Competent Glendale Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to Defend Your Right to Fair Compensation

The hustles and bustles in the streets and highways of Glendale, CA, can result in pedestrian accidents. People love to walk in the beautiful weather while some would enjoy the sightseeing opportunities. However, these activities have been associated with risks from negligent drivers. If you or a loved one is a pedestrian victim, contact a Glendale pedestrian accident lawyer.

Every year, emergency rooms treat about 129,000 pedestrian victims, according to the Centers for Disease Control. These people suffer severe injuries due to the extent of the crash. A pedestrian hit by a vehicle will suffer severe injuries and broken bones. The medical costs involved will leave the victim bankrupt. 

Competent Glendale Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Competent Glendale Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Pedestrian Law in California 

The California Vehicle Code 21950 states that drivers should yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway. Motorists must give way in any marked crosswalk or an intersection’s unmarked crosswalk. It means that provided a pedestrian crosses a marked crosswalk or intersection, they have permission to enter.  

Although pedestrians have the right of way, they must not leave a curb out of the blue. While in a safe place, they shouldn’t either walk or run into the vehicle’s path. It could result in a pedestrian accident. Besides, pedestrians shouldn’t walk in the street without a crosswalk or pedestrian walking. 

Common Injuries Sustained in Pedestrian Accidents

The extent of injuries that victims suffer in a pedestrian accident depends on a few factors. It includes the vehicle’s speed, victim’s age and overall condition, and impact’s angle. Common injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents involve:

Head Injuries 

Pedestrians can sustain traumatic brain injuries such as a concussion. The victim’s head can hit any hard surface, such as pavement, trees, or the vehicle itself. This type of accident has lifelong effects on the victim and his family. 

Head injuries require treatment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. As a victim, you can file a claim to recover damages with the help of a competent Glendale pedestrian accident lawyer. 

Neck and Back Injuries  

These are some of the most common injuries that a victim will encounter in a pedestrian accident. The injured person can endure disc trauma, neck sprains, spinal cord injuries, and neck sprains.

Internal Injuries

There are instances when a pedestrian accident leaves a victim unscathed. But, the truth is, the injury is inside. It could be rib fractures or bruised or damaged internal organs. 

Cuts and Bruises

There are most apparent injuries a pedestrian accident victim will sustain. Deep and long cuts need stitching, including lacerations. 

Leg and Knee Injuries

Pedestrians can get their knees and legs injured from an accident. They can become fractured depending on the impact of the vehicle. In worst-case scenarios, a victim may become paralyzed, amputate a leg or legs, or even die.

Other common injuries in a pedestrian accident include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Pelvic injuries
  • Emotional and psychological damages
  • Torn ligaments

Typical Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur for several reasons. The driver or the pedestrian is either texting or calling on a phone. It could also be that the driver lost control of his car or the pedestrian listened to loud music with his headphones. 

Whatever are the reasons, it all boils down to negligence. Here are the typical accidents in a pedestrian misfortune:

Hit and Run Accidents 

It usually happens because the driver is afraid, confused, and doesn’t know what to do. It can be that the driver is under the influence, has no license, insurance, or registration.

Intersection Accidents

This accident generally happens when a pedestrian suddenly comes out of nowhere, especially at the intersection or sidewalk. The driver didn’t slow down or stop to look or wait for any crossing pedestrians.

Crosswalk Accidents

Crosswalk accidents usually occur when drivers don’t pay attention or don’t yield to pedestrians. This can also arise in criminal sanction for the reckless driver.

Backup Accidents 

It occurs when a driver is reversing from a driveway or a parking spot. He didn’t check if there were people at the back of his vehicle or didn’t check if his pathway was clear.

Damages You Can Recover from a Pedestrian Accident

The California law protects injured pedestrians hit by a vehicle. If you’re a victim, you can file a file to recover damages for your losses. It’s highly recommended that you speak with a competent Glendale pedestrian accident lawyer to ensure that you’ll get fair compensation.   

Here are the financial compensations you may get in a pedestrian accident:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Lost income

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Filing a claim on your own after a pedestrian accident is a little bit complicated. Hiring a Glendale pedestrian accident lawyer is your best option to deal with the insurance company. The Benjamin Law Firm has a team of personal injury lawyers who can handle your case more efficiently.

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