What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

Trucks are enormous vehicles, and when they get involved in an accident, they cause considerable losses in human lives and property damage. While there are various reasons leading to truck accidents, most truck accidents are caused by drivers who do not pay attention when driving. It should be noted that a minor lapse in concentration by these truck drivers has enormous repercussions.

While not paying attention when driving trucks leads to accidents, other reasons contribute to the significant number of casualties. The reasons range from the truck driver needing more concentration, driver error, driver fatigue, poor vehicle maintenance, the trucks needing to be in better shape, the truck companies overworking their truck drivers, and weather conditions that hinder a smooth truck driving session.

The various truck accidents result in serious injuries such as neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and often, fatal crashes. Trucking companies must exercise due diligence when hiring drivers for their large trucks, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, commercial vehicles, and other vehicles to mitigate these risks. In the aftermath of such accidents, consulting a truck accident lawyer can be vital in navigating the legal complexities and ensuring that victims receive proper compensation.

How might truck companies or drivers be at fault in truck accident incidents?

As pointed out above, most accidents happen for various reasons. While we may not conclusively highlight all the causes of truck accidents, we shall endeavor to highlight on the ones that have frequently resulted in truck accident cases. They include:

Speeding and driving trucks dangerously

Driving trucks at high speed makes them prone to accidents. This is because the truck driver may likely not have control of the car. Moreover, stopping a truck at high speed is complex, and accidents that would have been avoided by stopping the vehicle would not be avoided. Crashes involving large trucks will likely result in severe injuries. Trucking accidents are by a large extent reduced if the vehicles are not speeding and are driven carefully.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving results in accidents as the truck driver is only partially focused on the road. The reasons for distractions while driving include looking at other objects other than the road, driving while using the phone, or being engaged in any other activity that would result in a truck accident. One should avoid distractions while driving to minimize the chances of truck accidents.

Failure to drive with the weather conditions in mind

When driving a truck or any other motor vehicle, it is expected that one should steer the car with the weather conditions in mind. If heavy rains significantly hamper visibility, one should not drive a car as it is more likely that one will be involved in an accident.

Unqualified truck drivers

When a truck driver is not adequately trained, they shall likely cause a truck accident. Qualified drivers are aware of the things that are expected of them when driving a large truck. However, untrained drivers may need to be made aware of their driving and may, in the process, bring about an accident. Truck drivers must therefore undergo proper and conclusive training before being allowed to drive trucks.

Poor hiring policies by truck companies

It is expected that truck companies have to go through a rigorous hiring process before hiring. While this is expected, some truck companies may not subject their drivers to rigorous interviews. The reason for this is that their policies may not demand rigorous recruitment. If these truck companies ignore specific issues when hiring, the consequences would be increased truck accidents.

Failure to maintain trucks in optimum standards

For trucks to be in optimum performance conditions, they must be properly and frequently serviced. However, truck accidents can happen if proper and frequent service is not done on the trucks. In light of this, truck drivers should insist that their driving trucks be regularly maintained. If this is not done, truck accidents will happen.

Driving trucks under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs that impairs thinking

Alcohol and drugs have a significant impact on the concentration of a person. If a truck driver is drunk or is using drugs, their judgment would be impaired. In such a state of mind, they shall likely result in truck accidents.

Driving trucks when fatigued

When one is fatigued, their concentration would likely be affected. A tired truck driver should therefore avoid driving trucks. Moreover, if they get fatigued while driving trucks over a long distance, they should take breaks to regain their sharp state of mind.

How can other parties bring about truck accidents?

Other drivers who are negligent when driving

Even in situations where one truck driver drives a truck professionally and with care, other negligent truck drivers can cause truck accidents.

Road rage

Truck accidents can happen instances where the other drivers are in a road rage. When this happens, the consequences of their road rage can also bring about a chain of reactions resulting in a single truck accident or a multiplicity of truck accidents.

Reckless pedestrians

Pedestrians who are negligent when going about their businesses on the road can be held liable for the truck accident. Pedestrians must always ensure that they follow the law and be careful while on the road.

Errors by manufacturing companies

The trucks on the road are as a result of the different parts made by truck manufactures. Certain truck malfunctions can still happen to this parts even if the trucking companies and the truck drivers followed the instructions on the various manuals and routinely inspected the trucks and ensured that they are properly maintained. When accidents happen after all the care has been exercised, the manufacturing companies shall be liable for the accidents that emanated from their errors.

Road constructions

In instances where accidents happen because of a mistake of a construction company, the road construction company shall be responsible and liable for the liabilities arising from truck accidents. It is therefore necessary that road construction companies ensure that they have safety signs in place when constructing a road.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Most Truck Accidents

Truck accidents may likely result in minor and significant injuries. It is, therefore, necessary that truck drivers, as well as various stakeholders, have to do certain things to reduce the number of truck accidents and other motor vehicle crashes. The steps to take include the following:

Not driving trucks while fatigued

Driving when fresh and with a sharp state of mind would reduce the number of truck accidents. It is, therefore, necessary that different truck drivers always ensure that they are comfortable when driving trucks. If they become fatigued after driving for long distances, they should take breaks.

Avoiding drugs and alcohol when driving trucks

As has been pointed out above, alcohol and drugs affect the judgment of an individual. It stems from this that at all times, truck drivers should be sober. Truck drivers must therefore avoid driving if they have taken drugs or alcohol.

Driving poorly maintained trucks

Poorly maintained trucks are a danger to road users, the truck driver, and the community. Trucks must therefore be comprehensively, correctly, and regularly maintained. The people checking the trucks must keenly look at the braking system, as most truck accidents happen because the trucks fail to stop when required. Truck drivers should ensure that the trucks are in optimum condition before they drive.

Truck companies must have stringent policies to hire competent truck drivers

Truck companies must at all times ensure that their truck drivers are competent. To ensure competence, the recruitment of drivers must pass through a rigorous process. Furthermore, truck companies must periodically take their drivers through further training to improve their performance. The truck companies must also strive to fire erratic and drunk drivers as they significantly bring about avoidable truck accidents.

Driving trucks only in perfect weather

If it becomes clear that the weather is not perfect for driving trucks, one should not drive trucks. They should wait for ideal weather to avoid truck accidents. If truck drivers realize that the weather is getting rough during their journey, they should stop and wait for the weather to be in perfect condition before proceeding.

Avoiding distractions when driving trucks

Truck drivers should avoid things that take away their concentration. The distractions include:

  • Using phones when driving.
  • Looking at something other than the road ahead.
  • Doing anything that would impair their concentration.

Ensuring that the trucks have proper and efficient breaks

As trucks are large vehicles, it may take time for them to come to a stop. In light of this, the brakes must always be checked before the truck drivers proceed with their journey.

Does the cause of the truck accident determine how you file for damages in truck accidents?

The cause of a truck accident determines how one files for damages in truck accident claims. Because of these, the various victims of truck accidents shall majorly determine the damages that they shall be seeking on the causes of the truck accidents.

Getting legal help following a truck accident

Contacting personal injury lawyers following a truck accident would be best. The experienced personal injury lawyers shall help you navigate the often-difficult process of seeking compensation following truck accidents.

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