Involved in a Car Accident? Call California’s Finest-Trial Car Accident Lawyer

When we ride our cars and drive on roads and highways, we are often confident about arriving at our destination safe and sound. Still, we share the road with reckless drivers who cause countless accidents, resulting in several injuries and casualties.  

Severe injuries from a strong collision can result in impairment or cost lives. No money can bring back a victim’s life (in the case of wrongful death) or make him “whole” again. The compensation you’ll get from filing a claim against the defendant will help pay your medical bills and losses, and recover other damages. 

Contact California’s finest trial car accident lawyer to help you file a claim against those who contributed to your injuries and miseries. At the same time, you can protect your legal rights and get the maximum compensation you deserve. 

California’s finest trial car accident lawyer

Determining Fault in a Car Accident

After your accident, it’s crucial that you call for medical help regardless if your injuries are minor or severe. Aside from seeking immediate medical treatment, police officers will come to investigate and document what happened. 

On your part, it’s also important that you record everything by taking pictures and footage if you can. Ask possible witnesses if you may get their information, such as name and contact number in case you need to provide evidence and statements that the accident wasn’t your fault. 

Moreover, taking a video of the scene, your injuries, and the wreck is solid evidence of what truly happened. It will show who was really at fault. Cameras from nearby houses or establishments can be helpful as well.

However, if you can’t document your potential evidence, hiring a skilled and efficient car accident California lawyer will help you gather and preserve those evidence until needed. Your chosen lawyer will present it in court when necessary for you to recover damages and losses from the collision.

California’s Finest Trial Car Accident Lawyer: Most Common Car Accident Injuries that Victims Suffer in California

After a car accident, it would be a miracle if no one was hurt or sustained even a small scratch or cut. However, that is not always the case. Car crash victims usually suffer injuries, ranging from minor to severe, including:

Brain and Head Injuries

Brain and head injuries include critical concussions, bleeding of the brain, fractured skull, and scalp wounds. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a more serious injury that bruises the brain or gets punctured by a foreign material that penetrated the skull. Symptoms include light sensitivity, seizures, and memory loss to name a few.

Soft Tissue Injuries

A forceful impact from a car collision can rupture soft tissue resulting in damaged tendons, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These tissues attach and secure various organs and other body parts in place.

Spine, Neck, and Back Injuries

Car accident victims may suffer from whiplash, where the head experienced a violent forward and backward toss because of the accident’s impact. This leaves victims having difficulty turning their heads. The spinal column might get a fracture while back and spine injuries can result in impairment or disability. 

Broken Bones

During an accident, any part of the body can suffer fractures. One of the most frequently affected was the clavicle. It’s the most delicate bone in the body and runs into the top of the rib cage. Lower extremities, such as the legs can also endure broken bones during a forceful impact.  

What is the Value of Your Claim?

The worth of your car accident injury case depends on several factors. Besides, it’s impossible to foresee the exact amount you will receive because each case is different from the others. Moreover, even if the injuries are of the same types, they may heal differently and may necessitate more or less medical treatment and expenses.  

These factors play a crucial role in how much you should receive for a settlement or compensation:

The Gravity of Your Injury

When you suffer a serious injury, which may lead to amputation or surgery, the settlement or compensation you get is higher than minor injuries. There are instances when the victim becomes disabled and won’t be able to support his family anymore. Compensation may reach up to millions of dollars when the victim’s injury needs to cover medical care for several decades.

Lost Earnings

If your injury requires a longer recovery, it means missing work for a long time. It also means that you’ll miss receiving paychecks. More needed compensation will make up for the lost time at work.

Get the Compensation You Deserve. Call California’s Finest Trial Car Accident Lawyer for Help

If you or a loved one is a car accident victim and suffers an injury, don’t hesitate to call Big Ben Lawyers for legal help. Our finest trial car accident lawyers are passionate about helping victims seek justice and maximize the compensation they deserve.

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