12 Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur in Fresno

Owning and driving a car has its responsibilities. You may be a careful driver but you’re not sure about other drivers that you share the road with. Crashes can happen the least you expect it and with considerable cost, affecting you physically, emotionally, and financially. If you or a loved one were involved in a crash and suffered tremendous injuries, don’t think twice to contact Big Ben Lawyers for help. Our skilled Fresno car accident attorneys will be by your side to protect your legal rights and defend you from insurance companies. Schedule a FREE evaluation of your case by calling (559) 354-6344.

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Why Do Car Accidents Happen in Fresno?

There are several reasons why car accidents occur in Fresno, ranging from driver error to poor weather conditions, but most of them stem from negligence. Even if the accident might be the same, our experienced Fresno car accident lawyers know that determining the reason for the crash is typically an indicator of recovering damages for your injuries and losses. 

Here are some of the few reasons for car collisions in Fresno:

Distracted Driving

The advent of technology made distracted driving one of the leading causes of car accidents in Fresno. Drivers that use their phone (texting or calling) takes their attention away from the road. It could be also that they’re navigating an app, especially for delivery and rideshare drivers.

There are also instances when drivers are arguing with their passengers, taking their eyes off the road. The driver might be also eating or drinking while driving.  

Failure to Yield 

When a driver fails to yield to other drivers on the road, different things could happen such as a catastrophic accident. Respecting the “right of way” law can avoid confusion which could lead to road accidents.


A form of reckless driving, speeding is another cause of car accidents in the county which is full of many industries. No wonder most people are always in a hurry, that’s why the federal law imposed a speed limit. Driving too fast will make it harder for a driver to react immediately and stopping the vehicle will already be too late.

Hazardous Lane Changes

In Fresno, drivers can change lanes which is no doubt dangerous to other motorists. Changing lanes must be done only in circumstances wherein the lane to which you’re moving is parted from your existing lane with a broken white line.

It’s crucial for drivers to always signal appropriately when changing lanes. Moreover, they’re expected to sidestep hasty lane changes that might not give other motorists enough time to react. 

Traffic Volume

A large volume of different vehicles on the road not only makes it difficult to drive but may also cause traffic, accidents, and injuries. Because the county is both a business and leisure venue for both locals and tourists, accidents are likely to happen.  

Fatigued Driver 

A tired driver who drives for long hours without a break can sleep or faint behind the wheel without a warning because of exhaustion. Truck and delivery drivers are most susceptible to fatigued driving. They need to reach their destination on time and reach their quota at all costs even if it means driving without resting even for a few minutes. 

Skilled Fresno Car Accident Attorneys: Road Rage

This refers to aggressive driving putting the lives of other people on the road in danger whether it’s another driver or a pedestrian. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) data suggest that aggressive driving contributes to road crash fatalities by 66%. 


Intoxication is when a driver drives while intoxicated with alcohol or illegal drugs. He or she has high levels of alcohol or substances that the law prohibits. This can have a significant adverse effect on the mind and body, affecting motor skills, judgment, reaction time, and coordination.

Beating the Red Lights

Those who are in a hurry, whether they’ll be late for work or being chased by the police always beat the red lights. While driving your car you might get surprised by a car rushing through an intersection when the traffic light has already changed color.  


This means driving too closely to the car ahead of you. Based on NHTSA research, around 28% of all traffic accidents are due to rear-end collisions. When you’re following a car in front of you too closely and it suddenly stopped, you’ll have not time to step on your brakes in time. Before you knew it, you already hit the vehicle in front of you.

Imperfection in the Vehicle

Sometimes the fault lies within the vehicle that caused the accident due to an imperfection in the parts or the vehicle itself. There could be a loss of control in the brakes or steering wheel or a tire blew up. The manufacturer of the vehicle or its part might be to blame or the owner’s poor maintenance. 

Inclement or Poor Weather

You cannot stop the wrath of Mother Nature and there’s nothing you can do about it. Heavy storms and snow can make the road slippery and creates zero visibility. Such conditions can result in disastrous car accidents, injuries, and even death. 

If you’re involved in a road mishap, consult our expert Fresno car accident lawyers for legal advice, especially if you or your loved one suffers serious injuries.  

Skilled Fresno Car Accident Attorneys: Contact Big Ben Lawyers for Help

After getting involved in a crash, you might be asking if you need legal help. Sure, you can settle the damages on your own, but the amount that you might receive isn’t enough to cover your medical bills, the cost of vehicle repair or replacement, and other overheads related to your medical care and other losses. Worse is if the insurance company denies your claim, can you do something about it?

Getting help from our finest Fresno car accident legal representatives from Big Ben Lawyers ensures that your rights are protected and your compensation is maximized. We can get you the best medical attention and get your vehicle repaired. Best of all, we’ll get you the justice and fair settlement that you deserve.

You can always contact us at (559) 354-6344 and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our compassionate and knowledgeable Fresno car accident legal representatives. We work on a contingency fee basis. 

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