Major Causes of Auto Accident in Los Angeles and How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help When You’re Involved

More and more people are becoming injured while others die following auto accidents in California. Too many vehicles on the road mean several traffic collisions. As a matter of fact, a person dies in a Los Angeles road accident every 40 hours – more or less.

Vehicle crashes are the third main cause of fatalities and injuries in Los Angeles. The city has the highest percentage of injury-producing and deadly traffic mishaps in the United States. Driver errors account for 93% of vehicle crashes, resulting in property damages, severe injuries, or even death.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a vehicle crash and suffers injuries, call Big Ben Lawyers for help. You will need someone you can depend on not only to protect your rights but also to defend you from people who will take advantage of your situation, especially insurance companies. When you have the best trial personal injury attorney in Los Angeles by your side, no one will dare intimidate or manipulate you. 

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Why Do Auto Accidents Always Occur on Los Angeles Roads and Highways?

With the increased number of registered vehicles in California, it’s not surprising that roads and highways are experiencing more traffic jams. There are several reasons that contribute to vehicle accidents in Los Angeles, including:


Los Angeles always has a huge rate of traffic congestion, provoking drivers to step on the gas once the clogging loosens. There’s not only one driver who does this but other drivers as well who don’t want to be late for work and are always in a hurry.  

Driving beyond the allowable speed limit poses significant risks and puts anyone on the road in extreme danger. It includes passengers, pedestrians, bystanders, and the drivers themselves. 

Drunk Driving or Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving is another major cause of why auto accidents happen in Los Angeles. Each day nearly 30 people pass away due to drunk driving, which claims over 10,000 lives annually. Drivers intoxicated with high levels of alcohol in their blood must not drive to prevent accidents and injuries.

It also pertains to drivers who drive while on medication. It’s no secret that marijuana has been legalized in California, both for recreational and medical purposes. This means adults are free to use this once-prohibited substance wherever and whenever they like. Too much consumption makes the user “high” altering and impairing the user’s rational thinking and reaction time. 

Aggressive Driving

Long hours of waiting in the traffic can cause driver agitation. According to a recent analysis, sitting in the traffic for over 128 hours can add to the driver’s jitteriness. Even a calm and patient driver can become aggressive due to stress while waiting to get a chance to free himself from a traffic jam during rush hour. 

Distracted Driving

When a driver loses his focus on the road, a vehicle crash is likely to occur. Distracted driving includes eating or drinking while driving, talking to a phone, texting, or checking the app as in rideshare. Another reason for possible vehicle collision is when something caught the driver’s eye, taking his attention away from the road. It could be a billboard, people, or signage. 

Best Trial Personal Injury Attorney: Faulty Vehicles or Defects in Parts

There are instances when the reason for vehicle accidents is the vehicle itself or its faulty parts or components. If this is the case, you may file a third-party lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer for making defective vehicles and their parts. This is a complicated matter and you’ll need the help of a well-versed auto accident Los Angeles lawyer to handle your and maximize your compensation as well.

Disregarding Traffic Signs and Signals

A sensible driver will follow traffic signs and signals if he cares about other people’s safety. Beating the red light or not yielding to pedestrians are some of the reasons why auto accidents happen. Observing traffic rules will prevent collisions and save lives. 

Unknown Course

Driving into unchartered roads and highways also constitutes a number of crashes in Los Angeles. A driver who’s not familiar with the route he’s taking isn’t sure what he’ll do if something unexpected happens.

Inclement Weather

Changing weather is hard to predict and drivers must be ready at all times. He might encounter stormy weather or heavy snow while on the road which makes it dangerous for drivers, passengers, and anyone on the road.  

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