Professional Glendale Dog Bite Injury Attorney

There’s no questioning that a dog indeed is a man’s best friend. In Glendale, California you’ll see a lot of people walking with their dogs. However, there are circumstances when even a well-trained animal may still attack or bite.  If you or a loved one is a victim of dog bites, better seek legal help from a professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney.

Professional Glendale Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Why Dogs Attack?

Glendale is a perfect place for joggers, bikers, runners, and brisk walkers but also a risky place because of numerous dogs. The people’s motions trigger these canines to attack and bite. However, that’s not always the case. Those dogs that attack and bite are not properly trained by their owners. 

Dogs bark to defend their territories and make strangers go away. Every time that this incident happens, the animals become bolder and more aggressive. The increased excitement in the dog’s behavior can result in an attack and eventually a bite to the person. If you’re a victim, speak with a professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney.

Professional Glendale Dog Bite Injury Attorney: What to Do When a Dog Attacks and Bites?

Joggers, runners, or brisk walkers are at risk of being totally attacked before they even have a chance to avoid it. When a dog attacks you, let the animal bite something that you have such as a sweater. Allow the dog to bite the arm of your sweater and pull it off from you and get out of the area. 

When an attack occurs, always protect your face, throat, and chest. Close your hands to protect your fingers. If you can’t prevent being bitten, the safest part is your forearm or shin. Don’t let it bite you in the thigh because it’s going to be bloody. If you’re already bitten, don’t pull away because it will only make your injury worse. 

Most of all, seek medical attention immediately after a dog bite. Afterward, seek a professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney for advice if you need to pursue a case.

For California Dog Owner Liability Law

Under California law, the pet owner can be held responsible for the following circumstances:

  • A dog bite caused the victim’s injury
  • The dog bite occurred while the victim was in a public place 
  • The dog bit the victim while in a legally private space

Moreover, California is a state that recognizes “strict liability.” It means that it makes no difference whether the dog became violent before its initial attack or if the owner knew of his pet’s threatening behavior. So if you or your loved one suffered dog bite injuries, contact a professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney to address your case.

Some injuries are not due to a dog bite but from the animal’s jumping and scratching. If this is the case, you rather need to deal with filing a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. The law might cover this kind of canine behavior separately. The professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney knows the complications of the laws concerning dog attacks and bites. 

Compensation in a Dog Bite Injury Case

The compensation you or your loved one should receive will provide for the monetary and non-monetary losses after suffering dog bite injuries. The professional Glendale dog bite injury will make sure that you’ll get a fair settlement for the following damages:

Medical Bills

Treatment for a dog bite injury is not that easy let alone the expenses. You need immunization for rabies and might undergo surgery to stitch cuts and wounds if necessary.

Lost Income or Earning Capability

Severe dog bite injuries will require you to recover for a long time. It means you have to miss work to fully recuperate. It’s also possible that you’ll lose your earning capability due to disfigurement caused by the injuries. The professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney will help you establish a strong claim. 

Pain and Suffering

A dog bite injury is truly painful, especially after surgery. You’ll experience a great deal of pain and suffering for weeks or months while recuperating from the wounds.    

Lasting Trauma or Deformity

Dog bite injuries can cause lasting trauma or deformity which can change the quality of your life. This also needs fair compensation because you might consider undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Dog Bite Case Challenges

Pursuing a claim is not that as easy as you think. The defendant won’t simply give up a fight and will challenge you. These include:

  • You trespass on the defendant’s private property
  • You aggravated the animal 
  • The dog is just protecting its owner based on the state’s self-defense laws
  • The animal is conducting military or police duty

To protect your rights and ensure that you’ll get the compensation you deserve, speak with a professional Glendale dog bite injury attorney.

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