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Fresno experiences enough brain injuries that, despite being close to Tampa Bay, a local healthcare facility has a separate brain injury unit. Survivors and their families may experience financial devastation due to the millions of dollars needed for treatment and rehabilitation following a brain injury.

But you may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses and injuries if you or a loved one experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of someone else's risky choices or deeds. In legal actions to get this compensation, brain injury patients and their families are represented by brain injury attorneys at our Fresno-based law office.

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Why Select Our Legal Team?- Our Firm's Brain Injury Cases Outcomes

Along Fresno, our firm maintains offices therein. Our Fresno brain injury attorneys are skilled and empathetic. We are aware that TBIs can result in both physical and mental trauma, which can get worse if the client is having trouble and their medical bills are building up. To see that justice is served, we shall fight.

We have won several cases which can inform your decision to bank on us as your attorneys. Some select few cases are demonstrated subsequently.

First, pre-trial mediation yielded a settlement of $3.2 million for a semi-truck accident victim who sustained a brain injury. The truck was not adequately maintained, as we discovered. Before hiring us, the client hired another law firm, which was given a $265,000 offer.

In a brain damage case where the client suffered injuries in a rear-end auto crash, we were able to recover $750,000. She started to exhibit lightheaded, anger, confusion, and difficulties focusing on her work. She sustained a diffuse axonal injury, a type of severe brain damage, as a result of the collision, according to diagnostic tests.

These outcomes don't represent any kind of assurance for prospective clients, but they do demonstrate that our experienced brain injury lawyers are skilled at building and pursuing brain injury claims on behalf of clients. We know how to gather the required proof, approach the insurance, and negotiate a reasonable and fair compensation. Our trial attorneys will file a lawsuit on the client's behalf if we are unable to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the insurer.

When our Fresno brain injury lawyers represent a person with a traumatic brain injury, we take various steps to help them navigate the legal system, pursue monetary damages, and obtain the money they require to pay for their care, support, and rehabilitation.

This entails defending their legal rights, managing interactions with the insurance companies, presenting evidence, estimating the value of their claim, and, if at all possible, reaching a settlement arrangement. In some situations, a lawsuit may be necessary, frequently because the responsible party refuses to take responsibility or because their insurer won't make a reasonable offer.

Speak with your Fresno bicycle accident lawyer to obtain cash compensation as justice. If the injury occurred while you were at work, we can assist you in obtaining such compensation through an insurance settlement, a court decision, or workers' compensation.

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How is Fault Established and Attributed?

You might be able to bring a lawsuit against someone who caused your brain injury if they were another person or entity. Liability and carelessness are key legal issues. When we see an example, these difficulties become more transparent. Imagine you are involved in an automobile accident. You were rear-ended by another driver after you stopped at a stop sign. Your body was thrown back by the airbag's inflation as a result of the force.

Every driver has a responsibility to the public to drive defensively and in accordance with the law. The driver plainly breached their duty of care by rear-ending you because it is the law to stop at a stop sign. The driver may be accountable for your traumatic brain injuries due to negligence. Liability is the obligation to bear the cost of accident-related damages like injuries and other losses.

To identify concerns of negligence, certain incidents and accidents may need to be investigated. Imagine, for instance, that the motorist who hit you from behind claims vehemently that he applied the brakes, but the automobile didn't come to a halt.

An inquiry could reveal that the brakes were flawed in that situation. If so, the maker may be held liable. Why? because safe vehicle manufacturing is a part of manufacturers' duty of care. Similar to this, an automobile repair shop is in charge of providing reliable repairs.

All mishaps and occurrences that have the potential to result in brain injury fall under the categories of carelessness and culpability. If you slip into a store on a wet floor, the owner of the business may be held accountable. A school system and its personnel may be liable if you sustain a sports injury.

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When an accident causes significant damage, you may receive many calls from trucking and insurance companies asking for additional information. This can be worrisome because you’re worried that what you say will lead the insurance adjusters to believe you’re to blame for the accident. In fact, when you have no idea what happened, a competent adjuster could persuade you to say the wrong things on purpose. It’s considerably more stressful if you’re also dealing with major injuries and the associated financial losses. Never agree to give the trucking company or the insurance company a recorded statement. Also, ensure that you don’t sign any paperwork that the shipping business sends you. Contact us for any concerns you may have and we’ll review any papers they provide you. A Benjamin Law lawyer will be instrumental in defending you in your truck accident case, simply inform everyone who calls to contact us as we will be ready for them.

You should be cautious when driving because there are more trucks than consumers turn to shop online to get their things delivered. There are several preventative measures from crashing onto trucks they include:

  • If you’re close to a truck, stay vigilant. They might not notice your vehicle when they get off their lane with unpredictability.
  • Avoid parking your car for a longer duration or attempting to overtake the truck in such close proximity.
  • Avoid making a sudden stop or attempting to take other lanes inappropriately when a truck is right behind you. Unlike a car, the truck takes longer to stop.
  • Keep your distance. Do not drive from a point where the truck operator can hardly see you.
  • Always keep your speed constant
  • If you see a careless truck driver, remain at a safe distance and contact law authorities immediately.

