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Los Angeles has one of the busiest roads and highways in California. Incoming tourists, huge commercial vehicles, and local motorists can create a traffic jam. When many vehicles share the same road, car accidents are likely to happen. If you suffer injuries from a car accident, speak with a reputable car accident Los Angeles lawyer.

Car Accident Los Angeles Lawyer

Why Do Car Accidents Always Happen in Los Angeles Roads and Highways?

Generally, driving errors are the main reason for a car collision. Errors happen because drivers are negligent and don’t regard their duty of care to pedestrians and other drivers. Here are some other reasons why car crashes happen:

Distracted Driving

A distracted driver has his eyes and focus off the road. A phone is the number reason for distraction among drivers delivery drivers. They need to check their phone for the right and fastest route to the recipients’ houses.  

Others might be eating, drinking, messaging, and texting. In some cases, a driver is arguing or chatting with his passenger and isn’t paying attention to the oncoming vehicles or traffic signs. A beautiful landmark, scenery, or billboard sign can take the driver’s eyes from the road. 

Car accidents don’t choose where and where they will happen, and that’s why road vigilance is important. So when you encounter a crash, and it’s not your fault, contact a car accident Los Angeles lawyer to help you safeguard your legal rights. 

Impaired Driving

Illegal drugs and alcohol can impair a driver. Impaired driving occurs when an intoxicated driver tries to drive despite his situation, resulting in a crash. California law sets the alcohol limit at 0.08. However, it can already enfeeble the driver even before his blood or breath alcohol concentration reaches 0.08.

Driving under the influence (DUI) negatively affects one’s ability to drive safely. Additionally, the law considers it reckless or negligent behavior and could make the drunk driver civilly liable for any injuries or damages that may arise due to an accident. 

Road Hazards and Poor Weather

Road hazards are another contributing factors why car accidents happen in Los Angeles. Ongoing road construction or maintenance without proper warnings can cause devastating accidents. A speeding car can strike a barrier or topple and roll over due to an imbalance caused by an open manhole.  

When an accident occurs in normal driving, and the driver isn’t drunk, intoxicated, or tired, he can file against the government’s department supervising the road construction or maintenance. Seeking the help of an expert car accident Los Angeles lawyer is a big help because filing a claim against the government is more complicated. There’s a different stature of limitation that you must strictly follow, or you lose your right to compensation.

Poor weather, on the other hand, such as a snowstorm, can worsen visibility, making it difficult for a driver to see the road. Likewise, heavy rains and ice can make the road slippery, which makes it hard to control the vehicle.

But, given the poor weather, the driver can adjust to the situation and slow down if he wants to. It means that he can do something to prevent a car accident from happening but pay no heed. In this case, he can be liable should a collision occur. 

Mechanical Defects

Defects in the car’s mechanism can be due to flaws in the manufacturer’s product, such as a faulty airbag or poorly designed tires. You can sue a car repair shop for their non-satisfactory service that caused the accident because a part didn’t work properly or a tire separates from the hub, for example.

What Compensation Can You Obtain from a Car Accident?

An injured victim can usually obtain compensatory damages after proving the liable party’s negligence. The amount you may get depends on the extent of the injuries you suffered. A skilled car accident Los Angeles lawyer can prove the negligence of the liable party. At the same, he can maximize your compensation and even increase it. 

Economic damages are monetary costs due to the car accident. It includes past and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and physical damage to the car. 

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, can be awarded by the court for losses that have no specified dollar amount. It encompasses emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and decreased quality of life.

Speak with a Dependable Car Accident Los Angeles Lawyer

In tough times, such as a car accident, you need someone to turn to for help. Big Ben Lawyers are always ready and available to help. Hiring a compassionate and knowledgeable car accident Los Angeles lawyer can make a big difference in your case. 

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