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Whether you or a loved one is dealing with sexual abuse, you could feel helpless. It might sometimes be extremely difficult to take the first step and ask for legal assistance. Our sympathetic staff is available to hear about your situation and discuss how we can assist.

Our Firm's thoughts are with every Fresno sexual abuse victim. If you cooperate with our group, we will pursue justice for you as our only goal. Our sexual abuse attorneys will compassionately attend to your legal requirements while pursuing the best possible outcome for your case.

Our team of Qualified Fresno Sexual abuse Attorneys Are Attentive and Shall Always Give you the best Legal Advice

You may have a lot of worries while you look for legal assistance for a sexual assault lawsuit. You might worry if you have cause to file a lawsuit or whether your circumstance qualifies as sexual assault. Among many other queries, you may also worry about the results of filing a civil lawsuit.

We want you to understand that you can call our staff for a free, 100% private phone call to get every one of these questions answered. You don't have to be afraid to ask questions during a complimentary review of the case because you're worried about your case. Then, we will lay out your legal choices for you.

There are various circumstances under which our Fresno sexual assault lawyer can assist you to sort out your case. Some of these examples are discussed below. First off, if you or a beloved one was recently assaulted, our services are crucial. Second, our assistance is required whether you or a beloved one is the victim of sexual harassment. Finally, you have the right to seek representation if you are unsure if your situation qualifies as sexual abuse but think it might

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Solicitations for sexual gratification, unwanted sexual advances, and other instances of sexually explicit verbal or physical behavior. An individual's job is made, either directly or implicitly, subject to their submission to such conduct. An individual's acceptance of or disapproval of such behavior serves as the foundation for work decisions affecting that individual Such behavior aims to or has the effect of unfairly impeding someone's ability to fulfill their job duties or producing an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

Uncomfortable is the key term is behavior. Unwelcome does not equate to forced. Even when it is offensive and repulsive, a victim may actively participate in particular acts and consent to them. Therefore, sexual behavior is inappropriate if the individual being subjected to it feels that way. The totality of the circumstances will determine if the individual accepted a proposal for a vacation, a sex-related remark, or a jest.

Sexual assault in the business or educational setting involves unsolicited sexual overtures, requests for sexual favors, and other vocal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Sexual misconduct should not always be centered on overt sexual behavior or directed at a specific person. For instance, it may be sexual harassment to make remarks that are derogatory to women in general.

Even while sexual harassment laws normally do not apply to these behaviors, teasing, and casual remarks can nonetheless be upsetting and result in a negative emotional impact.

Both men and women have the potential to experience sexual abuse, which can happen to both adults and children. You could seek assistance and possibly take action in each of these scenarios. You could demand damages for your suffering and hold the offending party accountable. We shall ensure that you get the best representation.


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It might be terrifying to report a sexual abuse offense that has been committed against you or a loved one. Before taking up the telephone as a lawyer, you might have hesitated over who to turn to. We are familiar with the procedure for defending victims of sexual assault, and we will make every effort to provide you with all the legal counsel and assistance you require throughout the filing and resolution of your case.

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To get a free legal consultation, contact us right away. Every victim is treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve at our firm. We are prepared to stand up for you. The free consultation shall entail answering all sexual assault questions including questions surrounding unwanted sexual contact by a sexual offender. It shall also entail answering all the questions surrounding what an experienced criminal defense lawyer is likely to look out for when defending a sex offender. Our sexual abuse attorney shall also deal with what happens when someone is falsely accused for sexual assault as false allegations surrounding instances of a sex offender seeking sexual gratification from the sex offender's alleged victim.

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