Tractor-trailer collisions have a variety of causes. When a huge vehicle crashes head-on, with a pedestrian, car, motorbike or truck, major injuries or death are nearly invariably the outcome. Due to the carelessness/negligence or even recklessness of truck drivers, huge trucks, are frequently involved in fatal accidents. Driving a commercial motor vehicle necessitates a special license.

The operation of commercial trucks is governed by government rules. Accident investigations, on the other hand, demonstrate that guidelines and rules are regularly broken. If you sustain injuries arising from an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for expenditures and other damages.

Benjamin Law’s legal team has assisted devastated victims all over California to acquire the justice much deserved in a timely manner. For a smooth transition from your pain to restoration, please contact us immediately.

Unless a case is ruled in your favor, we hardly charge fees. Unless and until the matter is successfully resolved you don’t have to make any payments. You need not pay us anything if we are unable to obtain the amount you deserve.

Unlike most law firms we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we are paid only upon your matter being satisfactorily resolved. If you win, our truck accident lawyer fee is based on a portion of the recovery, so you won’t have to pay anything beforehand.

Studies reveal that people who engage a lawyer recover far more than those who do not, especially in complex cases like truck accidents. As such we are your best chance of getting restored to your financial position before the accident.

Not understanding the specifics of your auto accident, makes it difficult to estimate an accurate timetable. Every collision situation is unique; in certain circumstances, the complaint can be resolved in a relatively short time, and while some, it may take several years to resolve. However irrespective of the duration before resolving your matter, you can rest assured that our able truck accident attorney shall keep in touch from the first to the last day. We’re happy to answer any queries you may have.

The Law allows for a two-year duration from the material day. However, after the accident, it is important to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. Important documentation such as vehicle safety regulations and vital documents might be easily misplaced or ruined. Our truck accident lawyers are more than willing to help you out. We operate with the guiding principle that states, ‘justice delayed, is justice denied.’ Ensure to reach us early enough so that we can avail you of the restoration you deserve.

In as much as you have a legal right to compensation, obtaining such compensation may be a headache because transportation accidents sometimes include many culpable entities, and insurance which provides insurance cover. You’re more at risk of being forced to give up a reasonable deal if you don’t have legal representation. Trucking corporations generally have deep pockets, including legal teams to fight any case you might file.

After a truck accident, the best approach to safeguard your rights is by avoiding any sort of engagements with insurers until you’ve spoken with an expert who will ensure that justice is delivered on time.

At the crash scene, ensure to:

  • Keep calm and stay in the car as long as it’s safe.
  • Ensure hazard lights work and are on.
  • Underestimate no injuries, ensure to call 911.
  • Ensure you and your passengers get medical attention.
  • Ensure to stay at the scene till it is safe to leave.
  • Acquire the credentials of all the involved parties
  • Note down vital credentials of the police who are present on site.
  • Shoot photos of the vehicle and all other relevant things at the scene.
  • Never admit fault only talk to the police and your insurance company. It is not your obligation to give information to anyone that’s not your insurer or lawyer.

The following measures are vital after a crash has happened.

  • Secure a duplicate of the crash report from the police.
  • Secure a property damage valuation from your insurer.
  • Ensure to remember all the appointments and treatments you receive, as well as any signs you may be experiencing. Obtain all copies of pharmaceutical prescriptions, therapies, and all the necessary information on your medical condition that may be relevant.
  • Keep a careful record of all your expenditure.
  • Keep track of days you couldn’t go to work and how much you lost in terms of missed wages.
  • Avoid any settlement offers from an insurer without first consulting an experienced truck accident lawyer.

As a matter of fact, Insurance companies collect information from the truck drivers involved in an accident and analyze police reports and other evidence. They determine who is at fault and the amount the other party deserves in compensation. Upon making this determination, they make will make an offer to you regarding what they think is the compensation that you deserve, through a letter. This is where you should be careful because the moment you accept the settlement amount stated in the letter by signing the offer letter, you immediately waive the right to sue for compensation in court.

Therefore, do not be tempted by the dollar amounts that they have offered in their letter as compensation. Instead, first, you need to consult a truck accident lawyer who has experience in handling truck accident claims for advice before signing the offer letter. You might decide to accept the amount offered by the insurance company when in fact you could have suffered some internal injuries that you are not aware of. These internal injuries might start to manifest later. However, by that time, you would have signed away your right to sue and settled for a lesser amount than you would have been entitled to if you had consulted the right truck accident lawyer.

