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Fresno Car Accident Lawyer

Fresno Car accidents are painful events that alter the lifestyles of survivors who sustain serious injuries both physically and mentally. People who are hospitalized and recovering must miss work while accruing medical bills and dealing with the discomfort of an injury or healing process. It's terrible to learn that your injuries could have been avoided and that someone else was responsible for them.

According to California law, if you are a car accident victim in Fresno, you may be able to seek damages for the collision, your injuries, and any resulting losses. Big Ben Lawyers sympathetic car accident attorneys represent people all around California. You can easily phone our headquarters at the number shown under our Big Ben Lawyers website's contact information. So discover further about your legal possibilities for obtaining compensation following a Fresno car accident, get in touch with us right now for a free replacement evaluation.

California Personal Injury Protection Insurance and Fresno Car Accidents

One of the many jurisdictions that offer a no-fault healthcare system in Florida. To conform with the state's no-fault insurance rules, individuals who register a vehicle must have a baseline of $10,000 in the destruction of property insurance coverage and $10,000 in worker's compensation protection insurance. Before claiming benefits against the other driver's insurance after an automobile accident, each motorist first submits a request within their private security policy to get benefits. Family members who reside in the same house as the insured are also covered by Florida personal protection insurance.

For minor vehicle accident personal injuries that heal completely and have no long-term impact on the victim, no-liability insurance coverage is practical. However, some vehicle accident victims soon incur severe injuries that equal or surpass the minimal coverage limitations. Florida medical negligence insurance only covers 60% of lost wages and 80% of required medical expenses. A Largo auto accident attorney from our firm can assist you in pursuing damages further than what your worker's compensation policy will pay you. To begin started, get in touch with our firm to receive the best representation.

Various Accident types form The Work of Largo Car Accident Attorneys

Not every Fresno Car accident injury is serious enough to call for legal action or the pursuit of compensation beyond the limits of medical negligence coverage insurance. Always seek legal counsel so they can assess your situation, assess your injuries, and advise on the most appropriate course of action. However, some injuries from auto accidents happen more frequently than others.

The following are some instances of vehicle accident injuries that frequently result in a Fresno car accident personal injury claim. One of these is broken bones, particularly those that need reconstructive surgery. Second, traumatic brain injuries can also occur occasionally. Thirdly, ligamentous injuries are unavoidable, particularly when a victim of a Fresno car accident strains a muscle or tendon. Furthermore, one must not undervalue the danger of neck injury.

Shoulder problems, neurological diseases, internal bleeding and organ failure, burns, amputations, and congenital dislocation are further connected injuries.

Contact our qualified team of attorneys to ensure that you get the best legal representation and for your claim to get through. Our numbers are available on our website. Big Ben Lawyers shall always help you get the best outcome for your case.

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Factors leading to Largo Car Injuries and Collisions 

More than 150,000 car accidents that take place in California each year-many of which take place in Pinellas County-involve injuries, as reported by the Department of Traffic Safety and Motor Vehicles of Florida. Sadly, hundreds of accidents result in death. In California, as well as Largo, car accidents may happen as a result of bad weather, malfunctioning vehicles, or defective auto parts. But the great majority of auto accidents are caused by careless drivers. Below are some examples of typical reckless driving practices that cause Fresno Car accidents:

Dialed-In Steering

Dangerous driving is becoming one of the nation's and Florida's top driving safety concerns due to the prevalence of cell phone use. Because it distracts drivers mechanically, visually, and intellectually, texting while driving is the most deadly kind of distracted driving. 2019 saw Florida ban mobile phone usage while driving, but some motorists continue to practice this risky habit.

Furthermore, using a cell phone while driving is certainly not the only distraction that can result in harmful and fatal auto accidents.

The following are a few different distractions from driving as examples. The first one is consuming food and beverages while operating a vehicle. The next step is applying cosmetics, brushing your hair, and doing other personal grooming. Moreover, modifying the seats, the radio, or other characteristics of the car's alternator. heavy conversation while driving with passengers. Another reason is reaching for anything that may be bottom or in the backseat. Another one is daydreaming. Lastly, paying attention to activities outside the car.

Driving under Influence of Narcotic or Alcoholic Beverages 

Driving while intoxicated is forbidden and increases the risk of major auto accidents. Driving while intoxicated makes it impossible for the motorist to make accurate judgments about distance and space, as well as to respond to information promptly.

