Serious Dog Bites Injury? Speak with the Big Ben Lawyers

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend until it attacks and bit someone. Now, the animal is the worst enemy of the injured victim. If you or a loved one sustained injuries from dog bites, call the Los Angeles Dog Bites Injury Lawyer at Big Ben Lawyers to determine if you have a case. 

Dog bite injuries usually necessitate serious medical attention because of possible infection from disease or bacteria the animal might be carrying. Most dogs in Los Angeles don’t have regular vaccination, and the disease they might have can be transferred to the victim. Additionally, medical treatment can be very expensive.  

Our first-class dog bites injury lawyers at the Big Ben Lawyers will ensure that you will get full compensation, enough to cover your previous, current, and future medical expenses. 

Los Angeles Dog Bites Injury Lawyer

Common Reasons for Dog Aggressions

Each of us needs to understand why a dog attacks and bites. The animal usually becomes hostile in its reaction to a distressful situation. It can’t speak as humans tell to back off or if it’s hurting. The dog will usually snarl, bare its teeth, or growl when it feels it’s threatened. 

If a dog bit you and didn’t provoke it, you can file a lawsuit against the dog owner. Our skilled dog bite lawyers at the Big Ben Lawyers can help you file a case. Here are a few reasons for their aggressiveness leading to the victims getting bitten:

Unfamiliar People and Occurrences

Dogs that felt threatened and terrified might protect themselves by biting or growling. As a dog owner, always keep your pet on a leash when arriving at unfamiliar places. If your pet continues its aggressiveness towards visitors, try crate training it. It will enable you to separate it calmly from the visitors in another room. 


A dog can be ferocious during mealtime, especially those that are protective of its food. It’s best not to come near while the animal is eating. If you hear it snarl or bare its teeth, better leave it alone.


Children are always playful and curious. They are the most at risk when it comes to dog attacks and bites. The animal may feel superior towards children due to their small size. Whether you’re a dog owner or not, it’s better to teach your children to act around a dog properly to prevent provoking the animal. 

Illness or Injury

A dog in pain may likely attack and bite because of irritation. It becomes vicious when someone unknowingly touches the painful part of its body. 

Protective Mother Dog

It’s a natural instinct for a female dog to attack and bite if she feels that her puppies are being threatened. If your dog just gave birth, limit your interaction with the animal, especially your children. 

Dog Wrangles

Don’t attempt to separate two or more dogs in the middle of a brawl. These fighting dogs might turn their attention on you. You might become the victim of fierce attacks and bites of these dog rumble. 

Play Moments

There are instances when dogs lose their self-control during play because they can get carried away. Know how to play with your pet safely, and teach your children to do the same.

Who is Responsible for Dog Bite Injury?

California’s strict liability laws specify that pet owners are liable for any dog bites. Moreover, they can’t dispute the following:

  • They have no idea that their dog could be threatening
  • They made an effort to prevent their pets from harming or injuring other people

Moreover, the dog owner becomes strictly liable if the injured victim was: 

  • Bitten, even if the dog bite didn’t pierce or cut the victim’s skin
  • In a public place or “legally in a private place” when the dog bite happened 

The said law doesn’t apply if the victim experienced a dog attack and bites from a police or military dog. During the assault, the animal could be in operation or defending itself against annoying behavior. 

If you or your loved one is a dog bite victim, speak with our knowledgeable dog bite injury at the Big Ben Lawyers. We’ll discuss your bite claim and help pursue compensation for the injuries you suffer.

Big Ben Lawyers Is Always Ready to Help You with Your Case

If you don’t have medical coverage or health insurance, call the Big Ben Lawyers. We can make preparations for your medical bills to be covered as soon as your dog bite claim reaches a settlement. There’s no limit to your health coverage, and we’ll schedule your treatment regardless of the cost. 

Schedule a free consultation with Big Ben Lawyers. Tell us about your case, and we’ll tell you about your legal rights. We’ll also maximize your compensation to cover all the overheads, losses, and damages you sustained from the dog bite injury. 

Call us at 818-423-4878 today to discuss the best strategy to have a successful case. By the way, we are working on a contingency fee basis.  

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