Hire the Finest Bus and Metro Accident Lawyer in Glendale for a Successful Case

Public transportation will always be a part of our lives when we go to work or want to go to other places. We usually ride buses to carry us to our destination whether near or far. Even if buses are one of the considered safest forms of transportation, disastrous bus accidents can happen. If you encountered a bus accident and suffered injuries, never hesitate to hire the finest bus and metro accident lawyer in Glendale.

Bus and Metro Accident Lawyer in Glendale

Most Common Devastating Injuries Victims May Sustain in Bus and Metro Accidents

Just like any accidents, bus and metro accidents can change your life spontaneously. The huge vehicle’s definitive size and weight can cause severe injuries and fatalities during the collision.

Most of the time, injured victims always struggle when seeking recovery for their damages. Bus and metro accidents bring complicated issues due to several various aspects that impart in an accident. 

Moreover, it’s possible that multiple parties involved, which can include municipalities or government entities. That’s why it’s best to hire the finest bus and metro accident lawyer in Glendale for a successful case. Below are the most common devastating injuries that victims sustain in bus and metro accidents: 

  • Paralysis
  • Impairment
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of limbs or extremities
  • Death
  • Serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Bone or joint dislocation
  • Broken bones
  • Burns, abrasions, and contusions

The abovementioned injuries involve immediate medical treatment and usually take months or even years in the hospital for full recuperation. Survivors may deal with permanent disabilities and disfigurements.  

Bus and Metro Accident Lawyer in Glendale: Finding Bus and Metro Companies Accountable for Grave Injuries

We use the bus as a commercial vehicle for public or private transportation. They must abide by several FMCA and California state protocols that employ in the commercial transportation industry. 

Buses are likewise “common carriers,” since they transport passengers from one place to another. In California, they hold higher definitive care compared to other drivers. Bus and metro drivers need to careful and diligent enough to ensure the safety of their passengers. Bus companies need to meet the following guidelines:

  • Stipulations on the hours a bus driver can work to avoid fatigued driving
  • Routine inspections and appropriate maintenance of buses
  • Stringent control on blood alcohol levels and random drug testing
  • Licensure and training necessities for commercial bus drivers

Sadly, both bus drivers and bus and metro companies usually violate these regulations. This misdemeanor creates unwanted risks of harm for passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, and other people on the road. 

Subject to the kind of bus involved in the accident, the responsible parties might include a private bus company, a municipality that runs public buses, a school system that owns school buses, or another party overall. Hiring the finest bus and metro accident lawyer in Glendale has the skills to identify and hold reckless parties liable for your damages. 

Statute of Limitations for a Bus and Metro Accident Claim

Pursuing compensation from municipal structures that runs buses involves different intervals and approaches instead of taking action against a private bus firm. The California Tort Claims Act places tough and brief deadlines to file claims against a governmental entity. 

The deadlines can vary from state to state, however, it can include the following: 

  • Six months or less deadline to inform the public transportation in writing of the detailed particulars of your accident
  • Hurried deadline for filing a lawsuit against the public transportation company

If you endured significant injuries or lost a loved one that involved a private or public bus accident, don’t think twice about speaking to a bus and metro accident lawyer in Glendale for legal assistance. 

Most Common Causes of Bus and Metro Accidents in Glendale

The majority of bus and metro accidents in Glendale are due to human error. However, some circumstances are because of badly maintained buses or imperfect brakes or tires. The most common causes of bus and metro accidents in Glendale include:

  • Driver’s lack of concentration while passengers get in and off the bus 
  • The bus makes a turn and collides with a vehicle at an intersection
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Negligence to obey traffic rules
  • Driver Exhaustion

Compensation You Can Win in Bus and Metro Accident

If you are an injured victim of a bus and metro accident, you may file a claim with the help of the finest bus and metro accident lawyer in Glendale. You may receive one or more of the following compensation based on the damages you sustained:

  • General pain and suffering for your injuries such as the pain you endure for your injuries
  • Punitive damages to penalize the liable party’s negligence

Get the Best Legal Help You Need with the Finest Bus and Metro Accident Lawyer in Glendale

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