Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawsuit – Cycling in rugged terrain, wet surfaces, and a defective bicycle can lead to an accident. Further riding in hostile weather conditions may lead to health conditions.

It is essential always to follow traffic rules when cycling. It is equally important to ensure that you always wear protective cycling gear. Failure to follow traffic rules and wearing the proper equipment may cause an accident and exacerbate the injuries. By being cautious and taking preventive measures, cyclists can avoid accidents and injuries.

In the final analysis, dealing with any personal injury claim is made much simpler by having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. On your own, you might not be able to handle all the aspects of a complicated bike accident. With an experienced bicycle accident injury lawyer by your side, you are on the path to being compensated, and you should stick to that path to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

You may be entitled to compensation if you get hurt due to a bicycle accident. Head injury is the most common injury associated with cycling. Wearing a well-fitted bike helmet prevents injuries to the head in case of an accident. Secondary injuries related to bicycle injuries may include cuts, bruises, scrapes, broken bones, and joint injuries.

After being involved in a bike accident, receiving the maximum compensation may be impacted by mistakes made while gathering evidence and dealing with Insurers. This blog will review the most common mistakes to avoid when filing a claim for bicycle accidents.

yellow bicycle on ground after accident

I am not seeking medical attention.

The most important step after a bicycle accident is to seek medical treatment. It is essential to put your health at the forefront. Seeking medical treatment even when you have no signs of injuries is recommended because evaluating bicycle accidents has revealed that specific injuries, such as brain injuries, do not exhibit immediate signs or symptoms. As such, tests must be conducted to ensure early detection of such damages.

Furthermore, seeking medical attention after a bicycle accident ensures that a medical record is created which will highlight your injuries. This medical will, in turn, be helpful and shall be treated as evidence in Court. Failure to seek medical attention after an accident may ultimately harm your health and the case.

It is, therefore, crucial that you avoid this common mistake of not seeking medical attention following a bicycle accident if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident. You must seek proper medical attention as soon as you are involved in a bicycle accident. You must also ensure that the Doctor or medical personnel attending to you adequately records the extent of your injuries and the required medication. The medical bills must also be recorded appropriately.

Failing to report an accident

It is highly recommended that Bicycle accidents should be reported to the Police and the insurance company as soon as possible. Doing so allows you to avoid any legal and insurance problems. Not only is reporting an accident a requirement of the Law, but investigations also assist in determining fault in the accident.

Valuable evidence supporting your claim after an Insurance claim is launched shall also be obtained in the police report. You must request and receive a copy of the information as soon as possible after the accident, as it allows all the parties to provide all the details and, in the end, prevents any discrepancies.

It is, therefore, crucial that you avoid this common mistake of failing to report a bicycle accident if you are intentional about getting compensation if you are injured in a bicycle accident.

Admitting liability for the bicycle accident

It would be best if you never admitted liability following a bicycle accident. By accepting liability, the courts and insurance companies will not compensate you. Admission of liability also exposes you to all possible bicycle accident claims.

It is common for people to admit wrongdoing after a bicycle Accident. In case of an accident, and you think your actions may have led to the accident, it is advisable to avoid any utterances that may be construed as the admission of fault. One of the most fundamental principles regarding insurance claims is always maintaining your innocence. Do not disclose to any party, including the involved driver, biker, or even the insurance company, any information that may lead them to conclude that you were responsible for the accident, as this will negatively impact your chances of fair compensation.

It is, therefore, crucial that you avoid this common mistake of admitting liability for a bicycle accident if you are intentional about getting compensation if you are injured in a bicycle accident.

Failing to collect evidence

The success of bicycle accident cases relies heavily on the evidence supporting it. Therefore, you must put together sufficient and concrete proof so that you are assured of some compensation.

Evidence in support of your bicycle accident claim includes medical reports, CCTV footage if the same is available, police reports, any recorded statement about the case, the time frame of the accident, other parties involved in the accident, witness statements, pictures of the accident scene, videos of the accident scene, details of the parties involved as well as any other information that would aid your claim. Therefore, putting together the evidence is fundamental for any Fresno Bicycle accident case to succeed.

Taking photographs of the bicycle accident scene, obtaining witness information, and collecting the police report is essential. This information will form the bulk of your evidence. Evidence in any situation is crucial as it helps cement your testimony in case of an investigation. Furthermore, well-prepared evidence increases your chances of getting compensated fairly and allows the Police and the insurance company to make an informed decision.

A well-prepared and arranged evidence can make a significant and essential difference in the eventual outcome of your case, whether the same is before a court of Law or during the determination of a claim by the insurance company. Collecting evidence must therefore be at the top of your mind as soon as you are involved in a bicycle accident. The evidence shall be crucial if your personal injury claim is to be successful.

Failing to Keep a record of damages

As part of the overall steps taken after a bicycle accident, keeping a proper record of all the expenses is vital. It is equally important to take note of all the injuries sustained during the Bicycle Accident. Similarly, it is essential to highlight and document all the adverse effects caused by the bicycle Accident, such as lost wages, pain suffered, and lost opportunities.

