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Serious damage to the brain, commonly known as serious brain injuries, affects over 1.5 million Americans each year. In essence, this means that a severe brain injury occurs every 21 seconds.

Catastrophic brain injuries can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering as well as millions of dollars in medical costs when they are acquired in a significant traffic accident or another devastating disaster. The most severe catastrophic head injuries might cause death or a persistent coma. Their long-term impacts are not usually obvious or immediately known. These wounds might take days or even weeks to show symptoms.

Big Ben Lawyers frequently handle catastrophic brain injury lawsuits in San Bernardino personal injury situations. The short- and long-term effects that these injuries may have on an accident victim’s general health and well-being are thoroughly understood by our sympathetic legal team.

More frequently than any other California legal office, we have won multiple seven and eight-figure figure settlements through negotiation and court judgment on behalf of wounded clients who suffered severe head injuries. In addition, Big Ben Lawyers is rated one of the top plaintiff’s law firms in the United States.

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Why Consult a San Bernardino Lawyer in a Case of Catastrophic Brain Injury?

In the broader San Bernardino area, there are no dearth of injuries sustained and catastrophic brain injury attorneys. However, hiring an inexperienced attorney to represent you might be a costly error because you only get one shot to win a catastrophic brain injury lawsuit. Think about Big Ben Lawyers having a knowledgeable legal team for your:

The Expertise at Our Firm – Some personal injury attorneys prefer to resolve all of their cases from the outside court rather than taking cases to trial. However, our attorneys have experience trying catastrophic brain injury cases to verdict and winning seven- and eight-figure settlements and judgments for our clients. With such a successful track record, the opposition’s attorney seems to be more inclined to take the matter seriously right away and provide reasonable and just financial recompense as a result.

The Team’s Network – To secure the funds required to cover our client’s medical expenses in situations involving catastrophic brain injuries, expert testimony is frequently required. These specialists include physicians and other healthcare professionals who can causally link the accident to catastrophic brain injury. In addition to discussing the possibility of permanence, these professionals may also discuss the likelihood (and potential expenses) of more medical procedures, psychological treatment, and physical therapy in the future. Big Ben Lawyers handle a large number of catastrophic personal injury claims; therefore, we have numerous professional contacts who can help prove traumatic brain injuries in the right situations.

Allow the knowledgeable attorneys at Big Ben Law to use their knowledge, expertise, and contacts to your advantage as we work to get you the highest possible compensation for your severe brain injury.

A Catastrophic Brain Injury: What Is It?

A significant blow to the head of the accident victim results in catastrophic brain injuries when the brain strikes the interior of the skull, damaging the axons and neurons. The victim’s capacity to survive and function properly may suffer substantial, long-lasting harm as a result of the severity of this collision.

Catastrophic brain injuries: Types

Among other notable damages, catastrophic brain injuries might result in exorbitant medical expenses, past and future lost wages, a permanent incapacity to work, suffering and pain, and lifetime care expenses. TBI patients in some cases would have to live the remainder of their lives in care facilities or assisted-living facilities. Several million dollars in damages can be incurred from this lifetime of care, all of which a sufferer may be entitled to if negligent conduct resulted in the TBI.

We frequently deal with instances involving severe brain injuries, such as:

  • Brain contusion – Surgery may be needed if there is internal bleeding in the skull, which can put pressure on the brain.
  • Diffuse axonal damage – An injury to the brain’s connections that is sufficient to result in serious and possibly fatal tearing is known as a diffuse axonal injury.
  • Penetrating head injury – If an object strikes the accident victim’s head and reaches both the skull and the skull, deep vein thrombosis, severe bleeding, and disruptions in the supply of oxygen to different parts of the brain can occur, which can be fatal if left untreated.

Catastrophic Brain Damage: Their effects

Effects from a catastrophic brain injury can be both immediate and long-term. The severity of these symptoms mostly depends on how much pressure the accident victim experiences. A traumatic brain injury can cause memory loss, moderate confusion, dizziness, and headaches among its short-term effects. Cognitive impairment, coma or chronic neurological state, and paralysis are examples of long-term symptoms. In general, the longer a significant head injury is left untreated, the greater the chance that it will leave behind permanent harm and continuous symptoms.

Accidents Resulting in Severe Head Injuries

The injured person must demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused the injuries to receive compensation. Accidents that could cause severe head injuries include –

  • Car crashes particularly head-on or rear-ends collisions.
  • Bicycle and motorcycle crashes especially in particular where riders and passengers are thrown off their bikes.

Accidents at work; Slip-and-fall incidents on someone else’s property; Accidents on boats; Accidents at the workplace in particular where the accident victim falls overboard and strikes the watercraft or something else in the water, or is deprived of oxygen for an extended time.

Our firm’s experienced legal team can assess your case and decide whether you have a strong permanent brain damage claim.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable San Bernardino brain trauma attorneys today.

