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Best Truck Accident Law Firm: Driving on a freeway means sharing the road with large vehicles such as semi-trucks and big rigs. It’s scary to imagine that you’re behind a huge truck that can’t see you from its blind spot. No matter how careful you drive if the truck driver whom you share the road with is negligent, could possibly cause a truck accident. 

Due to the vehicle’s massive size and weight, you can easily imagine how catastrophic it would be when a truck accident happens. The extent of injuries and damages can be devastating for the victims, especially to the family when the victim dies. It would be harder to accept when a loved one dies suddenly due to a freak accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Whether you or your loved one suffer minor or severe injuries, it’s in your best interest to speak with a lawyer from the best truck accident law firm like Big Ben Lawyers to help you. We’ll protect your legal rights and defend you from the insurance companies that will offer you an unfair settlement or even deny your claim.

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Damaged Semi trailer truck due to an accident

Why Do Truck Accidents Occur?

Almost every day, trailers and trucks cause several accidents resulting in damage to properties, serious injuries, and even lost lives. Due to their heavy structures which can typically weigh 30 times heavier than a car, a crash with these gigantic vehicles can have disastrous consequences.  If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident and suffers injuries, speak with our experienced truck accident lawyers for help.

Truck accidents occur for many reasons and here are a few:

Extreme Speed 

The law requires truck drivers to drive at a lower speed unlike passenger vehicles but also need to follow a certain speed limit. Then truck drivers fail to comply with the posted limits or even drive too fast, devastating events can happen.


Commercial trucking companies must obey to stipulated load sizes required by federal and state regulations. Too much weight that a truck carries can affect the braking time and can result 

in catastrophic accidents.  

Equipment Malfunction 

Most commercial trucks of today are equipped with state-of-the-art technology equipment. However, despite these technological advances, equipment malfunction still happens and is one of the major factors that contribute to truck crashes.

Aggressive Driving

There are times when truck drivers become aggressive when driving, especially after a traffic jam. When he continues this kind of behavior while driving, the tendency is a calamitous road accident may happen.

Intoxicated Driving

Commercial truck companies, employers, and truck drivers must follow strict alcohol and drug testing regulations that federal law requires. You can foresee how devastating an accident would be if a truck driver behind the wheel is intoxicated with illegal drugs or alcohol.

Exhaustive Driver 

Truck drivers need to reach a certain quota so they drive for long hours of periods because they have a certain speed limit. Long hours of driving on the road, sometimes without taking a short break can be exhausting. Too much exhaustion can make truck drivers sleepy while driving which can result in a deadly collision with other vehicles on the road.  

Almost all of these factors that cause truck accidents can be prevented by following safety measures. If you think that one of these caused your accident, don’t hesitate to contact Big Ben Lawyers to discuss your case. 

Best Truck Accident Law Firm: The Dangers of Trucks on the Road

Obviously, commercial trucks are too much heavier than passenger cars. An average box truck weighs 10,000 to 19,500 pounds, which is almost the same as a delivery truck. Cement trucks and trucks with sleeper cabs, on the other hand, can weigh at least 33,001 pounds. 

This only shows that commercial trucks weigh two to five times more. Generally, truck drivers are always strained because of their long hours of work which can result in extreme exhaustion. An exhausted driver is considered an unsafe driver. 

The vastness of a commercial truck is enough reason to make it dangerous on the road compared to other vehicles. It needs sufficient time and expanse to come to a total halt. Additionally, they need more space to turn and are not as maneuverable compared to smaller passenger vehicles such as cars. Besides the trailer’s length produces a big blind spot around the vehicle, causing safety problems. 

There are times when commercial trucks carry hazardous chemicals or materials. These dangerous materials can be diesel, gasoline, oil, or toxic substances which are flammable. A destructive explosion can happen and can take damage several properties and claim many lives.

What Kinds of Damages Can You Recover as a Truck Accident Victim?

In order to recover damages for your injuries and losses, you need to have a successful case. Retaining a skilled truck accident lawyer can help you establish a strong case against the defendant(s). Damages you may receive include:

Medical Treatment Costs

When the truck driver is the sole liable party who caused the accident, you’re eligible to acquire full compensation for whatever costs your medical treatment may incur.  These include hospitalization, prescription, and physical therapy to name a few. 

Lost Salaries

When you’re working but suffered severe injuries from a truck accident, you need to

miss your work to recuperate and regain your strength and allow your injuries to heal. The insurance company needs to pay you for the current salaries you lost including the future during your health recovery.

Property Damages

This type of damage refers to your car or any other personal property such as watch, phone, eyeglasses, laptop, and others. You’ll be eligible to obtain compensation for your wrecked or broken property’s fair market value during the time of the crash.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

The severity of your injuries can cause you pain and suffering – physically and emotionally. The defendant must compensate you for all the affliction and agony his negligence caused you.

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