Proving damages is another element that needs to be dealt with. Documenting bicycle accidents assists in proving damages. Providing proof increases the chance of being compensated immensely. It is cases Documentation for bicycle accident cases can help prove damages and increase your chances of compensation. In addition, ensuring a proper record of all the expenses associated with the accident is well kept. These other expenses may include medical bills and bicycle repair.

Therefore, you must record damages if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident.

Recording a statement about the accident without a Fresno Bicycle accident attorney being present

As part of many Insurance companies’ policies, it is common for many insurance Companies to question and interrogate Insurance policyholders about the accident to determine the cause of the accident and decide whether to compensate individuals involved in the accident. Many people, in the process, make a mistake and record their statements without any legal representatives and, in the end, decrease their chances of compensation. To avoid doubt, each person has the right to have their legal representatives present when recording their statement to an Insurance company. Insurance companies can use recorded words against you. In addition, you may accidentally say something that could hurt your case.

It is worth noting that insurance companies shall aim at exploiting you if you do not have a bicycle accident with you. Most insurance companies would ensure they look into your statement about the accident with a keen eye for weakness to pay you a small amount of compensation.

Therefore, you must have a bicycle accident lawyer when recording a bicycle accident statement if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident.

Failing to hire an experienced Fresno bicycle accident attorney

Hiring an attorney is very important. An attorney dealing with bicycle accident mistakes will assist you in understanding and comprehending the legal processes when dealing with your case and, in the end, increase your chances of compensation. Furthermore, if the accident circumstances require the matter to be decided in Court, the Attorney shall represent you in Court and advise on offers for Settlement.

Therefore, you must hire an experienced bicycle accident attorney if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident.

Delaying in filing claims

It is crucial to always file a claim after a bicycle accident promptly. While each state has its statute of limitation for filing accident claims, it is essential to avoid circumstances where a claim can be dismissed because of technicalities. In most cases, delaying the file of a claim affects your case because of specific issues, such as unavailable witnesses or lost evidence.

It is essential to consult an experienced bicycle accident Attorney as soon as possible to determine the best course of action and the timelines within which such claims can be filed. In cases of late filing, there is a high probability of losing legal rights to pursue the matter and, in the end, compromise the chance of getting compensated.

Therefore, you must file a bicycle accident claim within the legally stipulated timelines if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident.

Signing a settlement agreement without the presence of an experienced Fresno bicycle accident attorney

As stated earlier, it is essential to consult an Attorney before undertaking further steps in case of a settlement. An experienced Fresno Bicycle Accident Attorney will give proper and sound advice as to the nature and quantum of the Settlement. The mistake of not engaging an experienced lawyer is one of the biggest mistakes among the several mistakes that people make, which they eventually regret.

In most personal injury cases, when a settlement offer is made without consulting a personal injury attorney, it has been noted that time and time again, the proposals do not include all the damages. As a result of the nature of these settlement agreements, signing the Agreements without the consult of an Attorney could likely bar you from seeking any other compensation. A Fresno Bicycle Accident Attorney will advise on the fairness of the settlement Agreement with the idea of a fair settlement in mind.

Therefore, you must sign a bicycle settlement agreement in the presence of an experienced Fresno bicycle accident lawyer if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident.

Lack of proper understanding of insurance coverage

The majority of individuals need help understanding their insurance policy regulations. As a result, many individuals who get into bicycle accidents do not know what their insurance policies cover. Understanding one’s insurance policy coverage allows you to seek appropriate compensation.

Furthermore, and in line with the limitation of statutes in each state, some insurance policies have time limits for filing insurance claims. Therefore if an individual involved in a bicycle accident does not comprehend the policy regulation of the various insurance, especially on the Limitation of Time, there is a likelihood that they may lose the entire compensation.

Therefore, you must adequately understand your insurance coverage, including its exemptions, if you are intentional about getting compensation following a bicycle accident.

Posting on social media about the bike accident

After a bicycle accident, it is essential to cease posting information about the accident on social media, irrespective of whether it looks harmless. Certain aspects of social media can be used to negatively affect your claim either by the Insurance Company or even in Court. Reviewing an individual’s privacy settings prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing information on your social media pages and platforms.

By avoiding the above common mistakes to avoid when filing a bicycle accident lawsuit, you are assured of substantive compensation. The standard errors will ultimately jeopardize your chances of being compensated. It is, therefore, necessary that you engage a Fresno bicycle accident case specialist so that they can help you avoid common mistakes.

The legal representation you engage must always ensure that you avoid these common mistakes. These common mistakes may be difficult to understand, and it would therefore, you must talk to your Fresno bicycle accident lawyer about what you intend to do in your case. By avoiding these mistakes, you shall be on the path to getting adequate compensation for your bicycle accident injuries.

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