A catastrophic brain injury can cause agony and suffering for the rest of a brain injury victim. The knowledgeable solicitors at our Firm might well be able to assist you if you or a loved one suffered a severe brain injury in an accident brought on by someone else’s negligence. Our legal staff takes great satisfaction in offering informed, skilled, and experienced assistance for those dealing with severe injuries.

Call us today to arrange a free appointment and case assessment with one of our experienced SAN BERNARDINO brain damage attorneys. You may also reach us online.

Our Firm will help you in several ways. Kindly get in touch with us to assist you in the complicated claims following such incidents. The complicated nature of such accidents is seen from the onset.

Symptoms of Severe Brain Damage

Brain injuries come with various signs and symptoms. The same may vary from one person to another but there are those which are common. Despite long-term disability and death, other symptoms do often exist. The common signs and symptoms include dizziness, memory loss, severe headache, nausea and vomiting, impairment to vision or hearing, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, difficulty in concentrating and other related problems, speech difficulties, trouble in expression, emotional distress, and depression among other symptoms.

Varieties of Severe Brain Injuries

Mild and severe injuries are often recorded. Mild Injuries are harder to detect than severe ones because they entail vital issues with dealing with feelings, memory, reasoning, and focus, among other things. The institutions charged with diagnosis and research on diseases cite a plethora of causes and concerns that may be associated with the said injuries in question. Known, the more characteristics an individual has, the more likely it is that he or she may present clinically with the injury in question that must be associated with a diagnosis and its investigation.

Claims adjusters and insurance defense attorneys frequently seek to downplay the severity of brain damage by claiming that the injury is minimal and that you will recover shortly. Memory problems are mild and inconspicuous signs of brain damage. However, 10-15% of mild TBI patients have not recovered after a year. Many are more symptomatic than they were shortly following the accident. Some people have chronic headaches, neck discomfort, or dizziness.

Our attorneys oppose this technique because we know that even slight injuries can result in severe and long-term pain. We have witnessed personally the lifelong difficulties that TBI survivors face, even after minor injuries.

Following a TBI, our brain injury attorneys assist patients in filing appropriate claims or lawsuits and battling insurance company practices. We make certain that all brain injury survivors have enough money to cover the significant damages they have suffered.

The most perfect way to address such injuries is to make formal legal proceedings for compensation. Compensation is one way of ensuring that although the health of the victim is seriously affected, medical and other expenses are catered for by the persons responsible for the occurrence of the damage. Our Firm has many attorneys with vast expertise and experience in protecting your rights in those circumstances. Since the time of inception of our Firm, we have represented several clients to a great extent of satisfaction. Our Firm has represented clients who have received good verdicts all of which are on our website. We have been ranked as the best Law Firm on several occasions. It is worth noting that we offer free consultation and upon representation, we are entitled to legal fees only when you ultimately win your case.

Insurers will start to investigate your ailment once you submit a brain injury lawsuit after you file a claim for a brain injury. Give a lawyer who specializes in catastrophic brain injury your case. Our team of attorneys understands how to react and gather the evidence required to show how severe your injuries are. Until you receive the just recompense, we won’t give up.

It is important to pursue this cause with the help of our team. our Firm helps victims in dealing with insurance companies and related claims. Further, we find out investigators, expert witnesses and medical professionals should be involved to be sure that even as the victim recovers, their loss is catered for. Worthy to note is that various expenses are met and all of them bring losses to the victim besides and atop the pain and suffering untold. These expenses that we do pursue on behalf of the victims are: medical bills, rehabilitation, long-term care, lost wages, lost earning power, and pain and suffering.

Insurance adjusters frequently claim that medical tests do not demonstrate a TBI conclusively. Our attorneys promptly refute this myth promoted by insurance adjusters. While diagnostic testing has evolved substantially in the last two decades, tiny lesions in the brain and neuron loss are frequently overlooked on an MRI.

When diagnosing TBI, neurologists will look at the patient’s medical history as well as their clinical presentation. It is very uncommon for a negative MRI to be followed by cognitive or functional impairment during neurological or neuropsychological testing.

Our brain injury lawyers collaborate with neurologists to offer proof of your brain damage even if MRIs and other diagnostic tests are inconclusive.

The issue of apportionment of liability is purely legal. The need to have attorney representation cannot be underestimated. As seen from the beginning, the common causes of brain injuries include motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, violence, and workplace accidents. If you suffer from brain injury, it’s essential to know who is responsible for paying for treatment and compensation. The experienced catastrophic brain injury attorney team at the Dolman Law Group will help you determine who was at fault for your injury. I there was another party responsible, we will help initiate legal action against the negligent party.

We pursue your claim and matters of cost shall only arise when your case eventually succeeds. The aim of this approach is that the victim is given a guarantee of health recovery while their remedies are being catered for.

San Bernardino Brain Injury Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the FAQs in San Bernardino brain injury claims:

What are the Time Limits for filing a San Bernardino Brain Injury Claim?

