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Since 1980, San Bernardino County, California, has grown rapidly. A little more than 895,000 people started calling it home at the time. San Bernardino County is home to more than 2,180,000 individuals at the moment.

The biggest county in California is San Bernardino. Its size surpasses that of states like West Virginia. You’d imagine that a county of size could easily accommodate more than a million people. . A lot more cars will be driving through the county and city of San Bernardino as a result of that kind of expansion in a very small area. This area of something like the Inland Empire will likewise experience a significant increase in traffic accidents.

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Call our esteemed Firm of experienced San Bernardino bus accident lawyers as soon as possible for a free consultation if you or a loved one was hurt or died in an automobile accident in San Bernardino by using the online contact information. We have been assisting San Bernardino bus accident victims in obtaining the fairness and compensation they are entitled to for more than three decades. Let’s battle for you as well!

Please continue reading to learn more about bus accidents within San Bernardino, your legal rights, and how our firm’s injury attorneys may assist you.

Statistics On San Bernardino Bus Accidents

15,104 persons were hurt or killed in bus incidents throughout San Bernardino in 2017, by the California Department of Traffic Safety. 1,429 persons were injured or killed in bus accidents in the municipality of San Bernardino. 756 people were hurt or died in road incidents in Fontana, which is nearby and about to surpass San Bernardino as the county’s largest city.

The county ranked among the top 10 for car accidents brought on by underage drinking, with 80 individuals injured or killed, but being towards the bottom for incidents involving pedestrians or cyclists.

Causes of Bus Accidents in San Bernardino

As previously mentioned, San Bernardino County’s recent population expansion resulted in hundreds of thousands or millions more cars on the county’s highways. The majority of these households now have multiple vehicles. In addition, more than 80percent) of the respondent’s San Bernardino inhabitants traveled by car to work in 2018, the most recent year for which records were recorded.

Another notable development was the development of numerous sizable warehouses and distribution facilities in San Bernardino County. That explains the significant rise in truck traffic that has been observed along Interstates 10, 15, and 40 as well as in urban areas including Fontana and the municipality of San Bernardino.

We may also include unlawful street racing as another explanation for many of the catastrophic and tragic car accidents in San Bernardino County. This dangerous style of irresponsible driving has become popular in San Bernardino and other parts of Southern California during the last few years. Many agencies are actively attempting to halt it because it has become so serious.

Last but not least, San Bernardino earned the regrettable notoriety of leading the country in collisions involving any intoxicated bus driver between 2010 and 2012. At that time, there were 94 car accidents for every 1,000 people living there.

Automobile accident casualties and losses in San Bernardino

Even initially minor vehicle accidents throughout San Bernardino can result in serious injuries including spinal cord injuries as well as broken bones. Some injuries can drastically alter a person’s life in addition to being serious. These can include –

  • Traumatic encephalopathy is also known as catastrophic brain damage
  • Cerebrospinal fluid injuries, including temporary or permanent full or partial paralysis
  • Internal wounds, such as organs that are bruised, injured, or lacerated
  • Crush wounds
  • Scarring, eye damage, dental injuries, and facial wounds
  • Unjustified death

Persons who perish in vehicle accidents or have severe injuries have a right to damages, which is legalese for recompense for their losses. However, occasionally even slight injuries can result in significant medical debt and psychological suffering for the victim. Even worse, these wounds may completely change the course of their life. Examples of this –

  • Hyperextended joints and/or disordered joints;
  • Cuts and bruises;
  • Severed tendons;
  • Concussion and nerve injuries;
  • Cuts and puncture wounds
  • A strained or sprained muscle

Thankfully, the majority of victims of the injuries mentioned above recover, but others are not fortunate and end up developing further health issues. Age and underlying medical issues are just two of the causes. For instance, a shattered hip is unquestionably serious, but the majority of people recover to their pre-injury state within a few months. The same shattered hip can result in catastrophic problems, even death, in an adult.

Pursuing Insurance Carriers and Related Claims

Sincerely, avoid dealing with the insurance provider. Give the San Bernardino auto accident attorneys at our prestigious firm the reins.

You might not be able to think properly or feel too hurt to speak with an insurance carrier adjuster after an automobile accident in San Bernardino. Despite what they may tell you, you have no legal responsibility to speak with them or provide them with a recorded statement. Communicating with them directly might even cost you a lot of money. Because they are not there to assist you, the insurance companies, this is. Their adjusters are skilled at making lowball offers and rapidly resolving your claim. They’ll even try to completely refute your argument if they’re able to get you into saying something that undermines it.

Instead, focus on getting healthier while Big Ben Lawyers handle all correspondence with the insurance providers. We are aware of their strategies and how to effectively combat them. Additionally, based on your losses and injuries, we will have a reasonable estimate of the value of your case.

What kind of damages might I be eligible for following my vehicle accident in San Bernardino?

