The City Caused My Slip and Fall Accident and Injury. How Do I File a Case Against It?

You’re happily walking on the street when all of a sudden you slipped and fell. After the slip and fall accident, you found out that you sustained an injury. Now, you might be asking, how would you file a case against the city. 

To hold the city or government liable for your accident and injury, there must be negligence. However, as a victim, there are significant limitations on your right to get a settlement from the local government. 

Just like other state and local government bodies, California has stringent procedural statutes for filing a personal injury claim. Moreover, several administrations place a cap on how much a victim can recover regarding damages when the claim becomes successful.

You may say it’s a daunting process, yet you can have all the help you need from a reputable law firm. Big Ben Lawyers is always ready to help and will fight for the right of the victims. Our experienced personal injury lawyers won’t stop seeking justice for you until we get it.

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What Should You Do After Getting Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident on Government Property?

Following a slip and fall accident on government property, take pictures and footage of the place of the accident. You also need to take pictures of your clothes and any recognizable injuries if you can. These images and videos will serve as strong pieces of evidence that will support your claim.  

When is the City or Government Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident and Injury? 

They are only responsible for your accident and injury if they were negligent, especially if the negligence caused your accident and injury. This makes them financially liable for your damage and injury. 

However, slipping and falling on a sidewalk or street means that the city or government is already negligent. Additionally, it doesn’t mean that they are also negligent if there has been a slippery or dangerous street condition.

To prove their negligence, you must demonstrate that they knew or should have been reasonably aware of the street or sidewalk’s hazardous condition. Due to the complex nature of personal injury cases, hiring a knowledgeable and skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney is your best option.

What is the so-called Notice of Claim?

California law requires a plaintiff to file a “Notice of Claim” first against the city or government prior to filing a lawsuit. The notification must include:

  • Name and contact information of all involved parties in the accident
  • Details of how, when, and where the accident occurred
  • A brief account of the injury’s extent
  • Amount of damages requested

How Would you File a Claim Against the City?

It’s important that you send the advice to the precise office. Sending your notice to the wrong department jeopardizes and prohibits your right to receive a claim.

If you properly filed your claim, however, there are circumstances when the government disproves it or disregards any action within a specified amount of time. If this is the case, seek the help of a skilled and expert PI lawyer to handle your case and help you file a claim. 

To make a case for the city’s negligence, you must exhibit the elements of a negligence claim. These are:

  • the city’s duty of care
  • breach of that duty
  • proof that the breach of duty caused an injury
  • actual injury

It’s crucial that you gather as many pieces of evidence to support your claim and strengthen your case. It includes acquiring witness affirmations, pictures, medical records and bills, footage, and statements or findings from treating doctors.

What is the statute of limitations and notice deadlines for filing a personal injury claim against a city or government?

Generally, states and local governments are immune from accident liabilities. However, they disregarded that liability in certain ways. As a victim, you have to follow a resolute claim-filing process with the government agency that may be responsible for your slip and fall accident. These approaches differ by jurisdiction, but can involve the following:

  • As little as 30 days to inform the proper city’s  municipal department where you incurred the injury
  • Your claim and accident’s written description, including the exact place, accurate condition, and the nature and your injury’s extent
  • Request for a specific dollar amount   

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