Expert Bike Accident Lawyer in Glendale to Help You Seek Well-Deserved Compensation

Do you know that one of the most fun and enjoyable way to appreciate California’s nature? Its towering trees and remarkable coastlines attract residents and tourists alike. However, bicyclists are not the only ones using the road. Despite being dubbed as one of the most bike-friendly states in the United States, bicycle-related accidents still occur on the roads of California. Injuries emanating from bicycle accidents are usually consequential and life-changing, if not deadly. If you or your loved one’s bicycling turns into a tragedy, never forget that there’s an expert bike accident lawyer in Glendale you can always count on.  

Expert Bike Accident Lawyer in Glendale

Common Bike Accidents Occurrences in Glendale, CA

You can’t blame Glendale residents to ride their bikes to work, school, groceries, or just wander off to enjoy nature. However, there are also negligent drivers who think they own the road. Those who don’t pay attention to the traffic rules are likely to cause disaster. This is the main reason why bike accidents occur in the state such as :

Crashes Riding Against Traffic

People riding their bicycles against the traffic think that they are more protected since they can see the approaching traffic. However, what they are doing is one of the main reasons for all bicycle accidents. Moreover, it constitutes a considerable degree of serious injuries and deaths when a bicyclist crashes with a 4,000 lb. vehicle.  

Sideswipe or Contact Accidents

This typically happens when the side of a car or other vehicle brushes against the side of the bicyclist. Oftentimes, the driver will argue that the biker is too far left or too far in the bike which also doubles the danger of being doored.

Clearing Off a Private Drive

Glendale consists of several residential zones where lots of bicycle-related accidents take place. Mishaps happen when bikers or vehicles clear off private alleys, sidewalks, driveways, or sidestreet. 

Driver Outdistancing a Bicyclist

It’s a common scenario wherein bicyclists are usually hit from behind while lawfully taking up a roadway. They are frequently outdistanced at night when perceptibility is low. Drivers who miss noticing a bicyclist aren’t often able to halt in time.

Car Door Accidents

This happens when a car door opens as an unsuspecting biker rides by and slams into it. This “dooring” accident among bikers is also more common in Glendale.  

Expert Bike Accident Lawyer in Glendale: Leading Causes of Bike Accidents in Glendale

To prevent accidents, everyone must be careful, especially when driving. Most bicycle accidents could have been avoided if only drivers observe road and traffic rules. A majority of bike accidents occur due to:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving such as eating, texting, calling, or playing with phone
  • Drunk driving such as driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Negligence to follow street signs and signals 
  • Dangerous roads due to imperfection due to potholes
  • Dooring
  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Road rage

Most Common Bicycle Injuries that Bikers May Suffer

Bikers can suffer more dreadful injuries because their bodies are only protected with biking gears. These can easily break and won’t provide enough protection to the users. So when a crash happens, their bodies will have a direct impact on the vehicle that struck them. Such catastrophic injuries will occur including:

  • Broken legs
  • Nerve Damage
  • Hand fracture
  • Paralysis
  • Joint dislocation
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Dental and jaw injuries
  • Fracture collarbone

The injuries that a victim may suffer can change his life for a long time. Additionally, the risk of destructive injury is higher for bicycle riders than motorists.  

What You Should Do Following a Bicycle Accident

Anyone who met an accident is usually caught off guard. Victims are naturally in shock, discomfort, and distress when this unexpected circumstance occurs. However, handling the situation becomes more attainable by following these steps.

Gather Evidence

After collecting yourself it’s very important to gather evidence of what has transpired in your bike accident. Documenting what happened is crucial because you will use these pieces of evidence when you file a claim. 

That’s why you need to take pictures and footage of the scene, your wrecked bike, and your injuries. Getting the information of any bystanders will be helpful as they can become potential witnesses to the accident. 

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Your injuries need immediate medical attention. Aside from the reason for treating them, your medical records will also serve as evidence of the extent of your injuries. Whether you feel pain or not, it’s still important to call them.

Contact the Authorities

Don’t forget to contact the authorities because the report they’re going to make is equally important. Their investigation will also serve as a key factor in why you suffer injuries. It will also provide in-depth information that will help you establish a strong case against the person who caused your injuries.

Contact a Reputable Bike Accident Lawyer in Glendale

This would be the last crucial step that you need to follow. You’ll need a bike accident lawyer in Glendale who will stand up for your rights and ensure that you’ll get a fair settlement.

Our personal injury lawyers at the Benjamin Law Firm are always ready to help those who are in need. The compassion and commitment make us stand out from the rest. We’ll help you understand your legal options and maximize your compensation.

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