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Truck accidents cause more wreckage than any other vehicular accident. Victims are more likely to sustain serious injuries or even death. Each year, California records almost 113 deadly truck crashes.

Nearly all California truck collisions occur on the highway and most of these accidents happen in Los Angeles.  About 3,000 truck accidents result in injuries with between 200 to 3000 drivers dying from the said accident. 

Due to the truck’s bulky size and weight, you can already imagine the extent of devastation it can create. If you or a loved one is a victim of a truck accident, contact LA truck accident attorney at Big Ben Lawyers to help protect your rights.

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Why Do Truck Accidents Happen In Los Angeles? 

Truck accidents happen in Los Angeles due to different reasons. Besides, multiple parties can be held liable under particular situations. Here the are the most common reasons why truck accidents happen in Los Angeles:

The truck driver is distracted while driving. Like anyone else, truck drivers are as susceptible to the inclination of texting or talking on the phone while driving. 

Unsatisfactory loading of cargoes. Truck accidents happen on Los Angeles roads and highways when cargoes are improperly loaded. These loads may fall off the truck without the driver’s awareness until the accident occurred.  Falling boxes and logs can cause traffic accidents hurting anyone on the road, including pedestrians and bystanders.

The truck driver is driving recklessly. This negligent behavior is a major traffic violation. It’s a criminal offense and more precarious and prevalent than most people are aware of. The law defines it as driving with zero consideration for safety. Additionally, it demonstrates negligence for any outcomes when driving a vehicle. Such reckless behavior includes speeding, ignoring traffic signals, tailgating, and more. 

Over exhaustion of the truck driver. Due to prolonged hours of work, truck drivers become pressured and over exhausted. The law requires them to take a rest, however, most of them ignore it. It’s more important for them to reach their quotas or even surpass them than to take a rest. It’s more dangerous and scarier to imagine that you’re sharing the road with a very weary and drained driver who could fall asleep anytime behind the wheels.

The driver is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving under the influence (DUI) is also a criminal driving offense. Some drivers use drugs or marijuana to fight tiredness or sleepiness and to stay awake for longer hours. 

Poorly-maintained vehicle. When a vehicle has poor maintenance, it can cause road accidents when the brakes won’t work suddenly. If the vehicle doesn’t have regular and proper maintenance, accidents are likely to happen. 

Inclement weather. We can’t stop the forces of nature. Heavy rainfall or snowstorm can affect road visibility and make the road slippery. 

Road conditions. Roads that are poorly maintained can also cause devastating accidents and injuries. Mishaps also occur during road maintenance when traffic signals or signage are not clear or there are none at all. The city or government could be held liable when an accident happens. 

Common Injuries Victims and Drivers Sustain in Truck Accidents

Because of the divergence in size and weight between trucks and smaller vehicles, car drivers and passengers are likely to suffer the worst injuries. Here are some of the most common injuries that victims suffer in a truck accident:

LA Truck Accident Attorney: Head and Brain Injuries

One of the most common injuries that victims sustain in a truck accident is head and brain injuries. Due to the strong impact of collision victims tend to jolt their heads, shaking their brains from side to side which can cause bruising and swelling.

Cuts and Lacerations

Victims can suffer from superficial to deep cuts and lacerations from broken glasses, sharp metal, and other jagged vehicle parts. 

Back and Neck Injuries

The impact from truck wreckage alone can already kill victims. Those who are lucky to survive are left with muscle strains, tendon, and ligament injuries. Additionally, they suffer from soft tissue damage in the neck and back. 

Burns and Road Rash

Victims can also suffer from burns because of fire and explosion. Road rash occurs when they are thrown out of the vehicle and scrape their skin on the road or pavement. 

Broken or Fractured Bones

When the victims suffer severe broken or fractured bones they will require surgery to restore their bone structures. Pins, rods, and screws are used to hold the bones together. 

Wrongful Death

This is the worst scenario that may happen to a victim because of another person’s negligence. There’s a separate case for this where the surviving family can file a wrongful death claim. Big Ben Lawyers can also help you if this happens.

LA Truck Accident Attorney: Let Big Ben Lawyers Defend and Protect Your Rights

In a road accident, there are instances when there are multiple parties involved. Whether it’s just one or more, the legal procedures are still the same. However, it’s more complicated when there is more than one liable party involved.

Due to the complexity of the case, Big Ben Lawyers can help with the filing of your claim and identify the negligent party. We’ll be by your side and represent you in court when necessary. 

We work on a contingency fee basis.

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