Notable Bicycle Accidents Lawyer in Glendale to Help Maximize Your Compensation

In the United States, California leads the most number of bicycle fatalities every year. Most Glendale residents ride their bicycles to work because it’s faster, healthy for the body, and nature-friendly. However, with all those reckless drivers on the road, these bicyclists are in grave danger. If you or someone you care about is a victim of a bicycle accident, never hesitate to speak with an expert bicycle accidents lawyer in Glendale to help maximize your compensation.

Bicycle Accidents Lawyer in Glendale

What You Should Do After Getting Involved in a Bicycle Accident?  

When you or a loved one is a victim of a bicycle accident, never negotiate with the driver who hit you. Also, don’t discuss with other motorists whether you’re in the right way or not. If you can, call the authorities and take some snapshots of your bicycle and injuries while waiting for them to arrive. However, when you are seriously injured, ask someone to help you take pictures of the damages and your injuries.

It would be best to wait for the police officers to file a detailed police report, to document the incident. Moreover, the objective is not to forget the identities of the witnesses who are present when the accident happened. Don’t forget to take the police officer’s information who will get your report and never lose it, especially the crash report.

If possible, obtain the driver’s insurance information, including his or her name and the passenger’s name he or she may be with. Make sure that you contact a reputable bicycle accidents lawyer in Glendale rather than your insurance policy provider.

Receive immediate medical attention not only to treat your wounds. You will use it as proof of your injuries should you decide to file a claim. 

What Do You Need to Establish a Strong Case for Your Claim?

An accident is like a domino effect and will almost affect everything, particularly your financial aspect. You don’t have any other choice but to file a claim to get compensation. You need the money to pay for your hospitalization, medical bills, and other expenses. So how do you establish a strong case for your claim?

This is where the gathering of your pieces of evidence comes in. Without them, you won’t be able to build a strong case against the person or people who caused your injuries. These are what you need:

  • Photographs of your damaged bicycle and injuries caused by the accident including the vehicle that hit you
  • Record of your medical bills 
  • Driver’s and witnesses’ information
  • Show proof of lost wages
  • Don’t replace or fix your bike immediately because it would be best to know the repair cost or the price of a new one
  • Show proof that you need physical therapy and assistive devices such as a crotch or wheelchair
  • Show how you become emotionally distressed after the accident

What are the Damages You Can Recover from a Bicycle Accident?

You can recover damages from the accident, and these determine the compensation.  An experienced bicycle accidents lawyer in Glendale can help you file a claim.  

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are the leading damages a victim can recover from an accident. This will cover all the expenses (past and future) you shouldered. This also applies to lost wages.

Fundamentally, you will get compensation for monetary damages. This includes your incapacity to earn, household services, repair, or restores damaged property. It may also involve any expenditures for activities you can’t do anymore because of your injuries. 

Loss of Consortium

You or your loved one will get compensation in case the accident left you or a family member incapable of certain services. These are the things or activities you might have been able to offer if not for the bicycle accident. It includes encouragement, care, intimacy, sex, and the ability to have children.

Loss of Enjoyment in Life

You’ll get compensation if you can no longer enjoy the same activities and hobbies you used to do before the accident happened. This may include jogging and bicycling.

Pain and Suffering

Accidents are more than superficial and physical. It can also affect the mental and emotional aspects of a victim’s life. The trauma, pain, as well as suffering, and inconvenience from the accident, should provide you a fair settlement. 

Emotional Distress

This may be hard to quantify but still, you need to have compensation. The seriousness of the bicycle accident is traumatic. There’s no questioning how it affects your life because it can be obvious.

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