Additionally, drugs and alcohol can make drivers veer into oncoming traffic, blow through stop signs and lights, and collide with other vehicles on the road. Many believe that to cause an accident, intoxicated or doped motorists must be utterly inebriated and irreversibly disabled. Simply said, this is untrue. After work, a person who merely stops for happy hour can become intoxicated enough even to lead to an accident. To determine if drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident, your attorney will look into the circumstances of your claim.

Driving in a Soporific State

Without proper sleep, drivers are at risk of becoming drowsy or exhausted and causing a serious collision. Even for a brief period, driver tiredness can cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel. But even if a driver doesn't nod off while driving, weariness might affect their ability to do so.

The association between sleep and driving has been studied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal body that oversees the trucking sector. According to their research, a person who hasn't slept in 18 hours is just as impaired as someone whose breath alcohol percentage is 0.08, the recommended limit for driving. Trucking companies, shift workers, and people with untreated sleep disorders are more prone to being behind the wheel while fatigued and getting into accidents.


When an accident causes significant damage, you may receive many calls from trucking and insurance companies asking for additional information. This can be worrisome because you’re worried that what you say will lead the insurance adjusters to believe you’re to blame for the accident. In fact, when you have no idea what happened, a competent adjuster could persuade you to say the wrong things on purpose. It’s considerably more stressful if you’re also dealing with major injuries and the associated financial losses. Never agree to give the trucking company or the insurance company a recorded statement. Also, ensure that you don’t sign any paperwork that the shipping business sends you. Contact us for any concerns you may have and we’ll review any papers they provide you. A Benjamin Law lawyer will be instrumental in defending you in your truck accident case, simply inform everyone who calls to contact us as we will be ready for them.

You should be cautious when driving because there are more trucks than consumers turn to shop online to get their things delivered. There are several preventative measures from crashing onto trucks they include:

  • If you’re close to a truck, stay vigilant. They might not notice your vehicle when they get off their lane with unpredictability.
  • Avoid parking your car for a longer duration or attempting to overtake the truck in such close proximity.
  • Avoid making a sudden stop or attempting to take other lanes inappropriately when a truck is right behind you. Unlike a car, the truck takes longer to stop.
  • Keep your distance. Do not drive from a point where the truck operator can hardly see you.
  • Always keep your speed constant
  • If you see a careless truck driver, remain at a safe distance and contact law authorities immediately.

Tractor-trailer collisions have a variety of causes. When a huge vehicle crashes head-on, with a pedestrian, car, motorbike or truck, major injuries or death are nearly invariably the outcome. Due to the carelessness/negligence or even recklessness of truck drivers, huge trucks, are frequently involved in fatal accidents. Driving a commercial motor vehicle necessitates a special license.

The operation of commercial trucks is governed by government rules. Accident investigations, on the other hand, demonstrate that guidelines and rules are regularly broken. If you sustain injuries arising from an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for expenditures and other damages.

Benjamin Law’s legal team has assisted devastated victims all over California to acquire the justice much deserved in a timely manner. For a smooth transition from your pain to restoration, please contact us immediately.

Unless a case is ruled in your favor, we hardly charge fees. Unless and until the matter is successfully resolved you don’t have to make any payments. You need not pay us anything if we are unable to obtain the amount you deserve.

Unlike most law firms we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we are paid only upon your matter being satisfactorily resolved. If you win, our truck accident lawyer fee is based on a portion of the recovery, so you won’t have to pay anything beforehand.

Studies reveal that people who engage a lawyer recover far more than those who do not, especially in complex cases like truck accidents. As such we are your best chance of getting restored to your financial position before the accident.

Not understanding the specifics of your auto accident, makes it difficult to estimate an accurate timetable. Every collision situation is unique; in certain circumstances, the complaint can be resolved in a relatively short time, and while some, it may take several years to resolve. However irrespective of the duration before resolving your matter, you can rest assured that our able truck accident attorney shall keep in touch from the first to the last day. We’re happy to answer any queries you may have.

The Law allows for a two-year duration from the material day. However, after the accident, it is important to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. Important documentation such as vehicle safety regulations and vital documents might be easily misplaced or ruined. Our truck accident lawyers are more than willing to help you out. We operate with the guiding principle that states, ‘justice delayed, is justice denied.’ Ensure to reach us early enough so that we can avail you of the restoration you deserve.

In as much as you have a legal right to compensation, obtaining such compensation may be a headache because transportation accidents sometimes include many culpable entities, and insurance which provides insurance cover. You’re more at risk of being forced to give up a reasonable deal if you don’t have legal representation. Trucking corporations generally have deep pockets, including legal teams to fight any case you might file.

