Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t my Fault?

Lawyer for a Car Accident – It is always challenging to heal from trauma caused by an accident. Regardless of fault, you should retain an attorney to represent you in personal injury claims arising from the accident. Several issues arise from car accidents, including the medical expenses incurred, lost earnings, compensation for property damage to your car, and such related costs. Other problems include which insurance companies would cater for the accident’s expenses and the outcome.

Retaining a car accident attorney to address the preceding issues is essential since they are complex and multifaceted. So that you know, the police report shall ordinarily point out the party responsible for the accident.

Lawyer for a Car Accident: Reasons for Retaining an Attorney

1) attorneys often give free case evaluations and analyses on the viability of such cases.

2) lawyers often offer their legal advice on a contingency fee arrangement.

It is always critical to hire a lawyer to represent you following an accident, even if it was not your fault.

Importance of Talking to an Attorney before taking any Settlement Offer from an Insurance Company

It is not advisable to agree to any settlement or promissory offer from the insurance company before engaging a lawyer. It is important to note that insurance companies are in the market for business reasons to make money and may not necessarily act in your best interests. They will always work around the globe to ensure that victims get the most minor compensation. When engaging an insurance company without consulting a lawyer, you may be hoodwinked to sign shoddy deals and, in the long run, be shortchanged. So, having an attorney by your side is essential to have the best outcome from your claim, irrespective of whether you were at fault.

Our competent team of attorneys at Big Ben is ready to assist you in the whole process to ensure that insurance companies do not shortchange you. They help you get the best outcome from your claim. We will carefully look over your claim and see if it’s true. We shall guide you through the process while you pass through your recovery journey. We’ll be able to help you with your matter today.

By Retaining a Personal Injury Attorney, you are Guaranteed the best outcome from the Insurance Company.

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn't my Fault

Quantum of damages that you are entitled to receive

It is vital to note that the quantum of damages that one may be awarded as compensation is determined by the degree of seriousness of injuries sustained following the accident.

Types of Damages Following a Car Accident

Pecuniary and Non-Monetary Damages

Pecuniary damages cover expenses that can be quantified, including medical expenses, damages for property damage, and related expenses whose value can be ascertained arithmetically. On the other hand, non-monetary damages are those whose monetary value cannot quickly be established and include pain, suffering, and trauma sustained following such accidents.

Current and Prospective Healthcare Expenses. These are the monetary damages for the expenses incurred while pursuing your recovery journey after a car accident. Our competent team of personal injury attorneys can look at your situation to determine the extent of damage and establish the expenses for medical treatment. Following your treatment, you will be able to understand what kind of damages you are amenable to. Our Firm will help you gather evidence related to treatment documentation.

Missed Remuneration as a Result of Missed Work: Following any accident, loss of earnings is mostly reported due to missed work. A victim under such circumstances is entitled to be given reimbursement for such lost profits, which also includes further benefits and bonuses. To obtain the optimum compensation for lost wages, the victim always needs the assistance of an attorney.

Loss of Potential Earning Capacity: returning to the status quo before the victim sustained injuries following an accident. Returning to one’s immediate former work status would be challenging. This is so particular, especially when the victim in question was working on menial jobs. Establishing your claim for lost earning capacity seems arduous since it calls for engagement with various stakeholders and gathering evidence. It’d be great if you could find a competent attorney to help you assess the means of proving your claim.

Lost Degree of Love and Affection: Following a car accident, it is rare for the victim to live life in the manner they did before the accident. Sometimes, it could be the perception of the victim that they do not feel that they are not able to love their loved ones to the required degree. In such instances, our competent team of attorneys at Big Ben Law will be able to help you pursue damages for loss of consortium.

Suffering and Anguish: Following an accident, it is always true that the victim suffers pain, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Our attorneys ordinarily help a victim to obtain just compensation for suffering sustained following injuries caused by the accident.

What if you are partially at fault for the accident?

It is vital to note that where the victim takes partial blame for the accident, the issue of comparative fault applies. Comparative fault dictates the fault of each party has to be assessed before compensation is awarded. This helps determine the degree of compensation available for the victim.

What is the importance of Legal Representation even if the accident was not your fault?

It is essential to have an attorney represent you if the car accident was not your fault. Some of the ways our attorneys will assist you include the following:

  • We are examining the available evidence to establish liability and the proportion thereof.
  • Pursuing insurance companies for a settlement.
  • Litigation should negotiations fail.
  • It ensures that you obtain just compensation owing to the extent of liability.
  • The comparative fault system in California is quite challenging to understand. They retain an attorney to assist you and protect your rights.

Is it Necessary to Retain an Attorney following a Car Accident?

It is advisable to retain a lawyer following a car accident. Our team of attorneys offers free consultation and case review.

Our fee arrangement is contingency, so you don’t need to worry about fee payments. We only charge based on the success of your case.

What are the Roles of a Car Accident Attorney?

Generally, an attorney is pursuing compensation on behalf of the injured party. In the process, the attorney can protect the interests of the victim. The attorney shall help in the whole process of pursuing compensation. Our team of attorneys shall help you pursue total compensation.

Our attorneys will help you in the following ways:

Case Review: This is the first and critical step for every claim. Our attorneys are readily available to offer free case analysis and assess the weight of your claim based on the evidence.

Case Investigation: A duly competent attorney must assess all the peculiar circumstances surrounding a particular accident. This step involves gathering photographic evidence, police reports, eyewitness accounts, healthcare records, and proof of damage.

Engaging Insurance Companies: while the victim recovers from injuries sustained, attorneys pursue insurance companies for compensation. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and would attempt to cut costs. Such companies may also shortchange victims by making little offers. Attorneys will always help a victim to obtain the best bargain with insurance companies.

Lawyer for a Car Accident – Lodging Claims: Our car accident lawyers will always help you file claims before the insurance companies of the party at fault. This requires expertise in documentation, which a victim may not be able to gather and present before the insurance companies. Attorneys also help ensure all the claims are filed within the required timelines.

Obtaining Optimum Compensation: several expenses follow an injury sustained after a car accident—the same range from economic to non-economic damages, as discussed above.

Representation in Court: Following protracted arguments with the insurance companies, the victim may finally file a lawsuit. Our duly competent attorneys are well-versed in the processes of the judicial system. They will always be able to help you pursue the same.

Maneuvering Theatrics of Insurance Companies: As stated earlier, insurance companies are in the market for business and will always attempt to offer the most minor settlements. Ours is to work diligently to make sure you get the most compensation.

The role of a car accident lawyer in an accident claim is not only fixed on pursuing compensation on your behalf but also ensuring that you get the comfort you require for quick recovery. A car accident lawyer helps you obtain the best outcome from an insurance claim and will ensure that you receive fair compensation for the physical injuries and medical bills from the other driver’s insurance company or directly from the at-fault driver. It follows from this that you’ll need a lawyer for your car accident case.

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