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Fresno Dog Bite Lawyer

If a dog assaults you or your kids in California, you have the right to sue the dog's owner. People who own dogs are legally obligated to make sure their animals don't cause hurt to third parties.

In some instances, such owners breach that duty, they put themselves at risk of being held accountable for the harm that dog attack victims endure.

For a non-obligation engagement to go over the specifics of your dog bite injuries if you were bitten by a dog, get in touch with the knowledgeable dog bite attorneys situated at our firm.

We have various office branches in Fresno. Our Firm serves clients in and around Fresno as well as all across California.

Our Firm's Track Record in Dog Bite Accidents 

The Fresno dog bite attorneys at our firm have a wealth of experience defending clients who have sustained injuries as a result of the reckless or negligent actions of others, especially individuals that have been bitten by dogs.

Due to the firm's dedication to client guidance and the development of a claim, several millions of dollars in damages have been recovered through compromises and jury verdicts. Because each case has unique circumstances that could either boost or lessen the value of any dog bite injury claim, we are unable to promise a particular result. However, we are equipped with the information and materials necessary to develop a compelling case against the dog's owner, and we will strive to secure for you or your child the greatest quantum of damages appropriate to their injuries.

Various Types of Dog Bite Accidents that Necessitate Attorney Representation in Fresno

The only state with much more deadly dog assaults than California is Texas. According to several charity groups that study serious and detrimental bites by dogs, this is the situation. In recent year, California is ranked the second highest as far as the number of dog bite claims are concerned. This excludes claims that were settled by other insurance providers.

These startling numbers would not come as a surprise to you in the case that you or your kid were bitten by a dog in Fresno. There are a variety of injuries that could happen if either you or your kid is the target of any of these dog attacks. It's not like every dog bite necessitates prompt medical care or legal counsel.

The following scenarios fall under which you ought to get medical attention right once. In necessary cases, contact the Fresno dog bite team of lawyers based at our Firm. The various types of such bites which deem it necessary for urgent medical treatment to be obtained are as consequently delved into.

Deep wounds and cuts may result in infectious diseases like rabies and tetanus as well as leaving scars that cannot be done away with in a single instance. A toddler may experience numerously broken or fractured body bones due to their weak phases of development. Further, muscle, ligament, and tendon tears, as well as other tender tendon damage may be inevitable. Scars and deformations requiring reconstructive and aesthetic surgery may also result. Furthermore, dog attack-related psychological trauma, particularly in victims of tender ages. A loved one may pass away in the event of a severe attack.

If you have been through this tragedy, speak with a lawyer to explore your options for suing the dog owner for wrongful death.

To handle the lawsuits that result from these kinds of bites and the associated injuries, get in contact with one of our qualified Fresno Dog bite attorneys.


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Definition and Traits of Fatally Dangerous Dogs

Owners of hazardous dogs are subject to particular laws in Fresno. Even nice and greatly mannered household dogs can be dangerous to the neighborhood. The county may record a dog as a hazardous creature and remove it from its observation by the owner if it attacks someone. A hazardous dog is defined in several ways in Fresno - has unprovoked attacked, bit, or put in danger a human on private or public property- has unprovoked killed or badly harmed another pet outside the owner's premises- has aggressively pursued someone in a public place to attack them.

In the circumstances where a victim was encroaching the dog's territory as the attack loomed and actuated, the county will not label the dog as hazardous. Additionally, they do not label canines as dangerous when someone taunts, mistreats, mistreats, mistreats, or intricate the dog, the owner, or a member of the family.

Dogs that defend a human from violence or assault are likewise protected under the law. Animal Services looks into cases of dog bites and attacks. They give the owner written notice if they believe a dog to be harmful. The dog's owner has two options: file an appeal or give the dog over to Animal Services for euthanasia.

Alternately, the owner may decide to abide by the limitations that are later described. Obtain an animal license and a present-day rabies vaccine. Keeping the dog confined in a safe space is another alternative. Further, displaying cautionary posts that state a hazardous dog is living there. Within 2 days of being released, install an intel processor or mark the dog permanently hazardous. Furthermore, paying the appropriate annual registration cost for the dog comes in handy.

Finally, to alert Animal Control and the whole public at large that the dog is hazardous, make sure it is always wearing a dangerous dog tag.

The County Animal Services' responses to dog bites at Fresno serve to prevent future dog bite injuries in others, but they do nothing to make up for any losses you may have suffered as a consequence of your own or your kid's dog attack damage. You must file a lawsuit against the dog owner to collect compensation, and the same is best pursued with the aid of an expert lawyer.

Contact our qualified team of Fresno dog bite attorneys to get a free legal consultation with a dog bite attorney in Fresno.

Do you have to report a dog bite in California?

If you don't have a formal record of a dog attack occurrence, it will be difficult to file a compensation claim. To have the police make a formal report, you must phone them as soon as you can. Usually, Animal Services is contacted by the police to investigate the dog.

Inquiries including inquiries effective to the fact that whether the impugned dog was earmarked as fatal and the frequency with which the owner thereof has received concerns about the pet would be investigated.

Commonly Asked Frequent Questions Relating to Dog Bite Injuries


In our firm, we are aware of the difficulties you may have after suffering serious dog bite injuries, particularly if your kid was harmed. Our knowledgeable team of Fresno Dog Bite attorneys is available to assist you in pursuing compensation for the damage you have suffered as a consequence of your damage.

For a no-obligation engagement to go through the specifics of a dog bite, how the same impacted the victim's life, and how we can help, get in touch with us right away online or at the number listed on our website.

You don't have to pay a deposit because we deal with cases on a conditional fee basis. Alternatively, we take our costs out of any payment we make on your behalf. Additionally, you can simply contact us, as we have offices in Fresno. We shall deliver the best outcome for your case.

We also offer free consultation in the event that you or your loved ones are dog bite victims. The free consultation shall entail answering all your questions relating to dog bites. As reputable dog bite lawyers, we are awake to the myriads of questions surrounding a dog bite. The free consultation shall be aimed at addressing all your questions from the moment that you experience a dog bite to the moment that you are compensated for the dog bite injuries. As has been indicated above, we are knowledgeable in the california dog bite statute and we shall answer all your questions.

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