How do you prove nerve damage in a Car Accident?

It is worthy of note that not all injuries sustained following a car accident are physical. Some invisible internal injuries could take time to discover and have adverse effects. Furthermore, such injuries are costly when the issue of treatment arises. Establishing injuries sustained ought to be the priority after such accidents. The victim also needs to show the nexus between the nerve damage and the vehicular accident to be eligible for compensation. This is where the expertise of a car accident lawyer becomes invaluable. They can provide legal guidance, help document the injuries, and establish the connection between the accident and the nerve damage, thus ensuring the victim receives the rightful compensation.

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What is the variety of Nerve Injuries that could arise in a Car Accident?

Car accidents always vary in magnitude and impact. The reason for the variance of the extent of the injuries that are sustained in a car accident depends mainly on the speed at which the car was being driven, the nature of the collision, whether the occupants of the vehicle were wearing safety belts and on other factors that would be unique to every car accident. It is vital to note that even the smallest of such accidents could result in nerve damage.

The most common ways in which car accidents could lead to nerve damage include:

Nerve Compression /Radiculopathy: Victims experience this type of nerve injury in most instances as a result of pressure piled before the crash. This type of injury could be slight and could even recover within a short duration of time. Noteworthy, however, is that such injuries could lead to Nerve Compression if they cause nerve inflammation. The victim needs to seek urgent medical attention.

Slipped discs: Following a car accident, it is common for a victim to sustain either back or spinal cord injuries. The discs, which help provide safety between the vertebral column, can rupture following an accident. Such injuries could be inflammatory, and damage could be permanent.

Whiplash Injuries: These are injuries sustained on the head following a sudden impact. Such injuries often occur in car accidents. These injuries are severely painful and can be disastrous to the general body. Such pressure resulting in whiplash injuries could result in neck nerve injuries. When such nerves suffer a high magnitude of inflammation, even turning one’s head could be challenging.

What Signs and Symptoms Characterize Nerve Damage?

It can be challenging to diagnose nerve injuries since signs may not be envisioned during the early stages. Signs could, however, reveal over time. It is essential to visit a medical professional following such an impact.

The most common symptoms of nerve injuries are listed below:

  • Creeping sensations;
  • Sharp excruciating pain;
  • Loss of sensation;
  • Damaged muscles and muscle aches;
  • Reduced irritability and general movement;
  • Altered posture or standing position;
  • Challenges in body balance;
  • Reduced urges for sexual intimacy;
  • Severe cranial and neck pain;
  • Challenges to the urinary tract control system;
  • Reduced skin sense and
  • Convulsions

Which Evidence Can Establish that Car Accident Caused Nerve Damage?

Establishing that a car accident caused the victim’s nerve damage is a demanding task. Such injuries, like whiplash, are invisible and cannot be noticed unless a medical professional is consulted. It could still be difficult before such damage is diagnosed to be attributed to vehicular accidents.

Key steps to establish your claim:

Pursue medical treatment

Victims who get health care immediately are highly likely to have an easier time creating a nexus between their injury and the crash. This is an essential step in helping to prove you have a case. Your medical records will document your diagnosis and treatment and help bolster your claim.

It is imperative to see a doctor following such a crash and to stick to the prescribed medication to recover while seeking compensation. It is best to seek medical redress while pursuing your claim, including insurance claims.

Explain your Conditions to the Physician

Giving the doctor a detailed and accurate account of your injuries is key. You should give an exact account of your condition to ensure you get a proper prescription. Furthermore, every aspect of diagnosis, treatment, and prescription should be filed for part of the documentary evidence required to establish your case.

Keep a Record of your Injuries

It is also essential for a victim to keep proper accounts and records of the progress of their injuries from the onset. It is also vital to ensure that all the steps in the route to recovery are documented.

Get Assistance from a duly competent Attorney

Our team of attorneys at Big Ben Law Firm is very well acquainted with these types of cases and can assist victims in recovering compensation even as they get better. Our attorneys have a great pool of expertise in car accidents and can help you whenever needed. Our team is competent enough to call for all the requirements to strengthen your claim. The attorneys are well-versed in car accident claims and are ready to help when any assistance is required. Please reach out to us through our contacts, which are available online.

What is the Extent of Compensation that you can recover from Nerve Damage?

California is not a no-fault state, and this requires car accident victims to file personal injury claims with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Further and above the damages awarded under the said doctrine, the victim can pursue third-party claims to get additional damages. Our team of attorneys will help you assess the nature of your claim as to whether it meets the evidentiary threshold. In that case, the victim must consult a physician and keep a documentary record of what progresses.

Upon filing a successful claim, you could receive compensation that ranges from healthcare expenses, both short and long-term, missed earnings, and many other kinds of damages. The victim may also be eligible to receive compensation for pain and suffering damages.

How shall Big Ben Law Help You in Your Claim?

Following your sustained permanent nerve damage in a vehicle accident, the victim may seek compensation for injuries and losses sustained. Our team of Big Ben Law is here to help you get the best compensation. Our car accident lawyers in California know that it is challenging to prove that your permanent nerve damage is the result of your car accident. Still, we have decades of experience handling complicated injury claims.

Our team of lawyers will:

Please look at your health records and attention: our team will need various documents, including CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, and other tests showing your nerve damage and the severity thereof. Our attorneys will also require the victim’s medical records to establish whether there was any pre-existing condition before the crash that resulted in nerve damage.

Assess the complexity of expert opinions: Testimonies of experts such as doctors and others require an in-depth analysis. Lawyers will assist in deconstructing and letting the jury know the extent to which the car accident inflicted nerve injuries.

Address your employer’s needs: Missed earnings are one of the damages to be sought. It is evident that upon suffering from a nerve injury, it is hard to continue working under similar conditions before the accident. Our attorneys will speak with your employer and coworkers about your role and how your injury has affected your ability to work.

Assessment of the Accident Scene: Our car accident lawyer at Big Ben Law will review accident reports, videography footage, photographic evidence, and the general scene of the accident. We will look at the damage to your car and the one that hit you. We also assess cell phone records. This analysis helps us understand what happened the day you were injured, which we can present to a jury or in settlement negotiations.

What do you need to do following a car accident in which you suffer from nerve damage?

Record it if you identify specific symptoms throughout the day that could be related to your permanent nerve damage. Our personal injury attorney will use this information in court as evidence to support your argument.

Permanent nerve damage may lead to several months or years of accumulating medical expenses and lost income. Unfortunately, even then, you will most likely not be fully recovered. However, our California car accident attorneys at Big Ben Law have the knowledge and skills to guide you through the challenging moments, demystifying the problematic legal processes and making case management generally easy.

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