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What’s the most appropriate action to take days after the crash?

The following measures are vital after a crash has happened.

  • Secure a duplicate of the crash report from the police.
  • Secure a property damage valuation from your insurer.
  • Ensure to remember all the appointments and treatments you receive, as well as any signs you may be experiencing. Obtain all copies of pharmaceutical prescriptions, therapies, and all the necessary information on your medical condition that may be relevant.
  • Keep a careful record of all your expenditure.
  • Keep track of days you couldn’t go to work and how much you lost in terms of missed wages.
  • Avoid any settlement offers from an insurer without first consulting an experienced truck accident lawyer.

As a matter of fact, Insurance companies collect information from the truck drivers involved in an accident and analyze police reports and other evidence. They determine who is at fault and the amount the other party deserves in compensation. Upon making this determination, they make will make an offer to you regarding what they think is the compensation that you deserve, through a letter. This is where you should be careful because the moment you accept the settlement amount stated in the letter by signing the offer letter, you immediately waive the right to sue for compensation in court.

Therefore, do not be tempted by the dollar amounts that they have offered in their letter as compensation. Instead, first, you need to consult a truck accident lawyer who has experience in handling truck accident claims for advice before signing the offer letter. You might decide to accept the amount offered by the insurance company when in fact you could have suffered some internal injuries that you are not aware of. These internal injuries might start to manifest later. However, by that time, you would have signed away your right to sue and settled for a lesser amount than you would have been entitled to if you had consulted the right truck accident lawyer.

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