The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Your Case

How to choose the right bicycle accident lawyer? From the onset, you need to understand why you need a bicycle accident lawyer. A bicycle accident lawyer is a necessity when it comes to filing a bike accident claim. The presence of a bicycle accident lawyer not only helps you to focus on putting together the necessary evidence but also aids you when you are negotiating with the insurance companies of the at-fault parties. Furthermore, bicycle accident lawyers help you file the case.

As you will find out, bike accident cases are often complicated because every party at the accident scene would want to avoid any liability for the accident. It is not surprising that everyone, including yourself, would like to lay blame on someone else other than yourself. Moreover, too many emotions are involved as you are probably hurt or hurting from the consequences of the bicycle accident.

Following a personal injury incident, different parties involved have contrasting objectives. Victims seek a fair resolution to their cases on one end, while on the other, insurance companies aim to increase their profits. The most common method for these companies to achieve this is by minimizing the payout of insurance claims. Often, these companies show little consideration for fairness or lack thereof, remaining emotionally detached throughout the process.

It is not surprising that insurance companies may even decide to call you so that you can discuss any possible settlement before the matter proceeds to court. At this time, they would deflect so much blame from the insured and magnify any aspect of what they believe was your contribution to the occurrence of the accident. Often, the person on the other side of the call is exceptionally experienced in bicycle accidents and may trick you into admitting to being wrong. You should be aware now that what you say may be used against you to your detriment.

Further, suppose the insurance company invites you to the negotiation table. In that case, you will realize that you must adequately represent yourself. On the insurance company’s side will be skilled bicycle accident attorneys and insurance adjusters who ensure you walk away from the table with so little.

You need more than an experienced California bike accident lawyer, as you would need a very dedicated lawyer whose attention to detail would be the success of your claim.

At Big Ben Lawyers, we are experienced but also dedicated and skilful in handling your bicycle accident claim. As the best bicycle accident lawyer, we know the significance of having experience, accountability, integrity, transparency, and professionalism when following up on your bicycle accident claim.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The aforementioned details make it clear that you need the expertise of a seasoned personal injury attorney to ensure that you receive just and suitable compensation based on your individual situation. You’ll be adequately compensated and well-prepared to navigate your options with the right attorney. Additionally, if your insurance claim goes to trial, the presence of a skilled attorney becomes essential. They will support you throughout the trial proceedings and continue to provide guidance even after the court has made a decision in your favor.

After the insurance claim ends, you shall appreciate the wisdom of hiring the right lawyer. In the end, you shall realize that the bicycle accident lawyer focuses on ensuring that you get fair compensation as you focus on recovering from the accident.

As outlined previously, it’s vital to engage the services of a top-tier personal injury lawyer to comprehend how to select the best one fully. At first, you might contemplate navigating the claim process on your own, but it’s generally recommended to collaborate with a professional experienced in handling personal injury cases. This expert can guide you through the complexities of the claim process. When considering such services, opt for your area’s most reputable personal injury attorney.

Based on the aforementioned details, the following are the considerations you need to make when selecting a personal injury lawyer to ensure you choose the right legal representation:

  • Level of Insurance Negotiation skills;
  • Level of trial experience;
  • Local legal reputation;
  • The amount of workload that the lawyer or law firm has;
  • Compatibility ;
  • Good communication;
  • Cost; and
  • The size of the law firm

An explanation of the elements is as below:

Level of Insurance Negotiation Skills

Having the right bicycle accident attorney to protect your interests would be best. It is, therefore, necessary to engage the services of a bicycle accident lawyer with in-depth insurance negotiation skills. With these skills, they could competently and efficiently represent you.

You shall be able to determine the level of insurance negotiation skills during the initial free consultation, even through previous client reviews. It would be best to look at the reviews of clients who had bicycle accident cases to have a clear picture. It would help if you understood that a lawyer might have skills in other legal elements and have very few skills in different spheres. With this in mind, seek a lawyer with impressive insurance negotiation skills.