The vehicle operator, the company they work for, and the truck owner may all be held accountable in a truck accident. In other circumstances, the facility or organization in charge of the trailer’s contents may be held liable. Because each situation is different, consulting with a lawyer is the best method to figure out who is to blame.

Let us take an example of an accident where a truck due to an accident injured somebody (the victim). In such a situation, it would be automatically assumed that the driver of the truck and the company which owns the truck is to blame. however, it might later be discovered upon further investigation that there was a manufacturing defect on the truck which caused the accident. In such a situation, the truck manufacturer would be sued under product liability laws.

If there were dangerous yet preventable conditions on the road, the city may be held accountable; this is known as premises liability. For the same accident, some wounded individuals file claims against many defendants. As a result, we provide complimentary consultations to interested persons.

What are the various Categories of Damages Available for Brain Injuries?

Financial compensation for an injury or another harm's effects is the result of liability. Legal firms refer to those monetary settlements as damage compensation. Damages are typically acquired by s Submitting a claim for liability insurance under the liable party's policy, requesting just compensation, negotiating a settlement deal and putting up a personal injury lawsuit, submitting it to the local civil court, and presenting the evidence to the judge and jury in the hopes of a finding and award

According to California law, brain injury victims may seek damages in the categories discussed subsequently. Current and anticipated medical expenses, such as those hospitalizations, transport to and from the emergency room, surgery, diagnostic testing, doctor visits, prescription medication, assistive devices, doctor appointments, and more. Compensation for missed pay at work as a result of your injuries and the accident. Any additional expenditures or damages incurred as a result of the incident or injuries. Pain and suffering - Payment for emotional, mental, and physical distress

The Insurance System and No-Fault Principle 

The no-fault auto insurance system is used in California. This implies that, often, it doesn't matter who caused a car accident because everyone who was hurt must go through their respective insurance companies to get their medical bills and lost income covered. No-fault laws do not cover pain and suffering damages, thus brain injury victims typically cannot pursue them through no-fault lawsuits.

Nevertheless, if another person was at fault and the serious injuries the victim sustained include at least one of the following, California allows permit them to file a brain injury claim. Profound disfigurement, bone fracture, s Significantly complete incapacity for 90 days, significant impairment of use of a bodily function or system, permanent limitation of use of a body organ or member

If you experienced one of these injuries-and a traumatic brain injury is frequently considered-you are eligible to file a claim for the maximum amount of damages that may be compensated. Depending on the severity of your injuries, our experts can evaluate them to determine your alternatives.

Call us for a no-obligation consultation to ensure that you obtain the best bargain.

Why Do Brain Injuries Occur?

A significant reason for mortality and impairment in the US is traumatic brain injury. Patients with significant brain damage have been involved in 2.87 million emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and fatalities nationwide in recent years. As we will explore later, there are numerous reasons for these brain impairments.

Trips, Falls, and Other Related Accidents

Falls are the one and only most typical cause. Nearly half of all visits to emergency rooms are their fault.

Numerous factors can cause falls. On slippery floors at stores, malls, restaurants, and other places, people trip, and fall. Serious falls may be caused by cracked pavement or a manhole cover that is missing. Falls are one of the most frequent accidents on American construction sites; in fact, falls are so frequent that they are one of the Fatal Four in these incidents. Falls into empty swimming pools, out of open windows, or downstairs frequently occur in childhood accidents. In addition, elderly people are more likely to fall in bathrooms with slippery floors and down staircases.

Vehicular Accidents

Vehicle accidents are the second most frequent reason for severe brain damage. This covers collisions involving all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, and pedestrians.

In Fresno, motorcycle accidents are particularly likely to result in brain damage. Even while wearing helmets, motorcycle riders are not very well protected from the weather. They might easily be thrown off the motorcycle in the event of an accident. The chance of a traumatic brain injury is very high if they land on their heads, especially if there is high velocity.

People involved in pedestrian accidents are also extremely exposed because they are not likely to be wearing any safety equipment, including helmets. They may sustain serious injuries, such as severe brain damage if they are hit by a car or other object.

Due to the fact that commercial trucks are so much heavier than other vehicles on the road, accidents involving them are also more likely to result in brain injury. In comparison to an automobile, a truck accident victim can sustain weights of up to 80,000 pounds.

But make no mistake, a brain injury can happen in any kind of auto accident.

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Recreational and Sports Injuries

Severe brain injuries can also frequently result from sports-related accidents. Unfortunately, falls off diving boards and accidents during football scrimmages are also frequent sources of brain damage, which is one of the reasons professional sports leagues like the National Football League are so concerned about concussions. Now that all major sports leagues have a concussion protocol, they can better handle athlete injuries.

it is important for parents and athletes to understand that there are other possible causes of TBIs besides football. A TBI can happen during any game when players run the risk of a head or upper body accident or damage. Soccer is one possible offender-but by no means the only one-where players utilize their heads while playing.

