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The Southern California area has any number of personal injury attorneys. While it may not be difficult to find one, it can be extremely difficult to find the proper one for your needs. There is so much that goes into finding the proper personal injury lawyer. That said, it can be challenging in many ways. That’s especially true due to the fact that when you’re looking for an attorney, you’ve already suffered some kind of injury. The Benjamin Law Firm has an experienced roster of attorneys. We can provide you with the kind of representation you deserve for your personal injury case.

There are many cliches that attorneys use to market themselves to people who have recently suffered an injury. “Fighting for you” might be the most common. The idea is that the attorney is always “fighting” for you in one way or another - bending the other side to their/your will, getting the most compensation for you, and so forth. That’s what an attorney should do.

Unfortunately, all too often, that’s not what happens. Instead, the attorney that is supposed to be “fighting for” their client instead just asks the other side what their offer is. Then, with minimal (or without any) negotiation, they simply take it. Then, when that attorney who was to be doing all of this “fighting” goes back to their client, they tell the client some version of “well, this was the best we could do. Take it or leave it.”

To us, that’s the very opposite of “fighting” for someone. In fact, it’s acquiescence, submission, and laziness. It’s the very opposite of what we do at the Benjamin Law Firm, for one. Here, our attorneys always represent our clients aggressively. That manifests itself in many ways.

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First Steps

When you reach out to us, we’ll sit down with you for a consultation. This will be very relaxed and informal. After all, we know that you’ve been through a lot recently. It’s always an honor to be able to sit down with folks who found it within themselves to reach out to us after an injury. You’ll be able to tell us the whole story in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. From there, we’ll be able to figure out if we’re able to help you.

Once you sign us, though, it’s off to the races. We take many actions essentially at once. For example, if you’re still in need of medical care, we may be able to help there, too. For example, over the years, the Benjamin Law Firm has been able to establish real, working relationships with medical professionals in our area that work the same way we do. So, you won’t have to pay for your medical care. Instead, it will come out of the eventual settlement. That way, you can get the care that you need without it having to come out of your pocket.

At the same time that’s going on, we’re taking full control of your case. That means you don’t have to deal with pestering insurance adjusters anymore or anything like that. They have to go through us now. Additionally, we’re handling the filing for your case as well. We make sure to file the proper case against the right parties responsible.

Resources, Investigations, and More

The truth is that, in just about any personal injury case, you have to assume the other side is going to have plenty of resources. Those resources could come from an insurance company, a law firm, whoever was at fault in the matter of your personal injury, or all three. So, when you take them on, you need to make sure that you have resources to match.

Indeed, this is just one of the many reasons that you don’t want to try one of these cases on your own. In addition to being outmatched in terms of resources, you’re going to be outmatched in terms of legal expertise, too. So, while everyone else involved with the case (from their attorneys to insurance company professionals and others) all have years of experience with this, instead, you’ll “figure it out as you go.” That’s a plan that leads to success.

When you hire the Benjamin Law Firm, on the other hand, you’ll be backed by our team of attorneys as well as our resources. So, we have what it takes to perform a thorough investigation of your injury. We can figure out exactly what happened and why. Between our team of experienced investigators and others, we’ll be able to piece together the specific details of your case.

You might ask “why do I need that?” The simple answer is: “because the other side will almost assuredly have it.” Of course, the other side’s investigators won’t be looking for “the truth,” rather, they’ll be looking for “how we can make this personal injury your fault and not that of our client.” So, to counteract that, you’ll want a top-notch investigation that can show the real truth. Armed with that, we’ll mount an aggressive case on your behalf.

Negotiation: Always Truly On Your Side

Most cases settle out of court. A strong majority settle out of court. So, you want to go with a personal injury law firm that has experience with exactly that. Over the years, the Benjamin Law Firm has helped so many folks struggling with injuries just as you are to achieve the kinds of settlements that they deserve.

By that same token, you want a personal injury law firm that also has plenty of experience winning in courtrooms, too. It may sound paradoxical, but this helps greatly with negotiation. After all, the other side realizes “oh, we can’t just stonewall the negotiation,” as a strong courtroom record shows they’re likely to do even worse there. Our reputation precedes us, making it all the more likely that you receive a settlement in your favor.

That said, we make sure to involve our clients as much or as little as they would like to be in their case. For example, we’ve had clients who wanted to know all of the ins and outs about their case as things happen. We can accommodate that. By that same token, we know how difficult this time can be. So, we can also run your entire case on your behalf, checking in with you only when necessary. We see it as one more way that we can tailor our service to our clients.

On that note, we almost always let our clients know when the other side has made an offer. That way, you can make the right decision for your needs. Too often, the other side will make an offer quickly, just to get the case off of the books. They know that what they’re offering is less what your case is worth. So, they want you to take less money so they don’t have to pay more later. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know. You’ll get our opinion, backed by years of experience. Through this, you’ll be in the best position to make the right decision for your financial future.

The Final Steps to Your Due Compensation

If we have to go to court, we will. If we have to appeal, we will. The truth is when you hire us, we’re on your side for the duration. “We don’t get paid unless you do” may sound like a cliche, but it’s only a cliche because it’s true. We have every interest in the world in making sure that you receive as much as possible for your personal injury case.

We know how difficult it can be to deal with a personal injury. There’s no real way to prepare for it, no way to “be ready.” During this time, we understand just how much pressure you’re under. You owe it to the people in your life who count on you (as well as yourself) to receive as much compensation as possible for everything that you’ve been through. “Leaving something on the table,” so to speak, can be a real problem.

Between rehab, recovery, insurance adjusters, and everything else, it can feel overwhelming. Even if you’re surrounded by people in your life who love and care about you, it’s natural (even normal) to feel a bit alone during this time. This is all the more reason to hire a law firm that’s dealt with this before. We can handle the case while you focus on what’s really important: your health.

For some, the most difficult part of the personal injury process can be reaching out to an attorney. It’s not something natural, or something that people do on a regular basis. That’s why we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for folks like you. To schedule the initial consultation, all you have to do is send us a message. That’s it. From there, our attorneys will get back to you, setting up a time for a meeting. You can email us, message us through our site, or call us today.

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