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Common Type of Accident

What is The Most Common Type of Accident?

Common Type of Accident: When two vehicles collide at an angle of between ninety degrees (90°), also known as a side-impact collision, and one hundred and eighty degrees (180°), also known as a rear-end collision, the collision is referred to as an angling accident. The majority of injury-causing incidents in car accidents are rear-ending collisions, …

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filing a personal injury lawsuit in LA

What Happens If Someone Hits You and They Don’t Have Insurance

You may have a few alternatives, including using your insurance or filing a personal injury lawsuit in LA, if someone drives without insurance and causes an accident that leaves you injured. Your choices will depend on the severity of your injuries and if your insurance policy includes uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. If you must …

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Personal Injury Lawsuit

What Questions Should I Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal Injury Lawsuit A personal injury lawsuit is a lawsuit that emanates from personal injuries. Personal injury lawsuits are similar to personal injury cases. When these lawsuits happen, it becomes more necessary to ask certain questions to your personal injury lawyer. These questions have to be framed in such a way that you attain all …

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Personal Injury Settlement

How Do I Increase My Personal Injury Settlement?

Personal Injury Case This is a lawsuit that arises from a personal injury. Maximum Compensation Once a personal injury case is filed, the greatest desire is to attain maximum compensation for the loss suffered in the personal injury. The situation is not different when one is seeking a personal injury settlement. This situation makes the …

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pedestrian accident injury lawyers

What Should You Do If You’re a Pedestrian Accident Victim?

California is a great place to walk around because of its serene and beautiful nature. However, the state has many registered vehicles, and several drivers share the road. A pedestrian can sustain serious injuries when hit by a vehicle,  whether it’s a car, bus, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle.  Sustaining severe injuries can change a victim’s …

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trial Los Angeles personal injury lawyers

Make the Most of Your Claim with the Help of Big Ben Lawyers

After an accident in California, what comes next to your mind are the expenses incurred for your medical treatment and other necessary overheads. You can’t help but worry about where to get the money to pay for it since you can’t get back to work because of your injury. When you or a loved one …

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LA rideshare accident claim

Hurt in a Rideshare Accident? You Can Count on Big Ben Lawyers for Help

For most commuters, using rideshare is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than buses and taxis. However, more vehicles on the road also mean higher chances of accidents to happen. Different drivers with different attitudes share the same road, and you can’t tell what will happen today, the next day, or the other day because rideshare …

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LA Wrongful Death Claim

Big Ben Lawyers Can Help You Get Reasonable LA Wrongful Death Claim

A victim’s wrongful death is a calamitous event for the entire family. They need to deal with hospitalization, funeral, and burial high costs. The sudden death might have been caused by a drunk driver or by using a defective product. Whatever is the cause, Big Ben Lawyers will always be by your side and would …

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expert personal injury lawyer on LA

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California: A Step-by-Step Guide

More often than not, personal injury victims didn’t pursue their cases anymore and just settle them with the insurance companies by themselves. Probably they didn’t know the worth of their cases. Generally speaking, insurance companies take advantage of their situations. Filing a personal injury claim is intimidating because of the complexity of the legal system. …

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