However, no one should be led astray by this quick review of potential causes into thinking that they are the only ones. TBIs can happen if brain injury victims have a hit to the head, have their head and neck jostled, or have an impact on their head. TBIs are caused by direct collision or the brain moving back and forth within the skull.

How Am I Going to Know If I Have a Brain Injury?

Sincerity is told, determining if you have a TBI can be challenging. TBI patients may exhibit a very wide range of symptoms, or they may show no symptoms at all. Some TBIs can be diagnosed by diagnostic tests, but it's also possible for a victim's TBI to go unnoticed.

Learn the possible range of symptoms before you consult a doctor, which is the best approach to detect a TBI, so you may be extra cautious if you receive any kind of head trauma or jarring to the head or head and neck region. A TBI could possibly result from even the same kind of abrupt back and forth movement that causes whiplash.

Myths and misconceptions concerning brain damage are untrue. One of the most frequent is losing consciousness after a TBI. It is entirely feasible to sustain a TBI and be conscious the entire time. Another untruth is that the victims have blurry vision. Yes, this might be a symptom. However, it's also very possible to have a TBI and never experience hazy vision.

The signs to look out for are listed below. Symptoms could appear right after or days after the injury. Consciousness loss for whatever length of time is one. Feeling dizzy, uncertain, loss of balance and lack of coordination, headache, vomiting, fatigue, speech issues, difficulty falling asleep or sleeping more than normal, sensory issues such as blurred vision, ringing in the ears, a terrible taste in the mouth or alterations in the sense of smell.

Other signs are sensitivity to light or sound; memory or concentration issues; mood swings or changes in mood; agitation, hostility, or other odd behavior; mood changes; depression and anxiety; convulsions or seizures; dilated pupils, either one or both.

Slurred speech, a coma, a clear discharge from the nose or ears, numbness or weakness in the fingers and toes, or any of these symptoms

Additionally, individuals who have sustained moderate to severe brain injuries may go through a variety of changes that others may find challenging to understand. These include issues with thinking (cognitive functioning), such as memory, attention, and concentration problems. They could struggle to multitask, solve problems, plan, organize, or finish chores.

They may have trouble speaking, writing, or following conversations due to reduced communication skills. They could have trouble deciphering nonverbal cues. Additionally, they could display altered behavior like losing self-control, engaging in risky activities, being depressed, anxious, angry, or having trouble sleeping.

A TBI increases the likelihood of developing a degenerative brain condition, such as Alzheimer's disease, later in life.

TBIs can also harm other bodily parts by affecting them. For instance, cranial nerve damage can result in a variety of disorders, including paralysis or hearing loss. A brain infection brought on by a head injury can be fatal.

The bottom message is to seek medical assistance right away if you have any reason to think you or a loved one may have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

What Must I Do If I Suspect a Traumatic Brain Injury?

As we just mentioned, the most crucial action to do if you suspect you have a TBI is to get medical assistance right away. Seek emergency medical assistance if you were involved in a car accident or other mishap, or if your head or neck was hit or moved in any way.

Never self-diagnose or wait for symptoms to go. People can't always detect if they have a TBI because the symptoms are so varied. While moderate TBIs like concussions could call for treatment like resting in a dark room, a doctor must approve that.

Keep a log of all doctor's appointments and prescriptions; attend all of your appointments and adhere strictly to all prescriptions. In all honesty, your health is the main cause of this. TBIs frequently need to be treated. For instance, you need to be aware of any damaged or broken blood vessels you may have in order to prevent fatal brain bleeding.

But there's still more to it. Diagnoses, medical advice, and medical care are all potential indicators of the breadth and depth of your ailment. Additionally, they might be very significant in legal proceedings. We get our clients' pertinent medical documents, but it's also critical to have extra proof of how your treatment changed your daily life.

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Is filing of these Accidents Time-bound?

Injured cyclists typically have four years to bring a compensation claim. Legally speaking, it will be impossible to initiate a bicycle accident lawsuit once the four-year window has passed. You are in a better position if you file a claim right away since you may still rely on eyewitnesses' memories being current. Additionally, your bicycle accident lawyer will have plenty of time to build a strong case.

Depending on whether there was a fatality, whether a government figure was hurt, or whether a kid was hurt, the time frame may change. Such anomalies will be brought to your attention by your Fresno bicycle accident attorney.

About Our Firm- How many other Bicycle Accident Cases has our Firm handled

Our firm takes pleasure in easing the stress that victims of bicycle accidents typically experience. We are aware that recovering from your wounds while pursuing legal action against the person or entity responsible for your suffering can be difficult.

For previous clients, we have successfully won numerous positive case outcomes and millions of dollars in recoveries. Our team is knowledgeable on every aspect of bicycle accident injury claims.

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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."

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