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Whom to sue after a truck accident?

The vehicle operator, the company they work for, and the truck owner may all be held accountable in a truck accident. In other circumstances, the facility or organization in charge of the trailer’s contents may be held liable. Because each situation is different, consulting with a lawyer is the best method to figure out who is to blame.

Let us take an example of an accident where a truck due to an accident injured somebody (the victim). In such a situation, it would be automatically assumed that the driver of the truck and the company which owns the truck is to blame. however, it might later be discovered upon further investigation that there was a manufacturing defect on the truck which caused the accident. In such a situation, the truck manufacturer would be sued under product liability laws.

If there were dangerous yet preventable conditions on the road, the city may be held accountable; this is known as premises liability. For the same accident, some wounded individuals file claims against many defendants. As a result, we provide complimentary consultations to interested persons.

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