How Do Car Accident Settlements Work in Fresno?

In a car accident, the liable party (defendant) must compensate the injured victim (plaintiff) for the damages and losses. The plaintiff will release the defendant from any future obligation associated with the crash in exchange for the monetary settlement.

However, car accident settlements in Fresno are a tricky and difficult process, especially when you don’t have a skilled advocate on your side. In case the settlement goes smoothly, it usually results in a cordial adjudication of legal claims for damages.

A final consensus usually prevents the victim from pursuing additional compensation for the exact injuries experienced in the vehicle accident at a later date.  

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Establishing Parties Involved in Fresno Accident Settlements

When you sustain injuries in a car accident, you can file a claim for compensation against the individual or entity that caused the accident resulting in injuries and damage to properties. 

Because of this, it’s important to identify or establish all legally blameworthy people or entities immediately in a car wreck case.

You or your loved one’s involvement in the collision will require your car accident lawyer in Fresno to identify the person responsible for the crash. It’s critical to gather facts and do some investigations to prove the duty of care, which pertains to an individual’s legal and moral responsibility not to act that will cause harm to other people. 

A majority of car accident cases are conclusive, with the lawfully liable party identified at once. However, in some cases, particular failures in duty of care led to accidents. Examples include:

  • Car manufacturers fail to conduct satisfactory safety checks on their products
  • Employers fail to provide adequate and accurate safety training to their drivers
  • Government agencies fail to provide motorists and drivers with a hazard-free road infrastructure

car crash accident on street. damaged automobiles

The Fresno Car Accident Settlement Process

The settlement of a car accident in Fresno requires different stages that you need to follow. These are:

Informing the insurance company of your car accident. It’s the initial thing that you need to do, especially if you suffered injuries. 

Negotiation regarding settlement payouts. It’s a general practice among insurance companies of liable parties to offer injured victims a low settlement. Let a skilled car accident legal representative negotiate with the insurance adjuster to ensure that you’ll get fair compensation. Besides, when you’re working with a legal representative, the insurance company will think twice about offering a low amount.

Don’t speak with the liable party’s insurance company until you did with your advocate. He will send a demand letter if the amount offered to you by the insurer is way too low. Take note that they know how much you must receive for personal and property damages.

File a claim against the responsible party. You must detail your intent of why you’re filing a lawsuit.

Bringing the case to court. There are cases when the plaintiff must file a claim in court because the defendant’s insurance company denied the claim or doesn’t want to pay the amount that the plaintiff deserves. 

How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Car Accident Settlement in Fresno?

Resolving a car accident settlement in Fresno may take time depending on several factors that may impact the process. It includes:

  • Facts or details of the case
  • Presented pieces of evidence
  • Whether or not the liable party approved a private settlement or decided to bring the case to court
  • The extent of your physical, emotional, and monetary losses

You have two years to file a complaint against the negligent people who caused the misfortune resulting in your injuries and losses. This is known as the statute of limitations which gives injured victims (plaintiffs) the opportunity to sue liable parties (defendants) within the specified period. If you file a personal injury claim beyond the given time frame, you’ll lose the right to compensation. 

How Much is the Settlement a Victim Can Receive from a Car Crash Settlement?

The amount that you’ll receive as an injured victim depends on the severity of your injuries and losses. Generally, the quotation pursued in compensation describes the degree of your injuries, accident-related overheads, and how the accident affects your quality of life.

There are two types of damages you may get as a victim –  Economic and Non-Economic Damages.

Economic Damages

These are quantifiable costs, acquired by a victim because of the accident, including medical expenses, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and more.

It also includes repair or replacement costs of personal property such as a wrecked car, lost salaries, and loss of earning capacity among others. 

Non-Economic Damages

These types of damages include all destructive effects of the injuries on your overall well-being. Additionally, they are more difficult to estimate and the amount that you may get is usually determined by the defendant’s financial resources.

Examples are:

  • Physical suffering and mental distress
  • Diminished happiness and quality of life 
  • Loss of consortium

Working with an experienced car accident attorney can help identify if there are other involved parties and maximize your compensation.

Get Professional Help from an Expert Car Accident Attorney

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Moreover, we’ll protect your rights and defend you from the challenges and disputes of the insurance company that doesn’t want to pay you.

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