After a truck accident, the best approach to safeguard your rights is by avoiding any sort of engagements with insurers until you’ve spoken with an expert who will ensure that justice is delivered on time.

At the crash scene, ensure to:

  • Keep calm and stay in the car as long as it’s safe.
  • Ensure hazard lights work and are on.
  • Underestimate no injuries, ensure to call 911.
  • Ensure you and your passengers get medical attention.
  • Ensure to stay at the scene till it is safe to leave.
  • Acquire the credentials of all the involved parties
  • Note down vital credentials of the police who are present on site.
  • Shoot photos of the vehicle and all other relevant things at the scene.
  • Never admit fault only talk to the police and your insurance company. It is not your obligation to give information to anyone that’s not your insurer or lawyer.

The following measures are vital after a crash has happened.

  • Secure a duplicate of the crash report from the police.
  • Secure a property damage valuation from your insurer.
  • Ensure to remember all the appointments and treatments you receive, as well as any signs you may be experiencing. Obtain all copies of pharmaceutical prescriptions, therapies, and all the necessary information on your medical condition that may be relevant.
  • Keep a careful record of all your expenditure.
  • Keep track of days you couldn’t go to work and how much you lost in terms of missed wages.
  • Avoid any settlement offers from an insurer without first consulting an experienced truck accident lawyer.

As a matter of fact, Insurance companies collect information from the truck drivers involved in an accident and analyze police reports and other evidence. They determine who is at fault and the amount the other party deserves in compensation. Upon making this determination, they make will make an offer to you regarding what they think is the compensation that you deserve, through a letter. This is where you should be careful because the moment you accept the settlement amount stated in the letter by signing the offer letter, you immediately waive the right to sue for compensation in court.

Therefore, do not be tempted by the dollar amounts that they have offered in their letter as compensation. Instead, first, you need to consult a truck accident lawyer who has experience in handling truck accident claims for advice before signing the offer letter. You might decide to accept the amount offered by the insurance company when in fact you could have suffered some internal injuries that you are not aware of. These internal injuries might start to manifest later. However, by that time, you would have signed away your right to sue and settled for a lesser amount than you would have been entitled to if you had consulted the right truck accident lawyer.

The vehicle operator, the company they work for, and the truck owner may all be held accountable in a truck accident. In other circumstances, the facility or organization in charge of the trailer’s contents may be held liable. Because each situation is different, consulting with a lawyer is the best method to figure out who is to blame.

Let us take an example of an accident where a truck due to an accident injured somebody (the victim). In such a situation, it would be automatically assumed that the driver of the truck and the company which owns the truck is to blame. however, it might later be discovered upon further investigation that there was a manufacturing defect on the truck which caused the accident. In such a situation, the truck manufacturer would be sued under product liability laws.

If there were dangerous yet preventable conditions on the road, the city may be held accountable; this is known as premises liability. For the same accident, some wounded individuals file claims against many defendants. As a result, we provide complimentary consultations to interested persons.

Driving at a Supersonic Speed

According to the National Highway Road Safety Administration, speeding is a factor in more than one-fourth of all road fatalities nationwide, and it also plays a significant role in a significant number of non-fatal collisions. The risks of speeding apply whether you're driving in Largo or all of Florida. Drivers who exceed the posted limit of speed or drive too quickly for the traffic or pavement markings run a higher risk of relinquishing the power of their car, which could result in a hazardous collision. Speeding also reduces the amount of time that drivers have to react to traffic lights, road hazards, and other information that they must comprehend. Finally, speed makes car crashes more violent, causing more damage to the environment, more serious injuries, and a larger risk of fatalities.

Hatch backing

Drivers frequently engage in unpredictable movements. There are occasions when a swift turn or halt is necessary due to a hazard on the road. In other instances, motorists are intoxicated or preoccupied. Those who tailgate other cars run the risk of being rear-ended. The motorist who strikes an automobile that is ahead of them is often accountable for damages following an accident, regardless of whether the fastest car made poor decisions while operating the vehicle. Too tight a following distance makes it challenging for a motorist to respond to those unpredictable movements.

Neglecting Marked Dangerous Areas

Some motorists, particularly inexperienced ones, suffer limited vision while they are driving. While crossing roads or making a turn, they do not examine their wing mirrors, look in their rear-view mirror, or cast a glance over their shoulder. Blind spots are a feature of all cars, and bigger cars have greater blind areas. When driving in a blind spot, motorcycles, bicycles, and other tiny vehicles are frequently invisible. Drivers have the risk of hitting another car or forcing one off the road if they don't pay attention to their blind zones and don't move out of them before changing or changing lanes. The likelihood of a multi-vehicle accident or pileup increases since these Fresno car accidents frequently occur on interstates or highways with many lanes.