A large percentage of personal injury claims have some involvement in one way or the other with Insurance Companies. You must understand that such insurance companies are only there to maximize profits.

Therefore, the right bicycle accident lawyers are necessary to give you an upper hand during the negotiation and stop the Insurance Company from exploiting you. Engaging the services of the right lawyer is a worthy move as they would safeguard your interests.

The in-depth knowledge of insurance matters will also be valuable as they can identify the damages you are entitled to. With the multiple options, you can pin down the ones that fit your circumstances to ensure adequate compensation.

At Big Ben Lawyers, we certainly have the best bicycle accident lawyers who are well-versed in all kinds of damages that would apply to your situation.

Level of Trial Experience

When deciding who could be the right bicycle accident lawyer, you must consider their experience level. The longer the experience, the higher the possibility they can pick out the elements that are good for your case and remove the ones that do not aid your cause. With a shorter experience, there is a danger that the bicycle accident lawyer may not benefit your case as they would be using your chance to build their level of expertise.

Therefore, you must question the potential bicycle accident attorney’s experience level before choosing them. You may also use the internet to look up their experience level, as the right attorneys have websites from which you can deduce their level of expertise. Also, you can review previous client reviews so that you can know if you shall engage them or not.

The extent of their experience goes to investigating bicycle accident cases and gathering the requisite evidence, documentation, and information required to have a strong bicycle accident claim.

This experience is worth having on your side, given that the opposing parties, be it the at-fault driver or insurance company, would also have a great experience through their various professions like attorneys or insurance adjusters.

Local Legal Reputation

When deciding who is the right bicycle accident lawyer, consider their reputation. Pick out the ones with a good reputation and ignore those with a bad reputation. To know their importance, look through the internet and past clients.

The Amount of Workload that the Lawyer or Law Firm Has

Choose a bike injury attorney who has a manageable workload. The more the workload in their hands, the more the chances they may need to give your case a sufficient amount of concentration. With a bit of attention on your case, the chances are high that you may need help to be successful in your bike accident claim. Therefore, choose an attorney who has a reasonable amount of workload in their hands so that you can ensure that there is a sufficient level of attention to your case.


Make sure to seek out a personal injury lawyer with whom you feel a sense of compatibility. If there isn’t a good rapport with your attorney, it can impact the effectiveness of your representation. Therefore, assessing the compatibility between yourself and your legal counsel is vital.

Good communication

Look for an attorney who can communicate effectively and clearly. With good communication skills, the lawyer can adequately and efficiently communicate your claim. A bike injury attorney with poor communication skills may be a significant liability in your case. Therefore, choose the one with good communication skills.


Please ask the Attorney how they charge their legal fees and fee structure. Choose those attorneys who charge their prices on a contingency basis. With such an arrangement, you shall not fund your case. Therefore, be very clear about this issue so that you do not have to pay high legal fees when you can find the best bike accident attorney to charge you on a contingency basis.

The size of the law firm

Consider also the law firm’s size before deciding on engaging their services. The bigger the law firm, the more resources they can use to represent you. Resources range from having a vast network of complementary professionals who shall aid in your case, financial resources to build a strong accident claim, and the number of lawyers working on your case. Therefore, choose big law firms.

Handling any personal injury claim becomes much easier when you have the right attorney by your side. A competent law firm specializing in personal injury cases can help you navigate the process smoothly. Trying to manage all aspects of such a case alone may prove challenging. Collaborating closely with a seasoned attorney is the best strategy to ensure recovery following a personal injury incident in California.

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The team at Big Ben Law understands the anxiety and worry that a personal injury incident can create. We will meticulously investigate the circumstances of the incident to help you establish liability for your losses and explore every possible source of compensation for your personal injury claim.

The sooner you hire us after an accident, the better your prospects are of getting the maximum compensation permitted under California’s law. To discuss your legal options with a skilled team of personal injury lawyers, contact our team to arrange your free legal consultation. Considering the above, you shall know how to choose the best bicycle accident lawyer.

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