What To Do When You Encountered a Motorcycle Accident When Driving in Glendale

Glendale is a great place to appreciate nature while riding your motorcycle. However, it also means that you’re sharing the road with other vehicles and other drivers. You may be driving safely but not all those behind a steering wheel have the same mindset that they owe a duty of care to others who are using or on the road. Accidents happen whether you like it or not, mainly because of another person’s negligence. If suffer injuries from a motorcycle accident, call Big Ben Lawyers for help. Our expert Glendale motorcycle accident lawyers are always ready to provide legal assistance. Dial (818) 423-4878 and schedule a free consultation of your case. 

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Glendale?

Regardless of how safely you drive your motorcycle, there are still several factors that can result in accidents. These are:

Distracted Drivers

Due to a motorcycle’s profile, most drivers of bigger vehicles have a hard time seeing them, especially those who don’t pay close attention to their surroundings. Each year in Glendale, thousands of motorcycle accidents occur due to drivers turning in front of motorcycles that they don’t see.   

Speeding and Aggressive Driving

It means driving while at the same time exceeding the posted speed limit, or driving like you’re in a drag race. Speeding is a generating factor in traffic casualties nationwide. 

Poor Communication

Generally, drivers travel together in groups. They need to exercise good communication with each other to prevent a collision or moving into other riders’ travel lanes. 

Improper Turns

It means turning at a stop sign or red light without stopping completely or yielding to traffic or pedestrians. Turning left at a red light isn’t allowed and turning without warning (Improper Turn Signal Use) and turning without having the right-of-way all cause tragic motorcycle accidents.

Road Hazards

When motorists and pedestrians sustain injuries because of unkept road conditions, such as open manholes and loose asphalt or gravel, the state or local government becomes liable. 


A rider that travels in between lanes to navigate traffic. The law says that bikers must only split lanes if the traffic low is 40 mph or less, and not proceed over 10 mph. It’s worth noting that riding on the road’s shoulder isn’t lane-splitting and is illegal. If you ride on the shoulder in Glendale, expect that police officers will give you a ticket.  

Understand that Glendale is an at-fault state that has comparative negligence laws. The involved party with the higher percentage of fault will pay for the majority of the damages. 

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Glendale Laws About Lane Splitting

On August 19, 2016, the state made lane splitting legal and called it Assembly Bill No. 51. Glendale was the first state in the United States to authorize this practice. The law made it official believing that motorcyclists and other motor vehicles, hoping that traffic and congestion will drop on the state’s highways.

However, there are also exceptions when engaging in lane-splitting. Riders can also do it when the route branches into two or more marked lanes with vehicles traveling in the same direction.

Helmet Laws in Glendale

The law states that all riders need to wear helmets at all times when on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, helmets minimize the risk of death and severe head injuries by 29% during a crash. 

NHTSA added that every year, 400 people die in motorcycle accidents. Even if they wear helmets and protective riding gear, they have no seatbelts or airbags as protection. That’s why riders are at risk of sustaining serious injuries. 

What to Do  After Getting Getting Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

Following a motorcycle accident is a catastrophic experience leaving the victim injured and confused. You might not even know or remembered what happened after waking up in a hospital. Regardless of your situation, remember that you can rely on Big Ben Lawyers’ best trial motorcycle accident lawyers to help you regarding your injuries and property damages.

After the accident, there are measures that you need to take in case you’re still conscious. These are:

Remain Calm

It’s natural to panic after an accident but it’s important to remain calm instead. Don’t lose your temper and say things to the other driver that you’ll regret later. What you’ll say can be used against you. Keep a cool head and don’t admit fault.

Call the Authorities

It’s important to let the police know about the incident regardless if the accident is minor or life-threatening. You’ll need a police report as one of the documents needed in filing an injury claim.

Gather Information and Pieces of Evidence

If you can, collect information about the other driver’s name and insurer. Take pictures of your injury, wrecked motorcycle, and the place of the accident, or take footage which is all needed when you need to prove the liable party’s negligence.

Call 911

No matter how minor or severe are your injuries, or even if you feel okay, you still need to seek medical attention right away. Maybe you don’t see any physical injury, but who knows if you have it internally and are already suffering from hemorrhage without knowing it. 

Move to a Safe Location

To prevent further injury and damage from another possible accident, move to a location or spot where you can be safe while waiting for the authorities or medical providers to arrive.

Contact Big Ben Lawyers for a Genuine Help

If you need help regarding your motorcycle accident, don’t think twice to reach out to Big Ben Lawyers. Our several decades of serving and finding justice for our clients make us the go-to law firm in Glendale when it comes to effectively handling personal injury cases.

We’ll get you the best medical care if necessary and get your motorcycle repaired. You might think that you don’t need an advocate like Big Ben Lawyers, think again. Filing a claim is a complicated procedure and you’ll need someone skilled and knowledgeable enough about the law to help protect your rights.

We’ll ensure to help you secure the right compensation and defend you from the insurance company’s dirty tactics. Our compassionate motorcycle accident lawyers are competent enough to handle and establish a successful case. Call now and schedule a free case evaluation. We work on a contingency fee basis.

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