If someone else’s carelessness or negligence caused your significant injuries in an automobile accident in San Bernardino, you may be entitled to monetary damages for your losses. This recompense is referred to as damages in personal injury lawsuits. These harms may consist of:

  • Medical costs – You are entitled to reimbursement for all medical expenditures associated with your injuries, including hospital bills; ambulance fees; physical therapy; expert consultations; and in-home care services.
  • Psychiatric therapy
  • Wage loss If your injuries prevent you from working, you would be entitled to reimbursement for all missed wages. Additionally, you would’ve been able to receive compensation for future salary loss if your injuries prevent you from returning to work.
  • Property damage typically refers to the upkeep or replacement of your vehicle.
  • Pain and Suffering – In personal injury claims, this type of harm is classified as non-economic and is meant to make up for the victim’s emotional and physical suffering. Even though this sum cannot be calculated with a calculator, it frequently makes up the majority of a person’s negotiated deal or verdict. Based on prior, comparable cases they have handled, a knowledgeable San Bernardino car wreck law company will be able to figure out how much the injured man should be entitled to.
  • Punitive harm – These don’t get granted very often. Punitive damages, however, can also be a component of the ultimate settlement or judgment if the defendant’s actions were extremely heinous or deliberate. This is more to retaliate against the defendant and deter future instances of similar behavior than it is to assist the accident victim.

The Nature Of Impacts Of San Bernardino Bus Accidents

Being involved in an accident associated with buses might land one in a physical and financial mess. Both paying for medical bills and repairing a written-off bus can be expensive. However, you don’t have to undertake the legal process by yourself. You can get assistance navigating your case from one of our qualified team of attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers.

At Big Ben Lawyers, We are familiar with both federal and local transportation and logistics laws. Also, we are aware of the numerous difficulties caused by a bus crash. As a consequence of this, we work to ensure that you receive just compensation so that you can resume your routine.

We give our best at our Firm to ensure that you get all the compensation available to meet the recovery conditions even as you recover on the slow path.

What happens to San Bernardino Bus Accident victims after an Accident?

Our team of qualified and specialized San Bernardino bus accident lawyers is aware of the wide range of repercussions that may follow an accident relating to a bus. In a case in which one is hurt while operating a bus or as a passenger, they may be entitled to financial compensation for losses such as Future medical expenses; lost pay; diminished ability to earn a living; pain and suffering; mental anguish; and damages relating to unlawful unintentional deaths if a relative died in a bus-related accident.

Damages other than those mentioned above may also be available. Our San Bernardino bus accident lawyers can assist you in locating all causes of damage for which you are eligible for compensation.

Compensation is given in monetary terms although the same cannot be equated to the good health previously enjoyed. In your path to recovery, we shall keep track of your processes and ensure that we follow up on your claim with the requisite attention as required.

Do not hesitate to contact us when such unlucky events occur. If you or your loved one is injured either through a commercial bus accident or a school bus accident, you can always benefit from contacting us at any time during working hours. You can also send us a short message any time of the day and we shall surely get to you.

Who is Responsible for Bus-Related Accidents in San Bernardino?

In a bus accident, it is usual for numerous people to share responsibility in most instances. To ascertain whether the driver or any other party was at fault for one’s accident, your attorney will examine the specifics of the incident. They will next decide who is accountable in law for the recklessness resulting in the collision in question.

Additionally, our team of attorneys will compile evidence to support your claim. Determining the cause of the collision and the party responsible for your damages entails communicating with witnesses. The following are a few examples of potential culprits. First, the company which owns the bus. In the instances where the company neglected to do adequate maintenance on the bus or held the driver to an unreasonable measure, the same may be held partially responsible for the bus accident.

Secondly, the driver of the affected may bear responsibility. For instance, the driver may be inebriated while driving. Why Passengers on buses: If passengers on a bus distracted the driver, they may occasionally be held responsible for an accident. This might be the case if passengers are unruly, inebriated, acting inappropriately, or trying to communicate with the driver while driving. The driver of the opposite vehicle may as well be responsible: The same driver may hit your car or start the collision. The bus manufacturer: If a technical malfunction results in an accident, the bus firm could be held accountable for utilizing faulty parts or delaying necessary maintenance.

If a town or city owns the bus in question, a bus accident could become complicated. Another reason why you might want a member of our team on your side is so that we can take care of these difficulties.

Contact our Firm for a no-obligation consultation.

Is filing a suit in such cases a time-bound process?

It is crucial to remember that always there is a clear-cut timeframe for anyone injured in bus accidents to submit a claim. After the accident, victims have up to four years to bring a compensation claim.

As soon as possible after the accident, get in touch with our experienced team of San Bernardino bus accident lawyers to begin the investigation and legal procedures to meet the deadline.

Contact our Firm to schedule a free legal consultation with a San Bernardino bus accident Lawyer.

Varieties of San Bernardino Bus Accidents

Buses from the following categories could create or be embroiled in collisions: School buses, Bus intercity, and Travel buses.