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After a bus accident, filing a bus accident case can be a time-consuming and costly process. Our Firm will offer you a free consultation on your personal injury claim and case evaluation as a consequence, advising you on the way forward to handle your particular bus accident.

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Pursuing Compensatory Damages Following a Fresno Car Collison

Florida law allows the victim to sue the driver or another party who caused your accident and injuries after a vehicle accident in Largo once you have used all of your insurance protection alternatives. You might be compensated for accident-related damages and your losses if you settle with the insurance provider or if the matter is brought to trial as well as a jury determines in your favor. The precise compensation differs between suits.

Here are some instances of typical damages that are frequently obtained in successful vehicle accident cases:

  •  Expenses related to medical care, including ambulance transportation to Largo General Hospital or another local hospital, emergency room care, hospitalization, x-rays, lab testing, surgeries, prescription medications, doctor visits, and travel expenses to and from the hospital.
  •  Probable future medical costs if a Fresno car accident results in permanent injuries.
  •  Costs associated with rehabilitation, such as specialized care from a medical professional, vocational therapist, mental health professional, or other specialists to help a victim of a Fresno car accident deal with the physical and psychological trauma of their injuries.
  •  The price of wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and other assistive devices.

• Wages lost during absences from work resulting from an accident, wounds, and recovery.

• Projected future lost wages if a victim of a serious auto accident is unable to work in the future, return to work, or must change careers.

• Suffering and pain.

• A loss of companionship.

• Pain in the mind.

• Disfigurement and scarring.

• Retributive damages take place where actions are needed to achieve in rare circumstances where there has been intentional wrongdoing or a flagrant disrespect for the law.

You may be entitled to financial compensation in a wrongful demise claim if a loved one died in a deadly auto accident. Sometimes funeral, burial, and bereavement expenses are covered for surviving family members. The circumstances of your case can be reviewed by your Largo injury lawyer at our firm, who can then propose the most appropriate strategy for you and your family at this trying time.


The payment for a Fresno car accident lawyer is dependent on the outcome of the Fresno car accident lawsuit.

Our Track Record on Cases Handled Regarding Automobile Collision Injuries

The legal team at Big Ben Accident Injury Lawyers, has experience fighting for car accident victims who have suffered injuries due to negligence. The firm's dedication to professional excellence, client advocacy, and seeking justice has led to the recovery of tens of millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for clients.

Among the sample of cases successfully handled in the immediate past are subsequently addressed.

  • You may be entitled to financial compensation in a wrongful demise claim if a loved one died in a deadly auto accident.
  • Sometimes funeral, burial, and bereavement expenses are covered for surviving family members.
  • The circumstances of your case can be reviewed by your Largo injury lawyer at our firm, who can then propose on the most appropriate strategy for you and your family at this trying time.
  • A $425,000 payout for a client who was hurt in a Fresno car accident and sustained a lower back injury.
  • A $380,000 verdict for a patient who ruptured a disk in a rear-end collision.

Only some of the outcomes from recent vehicle accident claims are shown above. Because every claim has a unique set of underlying circumstances, we are unable to guarantee a precise financial outcome in your auto accident case. The committed accident injury attorneys at our firm, however, have the knowledge and resources to vigorously pursue the highest recompense possible in line with your vehicle accident injuries.

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At Big Ben Lawyers, our team of Fresno car accident lawyers shall offer a free consultation on car accidents.

Contact our Team of Qualified Attorneys and Get the best outcome for your claim 

The financial strain and sometimes misery that comes with experiencing severe injuries when another person caused the accident should not be put on the shoulders of car accident survivors and their families. You should have the chance to pursue damages for damages associated with the accident, your injuries, and your pain and suffering if you were hurt in a Largo automobile accident as a result of someone else's negligence.

The committed legal staff at Big Ben Lawyers is aware of the difficulties you are facing and wants to help you get through the healing process while you concentrate on getting well and getting back to work. For a free replacement evaluation to go over the specifics of your Fresno auto crash, how you sustained injuries that have affected your life, and how our skilled team of attorneys can help you win your claim, contact us using your online contact form or give us a call at any of the numbers listed on our Big Ben Lawyers website.

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