Do I Even Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in a Minor Accident?

In most instances, truck accidents are major accidents. This is because trucks are large vehicles, and it may take significantly longer for them to come to a complete stop. Because of these reasons, most truck accidents usually result in injuries such as spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and any other form of minor injury or significant injury. Furthermore, large truck collisions would result in some further property damage.

It follows from the above that even if the truck accident results in a minor accident, there is a greater need to talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer. By consulting them, you shall be able to understand your rights more, and you will be able to make a more informed decision as to whether to file a claim or not. You should endeavor to consult a lawyer in all instances so that you can be on the safe side.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer Following a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are predominantly significant accidents. However, there are certain instances in which truck accidents become minor. When minor truck accidents happen, most people will brush them away, believing that the accident may not result in significant harm. However, truck accident victims should appreciate that minor accidents may result in some vast inconveniences, such as massive medical bills, and you may even miss going to work because of the injuries sustained during the minor accident.

It follows from the above that you should engage the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer so that they can advise you on the best way forward. The experienced truck accident lawyers shall assist you in ensuring that you are compensated for the financial and social inconveniences that you suffer. Furthermore, most experienced truck accident lawyers will help you deal with insurance companies that may want to exploit you by blaming you for the truck accident so that they avoid compensating you.

You should also be aware that lawyers shall help you understand the essential elements of filing truck accident cases so that you are not a victim of the statute of limitations. Filing a truck accident claim in California must be done within two years of being involved in a truck accident. It may be difficult to attain any form of compensation if you exceed these statutory timelines.

Your injuries worsened later on

You must consult a truck accident lawyer in the event your injuries worsen later on. In most instances, victims of accidents would likely dismiss the idea of filing a personal injury suit if the injuries are minor. However, minor injuries can later escalate and become significant injuries. In such instances, it shall be necessary for a truck accident victim to reach out to a truck accident lawyer.

If the other party filed a suit seeking damages from you

In most instances, one would dismiss the idea of filing a suit if the injuries were sustained from the accident. However, in certain instances, the other party may file a suit against you. In such an event, you must engage the services of a truck accident lawyer if you are to defend yourself from the claims successfully.

Dealing with uncooperative insurance companies

While dealing with insurance companies may seem pretty straightforward, insurance companies are likely to turn unreasonable and demanding along the way. Insurance companies want to downplay the blame to be apportioned to the insured. The insurance company would want to take away as much blame as possible from their clients and ensure that you are held responsible for the accident. Furthermore, insurance companies want to frustrate you into accepting their terms by all means. It is, therefore, necessary that you involve a lawyer even after you have been involved in a minor truck accident.

You should be aware that insurance companies will lay traps against you to limit the amount of exposure. Insurance companies occasionally call you over a long period to use your words against you. They shall then resort to intimidating you should you stick to making a point that their clients are to blame for the accident. After the intimidation, they shall tempt you with a small offer. The settlement offers often need to consider your case’s circumstances. If you are careful, you may avoid accepting and regretting their terms.

It is because of the above that you must engage the services of a lawyer so that they can help you deal with the insurance companies. As most insurance companies would hire top professionals, including insurance adjusters and lawyers, having a lawyer with you will ensure that the negotiations do not result in little or no compensation to you. It is, therefore, necessary that you should engage a lawyer for both minor truck accidents and significant truck accidents.

The truck accident lawyers know the various relevant laws

You need a lawyer because the lawyers shall help you make an informed decision after your truck accident. The lawyers shall look into the various laws and regulations so as to understand exactly the extent of liability of the other parties to the truck accident.

How else can a Lawyer Help You After a Minor Accident?

The following are the other ways in which a lawyer can help you after a minor accident. They include:

  • Protecting your rights following a minor truck accidentThe lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected following an accident. They shall advise you about the rights violated following the truck accident. The truck accident attorneys will ensure you receive the highest possible compensation by protecting and standing up for your rights. They shall also ensure that no one takes advantage of your situation.
  • The lawyer shall help you calculate the amount of compensation that you should receive;
  • They help you deal with the problematic insurance companies who may be out to exploit your situation;
  • They help ensure that the various entities do not trample on your rights; and
  • Quantification of the damages that you are entitled to following a truck accident.

The lawyer shall go through the circumstances of the truck accident, the injuries sustained, and the consequences of the injuries. By doing this, they shall be able to account for the truck accident damages you suffered. Furthermore, they shall be able to holistically consider the essential elements of the injury to build up a considerable amount of compensation.

By ensuring that they have considered all the essential elements of the truck accidents, you can obtain considerable compensation, which will help you deal with the present and future inconveniences of the truck accident. While minor accidents have little consequences, they may result in great inconveniences. Because of their training and understanding of truck accident claims, lawyers can factor in all considerations when advising you.

What Should You Do After a Minor Truck Accident?

You must become alert about your rights when involved in an accident. The steps below are essential steps beyond contacting a truck accident attorney. The efforts ensure that you assemble as much evidence as possible to sustain a claim in court successfully. The necessary steps are:

  • Ensure that you take clear pictures and videos of the accident scene and the extent of injuries suffered. The image and video evidence would be necessary during the hearing of your case and when you are negotiating with the insurance companies. You must therefore take the images and safely store them;
  • Call the police and ensure that you are present when the police come to the scene so that you can talk to them before they make a police report;
  • Taking down the details of the other driver and the car registration details;
  • Seeking urgent medical attention even if you feel okay and ensuring that you regularly visit the doctor;
  • Ensuring that you keep a record of all the medical bills that you have used following the accident and losses suffered, including the days that you missed work because of the injuries sustained;
  • Ensure that you update your lawyer on any development on the matter, including the calls you have received from the insurance companies; and
  • Avoid falling into the trap of signing any document from the insurance company without involving your lawyer.

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