In addition to those already stated, you might have suffered harm as a result of a bus-related occurrence. You may be eligible for compensation for any damages and injuries no matter what type of bus was involved in your accident.

Types of Carelessness that Could Cause Bus Accidents in San Bernardino

Even though bus drivers are required to undergo specialized training, issues might still arise that result in bus accidents. Here are a few careless factors that lead to bus accidents: lack of adequate training; Driver Fatigue; Drunk or Drugged Driving; Distracted Driving; Reckless Driving, and lack of proper road maintenance. It is not always necessary that bus drivers are the parties liable for the various sorts of negligence, though.

For instance, the bus company can be at fault for not doing appropriate vehicle maintenance. Additionally, they can be accountable for using subpar components. However, you can be eligible for a payment if negligence contributed to the accident.

What Conditions Are Most Frequently Suffered in San Bernardino Bus Accidents?

Bus collisions can be horrific and leave victims with permanent damage. Among these ailments are concussions, bruises, burns, sprains, and cuts in addition to internal organ damage and neck injuries.  Spinal cord damage, Wrongful death; Internal hemorrhage; • Internal head trauma; Brain damage

Although the listed grounds include a few of the most frequent injuries, it only scratches the bottom of the potential losses due to a bus accident. Other mental health repercussions, some of which may last a lifetime, are some of the most underappreciated consequences of bus accidents.

You may have the right to seek redress from the party at fault if you were hurt in a bus accident that wasn’t your fault.

Available Alternatives in the Circumstances of Loss of a Dear One in such accidents

You have the right to bring an unintentional unlawful death case if you have lost a loved one in an automobile accident throughout San Bernardino and in the circumstances, you were the next of kin. Having that responsible pay might go a long way toward relieving whatever financial hardship the family may be experiencing. The unexpected loss of a beloved one will never be forgotten.

Although each worker’s compensation wrongful termination claim is unique, some damages are typical:

  • Cost of ambulances
  • Medical expenses incurred as a direct result of the injuries and death
  • Income that the deceased planned to earn in the future but instead lost while they were ill
  • Funeral costs
  • Funeral fees
  • Other potential harms
  • Loss of financial support from the deceased reduction of community companionship), which includes love, kinship, affection, moral support, and romantic relationships
  • Instruction and direction, or other psychological losses connected to the death of the family member

A wrongful death lawsuit differs from a claim resulting from an automobile accident in that, usually speaking, family members cannot be compensated for their grief and suffering. However, an adored one may be entitled to compensation for losses like loss of consortium that are not covered by bus accident claims. Please get in touch with our firm’s injury attorneys who specialize in untimely death cases today for a no-obligation consultation if you would like more details or have questions about wrongful death claims. Our online contacts are available.

Key Factors to take into account while Getting an Attorney to Represent you

You want the top bus accident attorneys within San Bernardino to represent your case if you or a beloved one were hurt in a car accident there. But how can you tell which accident lawyer from a law firm is best for you? The following are important inquiries you should put to just about any San Bernardino vehicle accident attorney:

  • How long have you been managing vehicle accident cases in San Bernardino?
  • Will you handle my case directly or do they refer clients to other legal firms?
  • Based on your previous cases, how long should my case take?
  • Could my case be tried in court?
  • Is it necessary to make an upfront payment to you? How are you compensated?
  • To render my case as compelling as possible, whatever do you require from me?

Take note of their responses. Additionally, observe how you and indeed the individual you are communicating to are communicating. Are they rushing you off of the phone or thoughtfully responding to your questions? Keep that in mind as you hire the San Bernardino bus accident lawyer, rather than the other round around. Initial impressions do count.

How much do Big Ben Lawyers charge for Client Representation?

Our firm employs a contingency fee model. In other words, we only get compensated if we win or settle your case. There are no up-front prices or unexpected expenses to be concerned about. The proportion of your eventual compensation or decision that we receive will be made clear in the client participation agreement when you embark as our client. That percentage has already been decided and won’t alter in the future. You owe us nothing if we are unable to win a settlement or jury verdict on your behalf. You either win or you don’t pay, in other terms.

In what way can Big Ben Lawyers Assist you or Your Dear One?

San Bernardino is home to a sizable number of attorneys, although not all of the professionals are affiliated with a top-tier, highly effective law practice. The personal injury lawyers at our prestigious firm have successfully assisted automobile accident survivors throughout San Bernardino County for more than 30 years in obtaining justice and the greatest amount of compensation due to their injuries.

Our firm offers a full range of personal injury legal services and employs accomplished trial lawyers. The business has also received praise for providing exceptional customer service. We don’t outsource complex issues to certain other law firms or act as a referral service. We are prepared to face off against the insurance company and attorney’s thanks to our resources, expertise, and experience. Contact Big Ben Law Firm right away for a complimentary estimate if you were hurt in a car collision in San Bernardino using our online contact information. Keep in mind: either you win or you don’t pay.

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