There are various questions that a victim may be expected to ask themselves. The first one is whether there is any time limit for filing a claim. It is worth noting that in various States, the time limit for most injury cases is two (2) years. The victim now has two years from the date of the occurrence to file a claim against the negligent party. However, each case is unique, and the statute of limitations for your case will be determined by your specific circumstances. A personal injury lawyer may examine the specifics of your case and advise you on how long you have to submit a claim.

How much do Big Ben Lawyers Charge?

The second frequently asked question is with regards to the cost of hiring an attorney from our Firm to represent the victim in such claims.  As is already noted, our Firm does not charge fees until we get the outcome of your case. Our fee is a standard percentage of the settlement or verdict we get for you, so you pay nothing out of pocket. You owe us nothing if we are unable to collect your losses.

Do Loss of Consciousness Often Occur in San Bernardino Brain Injuries?

Another health-related question frequently asked in on whether such brain injuries always result in loss of consciousness. It is worth noting that such does not always arise. Brain injuries vary in severity and symptoms. It is completely feasible to sustain minor catastrophic brain damage and remain aware. This is one of the reasons why these sorts of injuries are frequently misdiagnosed or overlooked. A minor catastrophic brain injury, on the other hand, might cause major brain damage and long-term issues if not treated appropriately. Consult a doctor and keep an eye out for symptoms such as disorientation, difficulty focusing, memory issues, and other behavioral abnormalities.

What Steps are to be Taken Immediately After a San Bernardino Brain Injury?

Another question asked in often cases is what a victim should do when they suffer such injuries whether severe or mild. The first and the most advised way is to get medical treatment as soon as possible and without delay, This is mostly because brain injuries might be difficult to detect at first look. Untreated brain injuries can also result in long-term cognitive and physical consequences. Keep a watchful eye on the sufferer for any changes in behavior, speech, mood, or any of the other indications and symptoms already mentioned.

Seeing your doctor is the only way to determine whether you have suffered a TBI. Your doctor will examine you physically and inquire about your medical history. It is possible to order blood tests, radiological scans, as well as other diagnostic treatments. To make sure you get the proper medical care you require, they may also refer you to specialists in identifying and treating TBI-related problems.

If you believe you may have suffered a TBI, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. Regardless of whether you have a solid case against the accountable party can be ascertained with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Never disregard brain damage, and seek treatment as soon as you can. The victim’s capability to finish tasks and her capacity to perform her job duties may be affected by post-concussion syndrome. Attorneys and medical professionals who prefer to concentrate on blatant and immediately noticeable orthopedic impairments routinely minimize or completely disregard concussions.

Most concussion patients recover in a short to moderate amount of time, assisted by rest. Neurologists frequently play an important role in identifying and treating minor mental health and cognitive disorders in patients suffering from post-concussive syndrome. Keeping a regular check on this is paramount.

The diagnosis of the syndrome is determined by the medical signs and symptoms of head injury, the results of a neurological and psychiatric examination, and maybe further diagnostic procedures to exclude the possibility of a more serious brain injury. The patient’s age and history of previous concussions both raise the risk factors for the post-concussive syndrome.

Other victims are concerned about subsequent or additional injuries and ask what to do in these situations and whether they are likely to happen again. Fast and potentially fatal brain enlargement is a hallmark of repeated syndrome. If such happens before the signs and symptoms of the first trauma vanish, second impact syndrome may form. Even mild concussions can lead to secondary severe plastic deformation. The said symptom frequently results in death, or at the very least, an illness that is incapacitating.

Throughout their careers, footballers and related players frequently have many concussions. The impact of repeated bodily concussions can be severe and long-lasting. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s illness, such include serious stress are regrettably the results of these recurrent injuries.

Finally, documentation is key in the whole process. This measure is perfectly meant to be of evidentiary value during compensation claims. The information to be documented include all doctor visits, prescriptions, missed time from work, witness statements available, and any other relevant thing. Upon executing the requisite documentation, do contact our Firm for legal action and we shall represent you with the greatest possibility of success.

Experienced Attorneys Are Essential In The Pursuit Of A Victim’s Claim, Big Ben Lawyers Will Do That For You.

It is challenging to estimate the financial burden that brain injuries will place on their victims because of the diagnostic and complicated recovery possibilities. A lawyer’s ability to estimate how much a brain injury would price in terms of therapy and medical care, supportive assistance, reduced wages and earning potential, and suffering and suffering increases with the length of time he or she has handled brain injury victims and their families. An untrained attorney runs the danger of failing to recognize the diverse methods a brain injury affects a person’s daily life and well-being, every one of which provides a data point when calculating damages. Choosing a brain injury lawyer ensures that every challenge you face while you recover from your brain impairment is recorded and compensated.

A San Bernardino Brain Injury Attorney Near Me

Our office is situated at 473 E Carnegie Dr Suite 200 San Bernardino, CA 92408. Our location notwithstanding, we represent clients throughout California and we will come to where you are should it be prudent to do so. Kindly also reach us at (909) 963-0750 so that we can discuss everything relating to your case.

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