noted. Indeed, several children of tender ages interact directly with dogs, which puts them at serious risk for facial injuries from dog attacks. Children may find the medical procedures frightening on their own, but when they get over the most frightening parts, they will have to cope of course as a result of the traumatic fallout.

Your youngster may want the assistance of a psychologist or counselor to assist them in dealing with the profound trauma of having been bitten by a gorgeous, fluffy puppy. Our qualified team of attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers can look into the specifics concerning the dog attack compile pertinent paperwork, speak with witnesses, and assist you with the claims procedure. Additionally, lawyers take the dog attack claim seriously since they understand how to interact with and bargain with insurance providers. When you may employ a lawyer to follow up for you and assist you in pursuing retribution following a dog attack, don’t stress yourself out over the details.

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Jesus R.
Feb 2020

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Glendale Office

144 N Glendale Ave.
Suite 250
Glendale, CA 91206

(818) 423-4878

Fresno Office

1221 Van Ness Ave
Suite 307
Fresno, CA 93721

(559) 354-6344

Ontario Office

3281 E. Guasti Rd
7th Floor
Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 235-5886

Riverside Office

11801 Pierce St.
Suite 200
Riverside CA 92505

(951) 561-2002

Sacramento Office

1015 2nd St
Second Floor, Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 860-7800

San Bernadino Office

473 E Carnegie Dr
Suite 200
San Bernardino, CA 92408

(909) 963-0750

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